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  1. PyroMix16

    El juego va fatal

    Contexto, yo tengo un ryzen 2600x, 16gb de ram (2x8), ssd y tenia una gtx 1060, esta si bien no lo corria a 60 siempre los mantenia estable en 50-60, ahora la cambie por una rx 6600 xt, instale drivers, actualice bios y sigue sin funcionarme, todos los juegos como fortnite, gta, etc van perfecto pero el tarkov entro y va muy bien, pero cuando disparas automaticamente 0 fps y al dejar de disparar vuelve a 80 fps, probe poniendo todo en low y de igual manera 140 fps y al disparar 0 fps, el cpu no pasa del 30% 40 a lo sumo, la gpu no pasa del 60, que es lo que puede estar fallando, porque el cuello de botella no es asi, deberia estar el cpu al 100, tengo windows 11 como dato extra. Muchas gracias
  2. So i've had this game for 3 months now and it seems like this problem is not going away any time soon. Every time i load in to a raid, whether its a pmc or scav, i first load the map. Fine . I then proceed to find a lobby and 'loading loot' appears. Fine. It is when all the loading for the raid is complete that a 'server connection lost' black screen appears and i am unable to join the raid. Rejoining does not seem to work and relaunching the game does not either. I have tried opening ports, allowing eft past the firewall, using ipv4 instead of ipv6 and a whole host of different things only to see the server connection lost screen again and again. This is happening 90% of raids and is making the game completely unplayable. i've noticed similar threads for the past 2 years and not a single one has come to a concrete solution. Please for the love of god can someone who actually works for BSG or someone with a fix reply! i don't want any reply's regarding my internet connection or the fact that the game is in beta. This is truly unacceptable.
  3. thefredsterbaby


    If anyone could teach me about this game i'd appreciate it. idk how because i understand none of it other than the point of being a scav and being a PMC (which seems to just be to kill scavs with the added risk of losing everything you come in the raid with). but i have no idea what im doing or supposed to be looting and whether i play as a scav or a PMC i get shot by the first person i see (usually dont even see) and then im just stuck waiting for my characters to heal/reset only to go in, die within 7 seconds, then wait again. it's frustrating because i dont see any real point in playing. i understand the cover aspect (how to use it, create it, etc) line of sight, all that. ive learned from R6Seige and apex how important line of site/cover is and when/when not to engage/disengage firefights etc., but with this game i dont actually get to even do anything. and with extract times being so insanely low that even if i manage to stay alive long enough to move around i just end up MIA anyways. idk how anyone would see this and think "i know how to help" but anything is appreciated. i feel like i just wasted a bunch of money on a game that should be fun and have a lot of potential but of which im not finding any. thanks in advance
  4. KennyZera

    Mouse in game.

    I have noticed recently that while in a raid, my mouse cursor will stay locked in the middle of my screen where a crosshair would be in other shooters. I have tried reinstalling and alt+tabbing out but nothing is working. I was not able to find anyone else with this problem so that is why I am asking right now. I have owned the game for about 2 months now and this started to happen maybe a week ago. I would like a solution that does not involve downloading a third party software or going into my settings and manually removing my mouse cursor. I will use these ways if I have to and I hope someone will be able to help me. It has nothing to do with the discord overlay I normally have on either. When I try to take a screenshot, it removes the mouse cursor so while I cannot show this, the way I would describe it as just having a crosshair that is a mouse.
  5. Basically I just want to know if there is anywhere I can go to get this issue resolved. I'll go through step by step what happened if it helps. I put up the weapons case on the flee market and I triple checked it. My Roubles gets taken and the game freezes. I give it 2 minutes and I alt+f4. 2 seconds later it gives me an error message and it closes. I relaunch the game and the money and the thicc weapons case are gone. I checked my offers its not there. I checked my messages from ragman its not there. 20 minutes later I put a factory exit key up to see if the server was lagging and the key sold. I put a bug report about it on the launcher but I don't expect anything to come from that.
  6. The game itself was working fine for the last 6 months, but immediately after downloading patch 12.11 The launcher is failing to either locate the correct game version (Installed game version check error ERROR: 103001) and will say to install the game, even though the whole game is in the Battlestate Games folder. Or if trying to locate already installed game in a specific folder, the launcher will say it does not have access. I have tried turning off anti-virus and windows defender. I've reinstalled the game 4 different times on both of my drives. and ive tried deleting the cache on the game and restarting from that. Nothing seems to be working based off the answers other people have tried in the past.
  7. Whitishcookie

