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  1. graliv111

    Some thoughts / Suggestions

    Just stuff that's trotted through my head just want to get them out if you understand me: No complaints in fact far from it. Perfect! Would be good if a player (or team) receive an announcement or klaxon when all un-friendly PMC's have been killed (or exited) a map, its hard to justify (realism) but could generate an interesting change in player behaviour. Note: This could of course be one of a number of game mode options that could split players into smaller pools for map allocation. Love the sort option in the inventory. Would be good for the lazy gamer if we could have a max stack
  2. gNecrOz

    Adding Uniqueness to PMCs

    TL;DR: The Points are the key information of my suggestions. I have been doing some thinking, and I am not sure if anything like this has been officially suggested yet. I have talked with my friends and people of a couple discord servers and I have kind of come up with a way to spice up and change the way PMCs are looked at. So, when we do the quests so many of them just give us things like money, which is all well and good, but these things could be modified. We were given the option to change our clothes in the game. This is what sparked my thoughts of this. What if we could change
  3. Giga249

    A couple of ideas

    Now originally I posted some thing like this in the suggestions forum. But I'm throwing these ideas here since this is where most people are posting. Zestava m92 carbine: Current generation version M92 and 5.56*45mm M85 carbines in original factory configuration These are essentially serbian/yugo versions of the Aks-74u. I think that two versions should be available in game from prapor level 1 and 2. For roubles and barter. One, to diversify the options low level players have for main weapons. Two, to also expand the number of 7.62*39 Ak variants in game. 20 round AK m
  4. MSD_Zacattack

    Gas Grenades Idea

    I think gas grenades would be a great addition to the game to counter campers. If you have a gas mask on it won’t affect you but if you don’t then the grenade will do 1-2 ticks of damage to your chest. The grenade takes 2-3 seconds to detonate.
  5. JohnDevelopsUK

    My Game Suggestions

    I love the game and have every faith in BSG's direction. While playing I occasionally think of things that might be cool to add, thought it was time to write them down and offer my feedback; QOL Improvements: Pre Set Equipment -> Id love to be able to save and equipe/purchase a pre set loadout for my PMC as well as the existing gun pre set menu. Magazine Pre Set Ammo Types -> Allow us to set pre sets for ammo in magazines making it quick and easy to load mags with an array of ammo types. Hideout Overview -> allowing you to config each of the hideout areas without moving to e
  6. Hi All, I have an idea which I think might be beneficial to everyone, for someone like me who loots so much my stash is not as organize as it should be I try to sell it every after raid but I just decided to sell everything by the end of my Tarkov Sesh. So I was thinking maybe if you by chance accidentally sell a high valuable item like red keycard tarkov will prompt you a warning like eg; "You nut head why are you selling a high valuable item" or maybe a feature like you can have a secure locked case/vault? where all items in that vault cannot be sold unless taken out and it
  7. Koda-

    Defibrillator Spawns

    Why are defibrillators so rare? Not in the occurrence of their spawning, but in terms of the number of places they can be found? Only two maps and four spawns if I recall correctly for an item that seems like it should be apart of the loot pool like ophthalmoscopes. I just find it weird there are no spawns for it on shoreline or any maps besides interchange and labs. And before anyone replies saying I'm just salty because I can't complete the Ambulance task, I have a Kappa and I actually collect the defibs just because it makes my friends mad. Input is appreciated.
  8. GraveyardDoctor

    Extracting when time runs out

    I recently had a very good run on factory, time was running out so I headed to my extract and took two seconds too long to clear it. I was only two seconds away from full extracting when the gametime ran out. My question and suggestion is, if the game time runs out when someone is in the extraction zone, count it as an extraction. It was frustrating to have played all my cards right only to lose everything because of a two second difference. This is a fantastic game and I think that this change will only make it better.
  9. DaveJohnson

    When VOIP is added.

    I had a good idea on VOIP so vote or comment yours
  10. _Primetheus_

    Suggestions from a fellow developer

    Hi BSG Devs. First of all, you guys have created an amazing game here. You inspire me, I hope you are all keeping safe during this pandemic. I have a suggestion that, if you think about it could possibly have several benefits to EFT, with hardly any drawbacks. Please know that I'm not being critical of what we have , I die a lot and I love this game so very much still. My thoughts are principally based on the mentality of the players that cheat... they don't want to screw people over, they just want the nice guns and gear. Right now getting that would mean having to be a bette
  11. Hey guys, I absolutely love the realism and gritty asymmetric combat this game entices, however i found it is VERY hard to initially get and KEEP a wave of new players in EFT. I suggest expanding many of the already strong PVE aspects in EFT and allow for more content to also benefit experienced competitive players. In the gaming community there is a large consensus in the gaming community seems to be that EFT is a game you buy once, but only really play a dozen times, and is sort of a waste of money despite being really good. A wide consensus of many owners is its "Awesome to watch, but


    I think it would be great if after a scav run you could sell all items straight from the escape screen rather than discard them if you don't have room in your inventory.Does any one know if this will be an option in the future?.
  13. Decided to list out some gameplay ideas to the public that i have been keeping to myself. Its basically a text file on my desktop with various strings that i have found to be really cool ideas, ill elaborate on them as i go through them. Ill just get straight to it. Raiders randomly spawning to the maps via helicopter or URAL entrances. Not my idea, i found this in a subreddit, so don't praise me for that. But do praise the original author of the idea, since this is one of those things that i think everybody would love to see. It would make the gameplay and the maps tons more
  14. Hi Guys! My first post on forum, yadda yadda, sorry for my bad english in advance, because I'm not a native english speaker. But to the topic: I've been playing with MP5 a lot lately, and idea struck me - why not have two or three types of ammo in my mag? MP5 got a burst fire, so in every burst I can shoot (9x19mm perspective) An AP, then Luger(or tracer) and RIP. In theory, at least I can penetrate some of armor, or score lucky shot that will do a lot of damage (flex_tape_commercial.mp4). Then I bought three mags and 30pcs of ammo I mentioned before and I started loading mags...Spl
  15. Zolty47

