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Found 5 results

  1. Potatoblin135

    Come Say Hello

  2. My English broken, but try anyway ceap reading ;), im doing this for my self, cous i see huge potentional in this game, but it can slip away how many games do at this time... So i playing this game since alfa, didint play alot at alfa becouse i was alone and game looks super difficul (plus i have wooden pc) ,but when my friends took me and teach all basics in this game - im in love And i believe i play as much as biggest streamer in this game, cous when i stop play couple months ago, my lvl still higher (couple wipes was like that) ,so i have deep view since begining. That was about me, but jump straight to action and where we need improvements: 1. First i will start with econimics (im not saying its most important ,but its just first idea which one jumps in my mind) ,so with current economics, we losing big parts of this nice game, i mean why we need go loot doorms ,find cigarets and and other stuff, when we can go to camp exits, main roads and spons, kill guys ,take what they have, sell and buy best guns and modifications.., why take risk, go loot and explore world when you can buy everythink what you need from traders? Even name Traders should stand for trade items not just buy and sell. So i believe we need make best modifications like best optics (hamer maybe ,must be include suppresors, unless pistol supresors could be sell on higher lvl) ,best weapons for trade. And Traders could come with daily tasks, like kill 10 scav bosses or find some items which one you cant buy from same trader or others traders and than as revard you will get a AKM supresor, becouse it will be super rare item everyone will scout map ,will do more than other way just waiting at spon, it make game more dinamic and interesting. And people like rare items, thats why everyone spent so much money at csgo cases or other microtransactions. And if you take that rare loot from battle you feel much more exitect. Cous right now everyone runing with best gear and even not picking guns or best helmets cous inventory allready full money and best stuf so why do kill-take-sell-buy stuff if you allready full, it feels no progresion at this position. We can take a look at other games, for my exemple it will be WorldOfTanks, i play that game i believe 6years allready, and i dont have alot tanks yet, cous progresion is really slow, but you no need to have everythink in this game to enjoy, whith lower tier tank you feel chalenged and making adjustments on your gameplay against biger tanks, same could be here, to biuld max reputation for traders should take longer than one month, and even with max Traders you will get like 30% more change to get tasks for rare items, or similar. And you still could not buy theese rare items, only tasks or find in map, thats make game more exitet. And in factory should be less rare items, cous small map, big crew and you can farm without any problems.., so daily rare Traders tasks look like a best offer and salution. Hope you get point what i wanna say it with this. 2. Clans - so here it should play your major rare items, you save them for clan wars. With clans should come a leaderboard, you will fight for reputation or land (like in world of tanks, eazy to do and interesting same time) .Could be couple diferent fight modes like in Rainbow six Siege, boms, protect area, and it could be same rounds when you switching position and you playing best of 5 unless you win 4-0. Sorry for bringing other games, but take best from others is not loosing way, and this game allready unic so you cant damege, you can adapt ideas which more match game and story. Clan should have same bunkhouse with maybe saparate clan members rooms, cous we like compete with our clan members too, so we can show glass doors from which u can see all room with mining maschine and sick pc rig 3. Game support - microtransactions, yes i believe its good way, but only if theese items are cosmetics, and it could be done with bunkhouse, like posters on the wall (it could be other games posters, so you can work with other companys what may good for delevoper this game. Or may you can find crates in game world and you have extract with them (should take alot space at trizip, or even took all space at zip, and than you can buy key from steam, sell create at steam..., make similar stuff as csgo). But it must be cosmetics !! Like 3l paint botle with spray gun and then you can spray you room pink. So it helps dev work on this game and us enjoy this game without bitching is pay to win 4. What else..., i had discusion with KleanUpGuy (hope its correct) ,he was sugesion make one time for all maps. I think its bad idea, it was main reason why i dint play alot in alfa when we had one time zone. Why its bad? Well for new players or players without good gear will be hard time on battle, force players go naked at night against guys with night vision will be brutal. And in real life i will wait day time to go and do tasks (could be tasks for night mode only ) or loot area, i wont go there naked at night, so why we should force people do what they wont do in real life, its really realistic game ,so it will be nice if it will stay logical. What may we could done, its saparate maps, so 2maps will work on day tame and other 2 on night time, it will be 24h rotation how we have now, but in some time you will have go to others maps play if you want play at night or day and wait till your map rotates back to day, like that we was explore more maps or we will play more night mode ,cous i agree ,night mode its allmost dead, not many people wanna go there, ..and my best memories in this game was on night mode its really have what to offer, but we need find most optimal salution for this for all players, not just for big streamer or couple active people on forum . 5. I with friends discouse alot about this game, it just couple thoughts i could remember on spot. Wipe soon and may same dev will see this and ansver. And progresion with mastering all guns, so if i play with american guy (cant remember name) and im close to master my m4, but i decide to play with akm it should take away more master points and less if i swop for mp5 or other american gun, or master rusian guns will be alow only when i master all american guns (long progresion, but it will be interesting to achieve this, plus it wont be bad cous at the moment you not losing alot points and diference are not huge or game broking. Short: we need loot more, explore map more, we need tasks which i could do in map, not killing my friends with hatch or buy and sell poo for same trader, we need progresion in game and more unic stuff, rare stuff which can make us a little bit unic agains others , and for shure we need game optimisation, but here i dont know how we can help, may rav input mouse signal solve problem with fire rate and fps? No idea, but you will find out
  3. Silenntt

    Where is the ME4 Adaptor?

    I have Prapor Level 3 and Skier Level 3, Peacekeeper Level 4. Cannot find the ME4 Adaptor (to add AR stocks to AK's) Did they remove it from the game? I haven't found any in weapon cases even though I've done 200+ raids. Haven't seen it once, even when traders restock, no luck.
  4. Kreature

    Introducing Myself

    Hello, my name is Kreature and I just wanted to say Hi to the EFT community and introduce myself! So HI! I have been doing as lot of looking at this game and have finally decided to become part of the EFT community. I am very excited to finally start playing this game and have high hopes for everything! I c ome from csgo, cod and pubg, and am really looking forward to the change of pace that this game seems to offer! EFT is currently downloading as I write this!


    Hello everyone!. I've had the game now since September this year and have been enjoying it a lot!. I thought i would actually come to the forums to introduce myself to the community!. My name is BARRICADE and i enjoy playing just about anything out there int he world of games. I've been introducing friends to EFT over the past few weeks/months to hopefully peak interest in the game and so far it's been working quite well. (Who doesn't like a larger community!). Anyways!, I currently enjoy playing: Rainbow Six Siege, EFT, (any of the elder scrolls games), Diablo 2, Dark Souls, Nioh + many many more!. I do stream and create content via Twitch and Youtube, however i am not here to self promote or be a dick in that way (just in-case anyone recognizes me here). Hope to see you all out there!, i Promise to shoot you in the head and make it quick so you don't waste time hobbling around without meds.
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