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Found 30 results

  1. WolfeTV

    Risk/Reward and Hatchlings

    So I was Recently Watches Veritas video about better players making less, I would recommend watching it https://youtu.be/PPPTUJ78Nq0 I have an Idea that could work really well! Here’s the Idea: Implement a Minimum Gearscore on every Map except Factory, make this minimum Gearscore based on What a scav can spawn in with, Also turn Maps with Scav Bosses like Shoreline Customs and Interchange into 2 Different Lobby okay now I will go into Detail: Interchange/Shoreline/Customs Make 2 separate lobbies for these maps, 1 That has Lower Drop Rates but no Boss, and another that has boss and more Scav Raiders(not as geared as Scav Raiders in Labs) Spread about the entire map and has a Higher % Drop rate then the low tier versions Gearscore Explanation: GS Requirement would be Lowest GS a Scav/Scav Raider could Spawn with Bags: GS Based on Slots (Duffle Bag - 12GS) Armor: (Durability)/2*(Armor Class 1-5) (Trooper - 140GS) Rig: Same Equation as armor and Add however many Slots it Has (M2 - 78GS) Earphones: All Flat 30GS Helmet: Same Equation Above But multiply by 1 for Low or 1.5 for High Ricochet Chance (Ulach - 114GS) All Masks/Goggles/Armbands/ Armorless Hats 0GS Weapons: Make All Weapons of Same Type Same GS Regarless of Modding M4A1 - 150GS ADAR - 125GS HK416 - 175GS Factory: No GS Requirement, Can go in with nothing Interchange/Shoreline/Customs Low: Limit Player Scavs to this version, GS Requirement would be Lowest GS a Scav could spawn with, So add up Smallest Backpack, Worst Helmet(with Armor), Smallest Rig, and Worse Body Armor they Can spawn this, take this GS and make it Minumum (Scavs can still spawn with no helmet armor bag) this GS Requirement would just be for the Players Interchange/Shoreline/Customs High: Same thing as above but instead use Lowest GS of Scav Raider since this high version would have more of them scattered around Labs: These Raiders would be Same as they are now, so the raiders on other maps would be less then these but better then scavs, Minimum GS of Labs would be: Lowest Armor, Backpack, Gun, helmet, Rig, and Headphones, I added headphones to labs because you see a lot of the raiders running them With this System there would be more Risk/Reward on the maps, No more Hatchlings running Labs with no risk of losing anything but the money they paid for keycard, this would increase prices on Flea Market making the more geared players earn more money for doing higher tier raids, And having a High Version of those 3 Maps that doesn’t allow Player Scavs cuts out the lucky Vepr Hunter M61 Spawn that can 1 tap even Killa, keeping them in the lower grade version limits them from getting huge reward with 0 risk since it’s scav run
  2. Black0ps

    Scav level system

    Me and the boys were talking about if we have a scav level system. So as your scav level gets higher you have more equipment and better guns. Just the fact that we vs normal players with gamma case and high tier weapons etc. The balance would be good as we have a timer on our scavs so it would a bit of a grind to level them up anyway .
  3. Escapers! ja ich weiß, ich bin spät dran...leider konnte ich es Zeitlich nicht eher unter einen Hut bringen. Also, dann mal raus mit eurem Feedback zum vergangen Monat und rein mit euren frischen Ideen zum Spiel. Bitte, unterlasst große Diskussionen in diesem Thread. Ich hatte schon ordentlich zu tun im letzten Thread alles wichtige und sinnige herauszufiltern. Also noch ein mal kruz und knapp: Feedback egal ob positiv oder negativ. Kontruktive Kritik, kein HATE Ideen kurz un knapp beschreiben, keine Romane Diskussionen bitte hier in diesem Thread unterlassen, es geht hier rein nur um das Sammeln von informationen Der Thread wird bis zum 12.04. offen sein. Danke und Gruß Hummz
  4. ThunderDuck1

