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Found 168 results

  1. Turned on my pc. Opened up the client to launch tarkov and its asking me to redownload it. Why is this happening?
  2. Hello people, Everytime I start the game, I don't come further a screen that says Profile data loading (see below). If I boot without internet on I get a different screen (see below). I tried reinstalling, firewall on and of, deleting client.config from the folder. However, nothing works. Please help.
  3. any idea how to fix?

    does anyone know how to fix this issue?
  4. Need factory key

    Hey, does anyone have an extra factory key I can have? I'm willing to give something from my inventory in exchange. Guns, cash etc.
  5. gun glitch

    should temporarily disable guns in all the containers till you can fix it lol 10 factory rounds 1 person wasnt using the glitch incredible
  6. I've been getting into Escape from Tarkov and I'm ok at it. I win 1v1's 90% of the time but most of the time I am not that lucky. I keep getting cuck'd by duo's trio's and squad's. I have watched a lot of tips but I was wondering if anyone had any tips you don't see in videos. Sorta anecdotal but tested a lot by you please!
  7. Noob Needs Help

    Hey all, I picked up EFT near the end of the year sale, and I have almost no progression in this game. It's not that I'm not playing the game; it's more so that I get raped game after game, so I end a round with barely any experience and no gear almost every time. I'll add details of experiences I've had and what I understand about this game so far, but the TL;DR is, how do I improve my character my gear, and my gameplay? First off, I understand this game is not released yet, and there are many problems that come with that. but I am only just now asking for help because I needed to make sure that my failures weren't due solely to Beta mechanics and bugs first. Some of my early issues were related, such as DSync and getting into a round with 5 full minutes to extract on the other side of the map. Those things are certainly frustrating, but everyone deals with that, and it doesn't affect me in the game nearly as much. Secondly, I understand that to build up my character's skills, I need to play daily. As much as I'd like to play this game daily, it's not going to happen; I have a life that includes responsibilities that take up most of the day, and even when I get free time, EFT is not the only game I play. That short rant aside, do character skills make a drastic difference in gameplay, and will I be hopeless in this game if I do not dedicate time to build them up? Third, I have played offline mode enough to get a decent understanding of maps, learn about the gear I want and need, and engage and survive firefights with Scavs. In short, none of these things are holding me back. I know what I'm doing, what my goal is, mostly where I'm going, and how to loot without getting shot in the back. The difference at this point is that online, against real people, firefights are an entire different story. This difference is obviously going to be there; there's always a difficulty spike between AI and human opponents, but I have yet to be gunned down by a Scav that needed less that 3 shots to kill me. This leads me to my next point: Matchmaking. I don't know if it's just me, but I am always put into matches with players' levels and gear so good that it would take 3-4 friendlies with my skills to stand a chance against any one enemy human I've encountered in this game so far. I know that there's a chance that I'm only on when the high level players are on, but the lowest level enemy I've seen in a match so far was 15, and that was my first week playing. Since then, the lowest I've seen is 20, but the norm I'm seeing is between 27 and 35. I'm level 3, and in games like this, I get lucky to get a Scav kill before running into these guys and dying. The gear difference is unreal: my weapons seem to do no damage while enemies will gun me down with 1-2 shots almost every time (3-4 shots the rest of the time). Is there a trick people use to get through these matches that results in more gear and experience, or am I screwed the moment I spawn in? I'd like to note that I've tried avoiding all enemies when I see that I'll be in a match like this; it'll take a hundred years to gear up if I continue at that rate. My final point is spawning. This one is more of a plea to the Devs; can PMC spawns be more randomized like Scav spawns? I have not been killed on or near spawn yet as a Scav, but I have been killed on spawn 3-4 times now as a PMC, including right before hopping on the forums to posts this thread. I'm sick of getting my PMC geared up and ready to play a good game just to lose all that gear before I've even gotten bearings on where I spawned in. Has anyone found a temporary solution to being spawn killed yet, or is that just the roll of the dice? I look forward to playing more and learning more, and I understand that the more I learn about where to find good loot and where to and not to get into firefights, the more I'll enjoy this game. I'm reaching out though simply because, in almost 2 months of playing, I've had only 1 good PMC run and a few good Scav runs. I've never had this much trouble getting the hang of a game and finding fair fights before. I want to like this game more, but it's so frustrating starting out against these odds. At the very least, I hope the Devs see that this issue will be a genocide when the Open Beta starts soon.
  8. Scavs...