    Error Loading Profile

    Im Sorry if this is the wrong place to post but am uncertain where to post bugs and issues. I was doing a scav run with no issues and then when trying to extract i was stuck on a black screen and could still hear everything around me for a few minutes. I alt =F4 to get out and load back in on to get an error not allowing me back into the game. i would appreciate any help and if you could point me into the right direction to get help if it isnt here that would be great.
  8. When i open the game i make it to the loading profile screen as soon as that disappears the game instantly stops working, every time this happens i have to fully restart my PC as closing it through task manager just creates a blank screen that does not disappear. I have been looking for solutions across the internet and yet to find one so i was wondering if anyone else is having a similar issue or if someone knows of a fix.
  9. Hello, they said if you got -1 Rep on Fence you can get a quest from fence that gonna give you +1 Rep, but i didnt got any. Tryna be a good boi for Fence and atone my sins.
  10. So I had no issues running EFT prevous wipe, everything was fine. The problem I got right now is that when I join a raid, after like 20seconds my movements get stuck, example: I was moving forward, I let go of my keyboard, but my pmc is still moving forward for a solid minute. This goes for any direction, shooting and so on, feels like I am playing with 900ping, but I am not......my ping is a nice calm 20ms. Something that accompanies this "lagg" is my PC completely freezing up as in discord just stops working and tabbing out is just a bad idea 🙂 . The problem dissapears after a couple of minutes in raid have passed, and the game works absolutely fine.....so I have no idea what's up with it. My specs are: I5-6600k 3.50GHz, GTX1660Ti 6GB, 16gb RAM, and I have the game on an SSD. Any help is appreciated !
  11. Hi! I realize that the game is still in beta so there are bound to be bugs. However, I don't think my PC is getting the fps for this game as much as it should be. It's a brand new Rog Strix GD15K. Here are the specs: Operating System: Windows 11 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 22000) (22000.co_release.210604-1628) Language: English (Regional Setting: English) System Manufacturer: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. System Model: ROG STRIX G15DK_G15DK BIOS: 301 (type: UEFI) Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core Processor (12 CPUs), ~3.7GHz Windows 11 GPU: NVIDIA RTX 3060 12GB Vram Memory: 16384MB RAM Available OS Memory: 16300MB RAM Page File: 5827MB used, 13416MB available Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS DirectX Version: DirectX 12 DX Setup Parameters: Not found DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled Miracast: Available, no HDCP Microsoft Graphics Hybrid: Not Supported DirectX Database Version: 1.2.2 DxDiag Version: 10.00.22000.0001 64bit Unicode I used to get an average of 80-90 FPS on Customs, but after reseting my PC I dropped down to about 60-70 on average. On woods I get 59-65 fps and on interchange indoors its roughly the same. I know people with 2080 supers get around 80-100 on average so I dont understand why I'm performing so poorly. I tried using process lasso and checking the physical cores option but that made it run slower, and all my other games with it. I changed my graphics settings but no matter which graphics settings I used whether low or high it made no difference. I also tried using Ryzen Master to enable PBO and AutoOC but that seemed to make zero impact as well. Overclocked my PC with afterburner and still nothing. I feel like I should run atleast 70-80 fps on maps like Woods and Interchange and 100+ on Customs. I really hope someone can help me please.
  12. Hola , ayer me compre el juego , y al querer descargarlo me daba varios errores de fail download y cuando por fin conseguí descargar el juego , no podía jugarlo porque el launcher detectaba que faltaban archivos asi que me pedia "reparar" el juego , y cuando le daba a reparar tardaba 1h por un 1% asa que me encontré con varios tutoriales de como arreglarlo en el que me pedía eliminar el juego y hacer ciertas acciones en el host y en los drivers del pc (tengo un internet limitado en velocidad 0.5mb/s y en cantidad de gb por mes ) , así que no puede ir desinstalando y reinstalado el juego como un loco , agradecería enserio que alguien me ayudara
  13. Hey All! I'm hoping someone can help me as I can't seem to find an actual fix for this issue, only speculation so far. EFT keeps crashing randomly, and I get the error in the log that says: EscapeFromTarkov by Battlestate Games [version: Unity 2018.4.28f1_f914ff158b2a] UnityPlayer.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module UnityPlayer.dll at 0033:b3cf682b. Error occurred at 2021-08-22_004850. C:\Battlestate Games\EFT\EscapeFromTarkov.exe, run by WHITEY. 29% physical memory in use. 32694 MB physical memory [23113 MB free]. 18485 MB process peak paging file [9664 MB used]. 9135 MB process peak working set [6715 MB used]. System Commit Total/Limit/Peak: 14060MB/37676MB/22869MB System Physical Total/Available: 32694MB/23113MB System Process Count: 117 System Thread Count: 2062 System Handle Count: 48083 Disk space data for 'C:\Users\WHITEY\AppData\Local\Temp\Battlestate Games\EscapeFromTarkov\Crashes\Crash_2021-08-21_151844652\': 424943222784 bytes free of 499442573312 total. Read from location 00000094A3DFCA68 caused an access violation. I'll attach the full error log in case you need to see any other info for a solution. I've done just about everything you could think of to remedy the issue to no avail. System specs: -AMD 5900X -MSI MEG Unify-X -G.Skill F4-3600C14-32GTZR 3600MHz Dual Rank B-Die RAM -Gigabyte Master RTX 3080 -Samsung Evo 960 M.2 500GB, 1TB Samsung SSD Windows 10 is a fresh install with latest updates, Nvidia drivers have been removed, cleaned and reinstalled. I've since reverted any form of overclocks in the system but no change, still crashing. The system is in perfect working order, I only have issues with EFT. error.log
  14. I'm relatively new to game and I'm trying to complete this quest but it seems like the AI is aware each time I take my armor off. They immediately move or go aggressive. I've died like 3x trying to finish this thing. Built a sniper but I'm having trouble finding angles. Any tips on how to complete this? I've watched a few videos but the AI behavior does not match what I'm seeing in game.
  15. Darealluigi