    Raiders and other features idea

    The problem with how easy raiders are to kill I've found a easy way to solve the pistols and low geared people is to give them visors to prevent any pistol headshots. And when sprayed by smg to the visor they will flee and scream in which they reach a panic mode. And to prevent easy money collecting "even do the keycard thing is coming" they should guard key rooms so hatchets cant gets loot without fighting. I have talked about a raider leader as well before and he dares I say it again be better than the average raider and definitely fully geared. THERE SHOULD NOT BE A SINGLE WAY TO KILL HIM WITH SMG PISTOLS. and well he should be apart of the last wave which should be included 10 raiders splitting up in 2 teams leader in one of them. Voice lines should be added to for them to say BEHIND THE BOX. HES RUNNING special voice lines for them to say in American mostly since well most of us understand English not Russian. Interactive extractions should come eventually to all maps. But I think its difficult to figure out what kinda extractions they can add to the maps currently. Maybe even make it so the boat on shoreline only arrive if lighthouse has been activated in which scavs and players will hear the boat alarm if close enough and come to you. Making it a tower defense until the boat arrives. Raiders should replace players when player slots have not to be filled where they will loot killed players fight boss scavs and extract (They can extract as seen in one of the hangers-on labs they disappear when in extraction either dead or alive) and their main target is to go to all gunshots to get involved. Mostly go to the one that sounds the most dangerous to get the real fights on. Even spawn them in groups for the entertainment. So if factory is missing 1 player replace it with a raider. Back to the voice lines, I think some raiders should have names of streamers and streamers could be asked to voice them as well with custom voice lines as a special feature Cant wait to see what they do with offline mode. It needs a coop and many features are arriving soon enough. Cant wait to see what happens. Not much else to say but am excited to see what they continue to do. THANKS FOR READING Jesus I went all out.
  5. DeathBearGaming

    Mobile flea market

    Im usually away from my pc quite abit, whoch means i lose time playing and buying things off the flea market, so i thought maybe you could make an app for the flea market? obviously linked to the player account which shows currency and maybe your stash for management when being away from the computer. thoughts people? Obviously i doubt it would happen until the game is fully released but maybe a nice addon to it. ~DeathBear
  6. It'd be an interesting new feature to the game when a body part of player is destroyed (blacked out) your character reacts loudly to the pain by cursing and screaming. As you level up 'Stress resistance' your PMC has a less stressful response when a body part is destroyed. This would add an interesting new feature to combat as players can know when another player is badly wounded. As a player levels up their stress resistance it become more difficult for a players enemies to determine if they're wounded badly or not. This would also add extra immersion to the game.
  7. andresto

    Prestige ranks ideas

    I'm lvl 38 right now, grinding fot that lvl 40 to get that satisfaction on unlocking the last traders. I've been following the game since a long time but I have only one wipe in my records. Here are my suggestions about what happens when you reach the higher levels. Prestige, let the grind continue Prestige can be adquired once you reach lvl 50 so experience gained from quests is not going to be enough, so you'll have something to grind for. Once you reach lvl 50 some things would change: You'll be back to lvl 1 but prestige rank 1. Your ingame name would change to a different color along with an icon that indicates your prestige level, it would also be displayed on the forums. You won't lose anything from your stash, but you will be asked if you want to wipe it (with a "are you really really sure" popup). You'll receive a package with some gear (starter if you wiped your stash) and a unique cosmetic item that is wearable but unlooteable for others. (it can be a mask/helmet so prestige players would be more vulnerable to headshots but hey, it would look so cool!). Play as a Scav Boss: You'll have a Scav Boss (with random good gear) to play with. It would have a 24hs reset timer and you won't keep anything the boss has when escaping, it's just to have some fun playing and giving the opportunity to others to loot the treasures you have. Game will ask you if you want to become a Sherpa, just an opt-in to promote the program and give you something new to do now that you're a legend around Tarkov. You'll be able to match against prestige players only when going into a Raid or playing in the Arena (soon™). This is how I'd think prestige would work on EFT, as you can see, there's nothing besides some gear that gives a meh advantage, I wanted to be all cosmetic/feature wise as possible. Remember that by the time the game is released and this is implemented it the game would have way more content/maps and modes to play, such as the Arena. What do you guys think? What would you change? What's missing here? Leave a comment!
  8. Tried to search around real quick, found nothing and havent heard anything but was thinking.. Encourage use/carry of side arm by changing quicker to pistol then reloading the main gun. If your rifle is on a sling and you shoot it dry you can change to pistol quick by simply droping the gun down and drawing fast. If you are using the rifle from the back and not the sling, and quick change to pistol you can drop it on the ground. By making swaping to pistol faster more people might start carrying pistols and the be more realistic/be helpful in low ammo situastions.
  9. TheVonCleaver

