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  1. Triizz

    Loadout preset option

    I feel like the game could benefit from a loadout preset option like we have for guns but for full kits like helmet, armor/rig and such ect. The amount of time it takes to regear up to get into the next raid hopping from trader to trader buying the same stuff over and over each death is unreal. In my opinion it hurts the flow of the game and momentum you have going from raid to raid. All in all you get more people into raid quicker which is a win in itself but itd also make dying not feel as bad if you're on a death streak.
  2. The Idea So my idea was adding an option as a player scav when you strip a dead PMC then successfully extract. You can then sort into a different table that is insurance to return pile (similar to how you insure when going into a raid) that way creating another game loop for scaving ( it would be amazing if you could have missions and locations whilst spawning in as a scav.but probably a development step to far.) I like the idea of potentially getting your gear back quicker as PMC. It also matches the Lore in the game for insurance today. Reward ideas Perhaps every 100k of insured gear gets you fence rep Or maybe if you return it to a different trader you get that sort of item for your scav next time or as reward to your PMC? fence you get money and rep Therapist - you get Meds Ragman - A bag Mechanic - a better gun Jaeger - a shotgun or a sniper Fence - Gives you a percentage of the profits if he sells it What do you think? Let me know your thoughts and feelings. or ways to improve the idea.
  3. Hello Nikita, and BSG community, I haven't posted in the forms before but I really thought I needed to share this info somehow. I really enjoy playing EFT. I think what you are doing to try and prevent RMT is great because cheaters have been a problem I have personally ran into. I don't believe I have ran into anyone clearly cheating since the recent change to non found in raid items. I want it to stay that way. The reason I am reaching out is I think I found a way around the Item drop changes that I want you to be aware of to help reduce RMT. I know this could cause some more drastic and controversial changes by BSG to the game and flea market, but I feel like it needs to be shared. I have a healthy 200m stash and don't mind supporting my friends new to tarkov. It makes it way more enjoyable to drop them some high tier gear or build them a gun. Recently my new to this wipe friend was broke and unable to insure some of his gear. I was able to put a healthy amount of items up on the flea market that could be sold to a trader for $ for his insurance at a drastically inexpensive price by bartering it for 3 cheap items he has in his stash that I think not everyone would have on hand. That way others wouldn't snipe the items from my friend. Example of exploiting this loophole would be bartering 50 moonshine for 3 inexpensive items like a map of Interchange, a weapon front sight, and a few random TT bullets that I know he has in his stash, while coordinating with them when the barter will be posted. I feel like creating a clan or squad type of grouping of 10-12 where we can connect, support financially or share resources in a shared community stash with players who have been in the squad for a certain amount of time (enough time to find and weed out the cheaters). Maybe even being grouped together a whole wipe before they can share items. I don't feel like the people who do RMT wouldn't want to wait 6 months before they share/get their Items this way. Plus you would hopefully be able to detect most the cheaters in before the timeframe required to share. Then they would need to start over with the buyer if accounts get banned. This would allow us non-RMT-cheaters to still support our true squad and friends as we want to. The game is way more enjoyable and easier to learn and get into if you have some good friends to work with you along the way. Plus think of the new upgrade requirements you could make us do while working together to build and upgrade the new community stash. I hope this gets through, makes sense, and helps! I am in full support of BSG's changes to prevent RMT. P.S. Please don't ban my account for bringing your attention to any of my "testing" of unbalanced barters while sharing some of my wealth and resources with my friends when discovering this loophole. 😃
  4. bldr06

    “M1 Garand” Suggestion

    The M1 Garand was a largely produced rifle in the 30’s-40’s and was the main service rifle of US infantry in WWII. In my opinion this has a place in tarkov just as much as the SkS. Its not a customizeable gun but in tarkov it would be one of those cheap, powerhouse guns in the start of the game.
  5. The idea of shadow loot/players to help identify cheaters got me thinking about how to help allow for early scav spawns without the current problems they cause and potentially help allow for additional PMC spawn waves. Could we have different "layers" of loot in a raid - each layer is visible to certain types of player (scav, PMC, both, etc) with potential layers including Scav Loot, PMC Loot, Dropped Loot (either scav or PMC drop something they found or brought in - allows PMC/Scav to share loot regardless of faction, share with co-operators). The core benfits to this system would be: Allowing scavs to spawn before/with PMC's without them spawning on the best loot. Early scav's are a great way to provide unpredicatbility in raids but the current implimentation see's them rushing high tier loot. Give scav's more reason to work with or fight against PMC's. Ability to increase or reduce profitability of scav runs via ballancing the specific loot layer/table. This could provide a route to opening raids to subsiquent PMC spawn waves or even dynamic spawns completely as loot could essentially be refreshed without impacting players already existing in a raid (additional loot layer for each wave of PMC's at 15 min intervals for example). Servers could exist for much longer while players can still be limited to a timer - this could help players get on servers quicker. MIA could become lootable and you no-longer have the ability to predict the raid as empty. Spawning and how predictable each map's early game can be is one of the more frustraighting elements for me and I feel there are ways to help improve it, be it dynamic spawns, loot or otherwise. With the game headed towards some form of open world/cross map travel I imagine this is already on the table in some form. Have I missed an existing video/discussion on these topics?
  6. Tarkohn

