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Found 321 results

  1. DoG_McNasty

    Email auth not recieved

    So its been since the update and ive replied to various forum posts and nothing emailed support nothing I cant log in to make a ticket ive tried direct messaging devs nothing. I cant log into my account because I cant get an email to auth. 140.00 us dollars wasted so far and this is the simple issue holding me back. ive posted on your twitter and every other site asking for help no one has reached out to me. so hopefully someone will see this after a week of not being able to play and will somehow magically fix my no email auth being sent. as of now not recommending this game to be played due to the lack of support.
  2. So there was a little update and now i've got this... THE HELL IS THIS?
  3. aliozky

    Can someone help me ?

    When I start the game, game has been starting like 1 or 2 minutes ago. I try to play with my friends but they start earlier than me and sometimes I spawn different place ?? how can I fix this. This happened after last update. before it I didn't have any problem like this
  4. dyq0599699

    Help!standrad upgrade problem

    i bought standard version game b4 and then i upgrade it to EDGE OF DARKNESS LIMITED EDITION lately.But my inventory didnt added up,wonder can u guys help
  5. I bought the Valday 1x/6x optics and it will not let me toggle between the two magnification. Need some help onto why this is happening.
  6. today i turned on the laucher and found out i need to purchase agins.my account purchases by someone else,and he told me that all the things he buy using his own credit card.its no way thats black card purchase,i dont know what excatly that word is maybe recovered credit card?anyway,can u guys help?i Bought cdkey, this is it: [REMOVED]
  7. Rdelaura

    Preset Broken?

    I created a preset and went to buy the things I need and it just spins on all the PURCHASES without end. I can go back to my character but if I try to move something it ghosts out and never moves. Everything pretty much stops and I have to exit the game. It also doesnt save the preset I tried to save prior to buying. This has been going on for a couple hours. Anyone else exp this and/or know how to fix it?
  8. I started to play game after few days. launched launcher and it gave an error claiming it need hardware verification(when i launched it yesterday but didnt play the game, only upgraded by Router) after i tried entering the password i best remembered, after 2nd try I clicked on unable to sign in. clicked it, entered my email clicked for password reset, got email, entered new password, after clicking done, page opened as forbidden! i tried login on forums but it didnt let me. but i went into my browser history and clicked link of forum to come here and checking if this let me post it. right now i am unable to login due to wait period of 30 minutes more. why is this happening? am i being accused of cheating? i havent even played the game to cheat if that is the reason. any help by anyone here???
  9. I was wondering how to split bullets so i don't have to take so many.
  10. Hello all, I'd just like to express some ideas about how the communication divide can be bridged, and to get fresh perspectives on the game in a positive manner. The big EFT streamers like Pest, Klean, and Veritas offer a lot to the game and put out a lot of great ideas, but they're limited by their perspective, just like everyone else. Sometimes their ideas don't work, or are flawed. Sometimes they don't interpret things the same way others do, by no fault of their own. Perspective is everything. On the other hand, the current form of community engagement via Reddit and these forums is very flawed. It's hard to communicate, full of anger and frustration, and takes a lot of time to sort through for the moderation teams. Perspectives differ a lot, and I think a lot of the game's feedback comes from a limited group of people that BSG are able to access and digest information from. I think something BSG as a whole could do better with is listening to the voices of the smaller streamers. A lot of this game's community revolves around these streamers, and their viewpoints have a lot to offer. These people are often a wealth of knowledge, kindness, and camraderie. Their voices are generally more representative of your "average joe" type player, and can be a good tool to gauge the feel of the different parts of the community as a whole. So, consider this: If you make a change in the game or need advice, go say hi in the chats of the medium to small sized streamers. Ask everyone in the chat how they're feeling about the game, and how they think changes have gone over. Write down the critical points, ideas, and constructive feedback you like from the streamers and chat, then pass them up the chain. Get the feel of how different players percieve and understand the world of the game. I feel this would be a much lower stress, more effective, and personal way to both get feedback and help people feel heard and valid. A live human asking in real time how people are doing can go a long way to quell the toxicity and humanize the reactions. I can imagine sifting through 10k abusive and angry posts searching for the concise feedback can be hard on the people who do it. Maybe this would be a step in the right direction for all parties involved.
  11. The game was fine last night, but when I tried to play today it keeps freezing and crashing when I attempt to load a raid (scav or PMC) on any map. I can hear the game sound and can tell when its loading loot or when I have loaded into a game however the game stays frozen and I cant do anything. Eventually it crashes altogether and asks me to send the error report thing (reached the limit now). I un/reinstalled, verified integrity, opened as administrator, restarted my PC (multiple times) and have also rest it an earlier date to no avail. System contains: i7-6700 GTX 1070 8GB 32GB DDR4 2400Mhz Win 10 - 64 bit Drivers up to date, no recent system changes and NO VPN.
  12. I cannot install the game! I just bought Escape from Tarkov Standard Edition and now when I'm trying to install the game to my computer it doesn't work. It says that the downloaded file checksum doesn't match. I've tried to install the game twice now and have got the same result both times. Im not sure what I'm suppose to do. I have got over 70 GB space on my SSD left so that should not be the problem. Please help.
  13. On my search to fix this problem, it turns out many people are having the same issue. I'm trying to buy another copy of the game(Via PayPal) Luckily the first time buying (May 2020) EFT everything went smoothly. However this time I getting the error message; "3032: Sorry, the payment cannot be completed now. Please try again later or contact Xsolla customer support" in a orange box. I have been in contact with Xsolla, and our first conversation resulting in them saying, can I send them a screenshot of my bank statement when I first bought EFT. I provided this to them via the email and I have heard nothing. The next day I try again to be met with them asking for the same thing, but this time they say that I am blocked from making payments because of attempted purchase in 2018 for a Roblox Product? Bloody Roblox!? Even if that was the case, how was I able to buy EFT the first time with no issue? Things I have tried! -Signing in to gift account and trying to buy it for them. -Card, had to wait 10 days for Refund as payment requested was recognised but was left pending due to being blocked by Xsolla.(whole reason why I made PayPal)
  14. ShadowOS

