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Found 3 results

  1. Lord-Tryhard

    Damage and armour

    I've sinked a few hundred hours in the game so for and i noticed that the damage can be very inconsistent. On multiple occasions, i've shot people in an "unarmoured" head and they survived it. A few times, they took multiple shots to the head. Sometimes, the walls get painted in red and the bastard just hops away like nothing happened. Other times a single 9mm bullet does the trick. I've also had situations, where i've shot people from the side, but the arm absorbed all the damage, since bullets cant penetrate limbs(not sure why). Seems like an easy fix, but what do i know. Another problem i see, is armour effectiveness. It makes no sense, that while the bullet penetrates the armour (depending on armour), it sometimes does little to no damage. The bullet should still pretty much kill you if it penetrates the armour. Suggestion: Make more wound/impact types. For instance, when the bullet does not penetrate armour, make it brake a bone, or apply some sort of effect that does not necessarily hurt you, but gives you an effect similair to tremor. A buckshot wouldn't penetrate a good armour, but it would knock the wind out of you, reducing your max stamina, or possibly even break your rib cage. If the bullet penetrates; i agree, the speed of the bullet is reduced, so it technically does less damage; it should perhaps break into shrapnel. And while it would do reduced damage, it would inflict bleeds. Also, i still think emptying a mag into someone without killing him should never happen, but it happens alot. In the picture is my last encounter with a raider called Shakal. Bastard tanked 20 of 855 shots from an Adar, shot me with a buckshot from around 20m (almost killed me) while getting shot, then just sprinted up to me when i moved to cover and killed me with a second buckshot. I had a fort armour and a helmet. Raiders seem inhuman sometimes and i suggest they're renamed to gods.
  2. voiceline

    hit registration

    While I know this game is in beta I have to ask about the hit registration. Every raid I load into, no matter if it's a scav or a pmc, I never seem to hit my shots on them. I have tried everything in the book from standing still and pacing my shots to strafing and spraying but for some reason I just cannot get more then 1/3rd to 1/10th of my shots to connect with the target and it is killing my game experience. I can't pvp at all but I want to and pretty much need to in this game and I just wanna know what's going on? Why are my bullets ghosting through players and scavs?
  3. Ive been playing this game for the past two wipe periods and ive had some fun times but many many more frustrating times and its starting to drive me away from this game. Hit detection feels worse then it ever has now for some reason. ive now had multiple raids in a row and maybe im just unlucky but im unloading full clips of ammo into players and theyre able to kill me and after the match I check to see the hit count and ill see only 2 or 3 of the shots actually connected. like these sprays are not hard either most of the time I am 10 to 20 yards away from the player and we are both spraying each other down. I don't mind dying but when I have no idea where my bullets are going I begin to wonder why I even spend any time on this game. I know this is a beta and all but this is a serious concern if not addressed and you will continue to lose the already dwindling player base.
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