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Found 36 results

  1. DaveJohnson

    When VOIP is added.

    I had a good idea on VOIP so vote or comment yours
  2. _Primetheus_

    Suggestions from a fellow developer

    Hi BSG Devs. First of all, you guys have created an amazing game here. You inspire me, I hope you are all keeping safe during this pandemic. I have a suggestion that, if you think about it could possibly have several benefits to EFT, with hardly any drawbacks. Please know that I'm not being critical of what we have , I die a lot and I love this game so very much still. My thoughts are principally based on the mentality of the players that cheat... they don't want to screw people over, they just want the nice guns and gear. Right now getting that would mean having to be a better player, which is perfectly fair, but cheaters don't think that learning the game and increasing skills is worth the pain and suffering. I think the other type of cheater is the people doing RMT and trying to profit IRL. They lose their ability to profit if players with real world money have other options besides paying for RMT to get ahead or facing certain death due to playing time constraints etc. Your idea about tracking the found in raid items is great, and seems to be making a difference. 1) My principal suggestion is that you allow each player account to have multiple PMC's --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1) Starting with 2 PMC slots for a standard account, adding potentially more for people that have EOD for example. 1.2) When you create your PMC you must choose... a) Hardcore PVP PMC (Current PMC) b) Permadeath PVP PMC (like the name says, only a choice for the mentally ill - hell I don't think anyone would choose this... but you never know.) c) Hardcore PVE PMC (Same as current PMC, except no VS multiplayer, only co-op) d) Permadeath PVE PMC (As above, except with permadeath) 1.3) Fleamarket abuse is a concern so there is no flea market in the PVE modes! 1.4) PVE PMC's need to follow the quests and unlock access to higher tier items the usual way. 1.5) You cannot transfer anything between your PMC's ever! 1.6) PVP then becomes the endgame META for the game, and if that's boring for the pro-streamers ... there's always perma-death mode. 1.7) The idea of this is to increase the numbers of people who first of all buy the game which is good for the dev team, but it also eases the matching process, by having more players online. 1.8) Scav runs are ALWAYS multiplayer, however you choose which of your PMC characters you want to give your items to, not a mix of characters, one only. pick... 2) Add a player tiering system. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.1) When players reach max level, they get offered a promotion quest, on completion of the promotion quest the PMC Tier is increased +1, This applies to PVE and PVP PMC characters. 2.2) Game matching is based on player tier or match players based on level | 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 and so on... 2.3) New tiers can give something of cosmetic value, I'm sure you can some up with a plan here on how to reward higher tier players. 2.4) Add minimum gear point requirement for higher tier matches, cannot enter with cheap / lower lvl guns ie: moisins etc. this prevents endgame players from being punished. (may not work) Notes: - PVE should still run "online" via BSG servers, not offline whatsoever, as we want to avoid decompilation of netcode etc. - Allowing players more options or gameplay modes will put everyone in their box, and should reduce the number of people cheating. - Cheaters suck at the game, so forcing them to play against better opponents encourages their cheating behaviour... now if they want to cheat, they only cheat themselves and are less able to ruing the game for other people. - These new modes will give that element of the player base other options, so they don't feel justified doing it. 3) Implementation costs and issues --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.1) It will drastically reduce cheaters, but not eliminate them completely. 3.2) It will probably mean more costs in terms of servers, but hopefully the increased player numbers will drive profits at the same time. 3.3) I know micro-transactions are not ideal, but there could be specific tier rewards for multiplayer. 3.4) This would not effect the core gameplay of tarkov, other than AI driven PMC's for offline mode, and scav runs and selecting PMC for transfer and selecting PMC screen will need more that 2 options. Will need naming PMC's obviously. 3.5) This also allows EOD players to replay and enjoy low level play with a new PMC. Just some ideas guys, again I hope this helps in some small way I love the game, if my ideas are dogsh_t, then thats cool also just know they're posted with the best intentions. Peace.
  3. Hey guys, I absolutely love the realism and gritty asymmetric combat this game entices, however i found it is VERY hard to initially get and KEEP a wave of new players in EFT. I suggest expanding many of the already strong PVE aspects in EFT and allow for more content to also benefit experienced competitive players. In the gaming community there is a large consensus in the gaming community seems to be that EFT is a game you buy once, but only really play a dozen times, and is sort of a waste of money despite being really good. A wide consensus of many owners is its "Awesome to watch, but painful to play as a new player (or have a very good team to play with)". In my experience, like many others saw pro-gamers playing with full maxed out kits and thermals, and said "Wow, i want do that". I got into my first match and finished loading, then wrecked by a high level player who i never had a hope in hell of killing. despite one or two sneaky extractions this was a repetitive and frustrating experience that characterized the game. I then did a few more poo games, ran out of gear, did some scav runs, got killed by player scavs, and left EFT for a long time. The game was basically inaccessible to me as a new player with a job and family as I can't afford to waste days of time alone in offline mode to stand a small chance of survival. I only returned when i found a 5 man stack with VERY skilled players with excessive amounts of gear. Many of my other friends abandoned the game for the SAME reasons and even with a team were reluctant to rejoin the game. I strongly suggest expanding on already existing content - PVE elements and revamping offline mode into a PVE rookie mode for new players with other players to develop skills in a meaningful way and maintain new player who buy the game, and play with friends without constantly being crushed by experienced players in unwinnable firefights. This mode would not have friendly fire, and dead friendly players would be un-lootable, but players would be placed in a squad of randoms from their region/server, and work towards objectives. the objective modes could also be used in competitive PVP and have bounties and caches of random high tier loot attached to their successful competition. Rookie (PVE) mode progress would be a separate Rookie beginner mode, intended as a starting platform for new players. Players would gain exp, loot and tasks separate to Competitive, so players can actually learn. The mode would also have a chat and push to talk system. players spawn with maps. Pro players can play competitive full blown mode with a separate tracked progression and stats, and a separate PVE mode without friendly fire and being unable to loot dead friendlies. If they die they lose their gear, they get exp, they can loot, and do tasks separately. Basically this would be a learning environment, but with the incentive for players to eventually leave and play Competitive PVP once they meet some friendly team mates to team up with. In this mode there could be additional objective modes that could be also brought to competitive: Overrun - Scavs attacking players held up in a structure, players automatically extract if they survive long enough - say 15-30 minutes. Siege - capture a structure and retrieve some documents inside (and a key to open the extract inside the structure) then extract Bounty hunt - team up in a squad (no FF) attacking a fortified location in a hostile region to kill a heavily guarded boss character or two and extract for a large bounty, (in competitive this could also include scavs, but the scavs cant loot and get a elimination bounty if they kill a PMC and or if all PMC in the squad die. Hostage extraction - similar to the above, but one player must carry the hostage limiting them to only a pistol and being unable to sprint. Possibly also causing extra exhaustion requiring players to swap over in extracting them, while fighting scavs to a extraction point. VERY hard, but VERY good rewards Scavenge rush - a mode where players go in with just a pistol, theres a small area of the map full of loot (possibly a plane crash) with many lightly armed scavs spawning in, and in higher numbers over time. Good way to get gear, but decent chance of death if you stay too long. These objective modes could also have a skull rating system - high rating higher risk and reward! One skull means enemies have poo scav gear, three means theres still some poo geared scavs, but more enemies, and enemies with better gear with a few with high tier loot. The rewards would be both currency and loot, players would earn some cash for killing the targets, but would get far more if they extract. I appreciate hardcore competitive players may grip as there will be less poorly equipped noobs to stomp, but as there progression in Rookie mode/ PVE will be separate to Competitive, plus these new modes will revitalise the game for pro-players who feel the games getting a bit stale.


