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Found 8 results

  1. Hello battlestate, I don't know if the player scavs are anonymised for some reason but hear me out: I think it would be super nice if you could know if the scavs u murdered are computer or player. Someone might get mad for not meeting a single human scav, but thats systematic problem and does not really matter. I am not asking for player names, thats too much, but just a simple icon next to "SCAV", YOU CAN CHECK THE ATTACHMENTS IN THIS TOPIC FOR EXAMPLE I MADE. ORIGNAL.PNG/MY_SUGGESTION.PNG
  2. Hey folks, I'm new to the game and started playing about a week ago. I've been eyeballing EFT for a while now and finally decided to give it a shot. What can I say except that I am truly impressed with the vast amount of content for a game that's still in beta. I really love the general concept of the game, its complex looting and gearing system, the extensive weapon mod system and most of all -- the mind-blowing detail that went into the level design is simply breathtaking! Now, I understand that EFT is not kindergarten. It was purposefully designed as a hardcore shooter that's not supposed to be easy but sets focus on a most realistic combat experience. If you want easy, go play COD or BF. And that's fine with me. I also like the concept of losing any gear you brought into a raid if you get killed as PMC. It makes you think twice of what you're willing to risk, which makes gameplay even the more interesting. Have any problem with that? Git gud. lol 😁 However, after about a week of playing I sensed a few things that get so infuriatingly frustrating that I already feel myself starting to lose interest in the game. Which is kinda sad, because I really like the concept and would like to keep playing. So I thought I'd use the opportunity and list a few things that should be improved in my opinion. Disable Scav cooldown timer when you got killed Sure, there's a reason why playing as Scav has a timer before you can play it again. After all, scaving is a no-risk, but potentially high-reward situation. If you die in-raid, you only lose what was generated at random before the session. But if you successfully extract, you may keep whatever you found during the raid. Obviously, if there was no cooldown timer at all, everyone would just play Scav all the time without risking the life of their PMC. Nobody wants that. But: since you get killed so easily and so quickly in EFT (especially when you're new to the game), it is a real pain having to wait 20 minutes before you can scav again, even if you died. What's the point of having to wait 20 mins when you didn't get to keep any of the loot the round before because your Hypothalamus made friendship with Mr. 7.62x54mmR? There is zero reward in terms of loot when you get killed while scaving, so why must I wait nevertheless? I think the cooldown timer is only justified when you made your exit, in order to prevent people to play the game in a "Scav-only" style. Allow Scav offline mode at any time (no timer) Since offline mode is for training purpose only and doesn't change anything in your profile, it should always be available, even as Scav. But instead, when I died as Scav in an online raid the round before, I can not even play Scav offline mode without having to wait out the 20 min timer. No fun. Remove post-raid healing of a PMC that was KIA I play PMC, I get killed, and then... I have to heal?!?! Why? I'm dead. I'm bleeding demised. I passed on. I am no more. I ceased to be. I'm expired and gone to meet my maker. I am a late PMC. Bereft of life, I rest in peace. I kicked the bucket, hopped the twig, run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. I. AM. AN. EX-PMC. Honestly, the need to heal a character that was killed doesn't make much sense to me. Just a waste of money and medical supplies. The need to post-raid heal a character should only be there if you extracted while wounded. Being killed already gives you the punishment of losing all your loot. No need to give me the extra punishment of having to heal a dead guy. Add penalty for killing Scavs while playing as Scav yourself We Scavs are supposed to stick together, don't you see? Our real enemy are the heavily armed PMCs. Carrying all this class A gear, they're hard enough to kill as is. That's why the Scav bots don't shoot at other Scavs, unless they do something stupid first. However, I regularly encounter other player Scavs that don't give a damn about a friendly wiggle but come at me all guns blazing. Immediately. No chit-chat first. While it should generally be possible to do, I think it would be fair to add a massive negative EXP penalty if you decide to do so. Fair matchmaking As far as I can tell you get thrown onto a server with other players of any level. What chances does a newbie with a 9x18mm Makarov stand against a heavily armored dude with years of experience and a fully automatic battleship-launcher? I think it'd be wise to implement a function to allow the player to only get matched with players of a comparable level. And last but not least a little optional wish that'd be nice to have: add coop offline mode, so I can train with my friends against AI only And that's all for today, folks!