    Face Shields

    I think that the face shields brand new shouldn't block much visibility but as they get damaged and repaired they get worse and worse.
  10. I decided to Crosspost this from Reddit since I know there has been a schism lately and someone mentioned it might be a good idea: So, you're an international PMC, getting all sorts of cash, valuables and riches. What do you do with them? Store them under the bed of course! Obviously not. But I was thinking about how money takes up a huge amount of space and I had an interesting idea how to remedy that. Mercs wouldn't be hoarding it, they'd be putting it in an untraceable account for safe keeping. This solves one major problem: Inventory space. Standard players don't have much and money can rapidly accrue. This wastes time on inventory management and can be frustrating. Especially with keybars and the like. It solves another major problem: Poverty. I'll get into this later. For the Swiss Banker, my idea is this: All currency purchases will be moved to him and based on level. The description of how the account works is at the bottom. For levels, It goes as follows: Trader Level 1 Converts Rubles to Dollars and Dollars to Rubles Quest Unlock - Purchase Basic Swiss Account Quest Unlock - Purchase Safety Deposit Box: Small (Store Valuables and Extra Money outside of your inventory. This would be instant withdraw, not in your inventory, but it gains no interest. You could put whatever you wanted in here with the exception of weapons, mods and things of that nature. The box would cost a certain amount of money per month based on level, which will increase slightly due to more space. You would be able to 'lock' the box and not make a payment, but you would be unable to withdraw until you paid the balance)* Quest Unlock - Purchase Wallet Quest Unlock - Purchase PO Box: Small (Allows you to put items into it to trade to other players. Same restrictions as Safety Deposit Box, except much smaller fees) Trader Level 2 Converts Rubles to Euros and Euros to Rubles Converts Euros to Dollars and Dollars to Euros Quest Unlock - Purchase Premium Swiss Account Quest Unlock - Purchase Safety Deposit Box: Medium Quest Unlock - Purchase PO Box: Medium Quest Unlock - Purchase Horse Figurine Quest Unlock - Purchase Cat Statue Trader Level 3 Sell Valuables Case (Store Figurines, Clocks, Gold chains, Rolexes, Bitcoins, etc.) Sell Money Case Quest Unlock - Purchase Private Swiss Account Quest Unlock - Purchase Documents Case Quest Unlock - Purchase Gold Chain Quest Unlock - Purchase Clock/Expensive Art Quest Unlock - Purchase Safety Deposit Box: Large Quest Unlock - Purchase PO Box: Large Trader Level King Converts Dollars to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Dollars Converts Euros to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Euros Converts Rubles to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Rubles Quest Unlock - Purchase Untraceable Swiss Account Quest Unlock - Purchase Keybar Quest Unlock - Purchase Rolex Quest Unlock - Purchase Safety Deposit Box: Very Large Quest Unlock - Purchase PO Box: Very Large Quest Unlock - Upgrade Safety Deposit Box: Illegal Storage (Allows you to store weapons, grenades and other dangerous items) Quest Unlock - Upgrade PO Box: Illegal Storage (See above) I just put other valuables for purchase just in case they are made available for quest trades later on. Here's how I think Swiss Accounts should work: Swiss Account Based on the level, you are allowed to put in a certain amount of money of each type. Depositing the money takes a certain amount of time, like insurance. Based on the account level, the speed of transaction increases with better accounts. Once there, it accrues interest based on the level of the account. This would help with people losing lots of money with no means to get more. The money in the Swiss Account is unavailable to purchase anything, as it is stored in a network in order to prevent it from being stolen. You have to withdraw your money in order to use it, which again, would take time depending on the level of the account. Interest rates might be tied also to trader favorability, trust and things like that. However, things can quickly become unbalanced by dumping money into the economy. To combat this, fees would be instituted whenever you move money. The higher level the account and the more money you move, the more fees you get hit with. The fees reflect paying off people to move illegally earned money undetected. This would provide insulation to the economy and prevent money hoarders from ruining it or dumping cash. It would also allow smaller players to reap more benefits, as players down on their luck wouldn't be hit nowhere near as hard. The real purpose of interest is to counter bad luck, RNG or just learning the game. Its intent is to not make people super wealthy, but to provide a buffer for bad streaks. That's why the fees are there. Saftey Deposit Box Another method of offsite storage, here you can stash quest items, money, valuables, geiger counters, meds, etc. Money will not gain interest however. Withdrawal is instant. However, there will be fees depending on how big the box is to offset this advantage. The fees get more and more expensive as your box gets bigger. It would be a monthly or weekly fee, no matter if you use it or not. However, if you don't use it that much, you can 'freeze' it, which means you no longer have to pay any fees. However, once frozen you can't take anything out of it or put things into it until you pay what you owe. To prevent items from being permanently locked out in a worst case scenario, you could remove/sell/get rid of your box, maybe for a lower fee than unlocking. However, you'd have to buy it again and the fees would increase for a time, just like going bankrupt. If you dislike the box, you can either sell it or give it up PO Box Trading in this game is difficult. The PO Box would be a box for trading only, where you pay a much smaller fee, only as long as something is in it. This is for trading and you can give access to this box to another player. That way you don't have to drop things on the ground in game. Conclusions I think this would be a good compromise, helping with inventory spaces and grinding for items. It adds another layer to the economy, removes frustrating inventory management, and provides some quality of life issues and makes losing less frustrating since you know you've got money in the bank and you won't go poor. Let me know what you guys think.
  11. Hummz21