    I think it would be great if after a scav run you could sell all items straight from the escape screen rather than discard them if you don't have room in your inventory.Does any one know if this will be an option in the future?.
  5. Decided to list out some gameplay ideas to the public that i have been keeping to myself. Its basically a text file on my desktop with various strings that i have found to be really cool ideas, ill elaborate on them as i go through them. Ill just get straight to it. Raiders randomly spawning to the maps via helicopter or URAL entrances. Not my idea, i found this in a subreddit, so don't praise me for that. But do praise the original author of the idea, since this is one of those things that i think everybody would love to see. It would make the gameplay and the maps tons more dynamic. You're playing customs and a helicopter starts dropping raiders via rope onto the roof of the building. It just sounds too excellent. Perhaps something has to be done to balance the possible gear gained from this, since raiders are more often than not easy money. It could also give RPG's and more weaponry that isn't yet implemented more use, you could shoot down that heli for example. Enemy hits on cardboard targets. The title is confusing without proper elaboration, ill try to be as concise as possible. What if there was a service from whatever dealer that allows you to see where exactly you hit your enemies on the end screen? What if they were represented to us via a cardboard target? Left click on a player on the deathscreen and it would pop out. Max Payne 3 had it, it was a cool idea. Hey, maybe show where you yourself were shot when you died, on another cardboard target? To the left is a picture on how Max Payne 3 implemented it. And do ignore the tag in the upper left, i couldnt crop it out. Scavs and raiders with completely custom animation sets and behavior On this one, i think this is already in production. There has been footage of scavs having completely custom animations that players don't have. But I'm thinking deeper onto it, what if all scavs were'nt as disciplined in weaponry and tactics? Maybe if they fired guns from their hips, perhaps while even running, having very inconsistent grouping but looking quite cool in the process? (And i don't mean point firing, i mean literal hip firing.) It would give them a lot more character and style that this game would need, and it could even make sense in some way. Maybe some scavs are touching a gun for the first time? Maybe some are just idiots? Now on the raiders, what if they performed some really cool tactical moves that players could'nt do? Like two of them clearing a hallway with their backs to each other, or doing a combat slide to cover? The slide could even be realistic if the floor would be slippery enough. Which i believe it could be in labs. Weapons needing less parts to be functional. Partially not my idea, someone had the opportunity of getting my head around the topic. But the thing is this, weapons like the as val, vss technically dont need a suppressor to function. It is absolutely not feasible to do so, but it would be functional in the very least, and if it is possible in real life, why not? Maybe a possiblity for a scav loadout? And why stop there, AK's definitely do not need handguards to function. You can just grip a gun by the magazine. I'm thinking there are possibly even more combinations, such as no gas block for an m4, but it would probably break after one shot. But it would still be a single functional shot. Don't quote me on the latter though, that part I'm just guessing. Quests that have specific scavs you need to kill/more quest freedom/quest cutscenes That last part alone is probably going to piss people off, but I'm not thinking of the kind of cutscene you think. Cutscenes, as in the sense of that one group of scavs you need to blast just having a specific animation set during some key moments, maybe even specific dialogue. Not the kind of cutscene to grab the control from the player and play you a cinematic. More quest freedom, as in that one quest where you have to place a camera to overlook KIBA, what if you could place it anywhere as long as the cam had a decent line of sight with a good overview of KIBA, and as long as the distance wasn't too large? It would be more freedom for pretty much the same task. Specific scavs you need to kill, as in some quests where you would need to kill a scav with a specific character. And by that i mean: exclusive clothing, different voice lines and behaviors and different locations. Maybe make the scav only spawn when you have the quest enabled, so it wouldn't interfere with normal gameplay. Maybe there is a possibility of making an escort mission within it? Holding down your healing hotkey to select a specific body part. I'm not gonna post a picture here, because the picture is not mine, but ill try to explain the best i can. You know how you can hold down R and then scroll with the mouse wheel to select a specific magazine? Now do that with healing, hold the button down to select a specific body part to heal. Simple idea really. That's all for this post, quite an essay. Hope that i have spread some good ideas. As always, criticism is very welcome and so is discussion. I might update this list more.
  6. Hi Guys! My first post on forum, yadda yadda, sorry for my bad english in advance, because I'm not a native english speaker. But to the topic: I've been playing with MP5 a lot lately, and idea struck me - why not have two or three types of ammo in my mag? MP5 got a burst fire, so in every burst I can shoot (9x19mm perspective) An AP, then Luger(or tracer) and RIP. In theory, at least I can penetrate some of armor, or score lucky shot that will do a lot of damage (flex_tape_commercial.mp4). Then I bought three mags and 30pcs of ammo I mentioned before and I started loading mags...Split to one piece, load that in order, split again, load... damn! Wrong bullet...unload... load... My god, that took me five minutes to load that mags. Then I got into raid and hot headshoted after maybe 3 minutes. So, a "Load Ammo" option would be a nice QOL thing. In separate window, you can choose a type and amount of ammo you wish to load (set a pattern in other words) than your mag will be loaded with it. Why? To save some time - shooting and looting, and running for your life is fun. Loading mags - not fun. Why (but for ULTRA HARDCORE REALISM people)? Is that real thing? I belive yes. I remeber my dad told me about it. To stay on target, every fifth bullet in belt was tracer (he was MG operator in some kind of vehicle). But if some of military guys can confirm (or deny) it , i'll be glad to hear it. My dad story is older than me. Anyway, it's an idea I would like to discuss.
  7. Zolty47

