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  1. I think the level 20 Flea market is very overkill and will only hurt new players coming in. It doesn't really matter what level cap is placed on it the experienced players know to grind to get it faster while leaving the new players trying to learn the game far behind. Not to mention discouraging them by seeing how long they have to play to reach this new lvl 20 cap. I've played with a few new players that have just started this wipe and 3 weeks in they already feel that they have fallen behind and would rather not attempt to progress further.
  2. Hello everyone I have a bug where I can`t download the game at all. I tried many tutorials and I contacted support six times and nothing worked. Every time there is a update I can`t download it and play the game. A few IT guys tried to help me but no results. Can someone be kind and help me please.
  3. KennyZera

    Mouse in game.

    I have noticed recently that while in a raid, my mouse cursor will stay locked in the middle of my screen where a crosshair would be in other shooters. I have tried reinstalling and alt+tabbing out but nothing is working. I was not able to find anyone else with this problem so that is why I am asking right now. I have owned the game for about 2 months now and this started to happen maybe a week ago. I would like a solution that does not involve downloading a third party software or going into my settings and manually removing my mouse cursor. I will use these ways if I have to and I hope someone will be able to help me. It has nothing to do with the discord overlay I normally have on either. When I try to take a screenshot, it removes the mouse cursor so while I cannot show this, the way I would describe it as just having a crosshair that is a mouse.
  4. Samtheflowerman

    Blatent Flying Hacker (Video proof)

    I started playing tarkov for the first time today and we spotted a blatent flying hacker in our first run in Custom PMC I made a gif to show he was flying but i have full video proof Can we do something about this guy hacking?
  5. Completed a fresh install of Windows 10 last night, update all drivers, C++, and .NET framework. Install BSG Launcher 12.8x, installs fine, go to open... nothing. Open Task Manager to see if its running in the background, nothing. Open application one more time and can see it opens and closes in task manager. Deactivate Windows Defender (Bear in mind this is a fresh install with formatted drive so literally nothing on this PC) Re-install and repair said drivers Clear Temp folder Proceed to uninstall and re-install and still nothing. Looked in AppData but found no "BattleStateGames" folder anywhere so that was weird. Kind of at a loss. I've checked the web and read a lot of different subreddits but none of them have worked. I'm hoping you all could shed some light on the situation. also not too sure where to find the logs but I can upload as need be if someone tells me the path...
  6. Ever since the brand new update of escape from tarkov 0.12 my pc would run into the problem of shutting down and rebooting itself at random times during the game. Sometimes I would be able to go into a raid and play a whole game before it reboots, other times im loading into a game and it reboots or when im clicking through the menu or even just loading up the game into the main menu All these times have rebooted my pc. PC SPECS: GTX 970 CPU I7 6700K 16GB RAM Corsair h100v water cooler corsair 500 watt gold power supply Has anyone else had a problem like this during the new update ? I have tried absolutely everything I could think of to fix the problem -cleaned out dust from pc -put in new thermal paste on the cpu -reseated the graphics card and ram -inspected all parts in the pc to make sure nothing was damaged -undervolted the cpu to create less heat -updated everything (windows, drivers, tarkov, tarkov launcher) -reinstalled escape from tarkov these are the things i have done and I used a cpu monitor software to see if the cpu temperature was running to hot in some cases it was during the game as it would go up to 100C sometimes but this was before i added new paste. It runs alot cooler now. what shocked me the most was the last time i launched escape from tarkov i had the task manager up to see if anything was spiking out of control nothing i noticed except power usage which said it was very high when loading up the game but I was thinking that would be normal and then once i loaded up my pc rebooted itself again the cpu did not over heat. how could it ? it was around 40C before loading up it couldnt of spiked that high also this only happens constantly in tarkov. I have played high demanding games before like rust or cod mw and only very rarely had a reboot or blue screen but with this new 0.12 update my computer reboots all the time I need help thanks.
  7. The game itself was working fine for the last 6 months, but immediately after downloading patch 12.11 The launcher is failing to either locate the correct game version (Installed game version check error ERROR: 103001) and will say to install the game, even though the whole game is in the Battlestate Games folder. Or if trying to locate already installed game in a specific folder, the launcher will say it does not have access. I have tried turning off anti-virus and windows defender. I've reinstalled the game 4 different times on both of my drives. and ive tried deleting the cache on the game and restarting from that. Nothing seems to be working based off the answers other people have tried in the past.
  8. ksinoe

