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Found 13 results

  1. Reaping_Death

    Lost my gear in offline mode

    I was trying to learn extracts in reserve and play with my new gun so decided to do offline for the past hour. I swear I chose offline mode,selected the bot type and pressed ready and it took me 4 mins to get in....after killing the bots I went where the armored train was to find loot locations and all of a sudden I heard scavs screaming and I one them headshotted me. I thought it was ok because I can go back and try finding more extracts just to get back to the main menu to find out my character is wounded and he doesn't have any of the gear on him. My NV,tectech,SA-58 etc gone from him. I thought offline mode didn't cause you to lose gear now I'm trying to see if I can play scav on reserve and its been 10 mins and I can't even enter last time it was 4 mins at night. When I pressed ready before I had no "insure" prompt so it couldn't have been online it deffo was offline I double checked before I went in.
  2. NordicGoat76

    Fix for 0 sound from game file.

    Hello i just got the game and i have no sound i have checked all my sound programs and have even unloaded the game fully. Short to say im out of ideas. I run a Ryzon7 gen3 cpu and a Saphire gen1 gpu ontop of a Republic of gamers MB on windows 10. Any help is welcome. Just wanna hear myself get shot would be great improvement to current status of just randomly black screens saying i died.
  3. So ever since the start if 12.8 I have been getting this bug where I cannot click next after raid. This only occurs on the exp screen and typically only happens if my character has taken damage (even if its only 1 hit point). If anyone has a fix please let me know and hopefully the devs see this, this glitch is really annoying and makes me not even want to play the game sometimes due to frustration.
  4. Hey, Long time Tarkov gamer here. My two best friends have been playing Tarkov Since you had Beta, and had to a sign a NDA about streaming it. They got me into the game, and we have played every wipe/reset it is our favorite game to play together. Recently One of them Passed away. He was 30 years old, died suddenly of a blood clot to the heart. I Have his DogTags in game in my inventory in game "Clopswolfbane" is his gamer tag. Mine is "Saintanger26" I was wondering if it was at anyway at all possible for me to keep one of his dog tags each wipe in my inventory. Losing that reminder of my Tarkov Battle-Buddy when my account gets wiped and reset would sadden me greatly. I don't know if its even possible, but if it is it would mean the whole world to me. I just want to hold onto a reminder of my friend. Respectfully, Saintanger26
  5. Sinister_clown

    2 charcitors

    1 normal charcitor 1 hardcore charcitor Is this possible?!
  6. NomNomZombie17

    Do I get my Loot Back??

    So I was Scav running Reserve with around 500,000 rubles worth of loot (Including a Folder w/ Intel and a Labs Key Card) and the game kicked me for maintenance AS I WAS GOING TO THE EXTRACT SCREEN. I want to know if I will be getting that loot back or what?
  7. Balakasaurus

    New player looking for help.

    Anyone willing to group up and help me out with learning the game if possible? I have discord and I’m a fast learner.
  8. When I open up the game I get stuck at the Profile Data Loading screen and get the error Sequence contains no matching element. I have uninstalled the launcher and game multiple times , reset my password, reset my computer and even tried a different computer. I even logged on to my friends account and was able to play the game fine without getting the error. My friend logged onto my account on his PC and got the same error. It has been doing this since .12 was added and I'm unable to find any information about this error anywhere.
  9. When I first started playing I'd get into raids maybe 1 or 2 minutes late at most. But my last 20 or so raids I've been spawning in around 10-15 minutes into raid and finding everything looted, almost like I'm doing a scav raid. It's not to do with loading times because it usually takes me less than a minute from clicking ready to actually getting into the raid, I have an M.2 NVME SSD so loading times aren't the problem here. Is it something I've done in the settings?
  10. Like, I died so many times just due to the sound messing me up. My most recent situation was when I was doing a cache run at customs. I was near the junk bridge and a guy was there camping (of course) and shot me up. I heard the shots going straight behind me, I get confused because I just check behind me and no one was there but I still crouch down behind a rock instinctively. After getting shot at a billion times I realize the guy was straight in front of me and crouching down. like, what? The guy had no helmet on neither, I could of easily got him if it wasn't for the sound completely messing me up. But is it just me being dumb or what? Like I don't understand this sound engine at all.
  11. So on the 24th I paid 100USD to upgrade to EoD... My buddy who has been around since alpha told me I had to reset my account before doing so. (I know now I didn't have to.) So I logged out, closed the game and launcher. Reset. Loaded up the game, profile and launcher state I have EoD. But I still started out with just the basic gear, 10x26 stash and alpha container... What gives? I have heard some say it takes 3 days. Others say it is instant. I've opened a ticket for support and nothing... Kinda disheartening to drop so much on this game and not get what I've paid for...
  12. TigerLiker

    Raid Probleme ?!?

    Hallo erstmal, ich habe folgendes Problem: ich war in einem Raid drinne konnte normal verlassen usw. allerdings wen ich jetzt in ein Raid möchte, passiert einfach nichts. Ich muss immer das Spiel neustarten und frage mich ob das Bekannt ist ? Oder es schon hilfe dagegen gibt. Grüße Justin
  13. Deansanderz

    It says im in game but im not

    it says im in game with out being ingame idk what to do
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