    Dead letter boxes, stash boxes

    Hello everyone, I had recently the idea about dead letter boxes. Every trader has some dead letter boxes on maps ( not every map ). In these you could put your gear to extract it, if its insured. You can also put loot in it, but it will cost you 50 % of its value to buy it from him back. Has to be bought back immediately after raid, otherwise you loose the ownership on it. The dead letter boxes are marked with the symbol of the owning trader. Every map has some dead letter boxes, but not of every trader. Only 4 dead letter boxes per map. Labs has 2. Factory has 1. Second idea: buriable stash boxes Dont be worried, I take load times into the account, and other details. 1. Can be aquired via quests, and bought for much money 2. Sizes: - 2x3 fields, weight: 2 kg, takes 6 fields in backpack - 3x3 fields, weight: 4 kg, takes 9 fields in backpack - 3x4 fields, weight: 6 kg takes 12 fields in backpack 3. Is like a hamster bag, can be buried or hidden somewhere on the map, can be looted from other players. But they are hard to find. 4. Good for hatchlings, against exit campers 5. Take the loot from the buried stash box if you feel safe making it out of the map alive (bc you are heavily armoured and gunned) 6. Its like your own treasure box, you should remember its position or make an in-game treasure map. 7. Looting this treasure map from a corpse makes you a treasure hunter! 8. Buring this stash box and unbury it is only possible with the shovel. Its a melee weapon with an unique ability. I am excited about your feedback. The stash box is intended for loot, the secure container could be changed to "owned gear" only, not anymore for loot. Stash boxes, spawn mechanic: A. Your stash box spawns only on your game session. So on a map where 12 PMCs spawn can only be 12 stash boxes for example. The wont be loading problems. Maybe more than 100.000 people play this game. But only your stash box and your opponents stash boxes will get spawned, so on a max 12 PMC raid map, only 12 stash boxes can spawn. I hope that was precisely enough discribed. I am excited about your feedback!
  8. Grrrrrrh

    Some random ideas

    Dear devs, watching the last few vodcasts with steamer and nikita i had some ideas that didnt came up. 1. With the seperation of stamina, i think it would be reasonable to correlate lower stamina with endurance and upper stamina with strength. I would rename them as well. 1.1. Firmness influences the amount of stamina and the rate of exhaustion while running or jumping. Firmness allows you to jump higher, sprint faster and carry more weight. Max Level: +150% Lower Stamina Leveled though Sprinting, Jumping, Walking with 0 Stamina. 1.2 Force allows you to throw farther, hit harder, carry more weight, as well as holding and restoring breath. Max Level: -500% breath recovery time Leveled though Throwing Nades, Melee attacks, Aiming, Holding Breath. If firmness and force are max level: Only backpack weight is counted. 2. A Ghillie suit was also suggested in some steams and youtube vids. A Ghillie suit would be OP, if it would just be an addition to the 'normal' loadout. So there have to be some harsh retributions. 2.1. Ghillie suit Type: Armored chest rig Slot: Chest rig Weight: 5 kg Grid Size: 4x8 Material: Burlap Armorclass: 0 Armorzones: Head, Thorax, Stomach, Arms and Legs Durability: 30 Bonus: If prone and undetected, detection radius from raiders and scavs is (significantly) reduced. Penalties: -15% movement speed, -8% turning speed Blocks Armor chest: Yes Blocks Backpack slot: Yes Blocks on Back slot: Yes Inventory: 6 Slots (2*1x2, 2*1x1) 2.2. A Ghillie Suit can only be created in the hideout. This raw Ghillie Suit must be combined with mapspecific items, such as leafs and twigs from Woods, Customs, Reserve and Shoreline, Iron Oxide, Cobalt Aluminate, Dust and Cloth for Factory, Labs and Steets of Tarkov. 2.3. If a Ghillie Suit exists then camouflage for your weapon should exist as well. 2.4. With the footage of new prone movements, there could be leaning onto a wall and similar 'hiding' prone movements. 2.5. Talking about camouflage: ToYown Camo Face Paint. (Cosmetic) 3. Everything PVP related needs a counter measurement: Thinking about Thermals. 3.1. Jel Zel Stunt Gel Type: Gel Weight: 0.5 kg Grid Size 2x1 Sold by Therapist LL4 Barter (6 Grizzly or so) Use time: 10s Effect: Buffs: Adds 'Its ducking Cold' for 240 seconds (reduces Body Surface Tempature to 12° C), Debuffs: Duration 240s Decreases Metabolism (-20) Delay 250s: Duration 120s Decreases Hydration (-1.2/s), Energy (-0.2/s) Looting 50 Examine 25 4. Passive and Active Skill improvement. Right now its all passive. In the X-Mas Vodcast Nikita revealed, that there are ideas for an active Skillsystem as well. Great. 4.1. Implementation in Quests I suggest that Questlines should be excluding each other to some capacity. Right now everyone can do every quest. It would be great to see specialization in some areas. For Example: There are basic quests that everyone can do. Like all the quests before lvl 10 or 20. Each dealer then has some amount of quests that everyone can do, but there are Questlines that focus on different combat skills and practical skills. there exclude each other. As rewards the player can unlock one additional Elite Perk in the related combat skill and practical skill. Meaningful variation would be: 1. Sniper Rifles and Pistols, Prone and Sniping 2. Sub Machine Guns and Melee, Silent Operations and Night Operations 3. Assault Rifles and Underbarrel Launcher, Heavy Vests and Weapon Modding 4. Designated Marksman Rifle and Trowables, Clean Operations and Weapon Maintenace 5. Light Machine guns and Sub Machine guns, First aid and Field medicine 6. Revolver and Shotguns, Advanced Modding and light vests, 7. Launcher and Heavy machine guns, Heavy Vests and Weapon Maintenance. That would cover all seven dealers. All the other practical skills like auction, Lockpicking, Covert movement are passive like all mental and physical skills. If not via the skill system this could be determine the survivor class. (there is something like that in the overview i believe) 4.2. General Implementations Too complex systems suck. Just give each ten level on Point for each Physical, Mental, Combat and Practical skill. For people like me, who like to do other poo, cheesing is not an option. Stay healthy.
  9. METAKON2434