    Ammo Rating

    Hi For casual players like me, it would be helpful if there was a feature to save time and guess work regarding ballistics effectiveness/quality when finding new ammo in raid. Perhaps there could be a star rating feature on the ammo icon when searching through bags etc e.g 5.45x39mm 7N39 will have 5 stars on the icon compared to SP ammo which would be 0.5? This could be based on the # of ammo in the calibre category as well e.g in the same example, 7N39 = 12/12 and SP = 1/12. I am basing all my decisions on the https://escapefromtarkov.fandom.com/wiki/Ballistics#Armor_and_penetration and will continue to do so.
  9. So I finally convinced a friend of mine to use what little he has to get this game, from the start he had to change dns (changed to google's) just to be able to use the launcher and download the game. After that it all seemed fine, offline raid no problems, stash, menus, etc. When we tried to go into a raid however he disconnected after loading fully ( in the transition just before he sees his character) with a "server connection lost" error message. Same kept happening while trying to rejoin. He then spent over 3 hours attempting to fix it, VPNs, manual server changes, reinstalling the game AND battle eye, changing DNS settings, firewall permissions, you name it, he tried. Just now I logged in using my account on his computer however and surprise surprise, no issues whatsoever. Using no VPN and normal DNS too.. so what gives? I was gonna try and help him with services in the background, settings and so on but now I'm at a loss for what to do as it clearly has nothing to do with his internet or computer. It seems logging in with my account didn't change any settings either so not even that could have done it Any help would be godly right now. I'm having him fill a support ticket but honestly we don't have much hope for battlestate's support from what I see around here. He could barely afford the game so this just really sucks Small detail, if he does go into scav he does load in completely (seeing his gun) for a second before getting a black screen and the error again. Reason why I decided to try the account change just to rule it out. Really didn't expect it to work though so I don't know what to do now
  10. StraitOutaGulag

    Consistency Error

    Hello, Im having the same issue. Now I cant even download the game from the website. I opened the launcher and it said some consistency issue. So i deleted the game, and now I cant even download it for some reason. I have had the game for a few months, and I just got the EOD. Please help!
  11. platypus90

    Error 106015

    As of this morning everytime I try to login I'm getting: "Cannot establish server connection. Please try again later. ERROR: 106015" I do not use a VPN normally, but I attempted the use of a VPN to see if it was IP Related and had no change (other old threads suggested this). I've refreshed DNS, uninstalled/reinstalled etc Any ideas what to do to fix?
  12. Upon the purchase of EFT the launcher downloads just fine, but after that I cannot install the actual game. After pressing install and directing the location to the same folder "Battlestate Games" which contains the folders "Bglauncher" and "EFT" the latter (EFT) being an empty folder. I have tried to direct the installation into the folder "EFT" and also into the regular "Battlestate Games" folder to no avail. I have disabled all anti virus and protection programs including my firewall while also whitelisting the launcher and folders. I have attempted to download the ".zip" directly from Chrome, but it gives the prompt "Failed - File Incomplete" after about an hour of download time. I have browsed all forums regarding this issue and have found no help. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the launcher and all relative files (even hidden files) from every account on the computer. I have run the launcher as an admin and I have granted full access to all accounts on the computer. It seems like there is nothing left to try. I will not purchase a VPN, which was suggested by another forum. (Images related) I left the game alone for about 5 hours last night to do whatever and that didn't work either. Also, do I need to get 7zip in order to download the direct ".zip" file? >http://cdn-11.eft-store.com/ClientDistribs/ !!IF THERE IS ANY OTHER MEDIA YOU NEED TO SEE, PLEASE MENTION!! As of 8:34 a.m (CST) I have sent in a support request, but I am quite new to everything going on here and I don't know how long it will take. It says "several days" in the support info screen, but I want to try the Forum as well. Please help with this issue, and I really think I have tried everything.
  13. nicholaspack25

    Huge FPS dropoff

    When I started playing Tarkov the game ran completely seamlessly, no lag and no frame drops even while fighting (im on a gaming laptop specs attached below) does anybody know what I should do? Thanks
  14. kostek437

