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  1. QoQonut

    Posters as lootable items

    I have suggestion to add posters as lootable items, which can be then hanged on the wall in hideout. Currently there are some girl posters in dorms or on interchange, so it will be nice to have a possibility to take them off and hang them in the hideout. Gif source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/fvx2rf/mmmmm_gurl/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x
  2. When in the character Stash screen there are a series of tabs that allow you to filter what you're looking for... However, the filters only allow you to see what is in the main Stash-- not what is in a box or bag. If an item is needed but is buried within a certain bag, perhaps there can me a highlighted line around the bag that contains the item you're looking for. This way, you still have to open the bag and find it, but you can at least narrow it down. Also, perhaps a filter allowing you to see what items will be needed for a "hideout upgrade" just like you can see what was found in raid. This way, you know what's at risk if you decide to sell or discard an item.
  3. Mhernon93

    Helpful changes

    I want to spend less time in my stash/ hideout and more time in raid, so I recommend the following changes: Make it so that you can purchase all the items needed for a craft from 1 screen. Make it so that craftables are always displayed in the same order and allow us to pin crafts to the top of a module. increase the sale price of guns and gear to traders Unrelated but a respawn feature for Co-op practice raids would be very helpful for players trying to warm up or practice against teammates Thank you BSG for a great game keep up all the hard work its starting to really come together
  4. First of all I know that we already have shooting range in hideout. it is great to test weapon recoil on short range, but at the same time it is useless for zeroing and sniper practice. There are a lot of factors that we have to consider when shooting long range in tarkov - type of weapon, type of attachements, velocity of bullet, type of ammo used, type of default round for the weapon, type of scope, distance from target etc. To effectively zero and have overal "feel" of rifle you have to go each time offline mode and try to snipe scavs at long range. It is very inefficient, long, immersion breaking and boring process. My proposition is to implement shooting range similar to the one in hideout but, much longer. Maybe like shooting range in woods with bottles, steel barrels, signs ets as targets? Addition of stationary spotting device to note where the shoots hit would be nice too. Overall I thing that long distance open shooting range would be a great addition that would help both people who are testing weapons each update, newer players who want to have "feel" of the weapon before goint to raid, and more advanced players who want to easier zero their rifles. Ultimately it would flatten the learning curve a bit for sniper gameplay style.
  5. Arctiku

    Improving The Hideout Flow

    The hideout is our place of refuge. We are the people Of Tarkov, the strained, strained people of Tarkov. We rummage across the great open lands, gathering loot and dogtags. Only to return to our grimly lit, deteriorating copper pipe smelling, one small ass tv having, hole in the ground. Being forced to survive underground, only to venturing out to gather resources and blood. One of little possession, as such as I, tends to spend a large sum of time in this dwelling. Scrounging together everything I have, think of how to best utilize all that's been obtained. I sometimes get lucky and discover ways I can assemble different resources to create something new, something useful. When I scheme up something new, I write it down, keeping the instructions were they will be most useful in the future. I have a book of instructions on weaponry and munitions at my workbench, a medical journal, I found, at my improvised medical station, I even have a list of poo to make in the toilet. Even though I have all of this knowledge on have to make things, it doesn't mean I have the resources to craft these said schemes. So of course I make way for the flea market, the place where everything can be had, for a price of course. All was peaceful, crafting to my hearts content, forging munitions, making raw materials for barter, until one day when something threw out the balance in my tiny subterranean abode. After discovering new recipes at my workbench, I decided I would gather the necessary materials to create a few rounds of M61. Realizing I didn't have the required amount of Hawk gunpowder, I depart to the flea market, making sure to leave the recipe book open on forging instructions for M61, being that I was quite excited to make and possess such a powerful round upon my impending return. I soon arrive back at rat bunker, having gathered all the necessary materials. I return to my bench, ready to assemble the required odds and ends, and yet, I look down to see that I am not ready. I was never ready. My pages had been turned. "Hmmm," I think, "maybe the underground bunker wind turned the page." But no, I soon realized, this was not the case. The same thing happened when I was working on some meds. I had left to get some things for making morphine, and returned to my journal having a bent corner on the page for making AI-2 medkits, I never craft cheese. It even happened in the porta potty! had a great idea but couldn't write it down, and you know why!? Because my list had somehow end up in my ass! I can't ignore it any longer. Someone or something is trying to hinder the speed at which I create. It's gotten worse ever since I've realized its presence. Every time I turn my back, another recipe, gone! Even when it's just for a second, taking a peak at what I've got in my stash, turn back around and boom, my workbench book is back on the first page! I can't take it anymore. I've abandoned crafting, I've abandoned my will to live. I have been reduced to raiding and staring only at my stash. No longer do I yearn to craft useful items or improve my quality of life. No, I have been reduced to a lowly rat. A peasant rat. Not even using what I collect. Just hoarding it, stacking it, and staring at it. That's all I am now. The hideout is no longer my sanctuary, it is my hell. End Transmission:
  6. Easy-l-Target