    Key drop Ideas

    I'm not good at English, but I came up with an idea, so let me suggest it. As the title says, it's about dropping keys. Currently, there is a problem that only the key room opened and stole by the knife runner. So, What about killing someone unlocking the door and turning it into a system that drops the key in there? By doing so, I think fewer people will see only the key room without securing the surroundings.
  10. With 0.12 came a lot of changes, both good and bad. Lets start with the biggest addition, The Hideout. The Hideout and Healing The Hideout in general is a great addition but certainly need some tweaking, the biggest issue obviously is the after raid healing. Its clear that it serves both as way to make tarkov more hardcore and as a money sink. Instead of tweaking the healing rates and therefor disrupting the vision of Tarkov do i think that adding a third option for people that dont have the time to grind up all the stations at the early stages. What i have in Mind is a Service from the Therapist that allows you to heal your current PMC in exchange of money, the price would dynamicly adjust with the amount of health that is missing and the special injuries such as broken bones. The service should obviously be cheaper then using traditional medkits but not too cheap, i feel like using the service should save you about 25%-15% cost wise compared to the use of medkits using this service would also not grant the player with any healing exp. The Idea comes from doctors in the Fallout Series. Future Hideout Modules It goes without saying that while the Hideout is a solid addition it currenlty only services as a basic tool to the playerbase and as a passive buffer of stats. Players should be able to Build a Drop Box after level 2 of the Intelligence Center the Idea behind the Drop box is for players to be able to send items directly to other players who also have a drop box. The Person sending the Item would have to pay a fee based on the items worth, these items would also not lose the Found in raid status, The Idea behind the Concept is to reduce the amount of hatchet runners that only do the runs for Barter items. We need a 3D Printer Module that should be unlockable after Generator Lv 3 and Intelligence Center lvl 3. The 3D printer would allow players to craft rare loot such as Keys, To craft such items the player needs the Blueprint of the Item he wants to craft and Raw Materials that has different levels. Depending on the materials the player used would the key end up as a permanent item or as a key that could only be used a limited amount of times. The Blueprints would have infinite uses and could only be found on scavs, scavs would also only drop the blueprints for the maps you killed them on. That way people could have an alternative to finding keys instead of running all the static spawns. A Repair Table that is only purchasable after reaching Mechanic lvl 3 and Ragman lvl 3 would be a great addition to the game, the Repair table would allow the player to repair the armor and weapons themself for the cost of materials that they could find on the raids, the player would also be able to level up a repair skill that reduces the amount of max durability the item loses when repaired. Hideout Cosmetics as a Trophie System One last thing the Hideout needs is customisation to which i have an idea that would offer the playerbase long term goals to keep them playing. A good base to start customisation for the Hideout would be a Trophie service that Fence would offer. These Trophies would function as "Tasks" but only be viewable on his service and track all of your progress from the start of the Wipe. Trohies would function as a Long time end game cosmetic goal for the players to hunt after. Trophies would also not give any exp or money after accomplishing them. After the Completion does a Trophie spawn in your Hideout. For example, after 50 successful extractions after killing Shturman will the Player unlock his Jacket and SVD somewhere inside the Hideout. Yes 1 Trophy does not look like much, but after collecting 10 or 20 Trophies it will. Trophies would also offer the opertunity for devs give creative or agonizing objectives without pissing of the community since there is absolutly nothing to gain other then the sense of pride and accomplishment. A Bounty System While im done with the Hideout i would like to adress the issue that Tarkov is currently not offering a repeteable gameplay loop after the quests have been accomplished. The Trophies i mentioned should only be one long term goal of multiple options. What Tarkov needs are Repeatable Objectives to hunt after. The Aim behind such a system is to offer additional funds for struggling players and a potential gateway systems for the introduction of events later down the line without wasting to many rescources on the development side. What i am Talking about is a Bounty system that Jeager has as a Service, these Bountys would be bount to your PMC. If the Bountys end up to be a great addition to the game could they also be copy and pasted to Skier with Bountys attached to your Scav. Bountys would function as an easy Daily task, multiple medium weekly task and a hard montly task. These Tasks should offer exp and money based of the difficulty but from time to time give out special rewards such as certain items or xp towards skills. Its also worth mentioning that BSG could create certain tasks to collect specific data which the devs could make use of. While such a system would at first take a lot of rescources to set up the payoff when it comes to player retention would be big time. The Current Scav spawn changes Scavs can currently spawn early raid. Im certain that this doesnt seem like much but this small change rebalances the game in a big way. Im fairly certain that this change hast been made to reduce the amount hatchet runners. This might seem good at the first sight but other things have to be adjusted to avoid shaking up the meta to much. The biggest issue that most people are missing are the Spawns and Extracts of the Scavs. Interchange is the best example to show the big effects the spawn time change had. it takes about 2-3 minutes for the pmc to spawn on the border of the map and run to the loot building and depending on what they are looking for will it take about 2 more minutes, and then comes the time connected to checking all the spawns of the items you are looking for while also dealing with Scavs and players. Meanwhile the scavs spawn already inside the mall dont have to deal with scaves and have at least 5 minutes to get what they want. On top of that has the map enough flanking options for the scav to just avoid the early hot spots and go for an early extract due to them having all exits avalable. Interchange has been hit the hardest, while costum has had the least impact, i advice the rebalance the spawns and exits for scavs to adjust the new early run gameplay. The Big Talk about Secure Containers The Community sure had a lot of discussions about secure containers and sadly most of it has been not very constructive, to many overreactions and discussion that miss the point, but thats not what i want to pointlessly rant about now. I have put a lot of time into thinking about the topic and would like to point out the most important points before giving my own suggestions. Casuals need a Insurance that allows them to make profits when they cant afford any gear. There are also Hatchet runners that only run Hatchets for Quests and not High tier loot. Geared players cant affort quick high tier spawns since the risk arent worth the rewards. There are hatchet runners that have more then enough money and just abuse the secure containers as high tier loot runs. Geared players frequently end up in half empty lobbys since all hatchet runners already left Here are the changes i noticed BSG made to adress the different problems. Weapons spawns have been increased Weapons spawn always with Ammo inside Scavs can now spawn early game as well Hatchet runners are pretty much a One hit kill if they dont heal themself after every match. Most Containers no longer fit into Secure containers Weapons and Rigs no longer fit into Containers Now to my suggestion: Turning the Current Container into a One way Container isnt fundamentally a bad idea. But ends up punishing the poor and rewarding the rich while trying to fix the exploiters The Solution isnt to just make the containers one way but to offer alternative containers that individually fix the different reasons why people hatchet run in the first place. Lets go over the 3 New Containers that i want to intrdoduce to you: 1.The Stash Container 2.The Essential Container 3.The Task Container The Stash Container is the biggest game changer of the new ones, its Inspired by the New trader Jaeger. You cant put it into you backpack, vest or other containers, the Stash Container also cant be taken from your dead body. The Stash Container is 2x4 possibly allowing you to even stash a small rifle away but not large enough for wests and backpacks. You can Put stuff into your Container during the raid and empty it after but if someone kills you during the raid they can look into your container and take out the loot in it. The big thing about this container is that you can run up to one of jeagers Stashes, and get a new option if you have it equiped, this option will allow you to stash your container for the rest of the raid which renders out in your inventory for the rest of the raid for you. Stashing the Container should take up to 30 seconds and if not interrupted will save the item permanently for you. The Essential Container, doesnt allow you to put anything inside during the raid but you can put things inside before the raid. It also allows you to interact with anything inside the Container without having to take the item out. If you happen to die during the raid no one can loot it and the stuff inside stays safe. This will be only Container that allows Items such as med kit, toolkits, small containers and so on. This container is also very small, 2x2 should be more then enough. Limiting the size will balance out geared players compared to casuals, if the Stashers have to make compromises then so should the Geared players. The Task Container is for Quest runners, All Task items you can pick up are now physical items which function like any other items. No one can Loot the Items Inside the Task Container upon your Death and you wont lose the Items Inside. The Container can be filled in and out of raid but only accepts the Special Items and Quest items and Quest Keys, but no Keytoll or any other Case. It is 3x3 large so it allows you to complete multiple quests at the same time. The Task Container also reduces the players speed to some % so he cant rush to the objectives or possibly exploit the quest keys. The big deal with this container is that it requires you to have the Pistol slot taken up. You yourself are also not able to remove the pistol in raid. Others however can loot it upon your death. If you end up with Missing in action or left the Action the items you picked up during the raid will be removed. I Know... its a lot of stuff but i so far couldnt figure out another way that does fixes all of the points i adressed at the start. A Stasher has to have map knowledge for the stashes, can lose his item if caught and is unable to secure his keys so only geared people can get the juicy stuff. Since he also no longer has to leave the raid to stash good things he might as well try looking for more gear and possibly find a gun, with his gear fear reduced he will be more likely to go into more fights. The Geared is able to secure only specific items, he can get a sicc case inside but that only leaves him with 2 more slots, so not much backup ammo or medicine, he is the only one able to get to the juicy stuff but he cant safe it. a Quest player no longer has to do 100 hatchet runs until he gets lucky enough to get to the objective resulting in less frustration for casuals and therefor less hatcher runners but is forced to be armed until he actually gets to the item or has placed the item. Which results in more fights. The Only exploit i can think of is when you hatchet run with 2 people, one with the stash and one with the keys but even in that case does the loot have to be stashed first and you can only stash one stash case per round. English isnt my native language and i will edit mistakes i made after posting this.
  11. AtlasLost