    Dead letter boxes, stash boxes

    Hello everyone, I had recently the idea about dead letter boxes. Every trader has some dead letter boxes on maps ( not every map ). In these you could put your gear to extract it, if its insured. You can also put loot in it, but it will cost you 50 % of its value to buy it from him back. Has to be bought back immediately after raid, otherwise you loose the ownership on it. The dead letter boxes are marked with the symbol of the owning trader. Every map has some dead letter boxes, but not of every trader. Only 4 dead letter boxes per map. Labs has 2. Factory
  16. Grrrrrrh

    Some random ideas

    Dear devs, watching the last few vodcasts with steamer and nikita i had some ideas that didnt came up. 1. With the seperation of stamina, i think it would be reasonable to correlate lower stamina with endurance and upper stamina with strength. I would rename them as well. 1.1. Firmness influences the amount of stamina and the rate of exhaustion while running or jumping. Firmness allows you to jump higher, sprint faster and carry more weight. Max Level: +150% Lower Stamina Leveled though Sprinting, Jumping, Walking with 0 Stamina. 1.2 Force allows you to
  17. METAKON2434

    Key drop Ideas

    I'm not good at English, but I came up with an idea, so let me suggest it. As the title says, it's about dropping keys. Currently, there is a problem that only the key room opened and stole by the knife runner. So, What about killing someone unlocking the door and turning it into a system that drops the key in there? By doing so, I think fewer people will see only the key room without securing the surroundings.
  18. With 0.12 came a lot of changes, both good and bad. Lets start with the biggest addition, The Hideout. The Hideout and Healing The Hideout in general is a great addition but certainly need some tweaking, the biggest issue obviously is the after raid healing. Its clear that it serves both as way to make tarkov more hardcore and as a money sink. Instead of tweaking the healing rates and therefor disrupting the vision of Tarkov do i think that adding a third option for people that dont have the time to grind up all the stations at the early stages. What i have in Mind is a Service from the T
  19. AtlasLost

    Gun range?

    I realize that this may be something added way down the line, but it would be helpful to have it sooner. Would it be possible to add a gun range option to the game? Maybe something similar to the Training mode in PUBG?
  20. Escapers! Der Grund warum Escape From Tarkov so beliebt ist und sich ständig erweitert seid Ihr, die Community. BSG setzt sehr viel Wert auf die Zusammenarbeit mit der Community und benötigt euer Feedback und sogar Ideen. Diesmal stark verzögert aus bestimmten Gründen. Der Thread wird bis zum 08.03. offen bleiben Wie wird das ablaufen? Zum Ende eines jeden Monats wird solch ein Thread erstellt und steht euch zur Verfügung. Dieser Schließt dann immer am 01. jedes Monats um 0 Uhr. Ich werde NICHT das Forum durchsuchen, wenn hier nichts gepostet wird, wird auch n
  21. addbow

    Operation: Gun Suggestion

    So I was really bored today so I thought I'd make a list of the weapons I WOULD like to see in the game, I do not expect any of this to happen but I thought it would make a fun thread! Make sure to add any gun/weapon YOU want to see that you didn't notice in the list. What do you Think about this list, is it good or bad! Cheers, see you all on Factory///DiCaprio AEK-971 Russian AK platform Tavor TAR-21 bullpop Steyr AUG A1 9A-91 MK-14 Semi-automatic marksman rifle SMG K7 Honey Badger PP-19 BIZON (iknow we have the vityaz but I Think this is a better lo
  22. Nothing fancy here, just a series of ideas I think would improve the game. 1) Helmets I know this has been a big one lately, videos of helmets eating entire magazines worth of rifle rounds and especially when combined with visors turn players into bullet sponges. It doesn't seem particular popular, nor is it realistic. Only a very few select high end helmets are even rated to stop rifle rounds, and no visor I know of that can do rifles at all. And most wouldn't take dozens of hits to 'eat through' them. After a few shots they'd be seriously deformed or destroyed. I think a general so
  23. Foxracing

    Weapon Ideas and Additions

    Lets test this out my American friends. As we all can see there are quite a few different guns in the game that are common in places within the Russian territory. Think of the SKS and how many civilians use the gun. Id like to bring into attention a multitude of different caliber equipment and the possibility of modifications on these (i.e. packing your own rounds, or controlling your weapons recoil and drop patterns). The united states is home to some of the best created equipment known today, and the multitude of weapon mods and calibers we have is phenomenal. Be creative, and be precise. To
  24. Electric_Tiger

    Forums Banner

    Hey, developers! Right now lots of details are by word-of-mouth and along the lines of "I just heard that.." So I'm thinking that a good ol' fat banner at the top of the forums would be beneficial for everybody. You could drop a quick status report on a patch taking a little too long, or even hot new announcements with a link to the announcement embedded in the banner itself. This could cover anything from Reddit and Twitter announcements, to Twitch streams involving developers and even things that are note-worth inside the forums themselves. I honestly think this idea will help spread t
  25. s3baz

    Imagine animals

    Imagine if they had small animals so that way it can be dark and one will just move inside the building your in and scare yo pants off? lol
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