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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, Just want to mention that the healing service at the end of a Raid is bugged. I've had several instances now where I use it, it full heals me, and the Apply button grays out, but after loading back into the main menu my character is still on the brink of death. This has already cost me a lot of meds and sucks because while right now I'm still able to use it for free, in the near future when I have to pay to use it, there is a chance that the healing won't go through and it will just be Roubles down the drain.
  2. Updated guide for the healing items in Escape from Tarkov for patch 12.9. Minor changes made by BSG include: Vaseline is now 6 uses w/ duration increased to 350 secs & a heavy bleed will take 175 hp off a Salewa - bring in a hemostat/tourniquet! Hope this helps ya.
  3. BallzDeep69

    3 or more blacked out parts = Death

    We gotta tone down this CoD no penalty gameplay. I dont mind the repairing limp system but if you get three blacked out sections you should just drop dead. No chance to heal you lost both your arms and a leg you die. This should be like Monty python and every enemy is the black knight, aka everything is just a flesh wound.

    IFAK heals heavy bleeds

    I feel like the IFAK should heal both heavy and light bleeding. The job for the IFAK in the military if to save a life and stop heavy bleeding. This should be a one time thing for heavy bleeding since in real life there is only one tourniquet in the IFAK. This is obviously just a suggestion but it would make it more realistic
  5. A guide for the healing items for new players and a tool for sherpas to use to while explaining the system. As a sherpa this past week I found this to be useful for my new players to better explain the meds in Tarkov. Hope this helps you as a sherpa or new player to the game ❤️
  6. You could possibly introduce some sort of med case/bag that is able to be put in the secure container, that could fit a variety of medical equipment like Salewas, iFAKs, splints and survival-12/cms kits. This would especially be beneficial to players with lower editions of the game with smaller containers, and would also allow more room in the secure container, for the suitable price of this suggested bag.
  7. TheSzeckler

    Healing Animation Time

    The healing animation should stop when a body part is healed to the max hitpoints, specially when the healed part is only missing a little hitpoints. There is no need for a full healing animation and it should stop as soon as the hitpoints are full on the healed bodypart, It can be a change that decides life or death....
  8. ShamrockGoblin

    Healing After Death

    I am a relatively new player to the game, I understand and agree with the fact that a person should heal themselves after dying in a raid. However, for newer players who die more often than more experienced players the fact that we have to heal every single part of the body uses a lot of our resources to keep playing the PMC. Why not make it that we have to fully heal the parts of the body that are the only ones that are damaged? For instance if I was killed just by being hit in the chest or legs why not just have those parts damaged when returning to the character screen? I know its because "you died", but all it really makes me not play the PMC until it heals on its own and just wait since I cant spare the money, and thats what nikita states he wants ppl to play more of, just at thought.
  9. Griever14

    Hideout Healing Not working

    I might be missing something obvious here, and I hope that is the case and not a function of how the hideout is working. I also skimmed and searched for this issue but did not find it. If this has been addressed please point me to that discussion and delete this. So I have upgraded my hideout, not a lot, but enough to get my healing to 504/hr. With the generator running or off, I am only getting like 1 heal per minute, which is by my best calculation 60/hr. Something seems off with the way the healing station(s) should work. I tried sitting in the hideout and activating each area that offered heals but found no boost to my out of raid healing rate. Please assist.
  10. No se si les pasa pero a veces entro a una partida y no me puedo curar ni consumir nada. El personaje me queda haciendo la animación de curar/consumir, tengo que cambiar al arma para que termine de hacerla, pero no me cura ni nada. Tienen alguna idea de como sacarme ese bug o algo??? I enter a raid and I can not heal or consume anything. The character is still stuck in the animation of healing / consuming, I have to change the weapon to finish doing it, but it does not healing me or anything.
  11. Snork_Svk