    Gun range?

    I realize that this may be something added way down the line, but it would be helpful to have it sooner. Would it be possible to add a gun range option to the game? Maybe something similar to the Training mode in PUBG?
  12. Escapers! Der Grund warum Escape From Tarkov so beliebt ist und sich ständig erweitert seid Ihr, die Community. BSG setzt sehr viel Wert auf die Zusammenarbeit mit der Community und benötigt euer Feedback und sogar Ideen. Diesmal stark verzögert aus bestimmten Gründen. Der Thread wird bis zum 08.03. offen bleiben Wie wird das ablaufen? Zum Ende eines jeden Monats wird solch ein Thread erstellt und steht euch zur Verfügung. Dieser Schließt dann immer am 01. jedes Monats um 0 Uhr. Ich werde NICHT das Forum durchsuchen, wenn hier nichts gepostet wird, wird auch nichts reported Was können unsere Posts enthalten? Nun, sowohl Feedback (positiv & negativ) als auch Ideen zu Waffen, Waffenteilen, Anpassungen an Karten, Gear, Bewegungen usw. (keine Grenzen) Wie muss das aussehen? Feedback klar sachlich und konstruktiv (kein Hate) Es kann hier auch Feedback zu 0.10.x gegeben werden Ideen einfach beschreiben Denk bitte daran keine großen Romane zu schreiben und sachlich zu bleiben. Wir müssen eure posts dann nämlich aufbereiten und auch noch übersetzen Wenn es schon jemand gepostet hat, dann macht eine Spoiler Nachricht und schreibt +1 darunter. Auch bereits gepostete Ideen aus einem älteren Monat sollen nicht im nächsten Monat nochmals gepostet werden. Danke und Gruß Hummz PS.: Bitte keine Diskussionen starten hier, es geht hier "nur" um Feedback zum Spiel und Ideen für das Spiel. Haut in die Tasten
  13. addbow