    Game breaking bug

    During the past days the game has been unplayable for me. After ~5 minutes after entering the raid as a pmc i get the server connection lost message, and thats where the loop begins: i enter back into the raid, cant move, and after ~5s my screen flashes into clouds and i get disconnected again. This reapets itself until i either leave the raid or i die. I tried restarting the game, changing the servers i play on, nothing works and it keeps happening. Link to the video of the problem: https://imgur.com/Nt8FKGm Has anyone had the same issue? Any fixes?
  15. So i've had this game for 3 months now and it seems like this problem is not going away any time soon. Every time i load in to a raid, whether its a pmc or scav, i first load the map. Fine . I then proceed to find a lobby and 'loading loot' appears. Fine. It is when all the loading for the raid is complete that a 'server connection lost' black screen appears and i am unable to join the raid. Rejoining does not seem to work and relaunching the game does not either. I have tried opening ports, allowing eft past the firewall, using ipv4 instead of ipv6 and a whole host of different things only to see the server connection lost screen again and again. This is happening 90% of raids and is making the game completely unplayable. i've noticed similar threads for the past 2 years and not a single one has come to a concrete solution. Please for the love of god can someone who actually works for BSG or someone with a fix reply! i don't want any reply's regarding my internet connection or the fact that the game is in beta. This is truly unacceptable.
  16. Nicnick95

    Looking for group in a large Discord?

    If your looking for a group? Feel free to join our discord to find one! We currently have 1700+ members in our discord, we also offer help in other games as well to keep our discord diverse and to keep modivated players coming. This helps make matchmaking easier for you! Join us today to find a team for tarkov! We also have key maps and extraction maps for anyone that needs help even if they want to play solo! Our discord link: https://discord.gg/8kEHzUz
  17. hey i need help i just recently got back into tarkov arfter a couple of months and when ever i try to load into big maps like customs and reserve it takes forever to load and when i do i instantly lose connection this never happened before i played tarkov a couple months back but occurs now any help ?
  18. New to Tarkov or have yet another friend joining this wonderful game that you don't want to explain every little mechanic to for the 100th time? This guide is for you! This is an original total beginner's guide written by me featuring: Compiled into a neat, well spaced and easy to read 54-page PDF Linked table of contents for quick navigation to each topic Dark theme for easy reading with the lights out Full spectrum coverage with fundamental info on pre-purchase to raiding to trading and everything in between Most searched for "eft guide" on all of google (you can google it right now!) Here is a direct link to the PDF, and if you're looking for confirmation that it's legit first, you can check out this reddit post for upvotes and testimonials (memey or otherwise) in the comments. I'm planning a large update soon to cover FIR market changes and a couple of LL1 availability changes, but >99% of the guide is still completely up to date and serves the purpose of getting new players acquainted with how to play Tarkov properly, reducing frustration and increasing retention so everyone can enjoy this awesome game. Thanks for reading and good luck out there, operator!
  19. Hello Escapers, since i bought the game i experienced a lot of sub60 fps and stuttering on my pc. I am worried because i cannot afford to just buy a new pc especially during chip shortage. Those are mine system components: CPU: Intel Core i5-7600K overclocked from 3.8GHz to 4.7GHz (max temp 60~) GPU: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1080 8GB VRAM GDDR5X (max temp 60-75~) DISK ON WHICH GAME IS INSTALLED: SSD RAM: 16 GB 2133MHz I believe that this is due to high temperatures on my gpu, i will soon change thermal paste and thermal pads to lower the teperature. Will it fix the issue or do you have any solution? Hope you can help me.
  20. GWZeraaa

    Offering help

    Hey there! If you have been waiting to play with an official Sherpa but it takes longer than expected. Then I come in. My name is GWZera and I am offering help to new players, for free of course. I am just a casual player. Mainly focusing on PVP and aggressive gameplay. ✔️ Really skilled and experienced player that is looking for new experience with new people. Besides that I am a content creator on Youtube. Making funny videos and frag-movies. You can contact me through the Tarkov Forums or through Sherpa Discord. Peace!

    help me!