    Idea for Splints

    Hi, at the moment Splints are useless becaus a fracture will not happend when you get hit. Your limb will be black out in a few seconds. For this case i have a idea for the Splints: Splints are able zu bring back black out arms and legs up to 10HP once. When you leg gets black out you can use a splint bring it back with maximum 10Hp. So you can run 10 steps without taking damage or usings Painkiller all the time, but when you get hit again on this limb, it will be black out for ever for this raid and you will get dmg after every sprint step and you need Morphine to walk normal. This will be make Splints are more usefull because it will helps PMCs a lot . BSG must find a way, that splinted limbs are not able to heal complete after the splint is used on it. Please tell if this idea good or not, and when not...why? regards Hummz
  12. Hello my friends in armor ! ! ! ! BEFORE WE START MY ENGLISH ISN'T PERFECT ! ! ! (make sure you understand) I have 2 great suggestion for hardcore and better gameplay and LOOT system ! ____ There is suggestion number 1: Containers (alpha, beta, gama ...) ,usually things for better looting for someone extra storage ... for someone pay for win ... everyone have right ! Now about my idea : (how is possible when i was killed, always my character had container in storage / profile page, how is that possible, my dead body just let container teleport with stuff into my storage page and let me take all great loot i collected before). I would like to see when your character die, your container arrive (like insure system) when someone from traders company find your body with stuffs or without, but container always remain with result from search. [because players can't loot it because it's too heavy and they can't open it] + Better gameplay, less chance find naked person with knife or tomahawk RUN for loot (because current situation is, i am gonna take my gamma loot some containers and look i am rich) + More hardcore more action and point for storage more Beta , alpha containers in case when someone kill me and i want atlast make sure something always come with me and mission my last mission wasn't just bad dream ! + More future for traders, for extra money trader send sooner search team for collect your container and your remain stuff from raid (different discount and time, maybe something like send search team for container, [when return stay in inbox / message page for permanent until player don't take it] ...) + Better ECONOMY - For new players or solo veterans this game without team UP (talking about solo players) gonna be hell ___ I hope you like it because there is suggestion number 2: Durable for keys You know when someone find Factory, Mark, Miliatry ... or different keys for maps and players no more care about these keys ? Yea its bad. So my idea is durable for keys. For example player can find: 1. NEW key ( with 90-100 durable) fast opening doors, 1-5 % damage when you open door with this typ, can be repair once when its come change status for used key 2. Used key (50 - 90 % durable) fast opening doors, 5-15% damage when you open door with this typ 3. Damaged key (1 - 50 % durable) slow opening doors, 5-15% damage when you open door with this typ When key reach 0% its change for unusable key, and you can no longer use it during mission, you can repair just new typ keys other keys you can sell for few rubbles + Better gameplay, less chance find naked person with knife or tomahawk RUN for safes or mark zones ... + Better ECONOMY and for future ECONOMY for keys in black market ... + Players start look in wardrobes, boxes, check dead scavs - pocket ... for fine (better) keys ... ______ EXTRA suggestion: When you eat painkiller you gonna be thirst soon ! 1. USE - (-10 water) duration painkiller effect 5min 2. USE and MORE USE - (-20 water) duration painkiller effect 4-2 min because body ADAPT ! (ADRENALIN different stuff) + WATER GONNA BE necessary for raid not just for CAMP whole time or for long missions ! I hope you like my suggestions and i am prepare for opinions from you !
  13. How's it going comrades? Book spoilers for 'Predator' ahead! Long story short, I would really just love to see this/these character(s) make an appearance in the game, and hope that Nikita, the writer(s) and the BSG crew are planning on adding him/them/it! Thank you for reading, if you got this far
  14. wolfsorrow

