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Found 1 result

  1. Himmuguegeli

    Reflex-/Holographic Sights

    Good morning, I´ve got 3 suggestions for the game and hope that the developers could consider using them. The first is about already existing mechanics and the Aimpoint sights (the micro and that new one which is coming). I´m not sure if that´s already on your to-do list but the T-1 should have 2 dot sizes and night vision compability. Quotes from the official website: Source: Official Aimpoint Website To make it fit into the game mechanics you could simply make 3 versions of it available. A small weak one for night visions, and the 2 and 4 MOA dot sizes by cycling the sight mode. This could also be done for the new incoming Aimpoint sight. It would expand the use of the already existing Micro since the Dot is way too big for distances bigger than CQB situations. The second suggestion of mine is a bit more difficult to take over but I hope that you still consider it. It´s about reflex- and holographic sights (without magnification). In real life you use them while keeping both eyes open. Without going into too much detail now I would like to point out that you have a way better sight picture in reality duo to the fact that you can “see through” the optics frame which could also represented in game. Since the third dimension can´t be displayed on a monitor you could still present the advantage for the player (over an Iron-sight) by making the sight and weapon transparent/dispersed. I took myself some time to do a montage of what it could look like. Before: After: I would like to hear what the opinion of everyone is about that. It is kind of revolutionary since no other game very tried that (as far as I´m aware of) and if it´s even possible with the engine. Obviously it could be done in different way, I just thought it looks the best/fitting if I give it a dispersed and transparent look. So what do you think? The last and third one is a small request. I would be very happy about the ability to switch the weapon on “safe” (if the weapon has that function). I think the best would be to give it an own button (so people do not land on the “safe” by accident). It would add a bit towards the immersion and me and my friends would actually use it. Besides that I would like to tell you that I love the game and wish you and the game the best. I think you´re on a great and unique road already. Have a nice day, Himmu.
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