    Range finder

    pretty simple idea i dont know how much i could elaborate but i think a range finder would be cool for long range sniping and also identify good targets for SBIH more of a quality of life thing over any thing i think. let me know what you guys think
  7. Humble_Avenger

    Idea for expansion of Player Scav System

    After playing alot of this wipe I've particularly enjoyed the scav karma system and I am looking forward to this system being tweaked/expanded over time when possible. Today my friends and I discussed this topic and I'd like to get the community and developers in on this train of thought. The idea is creating a unlockable feature within the scav karma system. Allow players to play as raiders HOWEVER you cannot loot or extract from the map. This is meant for scav karma farming for those who get to this point to progress further AND a method for players to play/fight PMCs with no need to focus on other storage, crafting or gear systems. While adding more life to this hardcore world that has attracted so many of us. As an example at 2.0 or higher fence rep (as long as you kill no fellow scavs and use car extracts when possible we believe this is not a overly hard challenge nor is it too easy to access early in a wipe) If you unlock the system you are allowed to spawn as a raider on the maps that have raiders at the beginning of the game. Potentially slowly spawned when a raider could spawn (similar to current scav system). You are assigned a goal. As an example as Gluhars guard you are assigned to protect your VIP. If you and he stay alive you get X fence rep (should be a good bonus). Preventing the power switch from turning on in the command center or preventing access to the exit train could be player raider goals on reserve and similar goals could be assigned to raiders on other maps. prevent PMC exit at X location, protect VIP X. If you kill a PMC you should get more fence rep than you would killing a PMC as a scav and can kill non raiders with no penalty (scavs would learn to avoid raider locations like a plague and developers would need to remove player scav spawns withing raider locations or easy shot at from said locations). Player raiders should be kicked if they attempt to leave the assigned area and ideally if possible AI resumes control if they attempt to leave (this would probably not be easy/possible so instant death if you roam too far? Potential heavy scav karma loss for abandoning post and remove player raider access for X time limit) After 3.0 fence rep scav raider should have no cooldown. This would be for the crowd who hates storage, gear gathering, crafting and all the other tarkov systems but love the gameplay itself. They could focus on giving AI defences life creating a much greater challenge for all EFT players. There should be limits such as 1 player raider per map or at least per raider group. 3+ Player Raiders in Customs Dorms sounds like something I wouldn't wish on someone I hate. Also once you get past 5.0 Fence Rep or potentially higher you should be able to order other AI raiders and boss to follow or stop allowing you to create defensive positions created by a human mind. Combat AI takes over but they all won't be in neutral dumb position. Bonus points for additional orders added such as a command to attack or hold location that works during combat so you can camp or order a raider charge once you get high rep I want your opinions people. Love it or hate it I want to know cause this sounds like a blast IMO and my friends love it as well. I expect salt and yet I am waiting for mines/claymores and god I want tripewires or door mounted booby traps and methods to detect/disable and destroy so lets discuss Player Raiders
  8. Just a random idea I thought of while watching (Glitzyphoenix - Twitch). That a person who gets the most kills in a month on a boss, lets say Killa. Gets to play as Killa for the entire next month. They would then be able to: 1 - Become Killa and spawn in the same location as he does normally. OR 2 - Scav in as Killa, therefore the A.I Killa not spawning in his normal location. Because their is already one running around. Their would also be restrictions and buffs like: 1 - The player cannot drop Killa's Gear or etc. (But if player Killa dies by a non party member then his gear can be looted | then if killed by a party member it cant be looted.) 3 - Giving player Killa a big backpack for loot. 2 - The player has same health pool as A.I Killa. This idea can go for any boss or anyone who kills a boss the most in a month. Their is also the issue of if a player is a boss for a month. How will others get the most kills on a boss for the next month. I know it would be harder then but the player can only play in one match at a time. Soooo post more ideas! This was just a random thought. Have Fun!
  9. Hello everyone, replacing armour plates is an upcoming feature, although there is still no release date for it. But what about hit zones / weak points of armour? The new level 6 armour does not protect armpits, shoulders, throat and side profil of the upper body. For example. Other armour vests cover more, although have not the same protective material. So, even with bad/low caliber ammo you could fairly hit somebody in the upper body , if you aim for the weak points or uncovered body parts. Additionally: Bulcky titan/steel plates and ceramic plates arent at points, which need to be flexible, like armpits, shoulders, body side profile etc. The newest level 6 armour only protects the chest from the direct front or back. Your side profile is totally naked for example. Which could at least be covered at least with flexible cevlar texture, but its not. A good big weak point to exploit. So we could bring back 50 % of the ammo types into the meta with a realistic and logical feature. Legs, under/lower arms wont be the only weak point. Greetings Zolty47