    Beeping Generator

    Does the beeping generator (lvl 3 when switched off) drive anyone else crazy?
  7. ChaosAU

    Pinned crafts for hideout

    I would like for bsg to add a function in the crafting menu of your hideout to be able to pin certains crafts kinda like how the flea market does it with favorite items, so when you come out of raid you can quickly start a new craft and get into your next raid and save yourself time from scroling up and down trying to find the craft you want, you could also add a search bar to find your crafts easier. The pinned section could work two ways, either you can have all pinned crafts just sit up the top of the crafting menu above all others or you can have a seperate tab for your pinned crafts. In my opinion this is just a Quality of life update that speeds up how fast you can find your crafts and get them started.
  8. I love the idea of this game, but its become a damn lifestyle for some people and I didn't hand over my money to get walked on by them.... so here are some things i think would help: being able to make some progress offline - why not allow players to keep and collect loot offline? anything collected would have to be used in offline mode, but being able to collect the loot would keep players that just enjoy PvE happy. and on that note, an offline hideout as well. so all items earned offline are kept in your offline stash. as for levels, you could have separate characters for offline and online modes, respectively. i honestly think this would be a huge improvement
  9. Savage-1

    Grizzly to Syringe craft

    I see a lot of barters with the same few items involved and the same for crafting where the supply can only be found in raid and are scarse at that, despite not being a high end item. HDDs and syringes comes to mind. I'd like to see a system in place where there is always some route to take to obtain an mundane item however costly, via barter or crafting, not easy mode mind you just very costly for the ones willing to go that route. How about if you could get 3 Syringes out of a Grizzly, or at least 2 to not make it too good a craft?
  10. ANCsemi

    3D Printer in Hideout

    I believe the addition of a 3D Printer as an upgrade in the PMC hideout would be a cool, modern, and very fun / useful idea to the game. The printer would ideally be a high-tier / end-game upgrade that allows players to produce synthetic pieces of equipment by consuming spools of printer filament. The spools would obviously be an additional loot item that players could find in-raid, and could come in different colors or materials to affect the resulting print quality. Printed items could include pistol grips, fore-grips, handguards, and even some weapon receivers or stocks. The print files may be located in-raid as well, or "consuming" a secure flash drive may yield a new blueprint. In order for the printer to function, the hideout generator would need to be running, and the prints would take a Semi-realistic amount of time to complete. A vertical foregrip, for example, may take one real-life hour to produce, and consume 10/100 of a filament spool depending on type. The synthetic items that players produce would be inhibited however by lower durability in the case of receivers, or generally lower ergonomics or recoil buffs than typical, in the case of grips, stocks, etc.
  11. Mobile app to manage hideout, stash and flea
  12. Momojaban

    Timer for Generator

    Hey guys, most people that are not endgame shut down their generator regularly, because especially if you work, running your generator for 10+ hours can bite your economy. But the problem is that sometimes you´d love to finish those 30-90 mins crafts since it takes more than 10 times longer without the generator.So when i saw that my single fuel remained for 4 hours i had the idea. There might be a few people trying to abuse this function, milking every second of fuel, so you can require some kind of currency, a bit fuel, or a certain level to unlock. But it wouldn´t make a big difference. Yet again this is much more important for people who cant play longer than an average craft lasts Tell me what you think.
  13. Hearing my pmc in pain while viewing the hideout is redundant and annoying. simple as that
  14. JustJelly

    QOL changes for hideout!

