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Found 6 results

  1. NorthernFist

    Is Tarkov Killing my SSD?

    Hi all, while running EFT my system gets stuck every few minutes for 10-30s. According to task manager it looks like the SSD where EFT is installed onto is at 100% but there is nothing read nor written during that period. I had this issues occasionally since I started playing 2 month ago but since the last patch it is like every few minutes that my SSD gets stuck. I am concerned that this could damage my drive. Do you have similar issues? Do you think this is bad for drive health?
  2. KernalSAnders

    Please Add ability to Move Game install

    The ability to Move the game to another drive through the launcher would be Amazing.
  3. RedPlayz

    Loading times

    Alright so when i first got the game it only to 30 sec to factory and 2 mins for shoreline but over time its been getting longer which means shorline can take up to 10 mins and fac taking up to 3 mins i just want to find a fix to it because i have a hdd and i know a ssd would make it faster but i cant buy one :/ so if anyone know information on how to make it faster heres my discord user and tag GalaxyWolf #1848
  4. Darealluigi

    For HDD users.

    Hey there. I'm just wondering if there is any way to help people using HDD instead of SSD (I would buy one but money is tight). I spend about 4 minutes up to 7 minutes sometimes loading the map and loot (loot being the worst of my problem, it takes a very long time to load loot for me). I know there's probably little to do about this but i'm just putting it out there. My specs: Processor: Intel i-7-3770 @ 3.40gh RAM: 8GB <- this might tie in with my issue as well. Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070 Ti OS: Windows 10 HDD 4TB 7,200RPM Thank you and have a nice day!
  5. calkilicgil

    Re-downloading the game

    Hi guys, I've downloaded the game to my HDD at the start but recently i have some issues about it and needs to be changed. In my account i have some pretty good staff (weapons, mods and etc). My question is if i un-install and download the game to my SSD, they will be gone or i will have them after download? Thank you in advance
  6. I am just wondering, if 8 GB of disk space would be really enough for this game. I mean look at the 16 km^2 big map, with several buildings, structures, nature and so on. And it is not only the map. There would be many weapons and gear with a huge amount of costumizability and the very detailed physics. And last but not least there is the trading system with the NPCs. What do you guys think. Would 8 GB of disk space be enough? I spontaneously thought, that the game would be 12 - 16 GB big. And do anyone know, how i can change my nickname ._. i missed the "i" in StarF i sh_AC. So it became StarF u sh_AC. That really bothers me...
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