    Event Sugguestions

    After the sheer volume of complaints on twitter fb and here I thought what better way to combat bad or unwanted events than to post our own suggestions here. Simple Guidelines Keep your ideas to the boundaries of the games core storyline/mechanics (sorry no base building in raid or PUBG tournaments) Don't just shoot down one persons ideas cause you wouldn't enjoy it constructive criticism is okay but if you are going to criticize anothers idea you must supply a change to said idea that would make it feasible. Keep your ideas clear and concise so there is no misunderstandings to what you are trying to express even use bullet-points if need be I cant express this one enough, end goals be it a certain reward etc make sure it is balanced so joe bloggs who lives in a different timezone and misses the event doesnt suffer for having to go to work that day. If you post it MUST have an idea or involve a change to a previously stated idea. We are trying to help, not throw salt. two good ideas I have seen so far and will credit are: https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/65487-weeklymonthly-events/?tab=comments#comment-1015037 By ShadowWolf20 and https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/63612-add-events-for-more-dynamic-raids-in-tarkov/?tab=comments#comment-999544 By ynnus86 Going by my own rule number 5 here if my first idea working off ynnus86's post particularly the convoy idea With the upcoming boss scavs a good random/rare occurrence dude to vehicle mechanics not being in game yet would be a squadron of scavs protecting their boss escorting him from point A to point B via Point C (Because all maps are "Linked") Of course the route they take is never set in stone repeated time after time. A good example is customs currently has 22 exits so thats 21 different places the escort could go after they go to point C for whatever reason they decide be it check an area, get a certain item etc etc The main goal obviously would be for the PMC(s) to kill the boss who when dead the remaining scavs would hunt for whoever the killer(s) are. Rewards: More Exp, and better loot off the main or perhaps items you would rarely see on a scav such as flash drives etc not a limited edition gun etc for that would be unbalanced but definitely something to be double the value of the resources you put into the kill.
  15. t3hSn0wm4n

    Ammo Cans

    So we have the Item cases, we have the weapon cases and even the money cases. can we get an Ammo can at some point? Was just taking about this with a couple of friends and couldnt find any topics where this had been suggested. Ammo is a pain in the rear to organize, and for users that are not EOD, I can only imagine the frustration. And unless you are a millionaire, buying I-Cases or weapons cases just to sort ammo is impractical. But the addition of these little guys would be fantastic and because they are dirt cheap IRL would be something that could be made available via traders to help with stash organization. There are Russian Maxim cans, commercially available watertight plastic cans, and the standard issue US army green ammo can... I can't be the only one who would think this to be a fantastic idea. Also the option of a grenade box or medical box would be pretty sweet too.
  16. //Armor tiers// At the moment there are only 4 tiers of armor (Tier 2; 3; 4; 5) and for me atleast the tiers dont make any sense. There is no tier 3 and 4 Body armor , there are 2 tier 4 helmets and 2 tier 2 body armor. Also at the moment there is no tier 1 armor. I think, that There should be helmet and body armor for each tier. Tier 1: Workers Helmet (Should be added), Yellow Vest (Should be added) Tier 2: 3M, Kolpak Tier 3: PACA, Kiver-M Tier 4: UN Body armor (Should be added), 6B47 (UN Helmet armor) Tier 5: 6B43 6A (Fort Armor); Fast MT helmet I think that PACA needs to be made tier 3 armor since theres no point of 2 tier 2 body armor and Fast MT should be tier 5 so it would go together with fort. //HP- Hit points/Health points// //Tier 1: Workers Helmet// In Factory, In Shoreline (At the Pier) and probaby a lot more else there are grey Workers Helmets on the ground. They could be made as tier 1 armor, only protects against 1 hatchet hit to the head or 1 bullet that doesnt penetrate tier 1, has 5 HP and disappears after destroyed, would cost only 2000 RUB, could buy it from Prapor Trust LVL 1. They should be made yellow and you could be able to pick them up from the ground if you find one, so they could spawn every so often. //Tier 1: Yellow Vest// Construction site workers IRL wear Yellow Vests. Since Tier 1 helmet would be workers helmet, then staying on the theme of workers i think, that tier 1 body armor should be Yellow Vest. It would only protect against 2 hatchet hits or 2 bullets that dont penetrate tier 1, it would have 5 or 10 HP and would only cost 3500 RUB, Skier Trust LVL 1 would sell it. Since it would be a light reflective Vest it would be bright in day and night. //Tier 4: UN Body armor, UN Helmet armor// Since recently there was Added the 6B47 Helmet and i think it looks like the helmet that UN guards are wearing in the loading screen it should be renamed UN Helmet and have UN written on the front of it. Also, there should be added the UN Body Armor that the UN guards in the loading screen are wearing. They both would have 30 HP and be tier 4. I think that Prapor tier 4 and Peacekeeper tier 3 would sell the UN body armor, Prapor - for 45 000 RUB, Peacekeeper - for 500 USD. //Durrability, HP of the armor// I think that the HP of the same armor tier should be around the same value. So this is how i think the HP of armor should be. Tier 1: Workers Helmet (5HP), Yellow vest (10HP) Tier 2: 3M (25HP), Kolpak (25HP) Tier 3: PACA (45HP), Kiver-M (40HP) Tier 4: UN Body armor (30HP), UN Helmet armor (30HP) Tier 5: Fort Armor (50HP), Fast MT helmet (All Parts together, 50HP) These Values are mainly chosen due to how much of each Armor I use and wear, how many ammo types there are to penetrate them and the rarity of them.
  17. t3hSn0wm4n