    Recently I have been trying to use my hideout more often, in doing so I have noticed a few changes that could assist players. 1st - The option to cancel crafts , I'm not sure if their is any reason as to why this is not in the game or has been stated as to why its not. The option to cancel would insure that you don't craft the wrong thing or if you accidently click it gives you option. Maybe you have like a small 60 second window to cancel the craft and get your items back? Even keeping the FIR status if they had it? 2nd - A pop up message saying "are you sure you want to use your full item" recently I found out that you can use items down to their last charge and still use the for crafting, Im not sure if this is intended or is listed as a bug. But a option to have a pop up message just like when you leave the generator running the game ask's if your sure. I don't know why the game preferences a full fuel for craft over a empty one but I have lost about 4 fuels to me being impatient and not checking. 3rd- Que up multiple crafts (maybe for elite or by default) if you have the item's and providing you dont run out of fuel of if you do it does the same thing like when you run out of water filter and need to put a new one in. But the option to que up multiple crafts maybe 2 or 3 (of the same craft) would be quiet handy. Again im not sure if these have been answered somewhere else or posted elsewhere just throwing the option out their <3
  15. Hello, Crafting tables often mix up craft recipes in different order, see green hawk powder in attached pictures. It's quite annoying when you have to go through the whole table each time because the recipe is not in the spot it was before. I was sent here from technical issues where they told me it's not a bug but a feature and I should contact you here. Thanks!
  16. Haezz

    Hideout Queueing

    Hey, first time poster here. Just had a thought of a small quality of life thing that I thought might be nice to have in the hideout. Basically if you are already mid craft on an item in the hideout but you have the mats for another item that you'd like to craft you could simply right click and queue for the next craft. Obviously to not make it too AFK it would probably have to just be allowed 1 item queued per station, but this would be nice for if you are mid raid and you finish a craft you aren't wasting fuel in your generator while you finish it. I'd imagine the mats wouldn't be consumed until the craft actually begins and if you were to sell or somehow delete/lose the item it would just cancel the queue. Thought this would be a small way to preserve fuel and add a quality of life bonus to the hideout without making it too AFK-able.
  17. Russianbiskets

    300 blackout hideout craft

    Been awhile since I've posted but something has been bugging me. Now that 300 black ap is peacekeeper level 4, there is only one other ammo option for your mid level gun, bpz. While bpz is good for flesh. It sucks against armor. Coincidently top tier rounds like m61, 995, and igolnik are all hideout crafts and are better than blackout ap. My suggestion is to add a 300 blackout ap craft to the hideout workbench level 2. This puts it in line with its mid tier 5.56 counterpart. For the craft itself you could make it use a cheap 7.62x51 and 5.56 round as 300 blackout is a .308 bullet I'm what is a necked up and shortened 5.56 case. Alternatively you could do a 5.56 round and a blue gunpowder.
  18. CaptainWubWub

    Arm and Breath stamina in Hideout

    Not sure if it's been discussed before, but what about removing the arm/breath stamina while in the hideout for shooting range? I want to test guns/scopes and test ranging accuracy but waiting for stamina to regen is a bit of a pain to make sure i'm getting accurate shots without an added sway because my dude can't hold a gun at ADS for more than 20 seconds (also nice job on the realism factor there....)
  19. I am trying to go into my hideout to test out a weapon, but the cursor will not go off of my screen. It is annoying seeing it while I'm trying to see if I like my gun. I've tried taking screenshots of it, and it will not show up in the screenshot. It is persistent and will not go away.
  20. Kalak_12

    Fuel prices

    As u probably know, right now it takes less then minute for Jaeger to run out of stock. Well, i definetly understand why u are trying to create fuel shortage. Bitcoin prices and stuff. Players overflooded with free money, which is really bad Well, now fuel worth 600k. Which makes all other hideout buildings useful only to craft quest items because flea market ammo and all these things is much cheaper then using this liquid gold. What if i got stupid easy solution? Make bitcoin craft longer. Like 3 times longer and problem solved. Actually, this makes much more sense logically. Fix one problem not killing entire mechanic that taken lots of resources to develop. There is also another way: make bitcoin farm consume LOTS of fuel. Like 5 liters will provide u energy for 2-3 hours of mining. This way also makes much more sense
  21. bigweedsmoker