    No love for Solo players

    I enjoy everything about this game but I am tired of having to kill a group of 3 or more in order to survive a raid. All my friends don't have time or patience to play this game so I am stuck to playing solo. So please and a solo / squad mode. This would literally make the game 100% more enjoyable for a lot of us. I would rather wait 10 min in queue than have to match another group. I just want to play and have fun, tired of having a disadvantage.
  15. Agent_Ice

    Technical Advice

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone else has this issue or has any advice for me. I have been playing this game since the end of January. Until today, I had a couple of instances where I would be in the game and my computer would suddenly restart on me. I play several other games and have not had that issue. Today, It happened to me once in a raid and twice in my stash. Now, pretty much as soon as the game launches, (not even getting to the main menu) my computer restarts on me. I know a lot has been going on with the game, especially with this trader event going on (which I think was a great idea). I am not sure if it is a patch or something that could be making my machine unstable when playing this particular game or what. If anyone else has experienced this let me know. If anyone has any advice for me, feel free to share it. I have tried unplugging and removing any extra hard drives and devices from my machine, cleaned all the dust out, turned up the fan speeds, checked connectors and made sure all the cards were in the slots tight. Tried different outlet for the computer. Updated Windows and installed updated video card drivers, and tried running it without other applications up. Not sure what to think of this. Guess I will wait for another patch or something. My event logs don't show anything useful either.
  16. I help run a large Discord community and sent out a warning message today for players to not help hide friends' gear or give each other items or guns etc. After sending the alert, for the first time in months, I sat back in my car in the parking lot and realized I did not want to play Tarkov tonight. I have things I want to accomplish in Tarkov. Get more tasks done. Finish unlocking the bitcoin farm. Teach my two new buddies who just got the game two weeks ago how to run Interchange. But I don't want to log in for fear of getting the message that my account has been banned and being unable to do anything about it. I have played devil's advocate with thousands of players when the Found-In-Raid changes dropped, when the Flea Market Fees changed, when the servers were literally on fire months ago - and now after all this time I could share a lobby with someone who is gaming the system and get caught up in an accidental ban with no method of recourse. This is not fixing the game BSG. If you're going to go this hardcore with the banning, then there needs to be a crystal clear method of appeal and recourse in place first. Adore the game despite all the quirks but I just can't deal with this kind of anxiety. I'll watch for the news when things settle down.
  17. StraitOutaGulag

    Consistency Error

    Hello, Im having the same issue. Now I cant even download the game from the website. I opened the launcher and it said some consistency issue. So i deleted the game, and now I cant even download it for some reason. I have had the game for a few months, and I just got the EOD. Please help!
  18. DecimatorZA