    Player Killing Scavs

    OK. We all know that as a scav, being killed by player scavs is annoying. I am ok with this, What I am not ok with is when I spawn into a raid as a scav, and there are 15 NPC scavs(not quite that many but you get my point) all shooting at a player scav that was hunkered down and killing NPC scavs, and I flank around and kill said obvious hostile scav and then get turned on by the NPCs that were literally just shooting at this clown. It has happened more times than I care to count. Personally I never intentionally kill other player scavs or even NPC scavs as a scav, but I know that others do. My question is this, when, if ever, are we going to not be penalized for shooting the obvious hostile? It did not used to be like that. Can we not mix it so that if you open fire on scavs you get targeted, unless its opening fire on one that is already being targeted? I guess that my line of thinking is that we are all scavs here and this guy turned on us so all of us can shoot him except you. I find this to be annoying and it has cost me scav runs multiple times where I had the choice of dying to the player scav or dying to the mass of NPCs that I had no hope of defeating. At least if i kill the player I take someone with me, but this needs to be addressed. I would humbly suggest making some form of penalty happen for people who continuously kill scavs as scavs, maybe add 5-10 minutes to their timer between runs per every scav they murder. IDK, Im not sure exactly how to fix it, but it needs to be addressed. Is this a bug? Or is it just a silly change that maybe shouldn't have been made?
  18. pisicino

    different level Scav/AI?

    I was thinking it would be interesting seeing different styles of AI on different maps, maybe something like police officers somewhere. Or maybe something like different tier of scavs? Just an idea, i'm sure there would be a better way to execute this
  19. RiftUnix

    Scav concept Idea

    I get frustrated a lot when i spawn in for the fourth time in a row with a toz. Thats just me. But heres an idea that could potentially make things interesting. Scav leveling. Of course you can level the stats but what about scav gear. Say you start out with a toz and kill a few players or gtab a lot of gear, level up the backpack you get and maybe start with a better gun. I think the cap for the scav level ends with lvl 1 armor, scav backpack and an ak. But thats a lot of killing. Scav levels reset after 3 weeks so its not just super strong scavs every where. Add on to whatever you guys think might help
  20. MidnightCav

    ComTac Toggle

    ComTacs are nice to have when indoors but other then that can get a little annoying so i was thinking why is there not a button to toggle them on and off they have an on/off switch in real life so why not be able to do the same in game
  21. MidnightCav