    For HDD users.

    Hey there. I'm just wondering if there is any way to help people using HDD instead of SSD (I would buy one but money is tight). I spend about 4 minutes up to 7 minutes sometimes loading the map and loot (loot being the worst of my problem, it takes a very long time to load loot for me). I know there's probably little to do about this but i'm just putting it out there. My specs: Processor: Intel i-7-3770 @ 3.40gh RAM: 8GB <- this might tie in with my issue as well. Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070 Ti OS: Windows 10 HDD 4TB 7,200RPM Thank you and have a nice day!
  16. Mashallah

    Restoration of Account

    A few odd months ago my primary email was deleted, the same email that I used to sign up to BattleState Games, consequently everytime I try to login to the Tarkov Launcher it asks for a verification email, the same for changing the email address, thus I cannot change it without support. I have emailed support@battlestategames.com two times in the past week with no reply. I a hoping this post can bring some advice or attention to my issue. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated as I lack access to the game I spent $75+ AUD on.
  17. Shinval

    error 208 problem

    hello guys,so my friend just gift me a standard edition tarkov game.and im having problem to log in,it says "Access from this country is un avaible for your account.i live in indonesia can some one help me with this problem
  18. Ever since the brand new update of escape from tarkov 0.12 my pc would run into the problem of shutting down and rebooting itself at random times during the game. Sometimes I would be able to go into a raid and play a whole game before it reboots, other times im loading into a game and it reboots or when im clicking through the menu or even just loading up the game into the main menu All these times have rebooted my pc. PC SPECS: GTX 970 CPU I7 6700K 16GB RAM Corsair h100v water cooler corsair 500 watt gold power supply Has anyone else had a problem like this during the new update ? I have tried absolutely everything I could think of to fix the problem -cleaned out dust from pc -put in new thermal paste on the cpu -reseated the graphics card and ram -inspected all parts in the pc to make sure nothing was damaged -undervolted the cpu to create less heat -updated everything (windows, drivers, tarkov, tarkov launcher) -reinstalled escape from tarkov these are the things i have done and I used a cpu monitor software to see if the cpu temperature was running to hot in some cases it was during the game as it would go up to 100C sometimes but this was before i added new paste. It runs alot cooler now. what shocked me the most was the last time i launched escape from tarkov i had the task manager up to see if anything was spiking out of control nothing i noticed except power usage which said it was very high when loading up the game but I was thinking that would be normal and then once i loaded up my pc rebooted itself again the cpu did not over heat. how could it ? it was around 40C before loading up it couldnt of spiked that high also this only happens constantly in tarkov. I have played high demanding games before like rust or cod mw and only very rarely had a reboot or blue screen but with this new 0.12 update my computer reboots all the time I need help thanks.
  19. Would it be possible to add an anti-cheat system that cannot allow people to open tarkov while running a third party cheating program or at least puts them in servers with other cheaters like how VALORANT's Vanguard works? Also, from watching cheaters stream on twitch after I've died, they would have unlimited stamina and no recoil while hipfiring. Would it also be possible to have a script that removes the player from the game or at least 'disconnects' them from the game by triggering the script by using the cheats? There has to be a way to remove cheaters from this game.