  3. Hi everyone, As I see there is no other topic about the shooting range leveling, I tried to search it but without success. (or I just messed up ) So my idea is: Shooting range will have 3 leveling options like most of hideout elements: - lvl 1 : The current shooting range - lvl 2 : Maybe ballistic dummies ( Of coures it has demands like bloodset or something red fluid , (maybe a new looting item:) gelatin or something similar, lvl 2-3 Therapist. Furthermore, after we finished with shooting we get a damage feedback like Therapist give us after a raid when we got injured. ( What was the lethal hit, witch body part got bleed or fractured effect, how many bullets caused how many damage). Finally, when we finished with one shooting session just press esc or take some steps backwards (like current version) then you will get the damage feedback and a possibility to repair your dummies (for rubles maybe) . - lvl 3 : Ballistic dummies with head and body armor. There are three options what I can imagine: 1. Like presets you can choose any body armor or head gear depends on your Ragman loyality lvl (for rubles and Ragman lvl 2-4) but you can't use it after that's just for shooting range ( so it's a bit cheaper) 2. Use your collection from your stash and after the shooting session they will remain the same state when you start to use them. ( Requirements: Ragman lvl 3-4, rubles) 3. Like other places in hideout it has item and trader's level requirements. ( Cloths, armor, rubles, Ragmen lvl, etc...) After the shooting : Damge feedback: Each bullet how much damge caused on the armor and if it penetrate how much to the body part. ( or the bullet got recochet) ----- I think it can help a lot to average players. Learn bullet, armor types, where you should shoot, what can't you shoot through with which bullet and so on. ( I think lots of people use EFT wiki or some 3rd party sides for these information and it could reduce them. It could be annoying when you use 2-6 sites for one question "this xy bullet can shoot through xyz armor if yes how much dmg it cause to the armor and body" etc...) I hope my writing includes some good idea and I could help a bit and did something usefull. If not sad but it happens. Have a nice day everyone!
  4. Hello. It is nice to be able to play a game that is both pvp oriented, realistic and with a nice difficulty. The weapons animations related to it are very well done. But some things seem strange or at least absent ... 1- The lateral movement of the weapon independently of the body, when we wish to orient our weapon to the left or right (up to ~ 45-60 °) the lower body is not obliged to turn. (Example from another game: Arma3 with the option "Aiming deadzone" enabled) 2- The fact that when targeting the weapon is centered on the screen, when we aim in reality we generally avoid putting the stock in the middle of the face. 3- Have the choice between right-handed or left-handed shooter, of course, it is an expensive improvement in development time, because it would be necessary to review in mirror all the animations of the characters, and see the compatibilté of the weapons for a use on the left. Points 1 and 2 would also make inoperative the crosshair systems that some players use. Thanks for reading me. Please escuse me for the many mistakes in my post, English is not my native language.
  5. Ok so i have discovered a manger issue for me personally and im sure its effecting others. I cant see the red optics in the scopes at all! I'm colour blind and my primary colour loss is red... so with the scopes I cant see the dot. I have aimed it against every surface possible and unless its on a light none flare object/ texture I can just about make it out. I have also tried every graphic setting going to see if it help, but unfortunately not... Can accommodations be made to the sights? Make the red dot, lines/optics stand out more or introduce the green dot variants? Thanks Sam aka TNTManning
  6. erdani94

    Improve the loot in other zones

    Every time there is 1 zone that has better loot that the others, that zone becomes a loot fest and no one plays other zones, right now everyone is going to the new shoreline part, dorms, and factory for quick pvp, i think other places should be improved so any place feels rewarding instead of all players feeling the need to go to 1 certain place to get something interesting or rewarding.
