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Found 3 results

  1. During my recent plays, I noticed that there were several times the players I killed are super geared with low level (lvl1~20). And there are many streamers in China who are lvl 20 and have dozens of LEDX and graphic cards in their stash. he has blue, red, black, yellow key card This streamer, lvl 20. I am not denying the possibility of this guy's own work. Or he has good friends. But come on guys. At first, I thought maybe they got carried by their friends but today I found this site. This is from the Chinese amazon "TAOBAO" and they can just buy rubbles in RMB, so 140rmb ($20) can get 10 million rubbles, the most expensive version you can get 300 million in 3800rmb ($500+). And they can level up your skills to elite in very short period of time And this service will cause you 1000rmb ($150). Those streamers even has their own taobao shops to sell those services. This is no doubt cheat behaviour and I dont know how to report this to Battlestate, and I am sure no matter you are rats or chads players, we worked hard to get our rubbles. And according to their costumers' comments, they rarely got banned from it. Looking for a solution to deal with it, I hate to see such a good game gets destroyed by hackers like that.
  2. I'm not here to complain about dying to cheaters. I'm here to do something about it, and make companies that distribute cheats suffer. Video games have been here for the longest time to entertain people. Some play them to have fun with their friends, some play competitively in professional leagues. For the fortunate, some even play games as their job, and source of income. What if people could gain an unfair advantage over others, ruining their experience and for some, their reputation or loss of profit? We all know what these are, they are called "hacked clients." People use them for personal enjoyment, or to compensate for their lack of skill in a game. Some are free, others come with higher quality at a price. Regardless of how you obtain them, almost anyone with a reasonable sense of logic can interpret these clients as having an advantage over others. These clients can be justified as unfair. While some use these for singleplayer games, many use them to be able to compete against other players in online games. Escape From Tarkov will be my example, and is why I'm currently writing this to see what people think. EFT is a competitive FPS that has a very harsh punishment for death - the loss of your items. What if you lost your hard-earned progress to a person who could see you through a wall half a mile away, and seemingly shot through it and killed you, leaving you baffled and disappointed? EFT is not the only game to experience cheaters. Many games like CS:GO, Fortnite Battle Royale, PUBG, and other titles have hackers - in fact, every single game does. Companies that develop cheats sell them on their websites for a price, and many people buy them, wanting that extra bar above their rivals. The worst part is - not only the players that are forced into combat with these cheaters have to experience the harsh taste of death, but so do the companies that own the game. With all of these cheating organizations advertising their cheats on YouTube and other social media, many new players to the game are un-enticed and drawn away by the thought of players being able to annihilate others by using these. This is a double edged sword - meaning that either people will not purchase the game with the fear of having to deal with cheaters, or they will be enticed to buy it so they can purchase the cheats to then use against others (the latter being the less picked, of course). This, in general, hurts game sales. Much like how one company would disdain another in an advertisement claiming how their product is better than the competitor's, hacked client sales and ads tarnish the reputation of the game they are directed to. Almost every game takes measures into eliminating these cheaters, like EFT. Some games are more effective than others. One of the poor ones, in my personal opinion, would be CS:GO. But, I digress. The argument I'm trying to make is: Could hacked clients be outlawed for "the slander of a company's reputation?" The argument makes sense, and could very well be considered. I want to know YOUR thoughts on this. Please spread this on the forum so that more may see.
  3. you guys talk about no photos being taken about Alpha and Beta testing or they will be punished (how ever you guys want to punish them) Also there may be a auto system in alpha beta that tells you guys who took a snip of screen etc. But how are you going to catch people that use their phones or camcorder to record footage of Alpha and Beta testings? and how do you suggest to catch them? i myself cant think of this as it is outside the whole game and cannot be traced.
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