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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone! I've got a SteelSeries Rival 600 mouse which has multiple extra buttons on it. What I like to do is use two mouse buttons for grenades, which means I don't have buttons 4 and 5 bound to anything, so I go into the options and change 6, 7, 8, 9, and 0 so I can move them over to also cover 4 and 5 so I don't have to try to reach my hand all the way over to the other side of the keyboard to use my splints and other heals with their respective hotkeys. I also changed 1 to my primary, 2 to the gun that's on my sling, and 3 to my sidearm because I play too much CS, Rainbow, Pubg, well, basically any other normal game with guns in it. Anyways, these keys don't visibly change on the hotbar. As you can see here, the controls look as if they have not even been changed. But it's clearly shown that I have rebinded everything respectively. Whenever I'm in a very intense moment in the game, I sometimes forget that I have them rebinded. So I try to hit 5 for a grenade in a firefight, and it would pull out my IFAK instead. I think you should be able to either have the hotbar change accordingly to your buttons, or be able to move the hotbar in order yourself, like dragging the slots over in the character menu out of a raid. Thanks for reading this! ❤️
  2. greeklolz

    Quality of Life Suggestions

    I did a quick search and I just have a couple quality of life suggestions that I don't think anyone has touched on yet. First suggestion: In your stash and inventory menus, when something is in your pockets or tactical vest, hold click to pick it up and press the corresponding hotbar button (1-0) to assign to that item to that button on your hotbar. Second suggestion: Combine the buy/sell windows into one trade window. Instead of buying one item at a time and having a separate "to sell" container which you fill up with items to sell (showing you the total profit) then clicking deal; you show trader inventory on the left, player stash on the right and the middle container is the "to trade" container and it will show you the total amount to pay or receive.
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