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Found 49 results

  1. QoQonut

    Posters as lootable items

    I have suggestion to add posters as lootable items, which can be then hanged on the wall in hideout. Currently there are some girl posters in dorms or on interchange, so it will be nice to have a possibility to take them off and hang them in the hideout. Gif source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/fvx2rf/mmmmm_gurl/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x
  2. I would like to propose to the developers a way around the strength requirement for upgrading vents to level 3. Given the current problem around leveling strength and taking so long to reach level 3, many players are very high level and still cannot upgrade their hideout because of the recent reset and the new leveling mechanic. I propose to be able to bypass the strength requirement in that particular upgrade by paying a big amount of money (let's say 6 to 10 million rubles, or equivalent in euros or dollars, even higher to not make it too easy) so that players can continue to upgrade their hideout and keep the current leveling mechanic. This would solve the issue with the hideout for the moment and keep the leveling mechanic until BSG can either continue to develop it or change it how they want. The devs could make it so we would pay the Mechanic or someone else to upgrade it for us or something like that.
  3. le__zet

    Stash Upgrade from Hideout

    Hello, I looked through forum but I didn't find anything related. I have a question. If you upgrade your stash from Hideout it will be available after the wipe or not? I need to know cause I am struggling to get the money for upgrade and if it stays the same after the wipe I can sell some things to get the money. Thanks
  4. So I've stumbled upon a bug when I can't shoot/fire from any weapon and only fix I've found so far is Alt+f4 and reconnect to the game.. I haven't experienced that before but since last update it's happening almost every 3rd game I play sadly very often in critical situation... and when you die as a PMC and you go back to main screen-hideout you can hear annoying sound of your character like bleeding or moaning,whatever... so I'm not sure if bug or intended to be like that but to be honest it is quite annoying... cheers
  5. El_Noni2050

    Girl in Lavatory level 3

    Does anyone know who the poster girl in the lavatory level 3 is?
  6. the shooting range is very bland at the moment and i find it more beneficial to go offline mode and battle scavs. I think it would be cool to upgrade its size, and include moving targets, and even if you upgraded it enough, allow weaponless scavs to spawn behind covers and peak/ move between covers to simulate how the game is really played. it would be a vast improvement on what i saw as an awesome idea of a shooting range end up being hardly ever used by myself.
  7. MikeyJoe7194

    Wall Mount "Hideout"

    One neat little feature that I've been thinking for a while could be maybe wall mounts for your guns. For instance, you could have a memory associated with a certain gun because you got it by sheer luck, or maybe you got it by wiping a whole squad. Anyways, I don't think that you should get it right away because of the free gun slot, so maybe you would be able to get the wall mount at level 3 rest space or level 3 workbench. I don't know, but I've been thinking about this for a while and I just felt like getting this idea out there.
  8. SilverAti