    Operation: Gun Suggestion

    So I was really bored today so I thought I'd make a list of the weapons I WOULD like to see in the game, I do not expect any of this to happen but I thought it would make a fun thread! Make sure to add any gun/weapon YOU want to see that you didn't notice in the list. What do you Think about this list, is it good or bad! Cheers, see you all on Factory///DiCaprio AEK-971 Russian AK platform Tavor TAR-21 bullpop Steyr AUG A1 9A-91 MK-14 Semi-automatic marksman rifle SMG K7 Honey Badger PP-19 BIZON (iknow we have the vityaz but I Think this is a better looking version) UZI CheyTac Intervention Walther WA-2000 AA-12 G36E Remington ACR Kriss Vector UMP-9 P-90 These are the guns I'd like to see in the future, there are a few more but there is a reason I didn't add them, take care and I hope you enjoyed!
  14. Nothing fancy here, just a series of ideas I think would improve the game. 1) Helmets I know this has been a big one lately, videos of helmets eating entire magazines worth of rifle rounds and especially when combined with visors turn players into bullet sponges. It doesn't seem particular popular, nor is it realistic. Only a very few select high end helmets are even rated to stop rifle rounds, and no visor I know of that can do rifles at all. And most wouldn't take dozens of hits to 'eat through' them. After a few shots they'd be seriously deformed or destroyed. I think a general solution here would be to reduce the level of protection provided by helmets by one level across the board. Level 3 goes to level 2 protection and so on, and some are moved around to reflect their real world effectiveness, like the Altyn being moved down to only level 2 protection. On top of that, probably even bigger, is that their durability should be dramatically reduced. Lots of helmets, especially when combined with visors, will have well over 60 durability. I think that even helmets like the Altyn and FAST with visors should only have at max something like 25 durability so that it will take far less hits and reflect it's real world performance more. Also, an idea would also be to have a distinction between soft armor and hard plate armor for some ammo types, such as slugs. Slugs could do a lot of blunt damage for someone wearing soft armor, but nowhere near as much deformation and damage for someone with a steel rifle plate for example. 2) Medical and Health- Healing over Time Right now, people have their meds tied to their hotkeys so that they can heal on the move and during fights for added advantage. Several patches ago, you could also instantly reload magazines and do it very quickly, and even during combat until they introduced reloading. I know they're going to come out with medical animations, but in the mean time as a place holder, I think it would be better to have something similar with meds that was done with ammo. Have meds only be able to be applied while in menu, and give them a timer so that they'll 'reload' your health the same way loose ammo 'reloads' your magazine. It'll stop people from regenerating like wolverine, add a nice amount of realism, as well as requring more thinking about how to approach a fight and what to do post fight since you'd have to find some place quiet and out of the way to try to patch yourself up instead of doing it on the run. And this would go for fixing certain debuffs as well. Painkillers should take time before you feel their effects as they work into your system. Bandaging should take longer to apply. On top of this, I also like the idea that you shouldn't be able to recover to max health. Only a certain fraction of health can be regained by meds when your shot, it shouldn't heal you all the way back to 100%. Only being able to regain 50% or 25% of health lost I think would better reflect the impact of trauma on the body and the lasting consequences from fire fights, meaning you'd need to think more before engaging, and the same with broken/blacked legs. Painkillers or splints would only be able to partially restore mobility, but not completely like you're on a brand new pair of legs. Only like 30% of mobility restored. Enough to stand on, but you're not running or jumping on a leg that's more buckshot than meat. 3)All key racks should have chance to spawn all but the most rare of keys (factory, kiba, ect) , might help break up the monotony of the set spawn locations by giving them a chance to spawn in key racks. 4) Locked safes should give out better loot than unlocked safes instead of just being regular safes. Same with the registers. And locked rooms, Kiba store, ect. If you need to go get a key, or two keys in Kiba's case, it seems like because it has the extra security around it, and limited access, it should have more behind it than just readily open rooms in the Resort, Interchange, or in the Logger's camp. Kiba is pointless if you can just hit Resort with no keys and get more out of it, or hit one of the dorms in customs. But I think that if anything loot generally should be buffed and spread out so that it isn't so concentrated to centralized locations. 5) And last just to finish this out, but I think that items should across the board should be as realistically priced as possible, and also that how much is up for bartering either should be generally reduced, or simply maxed out traders will allow you to buy any item for just currency. Once you've got the maximum amount of loyalty level, I think they know you're good for the money so it doesn't make sense to have them continue to need bartering for you. As I said, just thoughts lately about the game at this point in time.
  15. Foxracing

    Weapon Ideas and Additions

    Lets test this out my American friends. As we all can see there are quite a few different guns in the game that are common in places within the Russian territory. Think of the SKS and how many civilians use the gun. Id like to bring into attention a multitude of different caliber equipment and the possibility of modifications on these (i.e. packing your own rounds, or controlling your weapons recoil and drop patterns). The united states is home to some of the best created equipment known today, and the multitude of weapon mods and calibers we have is phenomenal. Be creative, and be precise. To get a forum like this noted we need to do our homework!
  16. Electric_Tiger

    Forums Banner

    Hey, developers! Right now lots of details are by word-of-mouth and along the lines of "I just heard that.." So I'm thinking that a good ol' fat banner at the top of the forums would be beneficial for everybody. You could drop a quick status report on a patch taking a little too long, or even hot new announcements with a link to the announcement embedded in the banner itself. This could cover anything from Reddit and Twitter announcements, to Twitch streams involving developers and even things that are note-worth inside the forums themselves. I honestly think this idea will help spread the information you want to faster, and more reliably that what is currently being done. Every informative source seems to be random and scattered across different media platforms. Having a source for all information developer-related in the home of your game, the forums, that lets us know where to look for anything we might be interested in could help eliminate this lack of information a lot of people are feeling.
  17. s3baz

    Imagine animals

    Imagine if they had small animals so that way it can be dark and one will just move inside the building your in and scare yo pants off? lol
  18. keremit

    Ideas For Vendors.