    The scavs can see through bushes and fences. I do not get this at all. Also they aim for my toes. What is the point of me buying a fort and fast to just die by getting shot twice in the leg from a scav in a bush with a sega 12. I really can't see myself playing this game anymore unless they fix scavs in the next patch!!!
  9. I have been wanted to rid myself of the bland grays ingame for a while but i cant use the nvidia vibrancy thing like most people do cause im on a laptop, I wanna use Re Shade but it causes my game to crash into a state that i have to re install can anyone help me with this?
  10. I cannot install the game! I just bought Escape from Tarkov Standard Edition and now when I'm trying to install the game to my computer it doesn't work. It says that the downloaded file checksum doesn't match. I've tried to install the game twice now and have got the same result both times. Im not sure what I'm suppose to do. I have got over 70 GB space on my SSD left so that should not be the problem. Please help.
  11. Just Starting Out!

    Hey all, Bought EFT about a week ago and only just got round to playing properly, was just seeing if anyone can give any tips on starting out, leveling traders etc? I don't want to be seem too much of a noob, iv had a game or 2 offline on factory and killed like 10 scavs each time and extracted so just wondering what would be the best way about playing properly online how the game is actually meant to be played, any tips helpful and welcome. thanks
  12. gifting the game

    i bought the game as a gift but have no idea how to gift it to my brother he installed the game but it said not purchased has anyone gifted the game to someone?
  13. Next update

    In the upcoming February 8th update is there going to be a wipe?
  14. Tarkov RPG

    Hello, can anyone tell me why it is saying "account not activated" for the RPG forum. I am trying to make a character but I am not sure how to fix this. Thanks.
  15. I just got the game but for some reason I cant seem to play "online" only offline is available? how come? also when I loot things in offline and then escape the map all the stuff i looted and my xp is gone... Can anyone help me with this?
  16. Quest item expired?

    I started Skier's quest Golden Swag and forgot to receive the key which is needed to complete the quest. Now the receive timer is expired and I do not know what to do.
  17. Issues upgrading my rank.

    I just bought EOD edition and I opened the launcher and it said I had the EOD edition but when I opened the game and opened my inventory my new stuff was not there is there something I do to get my new package supply?
  18. factory glitch

    in factory next to the 3 story-building on the barrels and ramp side when you go to the far set of stairs and you try to jump under them your character freezes in place and cannot move but can shoot
  19. Looking for group in a large Discord?

    If your looking for a group? Feel free to join our discord to find one! We currently have 1700+ members in our discord, we also offer help in other games as well to keep our discord diverse and to keep modivated players coming. This helps make matchmaking easier for you! Join us today to find a team for tarkov! We also have key maps and extraction maps for anyone that needs help even if they want to play solo! Our discord link:
  20. Annoyed

    Good Day, I am locked in USA servers, it either wasn't an option to choose server region or wasn't properly displayed as a choice when I pre-ordered escape from Tarkov. I am not going to pay $10 to change to Europe for reasons being, 1. I have already purchased your game and it is ridiculous that i have to pay to change servers and 2. I cant afford $10, I saved up so long to pre-order this and support you guys even though I know pre-orders are dodgy. Please help/advice/do-the-right-thing regards Ashton
  21. Help!!! Error 416

    I keep getting error 416 when I finish downloading the game from launcher. I just bought the game tonight and can’t find a fix. “Checksum failed”
  22. Looking for Partner

    Hello, I'm kinda new to the game and I've played a few rounds but only solo, I know my brother has tarkov as well but his laptop is crap so we can't play together. I would like to have a partner to kinda watch my back sometimes if I have the oppertunity to play the game. I'm a 28 year old male, a dad of 2 year old twins, I'm a nurse and I live in the Netherlands, I usually play for like an hour in the afternoon when the kids are sleeping or in the evening again when the kids are sleeping and my wife is okay with me gaming. So are you also looking for a friend or would like me to join your group so we could try and play a raid together sometimes contact me.
  23. Black Flashes

    I was wondering if I'm the only one who has an issue with black flashes for about a quarter of a sec randomly. It only happens in EFT, nothing else. I thought it had to deal with BIOS but I did a manual update of my BIOS and it wasn't that. Anyone one have the same issue or know how to fix it?
  24. Quickest Gas Analyzer HELP

    I need help getting a gas analyzer, I've done several Factory runs, (no factory key, but pump station key), and I still haven't had any luck. I just would like to know if there was a way to quickly farm a gas analyzer. Thanks!