    Újdonságok 0.12-vel

    Egy pár képet tennék közre ízelítőként a következő (0.12) Óriási javítás megjelenéséhez ! Ti mi az a kiegészítő amit szívesen látnátok a játékban ?
  9. As I mentioned in topics, it will be fun to have a friendly scavenger system, they have different abilities and they will work for you in hideout. Because the hideout making things by itself is quite a bit wired. Also, we do not want trade them, however, a scavenger should be able to work for more than one person, we could have them initially come with 3-5 business cards. So that they can be “introduced” to other people once you sell their card. You will need to worry about their food and water and salary. But regardless, you should be able to earn more money then you pay, should.....
  10. Hello. I recently started responding to forum posts. I decided it was time to make a post of my own. This will be a combination of all my ideas. Guns will tie in to some of the suggestions. I am aware this is not the weapons forum so what I will do is link this Google Document that I made on the topic. That will allow me to focus on other things -Knowing that the thermal scope subject is touchy, I will skip over that. Instead I will suggest that they add Binoculars to the game. Binoculars are used in Armies to check for friendly indentifiers, range of target and things like that. This will be important when Tarkov adds long range Sniper Rifles -I would like to see Biofuel be part of the hideout. There is "kits" IRL that let you create Biofuel at home. It is not a new concept. Been around for a few years. I would suggest Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (because of the Booze Generator) or Hydrogen Fuel Cells (Water Collector) but.. that may be too complex to be created from scratch (story wise) -3D printers that print food is nothing new either. Nova Meat is one of the latest printers. If that is too complex to add to the hideout, I would suggest a mini farm (for growing corn and things) -Bottled Water would be another great thing to create at the hide out. Right now it is hydration regeneration rate. It would be nice to bring a canteen in to the field (or the likes) -Tarkov wants to be as close to realistic as possible. I think it is fair to nitpick the Tactical Harness and Backpacks. Stacking those ontop of eachother not only looks weird but, it is un-realistic (to a degree). They make body armor with hooks in the shoulder region for a reason. It is for backpack straps (to prevent it from sliding around). Adding another layer of straps would add to the sliding problem and make things thick I want to suggest that the game adds leg pouches. Leg pouches come in all shapes and sizes. Some can fit AR magazines. Some can fit first aid kits. To see some examples, I recommend looking at the 5 11 tactical website -Apparently Tarkov wishes to add Plate Carriers. If this is true, then I would hope it is AR500 plate carriers. To my knowledge, they are the most successful Plate Carrier company. Civilians use their plates for testing new bullets AR500 plate carriers come with a quick removal system. If the Plate is ever damaged, it is easy to remove it and put a new one in. Perhaps that could be a game mechanic alongside the LMG's. Some LMG's have quick detach barrels -Perhaps my most minor suggestion is adding more glasses to the game. As far as I can tell they are the fancy glasses (so far). Nothing specialized like Tifosi. That is one of the tactical glasses manufacturers. They have some cool models (I think). The game hasn't had any issues yet despite using real gun names. I imagine this would be fine That is the most I have for now. Thoughts?
  11. TenaciousJ

    Hideout with Friends

    Greetings Operatives. Sitting alone in my desolate hideaway contemplating the atrocities committed by my hands across the city of Tarkov I've decided I have grown weary of the solitude hermit lifestyle and would like to have my fellow raiders over for some friendly company for a brief escape from the constant proxy warfare. Implementing a feature where you could invite people on your friends list over to your hideout I feel as though would be an excellent idea for the devs to explore as well as a pretty sensible one. Playing the game I've wanted to show my friends the progress I make on my hideout and blow off some steam using the Shooting Range between runs, but I have no way to do this. Beyond being an avenue to simply show off your hideout it can also be used as a great place to group before a raid, your party could do a quick weapons warm-up using the Shooting Range as I mentioned previously, Medstation/Nutrition Unit/Water Collector/Rest Space's passive regeneration effecting all PMC's actively in the hideout, gifting and or quick bartering items with your comrades via the Stash, entering a map for a raid as a group using the Security entrance. An addition like this could also open up avenues to possibly expand upon the hideout with new constructs revolving around the aforementioned social feature. Personally I don't feel like implementing something like this would be entirely too difficult, whoever is hosting players at their hideout could pry just host their own small server on their network before entering a raid together without BattleState having to use a global one but I could be completely wrong. I would like to hear what my fellow operatives think of this idea whether it seems both plausible and practical, maybe some of you who like the idea also have some thoughts of your own of what could be done to make the hideout have some social oriented features. Happy Hunting - Reposted from Questions & suggestions
  12. SamaelKhin