    Karma ideas: for bad karma players

    "I just wanted to say thank you battle state you guys are the literal best keep up the good work"- just put that there cuz you guys get to much hate from rude people and leave some thing for any one on the dev team who might read this you guys are amazing and are developing one of the best games out there even though this game is not finished it plays better then most AAA games out there on the market ( just want to point out im not a dev nor do i know anything about developing let alone makeing player models so i dont know if any of this is possiable or without it looking stupid ) Actual topic: That people with bad karma end up looking like something from "The Division" the hunter guys how they kill "agents" in this case PMC's and people with bad karma would have static dog dogs on there player model whether that be on his arms, chest, leggs, i think would be the easiest way of doing it but i think the difficult thing and would understand the reasons why you would not do it is the game would know your karma status and if its bad put the dog tags on your backpack, armor, rigs so they can't be hiddin under armor and stuff but even if u cant put it over the cloth the one thing that will be a dead give away would be "jingling" whether that be piviting, leaning, runing , or even walking the dog tags would make audible noises for players to know immediately that thay are a PKer and once again thank battle state you guys fukin rock stay awesome
  11. The Tarkov Shooter Part 8 Quests should definitely be Changed.
  12. FU8AR

    Ammo Wpn Sighting

    I'm not sure if this has been considered but if it had, I'll remove the suggestion. I also understand that some streamers have already brought this up, but their names escape me at this moment. I am not trying to take their idea as my own. Wpn sighting before going into raid at the hideout range (also making sure the gun is on what ever fire rate you want). This will allow you to make sure your ammo is hitting the target at 100m, no matter what ammo you use. Understandably each gun is already on target for an ammo type already, but this will make the game more realistic and allow better use of all ammo types. How this can work: In the hideout, going into the scope/sight settings, moving the point of aim left/right, up/down a set amount (ie. 1 click = 3 inches at 100m) This will also allow better use of the sighting feature that is in raid already, as you will have a better idea of where your rounds are going from the start. This doesn't have to be done all the time, but can be done for better accuracy with the scopes being used with the ammo loaded.
  13. I really like the game but I am noticing a small problem for beginners such as me. I am going into the game, spawning in as my PMC and go around looting then I encounter an enemy PMC. Thing is, I am level 3 with no armor and a simple AK while he is full stuff with guns and armor that make it impossible for me to win a fight. And problem is, same thing as Scav, encounter an PMC and die because he is level 47 while I am 3. The problem is, this happens often and that makes it hard for me to improve or get better loot. A Fix to this issue would ether be - 1. Skill matchmaking - In a sense, it would match me with people that are my level, and have about the same amount of loot as I do. I personally don't see anything wrong with that, and if you do, please tell me. 2. Loot Rating or something - It would be matching you against people who have loot that could have some same rating as yours. This would mean if you wear level 4 armor with "level 4 guns", you be matched with people who have the same level, or 1 above or below. This would allow your fights to be more fair and equal.
  14. nebrot22

    Night Raids

    Hey guys, some thoughts about the night raids. 1. What do you think about the brightness in night time? In my opinion its way to bright. Nightvisions are almost useless. I would like it if the nights are darker. 2. Most players dont even like to play in night, because there is no benefit, theres only the downside of seeing less or paying more for a night vision. So to give us a little more motivation to do night raids i think it would be nice if the bosses have a higher spawnrate on nighttime. I understand that this might bring a issue with the market prices of items. You might not agree with my idea but i think something has to happen to night raids otherwise its just hatchlings heaven because there are just very few people playing with gear on night. Greetings Nebrot22 / Bippo
  15. A possible change that may help with the current found in raid flea market issue: Make any item able to be sold on the flea market (regardless of if it has FIR tag), however if it was not found in raid, then the fee for listing the item on the flea market should be much higher than the fee for listing the exact same item that was found in raid. I'm not sure if this solves all of the issues surrounding the flea market and the found in raid status, but it would be a much more enjoyable alternative to the current flea market mechanics.
  16. DCXLVI

