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Found 7 results

  1. JDowling29

    How do I get an in game map?

    So, im a total noob at this game, finally cracked and got it today. But, i have NO IDEA how to locate the extraction areas on the map or where or how to even find and locate them. How do you get a map? And is there some sort of in game compass? If not, they need to put one in...
  2. JokerStevo

    Question about Maps

    The Question I have is the maps you get for Woods, Factory, or Customs when you take it in the game does it permanently have a map from then on? or does it disappear if you die and have to buy another if you lose it?
  3. skofiannan

    never since last vipe

    never since last vipe have i started at the start of a raid why is this? im always starting like 48-40 at customs whyyy devs why !!!!!
  4. ObiWanJacobey

    Friends in different regions?

    Hello my fellow Tarkov'rs. I have a question, I'm trying to play with a buddy, I'm in the USA/NA region, and he's in the EU region. Is it possible to play with friends in other regions? Or can you change your region to play with someone else in a different region? We tried to que up but couldn't figure out how, so I'm asking just to see if I'm missing something..or to see if it's even possible. Thanks.
  5. im not the best player, but i know how to start. 1.DO NOT use the weapon you have in your inventory, before, learn how to get out of an area. 2.start with a gun easy to loot, for learning how to shoot and all the stuff. 3. VERY IMPORTANT, if you want to survive, better starting by looting after there is no shooting in the air(sometime the area become a warzone at the start) 4.finally, in the start you will die a LOT, so be patient, start with just the knife, maybe you will be lucky, and looting a dead body with a fully loaded and equiped with nobody around to shoot in your back, happen to me, now my gun is my baby in this game. GOOD LUCK GUYS/GIRLS ;D p.s.: watch your back, the action is there.
  6. R_O_G_E


    So I have been playing standard edition for a tiny bit now and was like this stash and stuff is way to small so i was like what ever lets upgrade game and got the prepare for escapre edition. on the game launcher it says Prepare for Escape Edition but when i actually get into the game my previous stuff is there no bigger stash no nothing. so i was wondering how i could fix this or if i can fix this. any help will be great thank you everyone that helps. Roge
  7. nabboboy

    Quick Tip

    quick tip to save some space in your stash
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