    Hideout improvements

    I love the RPG element of tarkov, especially with the hideout. To me, hideout don't just provide you with useful buffs and crafting options, but it also gives a greater purpose to acquire loot other than high priced loot or weapons/parts. To add to immersiveness of the hideout i have a few suggestions: The main idea is that if you have a hideout you dont keep all your useful stuff in a couple of crates in the corner, you spread it out where it belongs, for example: When you upgrade nutrition unit you get a small dedicated stash for foodstuff, doesnt have to be a large stash, just enough to keep some ingredients which you will use later for crafting. The same idea can be implemented on several uppgrades: Workbench: Stash for bolts, weaponparts, screws, etc Shooting range: weapon rack and ammo/magazine boxes Intelligence center: keys, documents, maps, etc. Library: documents, books, maps (extension of the stash for intelligence center) Water collector: stash for waterbottles, maybe even a function to fill up empty waterbottles to bring into raids. Lavatory: stash for toiletpaper (obviously), cleaning supplies (shampoo, bleach) Medstation: stash for meds of course It could be made so that you have to go to the hideout in order to access these specific stashes, so you have your general stash for gear and items you bring into raids, and these specific stashes for long time storage. Could also add Armory as a Module, where you can keep weapons and gear, maybe do some repairs and a stash for weapon-mods.
  13. Having an empty gascan in your inventory isnt very useful. i suggest that getting with you the empty gascans and being able to refill them in the maps which have gas stations such as customs or shoreline could be an interesting mechanic to add.
  14. El día de hoy en Rusia se celebra la despedida del Año viejo, manera la cual se cierran las vacaciones de Año nuevo. El día de fue removido el arbol de navidad de los escondites y la iluminación navideña. Los desarrolladores esperan que haya sido de su agrado la dinámica, a mucho más por venir en este 2020!
  15. TryHardTermite

    Cant use hideout fuel or upgrade

    Yesterday, I was trying to upgrade my solar power, I bought all the pieces and had the money and clicked install. The game crashed and I rebooted it. When I went back, the solar panel button went missing entirely, I could only find it by scrolling through the bottom list of everything, when I clicked on it, it showed me that I had no materials to upgrade it even though they are all in my inventory. Now I cant put new fuel into my generator even though I have multiple full fuel tanks in my stash. IS there anything I can do to fix this? I already tried checking file integrity and it checked out. Thanks in advance
  16. KiCkInUrAzZ

    *|*|* - TARKOV HIDEOUT - *|*|*

    Tarkov is growing at a rapid pace and we have created a group for people that don't have many friends to play with. People from ALL countries are welcome! We will be needing admins and moderators to help run the server in the near future due to having over 200+ members! There are currently SEVERAL members in our group who dedicate their life full time to help any rookies and beginners, so don't sweat it. I, myself will help anyone who needs it when i have the time. New to Tarkov? Looking to expand your teammates? JOIN UP NOW LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! https://discord.gg/zVzqWRX
  17. Not sure if this has been already suggested but couldn't find any widely popular opinion on this, but I think it would be nice if you could add a slider in your profile where owners of EOD and the other editions, could change their stash size to the standard edition size. Now with the hideout implemented, I think it would add another thing to work on without having to suffer from a small stash size for the entire game.
  18. PepperTime00

    Make solar panels scalable

    You could make solar power scalable by making the player use car batteries to increase the amount of power they can hold/use from solar
  19. Deafman

    Hideout and tasks

    So in my opinion Tasks give poopy rewards. So I thought of an idea, why not have the task help you build the hideout. So for example the first task from proper is kill 5 scav's and get 3 shotguns. So the reward could be like some wires for like the the lights or whatever you want to use them for. plus the work stations could help you out better for what level they are on. so like level 1 nutrients table could make something that only hydrate and feeds you for the lowest amount. then as you go up in level's you get better over all things. The workbench could start out making like t ammo for 5.45 ammo and/or pst gzh for 9mm ammo. Plus you could have it make the like starter guns to lol a pistol or even an SMG. I don't just an idea what do you peeps think?
  20. Assassin7266

    Magazine Case, Bug?