    Just a thought

    I think it would be cool to see a more accurate depiction of weather patterns in the pre-raid screen. I know weather is not something that is constant however it does effect what people do or do not bring into a raid. For an example night runs on shoreline if there are heavy clouds in the sky you need to bring NVGs however if there are not you can make do without NVGs. My point is that heavy overcast with no rain and light overcast with no rain are depicted as the same icon. It would be nice to have a typed description of the weather in raid, at least when it starts. Also a better photo icon of the weather in raid would be helpful as well.
  17. Hutch-

    Big Brain Idea

    I would love to see the addition of a working compass item in the game. Perhaps one that would act similar to a knife/hatchet. To clarify, if you were to acquire one, and put it in the dedicated slot in the inventory, your pmc would not lose this item when KIA. There are infinite possibilities to how this could be incorporated or obtained.
  18. Zynx

    Thoughts and suggestions

    Hello guys! There are some thoughts and suggestions for overall better game experience. Maybe some of them will be useful. Sorry for the poor english. - Prevent players to stand each others head: Prevent players to reach spots which normally unavailable for them. In that case less "glitching feature" will be available for the players. - Auto sell to Fence: It will be a nice to have feature, when a SCAV raid ends and the players leave some stuff on the scav character theese items should automatically going to sell to Fence. It is a small thing I know, but in the long run this methot spare tons of time for the players and grant extra money for them. - Ear and other hitbox size correction: IMHO the ear hitboxes are way too large. It is a common problem, when somebody using face shield and die because of an earshot which comes from an enemy who stands in front of him. - Bot scav jump ability: They sprint, prone, reload, check magazine now, which is great. The only missing feature is the jump. Now if I hear some jump noise I instantly know there is a player somewhere around. If the bots start to jump sometimes this „knowledge” will gone and recommend more attention for me and the other players. - In game ammo damage and penetration display on the "Inspect" view: In game there is no clue which ammo is better then the other, and why. Now if I want to figure it out I need to use third party help. (e.g: Wiki Tarkov ballistic page) - Exploration XP buff: I think the exploration XP need some serious buff. Now, I only get reasonable XP for killing. So If I exit camp and kill players is more benefical than playing game in normal way. If I loot every crate on the map, and run trhough and back to the entire map at the same game, and extract I get almost no xp, whitch is bad I think. Players must be rewarded for exploration and pushing through the map. It is also nice to have if players get XP to injure enemy players. (no xp if the player is a teammate) Little bit annoying when a 3 man squad come for me, and I almost kill 2 ppl and the third gets me and I get 0 XP because I dont kill anyone. (I caused 600 flash damage and 400 armor damage which shared between the two players)
  19. Scav sub-factions, AKA Scav gangs The objective of this idea is to achieve Scav teamwork between strangers and also maintain the dog-eats-dogs behavior of scavs. This introduces 3 scav gangs from Escape from Tarkov's lore. Zhilnov | Pashutin | Grizzle Zhilnov: Petty criminals, anarchists and thugs. Wearing typical leather jackets and dirt bike jackets. Pashutin: Former security guards, former Police and Blue-collar workers. Wearing industrial site uniforms and heavy duty work clothing. Grizzle: Psychopaths, drug addicts and sadists. Wearing ponchos and large trench coats. How it works When going into a raid as a scav you will randomly be assigned to a Scav gang. Zhilnov, Pashutin or Grizzle. Your scav will be dressed in the clothing unique to that gang. When doing a group raid, all players in the group will be on the same scav faction. Killing other Scavs from your faction decreases your Scav's Karma level and extracting from raids without killing player scavs from your own faction will increase your Scav's karma ('Run-throughs' will count). Killing PMCs will increase a player-scav's karma more. You can kill player-Scavs from other gangs without affecting your karma level as well as killing AI Scavs. AI scavs are factionless. Killing other player scavs from your faction in self-defense will not lower your karma. (That player from your faction must shoot and hit you first). Losing too much karma will cause you to spawn as a factionless scav in the future just like the AI scavs which means other player-scavs will see you as a betrayer and can kill you without negatively affecting their karma. Scav karma - Benefits and Punishments The Scav Karma levels below give a brief description of the benefits and punishments of each karma level. All loadouts are chance based. E.g A Scav with a karma of 7 will still have a chance of spawning with poorer loadouts but the probability is smaller. They will have 0% chance of spawning with level 8+ loadouts until that karma level is reached. Players with poor scav karma can have their karma passively return to Neutral overtime by taking a break from scav runs. If a player cannot restore their karma through their actions in-raid by killing PMCs then they can simply just take a break from scav runs and they will be neutral again over time. If a player has a good karma level then it does not passively return to Neutral when not playing. Karma levels 0. Renegade - Your scav is now factionless, you no longer spawn as a gang member. 1. Infamous - Very poor loadouds. Makarov 2. Menace - Worse loadouts. Mosin Obrez 3. Dishonorable - Poorer loadouts. AK varients without dust covers or stocks 4. Rogue - Poor loadouts. Toz and pump-action shotguns 5. Neutral (This is the starting karma level) - Average loadouts. 6. Comrade - Spawn with painkillers and medkits. 7. Honorable - Spawn with level 2 or 3 body armor. 8. Saint - Can command AI scavs and have a chance of spawning with a grenade 9. Famous - Better loadouts. Spawn with level 4 body armour. 10. Paragon - You have a chance of spawning with a suppressor for your loadout, whatever it may be. The Karma levels below give examples give a little more detail of what kind of weapons you can spawn with based on your karma level, they not limited to these weapons. Bad weapon loadouts 0 Renegade. AKM/VPO 1 Infamous. Makarov 2 Menace. Mosin Obrez 3 Dishonorable. AK variants (no dust cover/stock) 4 Rogue. Toz Neutral weapon loadouts 5 Neutral. Standard Mosin, Saiga 9, P226, Grach, Glock 17, MP-153, Saiga 12. Good loadouts 6 Comrade. Stock AK variants with 10 round mags 7 Honorable. ADAR with 10 round mags 8 Saint. Spawn with a grenade. 9 Famous. Stock AK/ADAR with 30 round mags 10 Paragon. SA-58 AUS and Vepr Hunter Affect on AI scavs In order for this whole idea to work with AI scavs. AI scav behavior would have to be changed so that AI scavs do not react agressivley to combat between different player-scav gangs. The AI scavs should only react and engage a player-scav if they shoot an AI scav. AI would have to be programmed to take cover when Scav gangs are fighting, so its as if they don't want to get involved in what seems to them to be a turf war otherwise they will just wander obliviously into the middle of a firefight. PLEASE LEAVE SOME CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM/FEEDBACK!
  20. Stevevokhe