    Advanced healing system

    So tarkov aim for realism, but also this need to be fun at some sort of part. But also after debate with friends we created this suggestion. Treating wounds should have few steps, but is questionable after animations go to game because nobody want spend 1-2 minutes in animations after little gunfight with scav. The addition of animation will slow the game a lot, and if it is necessary to heal it maybe twice the time it is all this system questionable, but still will be nice to know your opinion. So main suggestion is If your chest has been like 80HP at start. and someone hit it and wound to 5HP you should only fast heal it to half of max healt (40HP) beacause is "heavy wound". If you want to have full 80HP again, you need healing from your friend or you apply a more precise healing procedure. Which will be available after some skill level and will take maybe 2x longer.
  12. So, I bought this game as I rather enjoy games that, to the best of their ability mimic the general gunplay and tactics of reality. This was suggested to me, and based on how it was being advertised as Very realistic I thought, SURE why not. First I want to say BRAVO on the gun audio. The piercing metallic clang as the bolt on an AK slams home is both accurate and satisfying. All around good job there. My issues 1- Full auto recoil is too easy to manage. Very rarely is full AUTO used by professionals. (Our rifles did not even have full auto as an option because, we simply never use it) It is simply too hard to manage accurately from anything other than a supported position. Standing players should NOT be accurate on full auto (I have seen gameplay clips of players just sprinting around and shooting players at significant distances full auto, this should not be happening) 2- Aiming in general is too easy. Honestly, the weapon sway from a player with a shot arm, CURRENTLY, SHOULD be the weapon sway NORMALLY when standing. A wounded arm should, honestly make ADS impossible. 3- Healing should require a player to stop what they are doing entirely. Currently, a player can initiate a heal, and WHILE healing, run around perfectly normal, shoot, and perform every other task in game. In general, I like the direction you are going. Just these few issues right now, allow players to play in an almost comical way and, unfortunately, it often works.
  13. This is just my opinion comment if you agree or disagree no hate intended but i strongly dislike the new health system and much prefer the old health system. I know what this game is shooting to be but there is a fine line between realistic and annoyingly realistic and we play games to experience something we wouldn't normally get to do in real life as a source of entertainment, rant aside the new health system of being able to only heal one limb at a time makes sense but in situations where u take a round or two but kill your target then you have to sit there and heal one limb at a time bandage one limb at a time is time consuming and just annoying and yeah the running and healing multiple limbs at a time inst quite realistic but i think its a faster pasted meta to carry health kits on your hot bar just as another way of fighting off your opponent killing you making gunfights happen more often and less sitting around healing, honestly sitting and healing makes me feel like im loading a musket rifle in the civil war. and scavs that dont spawn with meds is annoying cause you spawn right near another one and take a round good luck finding meds its left up to RNG at med spawns at that point but thats an argument for another time, any-who leave your thoughts down below should the devs change it back or refine the old healing method or is it good like it is i know there is a lot of topics covering this idea and giving their thoughts but I just had this strong urge to make my own topic with my opinion cause this really just change a meta of the game and i don't believe for the best.
  14. rage5119


    How do you heal head tremors???
  15. Rex_Hilverstone

    Realistic healing and health system

    The game has a pretty good damage system,but I don't know...I don't know how detailed the hitbox is,especially in EFT there are so many variables. Also,another thing that boughters me is the heal system,for now the damage one it seems ok from the gameplay,but is weird how the heal one works,all i've see is that the player drags a bandage or a bloodbag on the damaged body part and "puff!" hes ok,the should make that thoose are usable only for stopping bleding,and for blood loos(also the player should heal slowly,like a normal wound0,and lets make a scenario on how it should work:The player is hit on a non lethal part of the torso,or anyway more importamt,so not the legs and arms,and he losses blood and has a ouite low hp,hes get somwhere safe and,he bandages himself,this stopps the bleding,and even if he will suffer from some blood loss,he don't lose hp anymore,gets a little hp,and continues with his stuff,as long he will eat and take care to don't get an infection,hp will slowly regenerate as the wond is healling and he recovers slowly from the blood loss,like in real life,now the game is a game and time pass diferent,but it will take few good minutes untill hes ok,depending on how the time will work,maybe a day or two in game time;now in the same scenario,if he have a bloodbag after he bandages himself up hell recover a good amount of hpand he only have to wait a while untill his wound heals to.Now we don't take in consideration the bullet in his body,that should be taken out,but to be honest is a game,and it will get to complicated,so if what i mentioned above is good all should be right. Now,it will sound to hard and you will die to much,but this is not BF of COD or anything like this,here the ideea is to not be shoot,like irl if you got shoot is pretty bad,so players should fear bullts like hell...like in real life! Also the last thing is that there should be animations for healing and eating,plus not generic beeing shoot in the leg and bandaging the arm,the character sould at least bandage the art beiin shoot in;even if you would be shoot in the lower part of the leg but you bandage the middle of it,it wil still be ok,blood bag,and other medications should get propper animations to. So devs....plese take into the consideration! Now I know I've posted this on weapon implementation befere,but i didn't thouth it fits the topic,so i guess is better to put it here to.Also,I don't espect all of this to be implemented,but as a hardcore realistic game a part should be seen in the geme.
  16. fourskineater

    Are you able to heal your team mates?

    Are you able to do medical treatments on your teammates if they're bleeding out or dying? This would be great for people who wanna play medic.
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