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Found 7 results

  1. DrStone

    Nikita Notice Me Senpai

    Here is a couple ideas that I think will improve gameplay and the longevity of the game Armor / Fort Armor So this is one of the most annoying aspects of the game right now for me. I have plenty of footage of me just unloading a storm of bullets at someone in fort armor and they just eat the rounds like nothing happened and many more examples of that on internet. I know the Dev's have acknowledged it was an issue but I don't know what they are planning on doing to fix it. Because currently people are playing the game in a sort of Call Of Duty fashion just sprinting around waiting to get shot at knowing they will probably live and kill the person that shot at them. Plus all the armor in the game basically makes pistols and smg's useless and you are at an extreme disadvantage if you use them. And that there would be a crying shame because I love pistols, makes me feel like solid snake. If you are going to have strong plate armor that's easily available in the game for it not to be game breaking and turn the game in to bullet sponge simulator I believe you need to make the hit boxes for the armor VERY SPECIFIC. Or it is already is like that and I am just ignorant of it. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ More Lethal Hitboxes A game that has reallllyyy good hitboxes is the Red Orchestra and Rising Storm games. You can instantly kill someone with a head, spine, heart or nut shot. I think tarkov needs these (maybe not the nut instakill) to make it less of a bullet sponge simulator. Because there has been plenty of times when I shoot a hatchling and he tanks 4 rounds without armor or even more if I am using a pistol caliber. Because this is just silly _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Resetting Talents Upon Death (AKA Curing The Hatchling Scourge) The talents are a good addition to the game however, when someone is high level the Vitality skill is a little ridiculous sometimes. Besides that when I am high level I don't really feel any character value and its a bit dull. BUTTT... If you guys made it so you lost skills upon death people would value their character and not just the gear they are carrying. Hopefully reducing the hachling scourge at the same time. For balance you would need to increase the talent XP you gain per raid exponentially. Also making the quests that have to do with players skills less of a grind and more skill based. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Weapons Sling / Fast Draw Just like when you double tap R to reload magazines faster but you drop them I think the same should apply to switching to your pistol. So If you double tap 1 you drop your primary weapon completely and fast draw your pistol. Also add the ability to attach a sling to your main gun and instead of dropping it to the ground it just hangs on your chest. I imagine that wouldn't be easy to animate this but it would very cool and make pistols more viable. < Example > https://streamable.com/ydnf8 < Example > https://imgur.com/a/8WAzp5s added 2 different link encase one doesn't work ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Should Not Be Able To Heal 100% In Raid Shooting someone just for them to run away and heal them selves back up to 100% is super lame and unrealistic in my opinion. If one of your body parts gets damaged below 70% you should only be able to heal that limb up to 70%. Then when you get out of raid you can get full healing from the therapist. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Being Able Switch Easily From The Insurance Screen Or The Lobby To Your Stash There has been many times where I was in a lobby with my friends and I forgot something like water or meds so I have to back all the way out get the items and go back to the right raid lobby then get invited again. Its not a big deal but it would be nice if there was a arrow or character button on the lolly screen where you could quickly add items to your character without having to leave the lobby. < example > https://streamable.com/3x205 < example > https://imgur.com/a/HXF3EBn ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Guild Bank So if you any of you have played World Of Warcraft there is a system in the game called a guild bank. Members of the same guild or clan can drop items in the bank and other members can take out items at will. The leader of the guild and also set stipulations on the kind of loot people can take and give members permissions to take higher grade equipment. I think it would be cool but it could also be abused and used as extra item storage. Just a cool idea to think about. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Animations/RagDolls The guns in EFT are amazing I don't think there has ever been a game this detailed in its gun sounds and design. Extremely good work on that part of the game. But the 3rd person player animations are stiff and don't look very good, at least in my eyes. I am sure the Dev's know this and want to improve them. I think I remember Nikita saying something on a podcast somewhere along those lines about animations. So hopefully in the not to distant future they will rework the player animations. Also the rag-doll physics are not very satisfying, when you shoot someone they look as if they a marionette and someone cut the strings. EFT Rag-Doll example > https://streamable.com/c706s < EFT Rag-Doll example https://imgur.com/a/yiCI6sQ Compared with RO2, I think this game has the best rag-doll physics. They feel as they have weight and are affected by the bullet. https://i.gifer.com/IqlB.mp4 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Plate Carriers Quick thing I forgot to mention in the armor section in the beginning. Stacking armor is really frustrating design choice. Being able to put on level 6 Fort armor then put on a tactical rig on top of that and that rig has level 3 armor as well just makes no sense to me in a where people already take a ton of bullets to kill. If you have a tactical vest that has a armor plate in it, it should also take up your armor spot. You could also make it so that you could buy different plates in the vest and have rag man sell a variety of different plates. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Traders Loot And Game Longevity I have hit max level or near it 2 wipes now and the same thing happens each time to my friends and I. We lose interest in the game. Not because the game is not fun or bad, it is obviously not. It's because when you get to that level you most likely have everything unlocked for the traders and a metric ass ton of money. Your gear doesn't really matter as much anymore. I remember the last patch at max level seeing AK and M4's and really just not caring to pick them up. You can get the perfect gun/set up every time from the traders before you go into raid and endgame can get boring. It also forces people to always buy comtacs and armor and creates this gear meta in a way, because if you don't have this certain set of gear then you are at a disadvantage. Plus I don't think wipes will be a feature in the full game so players who are new to the game are going to get ravaged by max level players with the crazy gear and pools of money. Instead, I think the traders should play a less critical role than they do. You should have to find almost everything and slowly build your gun through parts you find in raid and not just buy them all. This also encourages exploring the whole map and not just the hot spots and choke points. Battlestate has also shown a really cool gun jamming mechanic in the game. But if all the guns are brand new from the traders then I don't see that game mechanic being very relevant. Unless players are forced to use damaged parts they find in raid and have to make due with what you got, adds more of a survival aspect to the game. It would also add more relevancy to pistols and pump shotguns and bolt actions because right now everyone is running around with m4's and AK's, almost always. Plus almost all guns/gun parts will be useless to sell on the flee market if you can just buy them all from the traders. Instead of being how they currently are the traders should be dynamic and have different items every time and quests shouldn't unlock you new gear in the traders they should just give you cool items for completing the quest. So people don't feel the need to grind quests. I think less buying and relying on trader and more emphasis on looting with add longevity to the game especially at the higher levels. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TerraGroup ScavBoss Equivalent I think it would be "VERY NICE" if there was some TerraGroup spec ops units that spawn on some maps that are decked out with Nato equipment and they could be doing TerraGroup stuff and be a very hard enemy to fight. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ More Survival Clothes And Gear I like the tactical military gear. ( I wanna look like that plz gib ) But I would like to see more rag tag gear and clothes with more of a survival feeling. Nikita Notice Me Senpai
  2. nightnoct

