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Found 5 results

  1. JohnDevelopsUK

    Secure Container Changes Idea

    I've often pondered this but never really voiced it until today on a thread about FIR changes. It made me think once again about how the secure containers are a bit of safety in a game that otherwise has little. They definately play an important role beyond progression and game price points. It is nice to know my medicals and ammo/keys are going to be safe, and for that reason is a necessity for us all for sure. However, it has never truely sat right with me that the container is back with me instantly when i die. I certainly do not think it should be lootable (obviously) and should most certainly remain yours but I wonder how peoples approach to raids may change if you had to wait for insurance return to get it back again. It would give more relevance to the smaller boxes as you progress and earn bigger ones. It would provide another money sink and ecconomy around the purchase and potential seeding of alpha containers. Make the choice to use your secure container more strategic. Maybe you automatically get a new alpha if you die and they are not on the market. This isnt exactly a well thought out idea, more of a reoccuring thought but I am curious if anyone shares a similar idea or if it's a direction BSG have ever thought of going.
  2. So i recently got bored on a max account, reset my account and started developing new challenges/ ideas to make Escape From Tarkov More fun, one of the biggest issues i have is how boring night time raids are more specifically i personally feel lighting is unrealistic not to the full extent it should be in my personal opinion. Therefore with Nvidia Freestyle or "Game Filter" I have come to the creation of my suggestion. Code Name "Blackout" Messing around with game filter I was able to tweak Lighting and overall night time raids to be more immersive and create a new level of play style that I have fun playing recently, Making good use of Flashlights and NVG's now all maps have a more eerie/unsettling vibe to each raid. I Highly encourage any and all players to take part in this challenge as I'm currently testing which maps it works well with and how far or close i come to making this game impressively immersive. HOWEVER, it has huge flaws as it does use 3rd party software which means I am LIMITED as to what i can control. Using my filters to create this level of immersion comes at a cost... CON's Filters make the U.I Dark, hard to see and very hard to focus on if in a firefight. A.I Entities still react to you normally, (just cause its dark does not make the a.i any more blind than they already are), Sneaking around A.I does not work still. Its client side, Meaning other players who are not using these filters will be able to see you in areas you think you are hidden due to how dark it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f6AYYwEW4M&feature=youtu.be if you would like to see how traversing and lighting works here is a video to demonstrate. This simply is a suggestion, im not taking part in any big "mod" or making new improvements to make this happen. For anyone who wants to use this and incorporate this into their raids, here are the settings that are used in the video. Promote this however you like as I would like to see this level of detail come to Escape From Tarkov. Hopefully one day, night time raids will be truly more immersive. Everyone needs to take part in this if you agree with this idea and have Battlestate Games have this in mind when it comes to updating the game to new ideas. What do you guys think?
  3. JustBiased

    Using Wrist Watches In Game

    I have noticed that the player models generally have wrist watches on them and it led me to wonder about the plausibility of using them for the purpose of tracking time, position, and direction. Instead of having the time appear in the corner of the map you could create an animation to look down at your watch and get information such as the three previously mentioned. It would add a new market into the game as there could be simple watches that just tell time; all the way up to watches that tack your GPS location and let you know which cardinal direction you are facing.
  4. Forester155

    Facial Expressions

    Something I noticed about the gameplay trailer is the fact that everone has neutral facial expressions. Trying to kill someone? meh Just got shot in the gut? meh Shocked that someone busted through a door? meh You get the idea.... I think that your character should automatically adopt a facial expression based on clues gathered from the game. For example, if someone busts through a door right near you, or shoots next to you, you should express shock. If you are charging an enemy, or firing your gun, you should express focus and anger. If you are being charged or shot, you should express fear or pain. taking it a step further, passive interactions could be improved with facial expressions. Maybe an obvious under-bid in the market causes your character to adopt a look of contempt. or an overbid causes a look of shock.
  5. KingJamesIII

    Loading Ammo in Mag - Animations

    Straight forward idea, I think some simple magazine reloading animations would be amazing for packing your mag full of ammunition again (the New 2018 reload system).... after a firefight, be crouched in a bush popping more 7.62 rounds into your magazine.. If it's interrupted, you simply drop your mag and swing your rifle up again. This would certainly add to the beauty and imersiveness of Tarkov!
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