    Comapanion app ötlet

    Ugye már betervezett egy tarkov segéd alkalmazás telefonra vagy egyéb eszközre. Én nagyon szivesen látnék benne egy funkciót, hogy értesítést küld arról ha lejáróban van egy átvehető dolog (pl trader quest reward, insurance comeback). Néha egyszerűen elfelejtem nézni vagy más dolgom van és sorra veszítem el a cuccaimat miatta. Tudom, hogy ez az én hibám de ebben segíthetne a fent leírt értesítés. Véleményem szerint nem lenne gamebreaking, lévén nem ingame dologról van szó és a realitást sem bontaná meg ha Prapor küldene neked egy 'SMS'-t(értesítés formájában persze): "Hé haver nem kell vissza cuccod? Eladom helyetted szívesen!" Esetleg tudnátok ajánlani a fejlesztőknek valamilyen módon? Ki tudja, hogy mikor akadnának rá ha csak az angol fórumon nyitnék egy új topicot.
  21. Hello. My friend has a slower computer than the rest of our pack and oftentimes he is spawning 1-5 minutes later than the rest of group, sometimes we are already at 80 water and energy when he spawns. Why can't all players from a group spawn at once?
  22. So to use ductape and a devider for two mags to clip them together or even a clip would be really cool see picture attached.
  23. hunchback

