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Found 27 results

  1. Hello Everyone. I cannot get my eft game to download whatsoever. Ive tried reinstalling the launcher. Deleting the temp files. Even went into registry and deleted everything associated with battlestate. But I keep getting this message every time. The process cannot access the file 'c:\Battlestategames\bsglauncher\temp\ (live)eftclientdistr. because it is being used by another process. Does someone know the fix? I feel like im losing my mind over here.
  2. Monkey223

    Scav Case in Hideout not working

    When I go to receive items from a moonshine drop in my scav case in the hideout I get a notification that there is not enough space in my stash, then the hideout screen goes white and I am either kicked to the main menu or my game crashes. I have tried clearing out a 10x10 area in the stash and I still end up with the same error. Some times I end up with a 228 error as well. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this as I would love to be able to use my scav case if at all possible. I have already sent in bug reports through the launcher. Thanks in advance.
  3. Ben36

    Tarkov not launching

    I can open the launcher fine, but when I click play the game icon loads and it says I am in game but theres a blue spinning circle and no screen ever opens. I can’t click off of anything and I’m forced to restart my pc. Please help. Already tried running game as administrator and reinstalling BSG launcher.
  4. So starting yesterday, my game is taking 3-5 minutes to launch the game because it sits on checking game. I have tried the following solutions and I am still experiencing this. * Uninstalled and re-installed the game and launcher. * Checked the integrity of the files, numerous times. * Run the launcher as admin. * Cleared cache. * Updated windows and all drivers. The only thing new or different is I upgraded internet speeds. Stayed with the same company, just changed to 1gb speed. Thanks in advance.
  5. aliozky

    Can someone help me ?

    When I start the game, game has been starting like 1 or 2 minutes ago. I try to play with my friends but they start earlier than me and sometimes I spawn different place ?? how can I fix this. This happened after last update. before it I didn't have any problem like this
  6. AnarchyReaper

    I need Help Please

    I just bought the game download the BsgLauncher but clicking the launcher and it starts to install itself just before it finish the setup crashes and stops working i cant get it to install
  7. basically I got the game as a code for eu servers when I am na, recently wanted to get back into Tarkov after uninstalling it and this is what I get, I set the servers to Washington which is the closest btw and no, I did not limit the download speed, I disabled my ipv6 and that didnt work so I turned it back on. Screenshots are down below. Thanks all help is appreciated. https://gyazo.com/6cde25565a0f2381874683722086d18f https://gyazo.com/efcae79fdab7d0a6ff4b17d0482e5a9b
  8. TTV_1UpJoe

    Edge of Darkness Account

    I upgraded to edge of darkness and my name has the crown and is golden, but I have not received any items for it. What should I do?
  9. SirBeardy

    gifting help

    i tried to get the game for a buddy of mine. after checkout it didn't charge my credit card, but i did get a "Pre-order Escape from Tarkov" email with a nine digit number (not sure if it's important) i added a screenshot of the email with the code blurred out
  10. ChasMcanE

    I am forbidden to log in

    Hello developers! Yesterday the servers went down for a while and before that everything worked fine for me with eft. The only thing right now is that I can't come on to eft's official website, the only thing that comes up for me is "403 Forbidden". I really don't know what to do because I can't log into the launcher either and the only place I can really come on my account is here. The reason why I can't come on to my launcher is because yeasterday when the servers went down, I got an massage when I tried to log in to the luncher. At that moment I didn't know the servers was down and my friend not too long a go had a similarly problem come up with his luncher. So we tought it was the luncher that was the problem and not the servers, we came to conclution that I had to reinstall it. That is why I can't come onto it, I'm unsure on my password at the moment and I can't fix that becuase of the webbsite, please help!
  11. Clearbeardwiz