    hi ive been trying to download this game for the last 3 weeks no and theres been no luck. there was only one time that i managed to get the game working when i got hold of game support about the file checksum errors and they gave me a link to follow and download. after that i got it working. then i realized thats woods would crash every time i loaded up so i decided delete the game and reinstall again thinking there would be no problem. but no back to square 1. now the link they gave me doesnt even work. i also tried watching EZ Moneys video and followed every step but still nothing. pleaseeeee sort this issue. thanks.
  22. I have had the game for around 2 months now and i have been playing it alot but recently i logged in and it says i havent baught the game. i dont know what to do, i can ofcause buy the game again but dont want to same thing to happend or lose all of my progress can someome please help me.
  23. I've managed to find stock a RX 6800 in stock and replaced my GTX 1080 Founders Edition with an AMD GPU for the first time ever! I uninstalled Nvidia Drivers with DDU and installed the most recent Radeon 21.x driver. Cyberpunk 2077, Control and Baldur's Gate 3 all run much better and at a much higher frame rate on my 1440p, 144Hz LG 27G850 which I'm super happy with. However, when it came to Escape from Tarkov I've gotten some really weird performance issues that seem specific to this game and I've seen instances of this on COD MW/CW too. On my GTX 1080, I could reach 60-70fps with Medium textures and shadows with minimum Object LOD, Overall Visiblity and Shadow Distance. Supersampling at 1x and everything else turned off. My GPU clocks were normal, GPU usage around 80% and everything was stable. I wanted more frames with my 6800 but for some reason after installation, my clocks are really low. So on those same settings, I get 60-70fps but my clocks were jumping around wildly between 100Mhz-950Mhz and about 30% utilisation. I've read on the forums and on reddit threads that sometimes the GPU on some games goes into a weird power saving mode and you have to push it harder to get the clocks to go up. The problem is that when I set everything to max and Supersampling to 1x, nothing changes on my clocks and my fps drops to 40fps. Utilisation stays the same, around 30%. When I set Supersampling to 2x and everything else to off/minimum, then the card performs correctly at 1800Mhz-2050Mhz but now I'm rendering a 2880p image and my fps is still only 65-75. My GPU usage goes up to 80%-90%. When I jump into an offline whilst testing I've also gotten the same behaviour as some other people have reported when the framerate starts really high at like 110fps and then drops to 80fps, then 65fps and then stays there. I've tried multiple combinations of Vsync off and on in game and in the Radeon settings, Freesync off and on. Borderless and Fullscreen perform the same. I've tried uninstalling MSI Afterburner and shutting down the other Radeon applications in task manager but those have no effect. I've tried uninstalling the Radeon driver and installing the previous 20.x version with DDU and that didn't work. Even so, this is a problem I'm getting that's specific to Tarkov, the game I play the most. When I lower Cyberpunk settings my fps shoots up into the 100s. My GPU usage goes to 99% when I set everything to low in that game with high clock speeds around the 2100Mhz range. I've also tried setting a minimum clock speed both in % terms and in Mhz in the Radeon Tuning settings. I've tried increasing the power budget and the fan speed limits and that does push the fps to 75-80fps but the frametiming is even worse than before and the GPU usage reads at 50%. No matter what I try, the game refuses to give me a stable higher framerate, either the card doesn't respond correctly and gives me a low clock speed, or I have to push over the top settings which gives me the same framerate anyway. What am I missing? How are people getting stable high framerates on these new Nvidia/AMD cards? How does something like this even happen? I know this game is in beta, but it seems like this is an issue that even happens in games like COD so there must be something that isn't been done in the driver/game/windows/hardware that's causing these issues. Also unfortunately, Radeon's built in Overlay doesn't show up in screenshots and MSI Afterburner is uninstalled. TL;DR Low GPU usage on a new RX 6800 which I can't seem to force into a normal base or boost clock and reliably get over 70fps. Has anyone managed to alleviate these issues? Or able to offer any insight? Overall Specs: 2700x, RX 6800, 32GB RAM, installed on an M.2, LG 27" 1440p 144Hz monitor. Here is a link to my full build: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/cloudpc/saved/VhbMnQ
  24. As the title says tarkov is crashing every time i try joining a raid. It has been a smooth experience for the last 5 months or so. No crashing, lag, bugs or anything. Then at the start of this week it has been borderline killing my pc every time i reach the loading loot screen...and i mean HARD crashing (killing chrome, discord, wallpaper engine...basicly everything. Even bluescreened my pc 2 times). Does anyone have any idea how to fix this. I updated all my drivers(after it started crashing in the hopes that it would help), checked for viruses and nothing. Its getting realy frustrating at this point cuz i didn't mess eith anything that could of caused this to happen and as stated before it was running perfectly for the last 5 months or so and my pc is running smoothly with no temperature spikes or ram usage spikes. So far I have tried every single solution to fix this and nothing has helped. I realy hope anyone has some advice cuz this bug literaly came out of nowhere and is completly ruining the game for me because so far I've lost around 3 mil to this bug. Thanks for the help in advance.
  25. BETHUEL1994

    LEAD (PMC) SITREP #001

    WHAT IS LEAD? We are an elite subdivision supervised by the Battle Encounter Assault Regiment. We are only to be activated in the most delicate of situations, under no circumstances may soldiers of the Last Experienced Assault Division work alongside any other factions within the Norvinsk's region. WHAT IS OUR MISSON? Infiltrate and exterminate all scavenger activity throughout all of Tarkov. Locate USEC informants, they are to be taken into custody for questioning, and if necessary tourtured. Acquire crucial information about the notorious Terra Group international corporation and expose their illegal activities in every way possible. Extract the remaining of our troops from within Tarkov’s borders, and to our brothers in need reading this, tune your radio to this frequency 86.2
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