    ComTac Toggle

    ComTacs are nice to have when indoors but other then that can get a little annoying so i was thinking why is there not a button to toggle them on and off im assuming they have an on/off switch in real life so why not be able to do the same in game
  22. Cigarettes and Lighters already exist within the game but serve very little purpose. I think that you should be able to use them within the raid to serve as a sort of weak painkiller or something of the sort. Different lighters like the Zibbo etc. could make the process of applying them (like anyother in game consumable) faster or slower and different packages could carry different amounts of charges. The charge idea could most likey be applied to the lighters too as it would only make sense. And scavs already can spawn with cigarettes in their mouth but that is merely cosmetic, however I think it shows the developers would not be entirely opposed to the idea. I just want to know what everyone thinks about this. I know for some smoking may be taboo/gross but I see it more as a way to diversify what you can take into and do in the raid making things overall more interesting for everyone. As of current there are these for cigarettes and lighters. Malboro cigarettes Wilston cigarettes Strike cigarettes Matches Zibbo lighter Crikent lighter
  23. Hello escaping people. My name is Anna and I started playing Tarkov on 1st of Dec. I play games ( shooters and rpg mostly ) since I was a kid It has been a long time since I felt a connection with a game, a connection that makes me feel happy even when sometimes it is a love-hate tragedy. I really do want this game to work out because I simply missed the type of gameplay it offers: -challenge -tension -lots of adrenaline -fun It is addictive it is hardcore it is not another game for children with pointing out where to go what to do and how to finish the game. This is what I love about Tarkov you are on your own... unless you are with a team - then it is sometimes even harder. ( Sorry for the TK it was not on purpose;) ) The idea behind this game is something I was looking and craving for and I am very happy that my best friend convinced me to get this game. I am a big no no for beta games. Anyway I played this game for 10 days now many hours per day ( I am recovering after an accident so time is on my side ) and I have a heavy brainstorm about this game I want to share in hope that other players will speak up as well and share their thoughts. Also the idea is to have it in one topic - everything you like and dislike. Lets start from the beginning ( a remainder - those are my thoughts I am not jumping on anyone but spawn campers haha : P ) I was thinking this through and before I speak up I wanted to play quite a bit to have a proper opinion - not based on 30 min play. MENU: It feels a bit clumsy at times and unfinished...( oh wow what a perception right! It is a beta! ) navigation feels a bit wierd at times ex. finishing quests, selling items the shops look a bit messy. Anyway the music in menu is genius and I sometimes just stay in menu and listen to it good job there! GAME LOOKS AND MECHANICS: So... astonishing graphics with quite well designed body mechanics. This is a great plus but there is something I miss very very much. I believe some older players remember a game called SOLDIER OF FORTUNE. Oh man. Guts and brains flying around... I miss that kind of brutal reality. If possible I would love to have this. Bah I would even pay the highest price for edge of darkness just to have that kind of realistic mind blowing experience. Also I have a bit of salt with the trees. I would like to hear other opinions on this but the movement from wind feels sometimes very unnatural. Speaking of mechanics I don't agree with the dehydration mechanic. Feels pushy and unreal. Also the barbed wires a possibility on walking carefully through them would be nice or cutting them and make a free passage Pain moaning is a bit overdone I have been wounded quite a bit of times broken bones, knife fun in the kitchen and stuff and two heavy surgeries. I can say that this is unrealistic. After playing volleyball I broke my feet... and I didn't know I had broken it haha I went back on bike home it was hurting like hell and I noticed that at home when I took off my shoes that my feet is twice the size So I jumped in my car and drove to the hospital by my self because had nobody back then to help me but I din't make a sound - just when it happened. What I want to say people are much stronger to moan after a broken leg like a crybaby. I understand moaning after being shot in stomach.... still morphine should take the pain away and make you even a bit careless with much smaller focus and blurry vision. This is my real life exp ( well I wasn't shot but I had morphine ) that's why in game it feels funny and stretched sometimes even irritating. People are tough and yes the first shock and pain should go off but most off people can bite their own teeth and go on especially if you are in life threatening situation:) No weapon engagement! The hand to hand combat feels quite bad at the moment - had few unpleasant encounters where I sneaked up at somebody started stabbing and nothing happen The person then turned around and killed me No idea was that due to the desync but I would like to make a proposition. Since this is a tactical game with nerves and reflexes on the edge at all times could the hand to hand combat be more polished? If I would sneak up on someone could I grab the person by neck, arm, whatever else and try to stab a vital? Kick in the genitals ? Or even a simple kick? Just to spice it up because it feels a bit abandoned. Also with the chance for the attacked person to release themselves from the grip? A feature like faking dead to make surprise attacks with be nice. This game is all about being careful right ?:D ( unless you are being killed at spawn where you don't even have a chance to be careful ) Some of things are a bit shocking like grenades Completely unpredictable. Got killed by my own why throwing into a room and taking cover in a different. Uhm Also the MIA thing. I can't name it yet and find a suggestion but it just doesn't feel right. I was walking with broken leg so veeery slow ( out of painkillers ) but had extraction point just in my sight. I didn't make it even if I would if I would only have that 20 seconds more. Could this mechanic be rethinked? It feels odd when you make it but actually not make it. Maybe slow or stop the clock when you have extraction point in sight? Mixed feeling about this as I said can't get a grip on this yet. SOUND: Sound samples are great but as in one of the topics I have an issue with it - tried multiple solutions but nothing solved it and I can hear weird stuff dislocated or sometimes nothing too. My gun once bugged out didn't hear any shots. Maybe soon somebody will find a solution or if a problem is on game side devs will fix it. Other thoughts: Spawn campers – please stop this nonsense. You are taking an advantage of people spawning in already having an advantage of super high level gear. Is that fair to you? Would you like to loose your gear all the time like that ( not to mention I am still low level thanks to that because I can even finish a quest I am being spawn killed so often )? Play fair and let others play. This is not a game only for you. It's for many and making assholes moves makes other make assholes moves. Be okay, be decent, be fair please. I don't mind camping in later on - it is a part of the game. But camping at spawn where people are defenseless is mean and low. Having 1- 30 second raids is really fun breaking. If players won't get to their senses I hope devs will stop and find a solution to this outrageous behavior. The screen border issue – does anybody else encountered this? I usually play in border less full screen mode but this is the first game that I encountered that when in game the cursor fly out of the screen taking me out of the game. It is a small issue but annoying for me at least. When I play and wait in a load screen or just wait for somebody I just move my cursor freely but in most games I played when the game starts the game locks the cursor from going out from the game. Going through the forum and reddit I seen a lot of discussions about TK and scav on scav kills penalty and I hope that will be implemented. There is lots of great ideas there and I hope that devs and players keep a sharp eye on those and push them through. We have to remember this is a game for us and since it is in beta we have the power to make it to our liking. I believe taht players as well as devs will be reasonable and we will all make this game work great. My hopes are that I will be enjoying this game for YEARS to come like I was playing maniacally ET for many many years GL&HF
  24. Darkphantom