  20. Got to LVL 15 about 10 hours ago, but I do not feel I've improved? Everytime I get into a gunfight with players I get one tapped more often than not and buying good ammo is way too expensive. Scavving wait times are way too long, even though I have Intelligence Center now. I still like the game though but thinking that I'm close to losing all my money in the next few hours (have to kill 5 more PMC in Factory office area) really makes me nervous everytime I get into a raid. I'm still a noob, so I'll appreciate any tips I can get. This post was just to vent out
  21. I've managed to find stock a RX 6800 in stock and replaced my GTX 1080 Founders Edition with an AMD GPU for the first time ever! I uninstalled Nvidia Drivers with DDU and installed the most recent Radeon 21.x driver. Cyberpunk 2077, Control and Baldur's Gate 3 all run much better and at a much higher frame rate on my 1440p, 144Hz LG 27G850 which I'm super happy with. However, when it came to Escape from Tarkov I've gotten some really weird performance issues that seem specific to this game and I've seen instances of this on COD MW/CW too. On my GTX 1080, I could reach 60-70fps with Medium textures and shadows with minimum Object LOD, Overall Visiblity and Shadow Distance. Supersampling at 1x and everything else turned off. My GPU clocks were normal, GPU usage around 80% and everything was stable. I wanted more frames with my 6800 but for some reason after installation, my clocks are really low. So on those same settings, I get 60-70fps but my clocks were jumping around wildly between 100Mhz-950Mhz and about 30% utilisation. I've read on the forums and on reddit threads that sometimes the GPU on some games goes into a weird power saving mode and you have to push it harder to get the clocks to go up. The problem is that when I set everything to max and Supersampling to 1x, nothing changes on my clocks and my fps drops to 40fps. Utilisation stays the same, around 30%. When I set Supersampling to 2x and everything else to off/minimum, then the card performs correctly at 1800Mhz-2050Mhz but now I'm rendering a 2880p image and my fps is still only 65-75. My GPU usage goes up to 80%-90%. When I jump into an offline whilst testing I've also gotten the same behaviour as some other people have reported when the framerate starts really high at like 110fps and then drops to 80fps, then 65fps and then stays there. I've tried multiple combinations of Vsync off and on in game and in the Radeon settings, Freesync off and on. Borderless and Fullscreen perform the same. I've tried uninstalling MSI Afterburner and shutting down the other Radeon applications in task manager but those have no effect. I've tried uninstalling the Radeon driver and installing the previous 20.x version with DDU and that didn't work. Even so, this is a problem I'm getting that's specific to Tarkov, the game I play the most. When I lower Cyberpunk settings my fps shoots up into the 100s. My GPU usage goes to 99% when I set everything to low in that game with high clock speeds around the 2100Mhz range. I've also tried setting a minimum clock speed both in % terms and in Mhz in the Radeon Tuning settings. I've tried increasing the power budget and the fan speed limits and that does push the fps to 75-80fps but the frametiming is even worse than before and the GPU usage reads at 50%. No matter what I try, the game refuses to give me a stable higher framerate, either the card doesn't respond correctly and gives me a low clock speed, or I have to push over the top settings which gives me the same framerate anyway. What am I missing? How are people getting stable high framerates on these new Nvidia/AMD cards? How does something like this even happen? I know this game is in beta, but it seems like this is an issue that even happens in games like COD so there must be something that isn't been done in the driver/game/windows/hardware that's causing these issues. Also unfortunately, Radeon's built in Overlay doesn't show up in screenshots and MSI Afterburner is uninstalled. TL;DR Low GPU usage on a new RX 6800 which I can't seem to force into a normal base or boost clock and reliably get over 70fps. Has anyone managed to alleviate these issues? Or able to offer any insight? Overall Specs: 2700x, RX 6800, 32GB RAM, installed on an M.2, LG 27" 1440p 144Hz monitor. Here is a link to my full build: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/cloudpc/saved/VhbMnQ
  22. ageingfossil

