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Found 3 results

  1. Chickinzooka

    JAG's PUG Event!

    Disclaimer: I don't know where events go so let me know if I posted this in the wrong place! JAG is back at it again! A second Pug event is being planned. The official start date of this will be July 1st (Canada day for all you non-Canadians). We would like to cordially invite you all to participate in our brutal 4v4 ladder team deathmatch. We will be pitting teams of players against each other in a different section of specific maps, guarded by enforcers. If you and your team are successful in wiping out the enemy, you will progress to the next round. Requirements - First you need to go on a prowl for your best friends, then arm them to the teeth, Join the JAG discord to register your team. Registration will open up July 1st (we will make another post with our link to the discord), so you have less than a week to prepare your team. Once the Registration opens up, all you need to do is link your 3 comrades, and give yourselves an inspiring team name like Hobos with Guns. There is a cap of teams we can support, so it is currently limited to 16 teams. Restrictions - NO IR scopes and no wearing the same gear as the enforcers. (Enforcer gear will not be anything too common more will be revealed once the event goes live) Prizes - The Winners will be graciously rewarded with in-game loot and some steam keys. Plus those sweet sweet bragging rights. See you all there! ~Thermosmagus
  2. swanny5584

    In raid items

    Why is it all items required for item found in raid don't work. I have grinded since the patch and collected various things required later for quests. Examples being rechargeable batteries, cpu, cigarettes etc. You can only hand in items found after the quest goes live. This is rediculous as I have clearly found these items in raid so what is the problem. This is the type of things which lose player base and make people think what is the point in grinding! I get that you cannot purchase certain quest items off the market but this is getting rediculous now. Please fix this as it's nonsense.
  3. We are happy to announce that on Thursday, June 8th, 2017 from 19:00 GMT+1 till 21:00 GMT+1 (21h00/9pm MSK first raid starting time). The joint developer and Emissary team with backpacks full of valuable loot will try to escape the Scav players while being escorted. For this event, our map will be Woods and it will be ‘’Escort’’. To discuss how this works in details: Up to three developers enter the location together with the players. The dev team will be equipped with heavy armor and backpacks full of valuables but armed with Makarovs only. They proceed to walk out of the location, and three players have to escort them to the exit. At the same time, the player Scavs are attacking the convoy, trying to snatch the backpacks with loot. If the convoy successfully reaches the destination - devs will drop the backpacks as the reward to the escorting players. Everyone who has access to Escape from Tarkov is invited to participate. We will form several waves of players, and every participant will get instructed on how to join the event at the right time. The game rooms will be set up and ready beforehand and all players will have a precise list of rooms to join. The game will start as soon as all Scav players are in line to enter the raid. To sign up for the Escort please leave your interest in this forum topic with your Discord username. Due to issues in the past, you can only sign up for yourself and others have to sign up for themselves as well so that our invite messages will get to you in time (No group sign ups). Make sure to apply only if you are completely sure you will make it on time. Everyone that applied will get an invite link sent to them alongside full details about what you need to do once you get on the server, and when the event needs to be organized, it will be organized on a first-come-first-serve basis to ensure we have enough players on time or randomly select players from those present on the channel. So getting the invite link does not mean we will have space for you. All players would need to be present 30 minutes to one hour earlier to get you situated and start the event on time and end on time. Each wave will consist of 15 players: 12 SCAVs and 3 escort PMC players alongside with the 3 on the dev team to be escorted. This will be held for 6 raid sessions that will last 20 minutes each with a 2-hour event in total. Read the full detailed organizational information thread below (Must read first if you are attending): French Translation of the News Thanks to emissary @AGN_YuD Czech Translation of the News Thanks to emissary @PugMonk Arabic Translation of the News Thanks to emissary @Ahmedmohamed
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