    How To Hit Count 1

  3. When the Raiders and Bosses/Bodyguards can shoot you perfectly between your helmet and body armor with one shot and take you out, I would expect to be able to do the same to them. Here's a short video for you: To summarize, I see a raider who is not aggressive to me (rare enough as that is) and decide that I could use his AK and gear either for money or personal usage. I was given a cruddy KEDR with lousy bullets. And to stem the arguments, yes I'm aware of armor penetration, cheap ammo vs good ammo, and the fact that raiders and bosses have higher than normal HP. What I take issue with is that you can clearly see in the video that I aimed into the helmet at the neck and base of skull region and planted at least 3 bullets if not 4 inside his head. Additionally, out of 16 bullets, 14 bullets hit. Now I am not annoyed that I died instantly. I would expect that from a raider as a scav with no armor. What I'm annoyed with is that I aimed at a spot not covered with armor and if anything the bullets should possibly ricochet inside the helmet instantly killing this raider. So that brings me to this post. I'm not sure what to call this as the title says, but is this a hit box issue? Just because he has a helmet on the whole head is considered armored and the exposed skin is just visual graphic only? What is this? Again, this has nothing to do with bullets hitting center mass or penetrating through armor. The shots were clearly in the exposed areas. I would love for this to be fixed or altered to be realistic. Regardless of their higher HP, those bullets should have turned this raider's brain into mush with or without possible ricochets.
  4. Damage, Lethal Hitboxes and Healing. I personally feel like the game needs extra instant kill hitboxes such as the spine and the heart like in the Rising Storm games. Because I still have raids when this happens. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 In a past Talking Tarkov podcast Klean said that he wanted this as well but Nikita said it would be difficult but I think its necessary especially for smaller caliber guns to be viable. But getting one tapped by a Makarov in the spine every time would be annoying as well. So I thought because of ribs and bones and everything else in the body that the bullet has to go through that each bullet would have a certain percentage of a chance for a instant kill when hitting the heart or vital area. That percentage would also drop if it penetrated body armor. Just as an example 9x18 would have a 30% chance and 9x19 would have 35% chance or something like that. I also personally feel that you shouldn't be able to heal a limb 100%, if it goes below 40% of its health. Because, its not satisfying when I unload half a mag from my pistol, and the guy runs away and heals back to full health; It just doesn't feel like I am doing damage to them. I want the knowledge that even if I hit a guy a couple of times with my pistol that he is messed up. Because even in patch 11.7 being shot seems trivial as long as you don't actually die. Side Note: I don't t know if this already in game but if you get shot while running you should lose some stamina 👍🏼 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Movement And Stance Animations In EFT the leaning and crouching system is very in depth I wish other games used something like it. But just the regular Q and E lean is difficult to use in EFT because you don't lean very far. Generally leaning overly exposes your body or gives you insufficient vision leaving you still looking at the wall. Instead of leaning I see most people just strafe back and forth in doorways. I think that you need to lean out just a bit further then you currently do in the game. A game that does a basic Q and E lean very well is Insurgency Sandstorm. https://streamable.com/eu4on ^Leaning Comparison Above^ Also when you lean you chicken wing hard. Its a recipe for a broken arm. 🔽You should tuck in your arm for less exposure #tacticool🔽 ______________________________________________________________________________ Crouch Running I know Nikita said that he did not like the animations and he wanted to redo them. Whenever that happens I think a crouch run like in Rising Storm and Squad would be a nice addition to the game. https://streamable.com/6on5l ^ Example Above ^ ______________________________________________________________________________ Falling And Being Staggered Animation Along with new animations there needs to be a animation that staggers you when you fall from a high place. I can't tell you how many times someone has popped pain killers and YEETED (jumped) off the rafters or a building and landed sprinting after me. https://streamable.com/lanhy ^ Example of jumping on painkillers ^ https://streamable.com/u1rvj ^ Example of a staggered animation ^ _______________________________________________________________________________ Running To Prone Animation I think that the running to prone animation is a little derpy and a bit fast. The drop shot meta is becoming to real . The game Squad has very good 3rd person animations and I think EFT would benefit greatly if they mimicked some of the player movement. https://streamable.com/6czc4 ^ Example of Prone From EFT and Squad ^ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Limping animations/Running One of the few things DayZ has done that's good is a limping animation, one for walking and one for sprinting. https://streamable.com/g8goe ^ Example of DayZ Limping ^ I think this is a definite must in Tarkov, being able to see the damage the other player has received is important, but, it also adds to the immersion of the game. Plus, having a limping/sprint animation would be a good addition, as opposed to just popping painkillers and sprinting away. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Low Ready Gun Position In Tarkov, having your gun raised at the ready all the time look silly, especially with longer guns like the Mosin and SVD. There should be a control that lowers your gun in a low ready stance, and when you left click it brings it back up to ready and click again to shoot. If you have your gun raised, your stamina should slowly decrease as well. This situation would mimic real life, as no one just holds their rifle in front of them for hours on end. This would also help scav on scav violence because as of right now everyone is just aiming at each other so you don't know if they are going to shoot you or not. But if there was a low ready stance you could see that they are not aiming at you. It would also help you see if you have large optics that take up a big part of your screen. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reloading Needs To Take Longer The regular reload takes around 3.03 seconds to take a mag out of the gun and it put in the vest and take a new magazine and load it in the gun. The speed reload takes around 2.29 seconds. The difference is only about half a second so there is no need to speed reload if the regular reload is so fast. That's why I think the regular reload should take at least a second longer. https://streamable.com/ukoww ^ Reload Times Example ^ Side note: Maybe different rigs have faster reload speeds? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Player Controller and Running Reload. In Tarkov you can sprint full speed arms waving back and forth up in the air as you reload your gun, it looks a bit ridiculous. When you sprint you should have to stop anything you are doing then reload or heal after you are done sprinting. Insurgency Sandstorm dose exactly what I am talking about and its executed perfectly. https://streamable.com/ixhwa ^ Example Above ^ This would also bring more utility to pistols because instead for sprinting away and reloading they would pull out their pistol or just run. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visual Hit Recognition/Blood In Tarkov a lot of the time you can't tell if your bullets are hitting other players especially at range. There needs to be some dust or more blood. https://streamable.com/t6czb ^ Example ^ Also in Insurgency Sandstorm they have a feature where the bullet would bleeds into the clothes and it a really cool effect. Especially if you get riddled with bullets and survive your clothes look like you have been through a war zone and you can see if someone is wounded and has been through the grinder. https://streamable.com/xezkb ^ Bleeding Bullet Sponge Example ^ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Physics And Ragdolls I know the new Unity engine is coming and they will have improved physics with it. The rag dolls in Tarkov have gotten MUCH BETTER so good on that job devs. But I would still like them to be improve because compared to other games they are still a bit basic and not very satisfying in my option. In Rising Storm, Red Orchestra and Insurgency Sandstorm when you shoot an enemy they convulse on the ground or grab the place you shot them. It adds a lot to the immersion of the game I think Tarkov's game play would benefit greatly from something like this. https://streamable.com/q3l92 ^ Physics EFT vs INS ^ https://streamable.com/rnao3 ^ Physics INS Sniping ^ https://streamable.com/vlgyx ^ Physics Tarkov Sniping ^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throwing Grenades around Corners And Injury Noises Just like how you can blind fire your gun you should be able to throw grenades around corners without exposing yourself. https://streamable.com/viuka https://streamable.com/2ding https://streamable.com/7x648 Also in the animations linked above when the terrorists get shot they give out a loud yell and gasp for air. I would like a loud yell of pain or something similar to whats in the clips if you deal enough damage to a player. I think it would give it just that extra bit of immersion as compared to the little grunt that you hear sometimes. Side Note: The guy that did those animations made a really good EFT animation the voice acting is meh though. I'll link his youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM6YqV3fMAvewEykZnEYJjA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atmosphere The atmosphere of the game is really important and the 1st map in my option that did a really good job on the atmosphere is Labs. The direction I would like to see Tarkov go or at least partially is in a Chernobyl / S.T.A.L.K.E.R / Metro type of vibe. https://streamable.com/57jcb https://streamable.com/tdrws https://streamable.com/6nc9r I also saw some concept art that was made by you guys and it encapsulates that feeling i'm talking about. Along with the atmosphere I would like to see more clothes like these Anyway keep up the good work boys CHEEKI BREEKI
  5. CommanderBash