    We all know that this is a game played by many people and many more to come nevertheless most of the players are from Russia and Usa moreover there are many items/weapons in the game relevant to those country's. And I have a idea for those are from country's like French, Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany and Turkey. A supplier can come to Tarkov as an Event and can bring guns from their home country as a exchange of Russian and American weapons or money. For example Beretta rifles from Italy or Heckler or Koch weapons from Germany as well as MPT-76 from Turkey. These new events will make people want to come back to the game because of that weapon from their home country they want to play with and will make the game more interesting and fan for all people around the world who are playing this game.
  19. Beez-

    Tarkov Development Ideas

    Just a bunch of ideas that are on my mind which could be implemented to create a (I think) greater Tarkov Experience. Random S***: Magazine stickers/tape for Identifying mag types. Add Mag grips, with or without functionality. Para Flares for Night time Raids and to kill Night Vision. 2 Slot item fires into the sky and illuminates 500-1000m^2 for 45s-1min. Not too Expensive. Character: Hiring cost implemented for each PMC you use, RNG character based on ~3 tiers of Operatives with differing costs. Set number of PMC's allowed at once based on Account type: Upgrading to EOD would not only be a stash upgrade, but a BASE upgrade, allowing more PMCs on your roster at once. ***PMC's who are injured need real time to heal*** Create seperation from sets of Universal Account Skills and Specific Character Attributes to build on. Even a Low tier PMC who survives a number of raids will likely attain better stats than a higher tier PMC. Allow Scav runs whenever for free, but if you survive they will skim the best loot for themselves! (Can't build up any scav character) Medical: Change head hitbox into Head/Face/Neck regions, Where: Head only is protected by most helmets, Face shots are instant kills, (Around eyes and nose area) Neck shots (Top of chest to mouth area) cause heavy damage and Severe bleeding. (Add neck armor region on certain heavy armor?) Adrenaline: Right before you lose a limb, your adrenaline kicks in keeping the limb at 1hp for 30sec. (dmg to limb as per "blacked-out" limb for duration) Since Painkillers (~2s animation) take ~1 min to kick in, There will be a short period in which a player is vulnerable after losing a limb, unless they use morphine right away, which kicks in ~25 seconds (~2s animation), Or pre-pop meds. In order to discourage constant pill popping, each time a painkilling item is used, the next item of the same type will have a 20% reduced effect time. May also encourage players to value BOTH items ie start with pain pills and seek Morphine if staying in longer, or just use morphine when able immediately after wound. Blacked out limbs still suffer a -10% penalty to aim/speed even when on pain meds. Get rid of Stomach hitbox. Add internal bleeding (could link to fragmentation), which slowly reduces maximum hp and cannot be healed mid-raid. ALL bleeding causes dehydration. Bleeding also slowly reduces MAX hydration, while an IV bag (small increase) or *Correct* Blood bag (Max) could bring you back to strength. Dehydration to have severe negative affects on character in terms of stamina/regen etc below 25% threshold, with minor affects starting below 50%. Energy drops more quickly. (Why have food in the game if it is utterly, utterly pointless?) "ProjeKts": ProjeKt COdeSign: "Optional" karma system based on reputation where Agreed upon hand signal (very obvious) can be used to other RANDOM players within a short distance. If they respond you are both bound by "karma" penalties for betrayal and "reputation" points for succeeding together etc. (First Aid, sharing ammo/items) *Insert Tarkov backstory/Lore* ProjeKt REtraction: Secondary mission if your PMC goes down (not from a headshot) less than halfway through a raid: deploy into same raid as a covert op (pistol no backpack?) and attempt to EVAC your wounded PMC. *To be Released with compact smg's/pdw's as sidearms - DLC anyone? - *Meh Idea...* **Feel free to critique or add on any of these ideas!**
  20. Drsoldier