    Tarkov Daily Quests

    ... Any of those ring a bell? I've heard almost everyone i play with say at least one of those phrases. These problems are related and not trivial to solve. Pondering that i got inspired, by a few different things, with a solution i'd like to suggest here. Wall of text incoming, meme browsers beware. Problem The problem is a mix of multiple things, which are connected : The eventual boredom people experience once they hit the "end game" of EFT Passive money generation from the hideout makes the whole "risk your gear" aspect of the game trivial. The quests that give you incentive to do more than simply roam a map killing people are either all done or too absurd/random to complete. The difference ease-of-access to top-end gear between a highlevel player and everyone else is very big and mostly makes PvP trivial for the high level players, bar unlucky accidents. Newer players, late starters or simply bad players can't afford to run gear on par with the "end gamers". They are on the bad side of the gear-check equation and feel compelled to do "hatchet runs" to progress. In the "late game" part of a "wipe" most gear gets obsolete because of the ease of access to good ammo for rich players. It's almost pointless to spend money on armour cheaper than ~100k, face shields and even helmets are almost completely useless and to top it off many people can afford to run IR which gives them "god mode" advantages. Inspiration A few elements combined gave me an inspiration: Jaeger quests (yes, rly) - Albeit "funny", i would never call these "fun" and i have never heard anyone say "Man, it was so sick to wait 5 mins dehydrated in a bush for that Jaeger quest!". On top of being mostly absurd and often random, they are "single use" and once done are done. I believe their only use is to keep the higher-end players "amused" by proposing them "scenarios" that are hard to achieve and mostly don't depend on gear. IMO that has never worked as intended, butc crazy ideas like some of the quests CAN be inspiring if done in a slightly different way. WOW - WOW was (probably) the first major game to introduce the concept of "daily" quests. It was also it's downfall for me, as these quests were mandatory if you wanted to be competitive. Missing your daily meant you missed a token that you would never be able to get back and thus you were behind the rest of the player base. Non-mandatory, fun and random daily quests are a different story tho. A third party website called Tarkov Roulette (not affiliated) - This site seems to basically does what my suggestion is all about - It provides a tool that generates "random rules" for your next raid. It's entirely just for fun and you can tweak it a bit. It's limited in options tho. Suggestions The basic idea is to propose players semi-randomly generated "Daily Quests" or "scenarii" that deal with gear, maps and arbitrary objectives. These quests should not feel mandatory, their rewards should be in the form of fun gear, themed with the quest requirements and memes. Some examples: Grenadier Map - Factory Gear - Anything Objective - Kill 6 PMCs with grenades Reward - 8 F1 grenades One-tap Map - Interchange Gear - Semi-auto only Objective - Kill 10 scavs and 5 PMCs using the specified gear only Reward - An RPK-16 weapon BFFL Map - Reserve Gear - Anything Objective - Extract once at the Scav Lands extract point Reward - A cat figurine NoTaBRGaMe Map - Any Gear - Any Objective - You must start your raid with only a Paca armour and a melee weapon Reward - A full "Walking Tank" loadout + a fully modded AK Haha Klin goes brrrrr Map - Forest Gear - Klin Objective - Kill 5 PMCs OR 15 scavs with Klin on the required map Reward - A fully modded Mosin Pros and Cons Pros: These type of quests might provide fun little things to do for higher level, bored, players every day while also providing lower level players with some additional gear to use in their "serious" raids or general questing. The actual work required for the implementation of such a system shouldn't be too much since most of it's parts are already developed and used in the game. Varying the maps requirement part should funnel some more people to certain maps that tend to fall from grace once the majority of players are done with their quests there. The rewards being meme-ey and not super valuable should make it so no one feels obligated to do the quests while people who are bored and don't know what to do can just go and have some fun if they have nothing else to do. Cons: Honestly i can't think of any major con to having such a system other than maybe that some random rolls on these quests might be prohibitive for some very-very-low level players who can't afford to spend 100k on grenades or some other obscure requirement. I hope people will take the time to read through this and think it through before downvoting it and telling me it's a trash idea because REaLiSM and HARdCoRE and whatever. I'd love to hear some actual feedback, maybe if we finetune this the devs might even consider it worthy to consider...
  24. Tweakster_

    Two-Way Radio for VoIP

    The devs should add a two-way radio system that you could buy from ragman after completing a mission or something. There could maybe be a system of linking the radios in the match by using it next to a squad member simultaneously and have a frequency tuning animation. If there was a two way radio it would open up some possibilities with like the altyn helmet, dont they have a radio plugin in the back?
  25. Hello fellow EFT lovers, I'm just here to submit my idea about raid times and spawning algorithms. I feel as though it would make the game alot more balanced to have more servers offering longer raids and locking the ability for players PMC/and scav to spawn in maybe around 15 - 20 minutes before the raid ends, as it could mean longer more strategic fire fights between original spawned players and stops the guy who spawned in 6 minutes before raid end to duck in and take out people who have been fighting for over 40minutes.
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