    Divide the head hitbox

    While answering another thread, I came upon an idea that I think most people, if not all, will approve of IMO i think they should cut the head into two hit-box zones, the lower section being face and neck, the upper being the brain. It'd return significant use to the brain bucket helmets currently in the game. if the face was blacked out you'd be unable to use oral consumables (food, water, painkillers, etc) allot the 30 or so health to this. As for the brain, i wouldn't give it health, just a threshold of 10 to 15 damage. if ever a single hit causes this much damage or more, dead. this would return usefulness to open face helmets as they currently offer extremely little protection in firefights, and if people complain that it's "too easy" a cop-out, just add additional debuffs for your face being blown off, like sound and distortion, blurriness, blackouts, etc. please consider implementing this, I strongly feel that it could restore balance to the whole head shot issue.
  6. paysen

    Hitbox issue or ???

    What is going on here? What else can I do? I am tired of dying so much. I also had armor and helmet. Not the cheap ones, the powerful ones. Still I keep dying to ppl I shoot first. https://youtu.be/_bJ-EoBUJfQ
  7. Rex_Hilverstone

    Detailed hitbox and not lethal body zones

    I I know that i might posted somethig like this already but I want to ask how damage will work here? Will be that non realistic damage,like shooting someone in the limbs will kill them, or will be very realystical with nearly instantly death,e.g. hearth and head,not instantly lethal,e.g. lungs,other internal organs,neck,maybe uper part of the leg with certain probability(in this cases the cracter will die,but after couple of time, being maybe able to shoot back),and nonlethal,e.g. foot,arm,hand(sure wiil give side efects from hemoragy to all sorts of les deadly effects). Maybe not that complicated how Imentioned,but in a game realistically af EFT this is a must have,I'm more than sure that if you shoot someone in the foot more times,it won't die. Also caracters should reactt differently in face of pain,being shoot or traumas,e.g. a new player will be more affected by being shoot first time,than a old "hardened" player that will react less in face on pain. Also a player being shoot in the bulletproof vest, with any type of gun should react in some sort,there is a lot of kinetic energy in that round,especially a shotgun gauge,and sometimes the plate in the vest can injure the one who wears it quite bad,i can imagine someone being soot first time woul react in some sort,than a battle hardened soldier,that is prepared to take the shoot(e.g. russian Spetsnaz,who are trained to be nearly inhuman in front of pain and panic).
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