    I'm confused what I'm missing here do these items need to be found in raid? I've tried with power on and off in the hideout, and i get the same outcome and also have tried restarting the game and my computer.
  21. Strength seems like an impossible skill to train legitimately and is probably the best skill to get levels in. Realistically throwing grenades isn't going to make you run faster and hitting your friend in the leg shouldn't give you anything. I propose a gym (bench press) in the hideout:- I see it functioning as a time locked activity (maybe once a day - two days) drains your energy and hydration and you incur the "overworked" status debuff. Overworked status debuff lowers your overall stamina by a few points and/or lowers your endurance(The timer and severity of this debuff would need testing). The bench should give a flat amount of skillpoints depending on level of the bench and throughout the wipe therapist unlocks items to help increase strength gain as a way for players that start later into the wipe to keep up (not catch-up but around 60-70% of the strength level of dedicated players). These might not be needed if strength skill points needed per level grow more exponentially as you level. Pros: Time gated (no more cheesing with melee) Models for the bench/weights are already in the game. Catch up mechanics allow for fairer playing field where dedicated players still have the advantage. Rest area negative debuff gets a useful buff. New costly single use med items. High tier food market opens up abit. New places to find loot and could create some early game hot spots as strength training early is beneficial. Can't hatchling the weights (loot item) away because they are too heavy for gamma. Cons: Debuff can reduce the fun you have ingame if you decide to work out but end up playing later. Some people like having huge advantages through cheesing strength. Out of raid skill gain is questionable. Missing a day puts you (slightly) behind the curve. The catch-up mechanic does not work in a wipeless Tarkov. Grenade price decrease? I am still quite new to Tarkov (probably 80-90 hours total) but I feel this suggestion helps the general gameplay loop of the game for both the more casual player whilst still giving the dedicated players an edge and clears up some "fuzzy" gameplay mechanics. TL;DR: Time gated strength training from gym equipment that give flat Strength points with new cumbersome and large loot items. Small debuff for gaining strength and increase for food market.
  22. The idea here is to make the Hideout be a more seamless and tangible element to the gameplay loop, further grounding the player into the world. So rather than immediately throwing up stats and menu screens to the player upon extraction, why not return the player back "into" his hideout, having the player quickly step into the threshold? From there, whatever health state the player is in could be fully represented. So if the player was coughing and wheezing, the player would hear that too while he walks over to his med station to heal, etc. When surviving as a scav, what if instead of walking into the hideout, the player quickly steps up to the door of the exterior door of the hideout? Maybe it's down a short flight of stairs or something (??) and from there the Scav player could "use" the door to drop off items into the Hideout. This way you feel like you're literally "coming back" from something rather than breaking the fourth wall and immediately throwing stats and menus in front of the player. And who knows? Maybe when you're killed, you "wake up" from off the floor of your hideout or something? And of course, for those players who do not want this level of immersion, what if there were a laptop next to the entrance the player could "use" in order to go into a classic menu based experience? Or maybe it's a button in the lower right corner that's always there for the player click on if he so chooses. After all the applause we give EFT for its immersion, this could make transition into and back out of a raid feel more immersive and tangible. To those who kick and scream at the thought, why not give it a shot? You may find out that, not only does it draw you in more, but also that you can handle it. ***Thoughts? Improvements?***
  23. Hello. I noticed a problem with air filtration unit game mechanic in hideout. I cannot turn off the air filtration unit without turning off the electricity in the all hideout. Bitcoins farming and some crafting recipes require electricity which leads to wasting the 200 000 - 250 000 rub worth filter which I cannot extract from the unit. Therefore air filtration unit is a big waste of in-game currency right now. So is it possible to add a turn off switch to air filtration unit, so we (players) could use it to it's fullest potential?
  24. mrgoodtouches

    Hideout, Bugged Again....

    Initially tried submitting bug report, but thats bugged too.... Hideout is bugged.... Can't fuel generator, can't upgrade any stations, can't craft anything....
  25. Griever14

    Hideout Healing Not working

    I might be missing something obvious here, and I hope that is the case and not a function of how the hideout is working. I also skimmed and searched for this issue but did not find it. If this has been addressed please point me to that discussion and delete this. So I have upgraded my hideout, not a lot, but enough to get my healing to 504/hr. With the generator running or off, I am only getting like 1 heal per minute, which is by my best calculation 60/hr. Something seems off with the way the healing station(s) should work. I tried sitting in the hideout and activating each area that offered heals but found no boost to my out of raid healing rate. Please assist.
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