    Postman Pat part 1 mission bugged?

    I am stuck on prapors mission:postman pat part 1. I know from doing this mission last time where the dead scavenger is, he's in the small building at the ramp to the underground area, I've now been there 5 times a couple of which I was definitely the first there and no letter on the scavenger, it's usually around his neck/collar area but not for me, any help appreciated
  23. diggikrk

    Balistyka w 0.12.12

    Tarkoviacy! Temat Balistyki w Tarkovie po aktualizacji 0.12.12 stał się bardzo rozległy. Ze względu na zawiłość tematu, a także możliwe zmiany wprowadzane przez deweloperów w mikro lub makro patczach. Polecam wszystkim śledzenie strony poświęconej balistyce pocisków w świecie Tarkova. https://tarkov-ballistics.com/ Wiele pocisków które były uznawane za "mete" nagle przestały zabijać jednym strzałem w głowę. Dla przykładu 5.45x39 PPBS "Igolnik" na dystansie powyżej 200 metrów wytraca już na tyle prędkości i możliwości zadania obrażeń, że staję się niemożliwym zabić w głowę, nawet mimo penetracji hełmu, zada on obrażenia w wysokości ~ 33HP. Mimo wciąż wysokich wartości przebijania pancerza, zadawane obrażenia sukcesywnie maleją na zwiększającym się dystansie. Jako drobna dygresja: Być może te zmiany mają na celu możliwość, lub ułatwić implementację mechanizmu, w którym nie zawsze nasza postać będzie ginąć od odniesionych ran, lecz przechodzić w stan "nieprzytomności" z którego możemy zostać uratowani podczas rajdu. Zachęcam do zapoznania się z aktualnymi informacjami, co pozwoli wam wyeliminować element zaskoczenia podczas prób ucieczki z Tarkova! Tutaj znajdziesz wszystkie nowości ze świata Tarkova: FB - https://www.facebook.com/yeahbunnyonline YT - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQihwu1_c1b2vC7La9vqFRA Twitter - twitter.com/DiggiDawid Discord - https://discord.gg/RJJbWxwbyy TTV - twitch.tv/SQBunny_YT Zapraszam!
  24. diggikrk

    Kod weryfikacyjny i 2FA

    Witajcie! Chciałbym zasugerować wszystkim uruchomienie jako dwuetapowego potwierdzania aplikacji "Google Authenticator" jest to bezpieczna aplikacja i nie ryzykujecie problemów z nieotrzymaniem maila z kodem autoryzacyjnym w przypadku zmian w systemie, lub logowaniu z nowego sprzętu. Mam szczerą nadzieję że ułatwi to wam logowanie Do zobaczenia w Tarkovie!
  25. ...It's crippling. I seriously can't play at this point due to losing so many loadouts. I'll be playing when my screen will freeze, Sound cuts off, then a small error pops up (shown below) and if I am lucky enough to have a group with me they'll watch over my stationary body while I wait to reconnect. Otherwise, I'm almost always out in the open and dead within minutes before I can get back. Given the amount of posts about it, I think most of you are familiar with this crash/bug. I have done so much to my PC in hopes to fixing this problem, even going so far as to replace my motherboard and cpu. Not that I am not happy to upgrade but this crashing inspired me to spend hundreds of dollars and just praying that it fixes itself. I'll keep it that short but if you have had experience or know someone who has had experience with this issue, please just relay to me what you did (or they did) to fix the issue. This is my first wipe of EFT where I started wipe day and have been grinding my best to get as far as I can. This crash, that started around the new wipe, has completely stalled my progression to where I usually just sit in the menu for 20 minutes at a time scared to go in. This just sucks, Please help.
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