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Found 19 results

  1. TheFlyingPig

    Suggestion about bosses' health

    I wonder why the bosses have extremely high HP. I cannot find any logic behind that and it's totally unrealistic. How can someone be twice even triple resistant to a bullet without any protection? Using an equipment is acceptable. Whence, for instance, killa's armor and helmet are so logical. But other bosses feels me like half an hour world of warcraft boss raid. Briefly, the bosses' health should have been similar to the pmcs' where their resistance comes from their equipment
  2. RooZvonBooZ

    6 Hits, No Kill

    Ok, I usually dont rage at forums, but this has got to stop. People are insane bullet sponges. Just hit some dude 6 times with my SKS, did over 340 damage, but he didnt die. He might have had time to heal up after my first few rounds, but come on.... I even hit him while he sprinted for cover, but he just kept sprinting like it was a sunday afternoon, and nothing happend. LOL I think if I was hit with a 7.62 round, even wearing body armor, I would not be able to sprint after that... Is this ever going to change in EFT?
  3. I know the health system is discussed in great volume, however I feel my suggestion is aimed more towards realism which I believe is the main goal for the developers. My suggestion is not to change the way damage is applied, or how armour protects you or anything like that. I would like to propose that the health stats are removed from the overview, and as you train in medical-related skills, you can check your status (similar to a magazine ammo check). This skill will also change how medical treatment is applied, and allow for players to treat their team-mates with an empha
  4. Hi everyone, after watching today's official stream from Battlestate on twitch I got a really bad feeling about the current situation. I am not talking about the state of the game or the current server problems: I am worried about the hours they are dumping into this project and the toll it might take on some individuals or the whole team. Now I want to be clear on one thing: Yes, the constant server crashes are annoying as heck. I get that. I am with all of you guys complaining about it and yes, I also lost a ton of good loot after killing players just as the servers went down before
  5. IDankSinatra

    Teammates helping injured players

    I know the addition of teammate healing is possibly coming but maybe make it possible to help an injured teammate move if somebody in the party’s legs are injured, at the cost of using a primary, or even an extremely inaccurate primary hip fire only for the teammate that’s helping, or maybe even since the dragging body mechanic is being implemented, introduced the paracord hook and drag method shown in the raid miniseries
  6. After playing multiple hours of this game I noticed that the servers seem to be lagging between players. What I mean by this is when two people get into a fire fight there seems to be a huge lag time between actions of both players being registered on both clients. I want to blame this on why the peeking advantage and unfair firefights seem to be so rampant. My question is, is there a roadmap or a plan to update or upgrade servers to prevent this from happening? If the problem is not server side, is it a client side problem? If so, what is the plan or roadmap to fix this? As currently I
  7. Just wondering exactly how many hit points does a person actually have? As I just shot a person from about 3 metres away and the result was this. All headchest area as the guy was caught off guard. He then turned while being shot in the head and one tapped me. Just curious as my head says it has 35 health........ (This was the only engagement the match)
  8. Tspanks


    WHAT IS THE POINT OF RUNNING THE BEST GEAR IF IM GOING TO GET KILLED BY SOME AK74U camper laying prone in a corner 10 minutes after a factory raid starts. PLAY THE GAME LIKE A MAN, AND CAN WE GET SOME HELP ON OUR LEGS?
  9. Hey guys, so a couple of basic questions. (At least I think they're basic, also I'm a relatively new player) So first what does it take to kill/die in this game, I've read lot's of things but really trying to dig deep here. From my understanding if you black out head or chest you die/kill (I've also read that you need to hit the blacked out head/chest one more time after it's blacked out in order to actually kill, looking for confirmation on that), if you black out stomach you don't kill but lose all your hydration. Then if you black out any limbs any damage done to those limbs is evenly
  10. Sniperswiper

    New key san.308

    FOund this key on a dead scav been to both wings east and west and both 308 doors could not be unlocked looked everywhere no other key forum had this yet. any insight?
  11. Does every body part lose hps if you are hit in (1) of them? lets say you are hit in the left arm why do your legs and both arms lose HP as well ?? This doesn't make sense.
  12. HypraZombie

    Why I Love The New Health System*

    *I dont Carrying 5 bandages and loads of health kits have become the new meta it seems Feel free to post some of your funny health scenario screenshots below
  13. How does "pain" effect your character and what does the other negative effects do, like tremors and such?
  14. So I don't really know what to say about this but yesterday morning, I played 4 hours, had 20+ raids that went well, died twice due to that lovely desync, I come on today, all of the sudden, I am dropping in one shot from Shotgun Scavs at ranges that aren't even effective with the Pump, has something changed since yesterday with health, Kivers and Paca? I literally go in with full armor and drop in one shot from a Scav?? Can someone please tell me I'm going crazy or something because even on Stream I was getting shot once, since yesterday, everything has gone to hell with my gameplays
  15. While I was playing the game, I came across this peculiar bug: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/168046491 What happened was I had my Inventory set to the Health tab, I accessed the Safe, closed and re-opened my inventory and ended up with both my Gear and Health tabs stacked on top of each other. Both are visible and both are functional.
  16. pimba224

    health system rework

    so lets see the problems with the health and dmg system before and during the beta the beta limb meta . because the fort armor people just aim for the legs instead of shooting the unbreakable armor, other thing the helps the leg meta is that that the chest and stomach have MORE hp than the limbs (80 for the chest, and 70 for the stomach, idk why the stomach is more letal than the chest , leg has 65 hp and arm 60 ) ''but it is harder to aim for the limbs'' yes, it is but it should be awarded with not being able to run (when your leg breaks) and not having much faster ttk , principally
  17. Omgsasquatch

    Damage icons

    I can't find anything on what the icons, on the damage interface, mean. I bandage, splint, medkit, vas, everything. Nothing seems to work. Is it possible to restore yourself back to battle ready or just enough to slug along to the exit?
  18. Rex_Hilverstone

    Realistic healing and health system

    The game has a pretty good damage system,but I don't know...I don't know how detailed the hitbox is,especially in EFT there are so many variables. Also,another thing that boughters me is the heal system,for now the damage one it seems ok from the gameplay,but is weird how the heal one works,all i've see is that the player drags a bandage or a bloodbag on the damaged body part and "puff!" hes ok,the should make that thoose are usable only for stopping bleding,and for blood loos(also the player should heal slowly,like a normal wound0,and lets make a scenario on how it should work:The player
  19. It would be a cool addition if at the start of each op for you and your squad that you could personalize your own kit ie. 5 inventory items in a kit like IRL compass,map,bandage,morphine,iv,strker.
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