    fullscreen vrs windowed

    I am having trouble getting Escape from Tarkov back to full screen. The windowed version of this game isn't re-sizeable, which I think is a problem and I am unable to go to the settings to change it back to Fullscreen because the setting of the windowed graphics is to large for me to reach the settings button. The settings button is just bellow the area my mouse can reach. This is the only game and program/software I have ever used where I am unable to resize my window. Its stuck, I've tried everything in my power, accept deleting it and redownloading it. I don't use cheats or aim bots unlike many other people who play Escape from Tarkov and other video games. I only use macros that are assigned or given by the devs or for solo play only. I don't know or care to use any for Escape from tarkov because I am new to shooters on the PC, using a mouse and keyboard, and have been playing with a controller all my life. I won't get any better with aimbots and cheats, so I don't use them. I don't even look for them. This is not the only issue I see. I also am constantly seeing guns that aren't actually listed in the flea market. I own and have a gun in my inventory that I picked up from a player I killed that isn't listed, as well as parts from other players. The Flea market? ( I think it was ounce called the black market but I could be wrong) is now harder to reach due to it being brought to lvl 10 and the lack of skill I seem to show here in escape from tarkov. I do apologize for not having any photos to go along with this post.
  12. DeynAylen

    Flea market bug

    Hi, is there anything i can do agaisnt a feal market bug? i mean by that i sold a red lab keycard on the flea market and i never received any money and my offer is stuck on out of stock? anyone can help me? or i need to wait for the support team who will reply to my request in 1 year lol?
  13. Hey everyone, been really enjoying what i can play, but i have encountered a frustrating error, and despite my best efforts, i cant seem to fix it Whenever I extract or die, the game fades to black as it does, but it never does anything else after that, no menus, no death screen, just black screen, forever, ive waited a really long time but it never seems to go away and im not sure what to do, I'd really like to play! but so long as i have this problem I cant. any help would be appreciated
  14. SillyCannibal

    Quick Question

    Is there a way to remove the green bar at the bottom?
  15. remrezero1999

    14 days free trial keys

    Anyone, have 1 key 14 days trial can gimme that? Pls, i wanna to my friend test EFT .-.
  16. austinbuso

    Mouse wheel not working in raid

    im not able to use my mouse wheel for anything in raid, it works fine in the stash and flea market. just not in raid. i've tried uninstalling my mouse software and resetting the game to default controls
  17. having unhandled exception error, been trying multiple fixes for the last 5 hours and none have workedhttps://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/667495152821993527/667496865805238282/ERROR_1_16_2020_4_32_05_PM.png
  18. Skydott

    2 Questions, thanks.

    Question 1: I recieved a key, from a friend who bought tarkov a long time ago. Do i have the complete game, or just a trial version, how can i look it up and confirm? Question 2: Is there possible to still get a trial key, 7 days, 14 days, or anything? In advance, thanks.
  19. FantasticAI

    Kinda New Player

    Looking for someone to teach me how to play this game because I suck. I know the basics and can sometimes come out on top but most of the time I get REKT. Discord #Fantastic3930 Please send help i want to get good at this game Thanks In advanced
  20. Help me!!! So I had a Bear which was pretty low level on a standard account. I then bought the EOD edition and got my upgrades. My friend got the game and picked a USEC so I decided to reset my account. Now I no longer have my upgraded stash size... Support ticket: #1473526
  21. AntaresX9


    在中国上海。因为214/403结果重装了一下launcher,可是官网下载的启动器显示找不到路径:... \ fei.pac。不管是官方的还是朋友确认能用后转发给我的,都是这个。请问有人能确认这是怎么回事吗?
  22. TizzleBabyBoomn

    Are my specs good enough to run the game

    It's a stupid question to ask I see when players post their specs their numbers are way above mines and they still have problems. Don't laugh but I have a HP all in one 24 Foxx Intel (r) core (tm) i3-8130u CPU @2.20 GHZ 8GB RAM 64 bit. I only got this computer because the people at rent a center said it could hold the gaming files. Can I do anything to make it more acceptable for Tarkov or should I bring the computer back before I'm done making payments on it. I've only played a total of 2 hours lag free with tarkov and it was the best 2 hours of my life. Mind you I've had the game for 4 months 😭 please anyone I feel stupid for even coming ask the question I need help.
  23. Had to change PC wipe my HDD, wanted to get back into tarkov, logged in but can't find where to download the game.
  24. ClipMe

    Game ID Help

    Bought EFT about 2 hours ago said it needed a "Game ID" my mate told me to go in the forums and ask a dev for a game Id so if theres any dev reading this please send me a game id as its not come through email thanks. Matt
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