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Found 7 results

  1. Bunman3


    I am Trying To Start my EFT And it is giving me a message saying (Unable to load the file "BsgLauncher.") And then under that it says (The remote name could not be resolved: 'cdn-11.eft-store.com' ) I have two options at that point, I can click Retry or Abort. Retry does nothing and Abort takes me to the main screen where I can click play, Before I click play another red message pops up that says ( Error retrieving update list ) And again under that ( Deserialization error! Request: /launcher/getpatchlist ) And the only button I can click there is close which shuts down the entire program. I have been trying to figure this out for at least 2 hours now and there seems to be no solution, Anyone know the cause? PICTURES ATTACHED
  2. Dayumn_Shawty

    New player that LOST ALL GUNS

    dear all combatants within the region of Tarkov. I just enlisted yesterday and I have lost all of my starter weapons due to the high number of casualties that I have took in the previous rounds. Now I don't have any weapons, I wanted to know if this is something that every player goes through or do I just suck that much in this game? in addition, I would like to know how to bounce back from a situation like this so please, any advice is appreciated thank you a brand new player that just got Tarkov
  3. OnKill

    Perforcmance issues

    Since yesterday when the wipe hit i have been unable to play the game properly. The game lags like crazy in every raid and the first 30 seconds are the worst. Is there any known fix to this?
  4. Shady473

    BSG Launcher not opening

    Hey guys, every time I launch bsg launcher it will take my login info then give me the globe then return me to log in with no error message and no launch of the launcher. I will include video if I can. This all started after a resolution glitch and I deleted my local ini from the folder to reset my resolution back. Since then I have uninstalled and reinstalled the launcher and uninstalled the game files cleanly multiple times to no solution. Please help it was running fine before all of this and system restore hasnt fixed it either. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AlnQzd5p9SAhhCZIOsBirDUKC49F
  5. xgimmiexgamesx

    Need Teammates anyone?

    Hi im relativity new to Tarkov. ive got most of the stuff down im sure theres more to learn regardless. i really need a teammate running solo can only get you so far if your interested my discord is Xgimmiexgamesx#7957
  6. CarrotSeedThief

    FPS Help

    I know my setup is trash but could I get playable frames, thanks for any helpful input besides getting something better to play on
  7. faklaren

    discarded gamma container

    Guys , my right wrist is so close to my keyboard so........... Today i just set up my raid items to my character and with my right wrist i just pressed( im not sure about this) on my numpad the del and the enter button and my mouse was on my container couse i said i just started to setup my raid items. And you know(try it with a 0 worth item) if you press del and enter for the same time, your item get discarded with no message couse you are pressing enter the same time, and i discarded my gamma container.... i just upgraded yesterday my account to EOD for the gamma container and now i have no secure container, what do you think guys? can i get back my gamma container? Support gives it back, or what? i dont want to reset my profile couse i have a very upgraded hideout , and i have so many completed task, the traders you know... sorry for my bad english... have a good day guys thanks for reply.
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