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Found 11 results

  1. Tomanation

    Upgrading Problem

    Hello. I had the Standard edition of EFT and upgraded on the 14th to EoD. I was under the impression that i would automatically get a bigger stash and all the items would be sent to me in-game yet i received nothing. is there something i need to do after buying this or what. i have contacted support but have yet to get a reply
  2. This is for a friend of mine. Every time he starts Tarkov and attempts a PMC raid he crashes with the error "EscapeFromTarkov - Unity 2018.4.13f1_8c8a3ab55330". Now from what he has told he has tried every fix he's been able to find and it still will not work. He can still do Scav raids but can't really progress. Thanks - BirdyChow
  3. Hello, I strongly suggest to add high resolutions for all the menu and ingame icons as im playing in 2k res and the icons are displayed pixeled. Thats a nice to have. Thank you!
  4. Guten Abend liebe Gemeinde ich hoffe dass ich falls der Thread schon existiert ich ihn nicht übersehen habe, hier zu meinem Problem: Seit gestern habe ich in EFT das Problem dass im Spiel die Maus einfach für paar Sekunden aufhört zu reagieren. Das Spiel läuft normal weiter das heisst ich kann währenddessen normal laufen und habe auch keine framedrops oder ähnliches es ist nur die Maus die hängt. Habe bereits andere spiele getestet wie CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, Playerunknown's Battleground und Farcry 5. Alle liefen auf Maxed Out Settings flüssig wie immer (quasi ohne dass die Maus kurz einfriert, EFT läuft ja auch sehr flüssig). Ich werde langsam irre dass ich da keine Abhilfe finde kann mir jemand helfen?
  5. So yea as it says in the title the ingame chat and friend list needs improvement. First of all dont see a way to cancel friend requests you can only send a new friend request for people you have sent a friend request. Second of all a way to see which friends are online would be great and a better chat system maybe not so clumsy one. Third of all for an "hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO" the communication in this game is just so bad!
  6. Tricksour

    Problem with in-game Profile reset

    I bought the EOD edition of the game after playing the standard and then I reset my profile (after buying it) but I still have all my old stuff. Stash size, guns etc. I cannot reset for another 2 weeks or so, Is there anything I can do? because there is not much point in playing until i reset my stuff.
  7. StrumpGunnar

    Reset ingame profile lag spikes

    I just reset my ingame profile and now I get random lag spikes whenever I go into a raid. Is there a reason why and can I fix it somehow?
  8. Lalostangles

    Placeable items

    Can we please get placeable items in game so that we can test collision points when firing shots. When i was playing on woods i had a scav standing behind a stack of logs and even though i was able to see and IRL been able to hit him the bullets were contacting with the wood and failing to hit. I think it would be a useful addition during the testing period so that all interaction zones can be identified and resolved.
  9. BrapAtaC

    Dissable console settings option

    Please can you make an option so that the tilde key function that opens the console ingame can be dissabled in the settings. This key sits right next to the number 1 key on most keyboards and it is very annoying when you try to hit the number 1 key but press the tilde key by mistake, the screen becomes obscured by the console. I have tried a few things to stop this from happening but nothing I have tried sofar has worked. Many Thanks.
  10. Hello everyone, We are sure that you will notice soon in regards to the in-game events being announced in the Russian section from the link below: The first in-game event will be held on May 9th for the Russian community. Then after this stage, it will come over to the English community for you all to participate. It is not going to be just one event but multiple ones so that many players can participate. On this first event alone, 54 players will be taking part. We will announce the English side of the community in-game events after this with even more ideas that we have gathered from this first event. On the English side of the community event, we will also work on any technical bugs and issues we might have faced during the first event. Thank you all and we look forward to playing with you. French Translation of Event News Thanks to the French Emissary @AGN_YuD Polish Translation of Event News Thanks to the Polish Emissary @TheWay Portuguese Translation of Event News Thanks to Portuguese Emissary @predador Italian Translation of Event News Thanks to Italian Emissary @baggio Chinese Translation of Event News Thanks to Chinese Emissary @heiliumhk
  11. 大家好, 我們相信您將很快己注意到在俄羅斯論壇宣布的官方遊戲活動,鏈接如下: 第一場遊戲活動將於5月9日在俄羅斯語社區舉行。在這次活動階段後,將會在英語社區舉辦並歡迎大家參加。它不會只是單場活動,而是多場活動一起舉行,以便更多玩家可以參與。首輪活動中,將會有54名玩家可以參加。在此之後,我們從第一次活動中所得的經驗及更多想法整合後,就會公告即將在英語社區所舉辦更精彩的活動詳情。在舉辦英語社區活動時,我們還將同時處理在第一次俄語社區活動中可能遇到的任何技術錯誤和問題。 感謝大家支持並期待各位一起參與 原文
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