    Hey devs, I am a escape from tarkov player and I was wondering if you are ever going to work with discord? Thank you for supporting the game so far, sincerely One boi
  21. The Setup Just got done with a factory run. Kiver, Paca, Scav BP and a decently modded M4. I notice no one spawned on my side of the map, so I guessed there was a group of friends that spawned on the other side of fact. Sure enough I hear quit a few silenced guns as they fight Scavs. I move through blinking light hallway, as it all goes quiet. Move through the whole map, nothing but Scavs. Decide to loot the Scavs and head off. When opening the back door for the normal extraction point, three dudes unloaded silenced pistols onto me all while sitting comfortably inches away from the extraction point. No way to counter play it, without having to unload two mags of ammo to hit every corner of the room before opening the door. No way to shoot back when opening the door with the animation lock. I'm really disappointed. I normally wouldn't care to much if I had died to someone out positioning me in a fire-fight. But I get reeeaaal annoyed when I die to a bunch of little assholes friends camping a door that guarantees a free kill because of the animation time. I can replace the m4 and armor super easily, but it just sucks. They don't deserve the loot. Ideas to fix this Allow opening a door from the side Allow players to open doors without standing directly in front of the door I.E. where you're going to get shot. This could lessen the chance of being insta-killed without the ability to take cover or fire back in reasonable time. Some walls will be shootable through, like the walls in the Gate of factory, but it will certainly lessen the chance of being blown away in an animation. Not sure if this slated for addition later down the line, but if not I'd like to see it! Make the entire second room of Gate 3 an extraction zone This would give campers less of an opportunity to get the jump on players, but wouldn't entirely fix the problem only make them camp the first room, which is still a problem. However usually when opening the second set of doors, players have already let their guard down, so restricting campers to the first set would be nice. Put in some form of penalty for players who are found sitting for long periods of time within a certain radius of an extraction point. Here is a rough idea of what I mean by this. If a player is found sitting in this same radius of the extraction point, it will maybe fine the player, maybe lose a small amount of relationship with a trader? When the karma system is implemented, it could take away positive karma for camping. The Wrap up Now I know the best ways to not die to this is to play much more carefully. It is also my fault for having not farmed for the factory key yet, but I think these kinds of people are just a nuisance regardless. I rarely get upset at Tarkov, but this got me really annoyed. Any input on this idea would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading!
  22. First of all – I know that clans are planned and this IS NOT another "pls add clans" thread. I just want to share some ideas on how they could work and be implemented. Also, keep in mind that all the numbers (like prices) are arbitrarily selected by me. I give them as an example of an idea and how I'd do it. It does not mean that these numbers are good, perfect or should be in game. I lack statistics, insight of code, database and other things. Name – I think name "clan" or "clans" is not immersive and not lore-friendly. I suggest that name of player established groups should be called "Divisions" (like divisions of their military company). Cost – Should not be free. Should require substantial money. Let's say 20,000€. So only very wealthy players OR group of players can afford it. After all 20k divided for 5 players is only 4k each. This will also put in favor players that have Skier lvl 3 (they can buy €), so players lvl 20 and higher. Cost of establishing a division can work as a money sink which in the long run will be needed in the game. Size – Should not be infinite. Should be small at start (limit of maybe 5, 10) with possible expansion (that costs more money, let's say 1,000€ per slot). Minimum players – To establish a division, I think there should be minimum of 3 or 4 players including the founder. That should discourage players like me that would create Division only for themselves or maybe for 2-man groups. Establishing Division – in order to get Division, a player must purchase some kind of paper (like map), let's call it "Division Contract". While in-raid and close to other player, a holder of the Contract can on wheel-menu (door-like) select "Ask to sign" option. While signing, both holder and signer are in animation for 10 seconds. When holder of Contract gets signs that are at least the minimum and no more than maximum of initial size, he can turn the Contract "somewhere" and Division is created (he can choose name, logo, description and whatnot). Division Contract is destroyed in the process. If there are free slots, the founder gets that many "Invite Contracts" via Message system Inviting to Division – very similar to signing the Division Contract, but for each slot there is one Invite Contract, that candidate must sign and then a holder of contract (founder or officer) has to turn it in. Roles & Permissions – at this point I see no need for more than 4 roles: Founder / Headmaster – person who is in charge of the Division, has all the rights (and can manage rights) Officer / Manager / Executive – person of power that has some rights like invites and kicks Member – self-explanatory Recruit – someone new, at this point only as a mean to easily differentiate from full members What advantages of being in a Division could be? TAG – 2-5 character tag that's before PMCs' name. Game should not artificially add [ and ] characters. Tag should be separated from the name with a whitespace. In some cases, tags could be shown in parenthesis after the PMC's name. Chat – Division should have at least one chat channel. Possibly ability to add and manage multiple ones. Identity – no player could pose themselves as a division member if they are not one if tags are game-managed. Also, Division's reputation could affect how others see the members (like "I got killed by THAT clan. wow. And I killed two of them. That was fun!"). It would strongly help players to identify with groups and feel connected, proud or whatever, not only through Discord/TS, but also in game. Easy Lobby – Division's members should be at the top of the lobby and in different colour, in orded for easier and faster inviting Immersion – Of course not everyone pay attention to that, but requirement of in-raid signing the papers and being "tagged" can have great positive impact on immersion. There is a lot more of possible Division's advantages, like Division Storage, but that's a topic for a separate thread. Which you can read now, just click here! Thoughts? If you like that idea, give some upvote and share your thoughts in the comments. You might also want to check, comment, and maybe upvote/dislike my other suggestions: [RELATED] Division's Storage: link [HOT] UI for loading mixed ammo: link Random events (with possible loot): link Usage of batteries to power gear: link Making ammo boxes great: link Hiding HUD: link PS. 20,000€ is roughly 2 million roubles. By no means this is "impossible" cost. I'm almost sure, that almost every player could currently afford that. I gave this amount as an idea, but I don't see reason for not increasing to 50,000€ or whatever else. 1,000€ is roughly 100 000 roubles. Even if a Division requires players to pay the "limit increase" fee, this should not be an issue. Also, I think that this fee could increase with size. So at the beginning it's 1,000€ if size <= 10, then 1,500€ if size <= 15, then 2,500€ if size <= 30 etc. You get the idea. And yes, this could be of course more expensive, I just lack the aggregated data from database so I'm throwing random numbers
  23. My Freind Bought Me A Copy Of The Standard Edition But Im From The US He Bought Me The CIS Version When He Realised That He Tried To Upgrade My Game And It Didnt Work. I Then Proceded To Make Support Request And So Did He We Both Got The Same Copy Paste About Regions.... Now What.... Then I Head To Reddit About This And People Say Buy The Upgrade... When We Already Have... If I Buy The Upgrade That Means My Freind Got Scammazed. Any Suggestions On What I Should Do???
  24. So, my idea is to add a hotbar option for ammo for sniper rifles, and if possible the option to leave your bolt open after firing your last shot. There's already a really neat animation for this: I think it would be relatively easy to do, since there's already an animation. Honestly, if I could even just drag it onto the rifle (I tried in the video) it would be way easier than having to inspect and drag to a special slot.
  25. We all know it. Ammo boxes. Trash we have our stashes full of. The most discarded item ever. The single item that can mess up entire Fence's inventory. We all had it, we all hate it, it have no apparent purpose (at least that I know of). Why we hate it? It holds less ammo than a stack of "loose" ammo of the same space. You can only sell it to Fence for 1 ₽ What we know about it? Can be insured I have never tested if insured ammo box would return ammo. I assume it won't (just like mags) What can we do to make it great: Make it so traders sell ammo only as packs. So you can buy 1 box, 2 boxes, 1000 boxes. etc. Well, IRL you don't go to munition store and say "gimme 5 rounds for that 9 Para". Well, at least not where I live Make it so ammo packs have same capacity that "loose" ammo have. Buff packs or nerf stacks. Make it equal. Make it so you can insure ammo boxes (already in game), but it will return it with ammo that was inside. As I've said, I never tested it. If it's ingame already, then great! No idea if possible, but allow ammo to be packed in any box of the same caliber, so we can pack 5.45 Soviet BS into pack of 5.45 Soviet PS. No idea if possible/easy to implement, but allow to sell ammo only in boxes, not as stacks (well, maybe "ignore" ammo in gun's chamber and mag, for convenience). This would help with Peacekeeper exploit. You buy 30 rounds in a box, and you can only sell ammo in a box (any amount inside). Since you can't buy empty boxes, you can't exploit. Thoughts? If you like that idea, give some upvote and share your thoughts in the comments. You might also want to check, comment, and maybe upvote/dislike my other suggestions: Random events (with possible loot): link Usage of batteries to power gear: link UI for loading mixed ammo: link Shift-click to fast open containers in inventory: link Hiding HUD: link
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