  7. Hi guys, before starting, thanks to the developers for answering the topics and for the great work they are doing, I really appreciate that, thx guys. Now, I wonder if you have plans to implement / improve the controls, more specifically the Special Action Modifiers to separate controls. I mean having a particular key that triggers a single action, instead of having to use two keys, or being able to switch between these two modes, "Single key action" or the Special Action Modifiers. Examples: (My Special Action Modifiers Key is X) Press "H" to switch between LED, IR Laser, IR searchlight or turn it off. Instead of the current: Press "X" + "T" to switch between LED, IR Laser and IR searchlight. Or Press "O" to change the sight reticle Instead of Press "X" + "Mouse Button" to change the sight reticle Or switch between sights (Telescopic and the 45° backup sight) That last one affects me a lot, because I use the "Hold to Aim" setting, so it's a circus on my screen. Well, that's what I had to say, what do you think guys?. Thank you for reading.
  8. Lewzzz


    Hello there, devs... I'm new at the game, i started last night, but I already have many ideas to improve the game in short, mid and long time... the game is awesome but we need more "war-like emotions"... so I listed some ideas, I hope you devs read it and absorve some of them... I assume my first feeling about the game was to sense a lack of goals, once we start, our only and main goal is to loot and to kill, and if we don't find anyone real, we only face bots (which are no big deal). So I wondered about these game mods, some of them look like "contracts": - "protect someone for 10min" (you need to protect a bot or a player or more than one character for a time, once the game starts, bots will come to kill him) - "kil someone, specifically, within 10min" (you need to rush to find someone with a specific atribute that no one else has, a pink helmet or whatever, and the difficult will be the protecters, whose job is kill you... so in both mods, you can join a squad vs squad match, or a 10 vs 10 sorted players... will give a huuuuuuuge difference in the game atmosphere. - Stealth missions: the main goal is not to be seen, if a bot sees you, it will run to a certain point and sound the alarm, so you can kill everyone but you can't allow them to sound the alarm - Stealing stuff: the main goal is to reach a place and take a case, a box, a weapon, an object, whatsoever, and go to extraction. - Battle matches: the actual mode is... starting, killing, looting, extracting, over and over. A new mode can be add to use your items in that match, once the player dies, he loses everything, so you can play the regular game, loot, and go to a battle, if you win, you go back with your stuff, if you lose, you lose, go back to the regular game and loot... - Multisquad match (maybe battle royale type, no need to be, though): like the last squad standing but here is different, a player is the captain, 3 are soldiers with 3 classes, snipers, assault and demolition, everyone starts with only a class of weapon, captains assalt rifle and pistol and medkits for suport, assault - smgs and rifles and ammo for support, snipers - sniper rifles and pistols and nightvision for support, demolition - lmg and assault rifles and grenades for support. So here is the diff in this mod, the map is divided in 4 or 6 smaller parts, apart from the others, everyone has a base where they can grab new stuff, after they reach the main objective, kill the enemy, they can go back to the base and trade the points for new weapons, corporals give more points than regular soldiers... - Nation battles: I feel like this is the best idea for the game in short term... a match where you join players from your country (and please, don't forget the voice chat, maybe only withn a range, to be realistic), 20 vs 20 would be fine... we need to see bullets flying everywhere and all the mess... so after all these mods the player gain points that can be trade for weaponry... it's a way to reward the winners and the losers lose, so they don't go to matches full of stuff, just a weapon and ammo, and water and food... if you lose, lose basic stuff... if you wanna throw your best weapon in battle, you will know there's a chance to lose it to another person (who will know after the game ends, they will take only the things they are carrying). I have many others but I don't know if you devs wanna read about it, idk what is the game purpose, my intention is to help by writing these suggestions... Thank you for your attention... be free to correct me (even my english, it's not my native language)
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