    Magazine loading templates

    Would be awesome if there was the ability in your hideout to preload magazines with a template ie, ability to alternate AP and HP ammo in your ak mag. you right click on your mag and select a custom profile and it does it for you. Would be a nice solution instead of having to split 15 single rounds of each type and load them one at a time.
  25. So, I see a lot of arguing about the state of playing as a scav. It's a pretty heated subject, especially when it comes to "honor" among scavs. Since there's a cooldown on scav mode, it's understandable why someone might be pissed off if they spawn in only to be killed instantly by another player scav. Some people have thrown around the idea of using the karma system to implement a soft punish system for killing other scavs, which doesn't seem TOO unreasonable. What I'd like to propose is a system of progression unlocked uniquely through playing as a scav. Right now, players have a character level that dictates merchant relationships, what quests they can take, and other values. In my head, I can see a unique scav progression system being a natural incentive for player scavs not to kill one another so readily. The system I have in mind wouldn't alter fundamental scav gameplay at all. It'd still be a random set of gear on a randomly spawning scav. What DOES change are the incentives players receive during the mission. Player scavs would receive scav XP for killing PMCs, helping other scavs deal damage to PMCs, and all of the usual stuff. Scavs would still get experience from killing player scavs, just half of what they normally would. As a player increases his scav level (which is separate from his player level and has no bearing on it), he'd unlock small perks like getting some time removed from his cooldown for getting a certain number of kills (Get 3 PMC kills for -5 minutes on cooldown) or collecting certain valuable items to increase his reward (Escape with a Horse Statue for 1.5x experience). In supplement to the leveling system I had the idea for a new trader. Some kind of Russian or Ukrainian mob representative. This trader's level would operate not on the amount of money spent buying/selling from him, but instead the total value of items smuggled out of raids as a scav. Additionally, tasks and reputation levels for the trader would be dependent on scav level, not player level. I figure he could sell unique "less than legal" items like improvised explosives, outlawed weapons (white phosphorous grenades, gas), unstable gun modifications that would trade one stat for another (modifying certain weapons to operate in ways not intended by the manufacturer, at the cost of reliability, etc.), and items of clothing (maybe unlockable scav-inspired clothing when customization becomes a thing?) Overall, I realize what I'm proposing here is a lot of work, but I think it'll bring another dimension to playing as a scav without removing competition between scavs or punishing players excessively for killing one another. I guess what I really want is feedback. It'd be even better for a member of BSG to provide feedback, even if it means shooting the idea down.
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