    Weapon Rack in Hideout

    I had seen this suggested once when searching, but it got no traction and was more geared towards items and not specifically weapons. I'd like to suggest a Weapon Rack be buildable within the hideout, perhaps near the stash physically, wherein a user could lock in a particular weapon build they are proud of (or is very memey) to add a little visual flare to the inside of the hideout. Different levels of the weapon rack could allow you to display larger/more weaponry. As a wishlist item, the ability to grab them off the Weapon Rack while in the hideout without managing your inventory screen, to then test at the shooting range would be very cool. Functionally, this would also serve as a tiny bit more stash space for folks who want to use it that way, which I don't feel provides too big an advantage, and would make spending the building materials more worth it. Thank you for taking the time to consider my suggestion! Great work dev/design team 🌍
  22. Vershet

    Hideout crafting sorting

    I had a suggestion for the developers. It has frustrated me many times that the items craftable in the hideout is sorted in what seems like a random order. Even when its an item just finished crafting, let alone the sluggishness of looking through the available options. I came up with (What seems to me) an easy solution: - Put the item that is crafting/finished crafting on top of the list. (FIFO queue) - Put the items that you have the required materials for as a 2nd priority, and keep the rest in a logical order. So for example if AP 6.3 bullets are put on the bottom of the list (Starts with an A but just as an example) every time I need to check the materials I need for it I know I just have to scroll all the way down. I hope this will be looked at and taken into consideration :). Cheers
  23. Diode

    Unable to use shooting range

    I just installed the Shooting Range to my hideout. Whenever I enter my hideout into 1st person, I am completely unable to use it. Also, once I installed the shooting range, I have been unable to use everything else in my hideout in 1st person view. Any fixes? Anyone else with a similar issue? I have restarted the game, verified files, reinstalled it, have generator on and off. None of these have worked
  24. In the game today, I came up with an idea about my bullet and my body armor. I was thinking like, though I can see the level of my armor, and the power of bullet by the description, I still can't clearly know how good it is in the actual game. In many raids, I was died because I believed my level 5 armor is good enough to protect me from 7.62 BP or AP20 buckshot.But actually it is not that effective. And I don't know how the armor protect the damage from the bullet as once I shoot one guy for the whole mag but after the raid I found about 90% of the damage was absorbed by the armor. Is it possible for us to have an upgrade to the shooting range in order to test the bullet and the armor? Like a better dummy with the whole body that could put the armor and helmet on and make some shooting test.
  25. schrottii

    Hideout Crash

    Hallo zusammen. Ich Habe folgendes Problem: Wenn ich den Hideout betreten will kommt das Ladesymbol, dreht sich ein paar mal und dann drehen meine Grafikkarten-Lüfter auf 100% und der Monitor wird schwarz (als wäre er aus). Wenn Musik nebenbei läuft, läuft sie weiter und ich kann auch weiterhin in Discord/TS quatschen. Es ist so als würde die Grafikkarte sich abschalten. Das einzige was da hilft ist den PC mithilfe des Powerbutton abzuschalten. Das Problem trat Urplötzlich auf, ohne das ich was verändert habe. (keine Treiber oder EFT oder sonst was aktualisiert) Davor lief alles ohne Probleme. Ich habe schon versucht einen älteren Grafikkartentreiber zu installieren, Windows 10 neu zu machen und Diverse Grafikeinstellungen ingame verändert. Alles ohne Erfolg. Vielleicht kann mir ja hier jemand Helfen, der BSG-Support wurde schon benachrichtigt, bisher aber keine Antwort bekommen. Win 10 Enterprise LTSC GeForce RTX 2060 Super Ryzen 7 2700X ASRock AB350Pro4 Crosair 32GB DDR4-3000 Ram Samsung SSD 860 QVO 1TB
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