    Server connection Lost

    Hey all, Not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but since yesterday (2020-06-24) I've been getting disconnected in literally every single raid I attempt with the message "Server Connection Lost". I have 2ms to the server I connect to and watch stream while playing and chat to people the whole time. My comms dont drop and neither do the streams but yet I disconnect every 5 mins ingame. I checked the game logs and found this: 2020-06-25 18:48:14.078 +02:00||Error|Default|Interaction is not confirmed. Door: autoId_00144. 1.009766 time has wasted. RTT: 0| 2020-06-25 18:48:14.642 +02:00||Error|Default|NetworkGame.StopCoroutine error:Server connection lost| 2020-06-25 18:48:14.683 +02:00||Error|Default|Game stopped error:Server connection lost| Not sure if that means anything to anyone but yeah. Thats the case over and over and over again. Already cleared the cache and flushed DNS and restarted all my net equipment and no change. Side note: When I enable fps 1 in game, my ping stays at 3 - 20ms. Even right when the connection to server is lost. Would love any help. Thanks
  19. Jinge

    Backpack stack

    I've got the standard edition of eft. i have a stack of backpacks that take up a large amount of inventory space that i equip when i go on scav runs, buy armor, or customize weapons. Now their is a limit on the back packs you can have stacked on your person. I liked this because i have accidentally went into a raid with most of my items lmao. However, now I have even less space to work with. The screenshots are my entire inventory. Is there anyway to work around this so i can have the stack on in my characters inventory but not in raid?
  20. I believe theres a mega thread but i can't seem to find it anywhere. If not, I'm positive the guy in question is cheating, instantly cracked my friend's (RockyFox) faceshield in every spot in one shot and i took a unreal amount of hits instantly to the thorax. Literally looked up at the ceiling from all the recoil from it.
  21. I bought and downloaded the game over the weekend (6/19) and was able to play perfectly fine while running discord for the first 2 days, but now no matter what I do I cannot play the game. Even if I close out discord and have nothing else on my pc running but EFT it won't let me load into a game. I can play perfectly fine, go look at my character and look at all the sellers and upgrade my hideout, but I cannot get into a game. Every other game I play works perfectly with discord running and streams in the background, but no matter the amount of times I delete and re install everything it doesn't work. Any tips or should I just say duck it and delete because I do not want to continue to get angry sitting on a screen for 10 minutes over and over again not being able to even load in.
  22. basically I got the game as a code for eu servers when I am na, recently wanted to get back into Tarkov after uninstalling it and this is what I get, I set the servers to Washington which is the closest btw and no, I did not limit the download speed, I disabled my ipv6 and that didnt work so I turned it back on. Screenshots are down below. Thanks all help is appreciated. https://gyazo.com/6cde25565a0f2381874683722086d18f https://gyazo.com/efcae79fdab7d0a6ff4b17d0482e5a9b
  23. MacAttack123457

    Infinite Loading Screen Launcher

    I cant access BSG launcher, its just an infinite loading screen. I uninstalled and now the sign in screen is infinitely loading into the launcher, help?
  24. Upon the purchase of EFT the launcher downloads just fine, but after that I cannot install the actual game. After pressing install and directing the location to the same folder "Battlestate Games" which contains the folders "Bglauncher" and "EFT" the latter (EFT) being an empty folder. I have tried to direct the installation into the folder "EFT" and also into the regular "Battlestate Games" folder to no avail. I have disabled all anti virus and protection programs including my firewall while also whitelisting the launcher and folders. I have attempted to download the ".zip" directly from Chrome, but it gives the prompt "Failed - File Incomplete" after about an hour of download time. I have browsed all forums regarding this issue and have found no help. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the launcher and all relative files (even hidden files) from every account on the computer. I have run the launcher as an admin and I have granted full access to all accounts on the computer. It seems like there is nothing left to try. I will not purchase a VPN, which was suggested by another forum. (Images related) I left the game alone for about 5 hours last night to do whatever and that didn't work either. Also, do I need to get 7zip in order to download the direct ".zip" file? >http://cdn-11.eft-store.com/ClientDistribs/ !!IF THERE IS ANY OTHER MEDIA YOU NEED TO SEE, PLEASE MENTION!! As of 8:34 a.m (CST) I have sent in a support request, but I am quite new to everything going on here and I don't know how long it will take. It says "several days" in the support info screen, but I want to try the Forum as well. Please help with this issue, and I really think I have tried everything.
  25. packvsspooky

    Game issues.

    So I recently tried getting back into Tarkov but every time I launch the game I'm constantly getting stuck on a loading screen. I sometimes manage to actually get past the loading screen but as soon as I load into the raid, I automatically get disconnected from the server. I've tried everything I could possibly think of, I've deleted and reinstalled the game, I've deleted temporary files and I've tried running it as an administrator- but to no avail. Any ideas?
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