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Found 3 results

  1. Advanced Tips and Tricks /Guide / Tutorial/ How to Stay Alive. Advanced Looting Guide: You might have already seen good players and good streamers already be looting this way and using the following to loot even faster however it takes a lot of practice and repetition and micro while in raid. Right click, then left click equip everything you can’t ctrl + left click from dead body to your character. This works for all body armor, helmets, headsets, face gear, eye wear, primary, sling, holster, tact rigs, and backpacks. Also, right before looting you free look toward any direction hold it then press f to loot and you will be able to see that direction through the transparent window of the inventory screen also upon pressing tab back to raid after looting your character has a chance (not sure if bug) to snap his weapon system to the direction that you were free look holding before looting. This will save your life more times than you think especially while looting healing searching etc. Position: At the moment veteran EFT Players will use process of elimination since they can always assume where everyone might be and can be the moment they spawn in, in relation to the time in raid, their spawn location and what side of the map they spawn in. For example, a 2man team can literally lockdown the entire half of the boiler spawn in customs if they spawn in one of the spawns closest to the shortcut (callout) do the porter potty jump, one person holds and kills everyone trying to jump the wall after them and everybody going through shortcut, the other holds and kills everyone trying to make it past gas station from checkpoint etc. Until open world comes whoever can get to these kinds of positions and 5 mans literally being able to cut the map in half for example the spawn closest to loot cave on woods. One person can hold the right wall 2 people on spine and two people in or around scav ambush is literally one of the hardest things to fight against esp. if they are equipped with M4s and/ dvls or rsass’s. Basically, if you don’t make it to these kinds of positions you will mostly die even if every pmc on the map knows that there’s a team doing these strategies their positional advantage will usually be way to good. If your solo and face this and don’t bring anything in with range may the Tarkov gods be with you friend…. Understanding the Greed Meta: I swear it feels like 90% of player base is only bringing in a hatchet and obviously running to resort on shoreline, dorms on custom, safe on factory and marked circle on woods. Using this to your advantage and literally racing them there to set up and ambushes and kill them all as they come because usually fully geared squads do this to is probably best way to get insane amounts of loot fast just by A. Waiting for them to come to you or B. Let them loot and sort between all the loot at these loot hotspots and do all that work for you while you watch cool eft on phone until you and or team sees them leaving for extract and if your reading this far you know that you should probably have all four corners of resort locked down for this to happen then all you do is kill them dump your insured your gear and wipe their body and then just extract on every map. I understand that these loot hot spots cause a lot pvh but that’s just part of the game and always will be until there’s some kind system in place that will stray away from using a hatchet 1000 raids in row because yes seeing double digit hatchling on shoreline now a days is in solely my opinion a little to faraway from the pvp part of game buts it’s understandable. Make the game even more harder then it is.. This next part is definitely not I repeat not recommended for anyone that plays casual or is comfortable with their skill level and just wants to stay where they are at in the game. Even though Tarkov is in my opinion one of the hardest games to “get gud” making as hard as it can be will only help you be better at 1. Killing 2. Healing 3. Make money. 4. Eliminate bad habits from other games and/or fail-safe devices currently in the game 5. Loot Faster/ Smarter 6. Extract More/ Die Less. If you practice and practice 100’s and maybe even 1000 raids with literally a stock vepr or 74u shooting scavs and killing pmcs with cheap ammo will create an insane amount of discipline knowing that you won’t be able to engage squads together on your own and will force you to kill one, reposition, kill another one reposition. Not only will you have to 1. Learn how to aim and when not to engage and to engage depending on xyz etc. but you are forced to start being “creative” which is just one of the best things in this game and it usually works. For example, usually squads will have a mixture of different gear and weapons and learning the best way to play with your squads xyz setup will let wipe fort ops core m4 60 rd. meta players all day. Here are more scenarios:4-man Squad, 3 Suppressed 1 Loud If your going to be loud in a suppressed squad you should have the kahunas to be able to handle your if need be but usually the loud man will FO in front or be at a different angle from the other 3 that should be able to handle pretty much anything they will encounter without the loud man and or can “use” the loud man if needed or wanted. Here’s how. Obviously loud man should have the best map knowledge and be scouting the popular routes from the meta and just know how to maneuver through a map with out being etc. etc. however having him being loud and being the first to engage if he needs to or be able to callout where every other pmc on the map is based on distance from enemy gunshots, sneaking to vantage points and being able to make a lot noise and make at least 90% of players playing this at the moment them turn their heads and pull off there angles that they are holding from possible good positions as well is all it takes for your suppressed brothers in arms to easy shoot every body in the back of the head and wipe everyone on the map. If anyone would like a “what to do in this scenario” “when xyz starts to happen” we can work at making one of those too:} 5man Loud 60 rnd primaries with random crappy secondary’s. Bringing 2 guns might sound like its against the “meta” but omg it so easy to do this. Here’s how. Bring extra ammo for primary weapon and a cheap toz or pistol for secondary. Now if you can obviously tell that your in a raid where everyone is pushing through the map aggressively you can “reenact” a firefight that will make everyone else on map think the following... A. everyone is using the same primary so everyone shooting the primary most likely will sound like one person as long as everyone can try and limit to shooting individually at a time. Then after every one has individually shot about half a mag of for example “forced pvp” guns like loud m4s or a squad with loud rsass’s: O switch to your secondary “scav type weapons” and starting shooting those. Then be quiet after that, switch, reload primary and have fun looting squads that all rush to their deaths because you just spray them down while they are sprinting because they are going to think that one fully kitted dude with an m4 just died to a bunch of scavs. Don’t be surprised if you get a raging friend request after ;] Save money, get good with using cheap meds. Not much else to say on this besides you should already be on a level that is getting shot at less anyways if reading this far... Looting Faster and Smarter. The easiest thing in this game is when looting a weapon crate to tell if a gun is in there or not because single slot items will show up on both side of a weapon stash space “most” of the time. Not that it has been said hopefully you’ll keep your eye for it :} Second advanced tip... Pay attention to experience gained when looting a dead body or any pretty much anything for that matter. I might look like I don’t loot that much when playing with other people but just by tapping on a dead body or a jacket or dresser and looking at the xp received in the bottom right will let you know instantly whether or not something is good and rare is inside. Not sure if this was devs plan or not I don’t know... Last thing, try a raid or a couple raids with out a secure container. Sounds crazy and dumb but here’s why. Let’s say you spawn in bid red warehouse in the customs zone and you find .2 bitcoin in the safe up there. Not being able to put it your imaginary container that some fits somewhere inside your pants and can’t be when you dead will instantly force you to play 1. Smarter 2. Increase Focus. 3. Take safer routes. 4. Force you to take engagements you know you can win 5. Increase creatively Take the whole gamma container thing as a take or leave it kind of thing and please don’t baby rage about if you don’t believe me then try it. Anyways I’m once again tired and will see you guys out there even you keep continuing to kill me ;} Take care. Part 3. Coming soon. :} Also these post have been a collaboration from everyone of our slayers out there doing this over and over day in and day out and thank you everyone I have met and has helped me and everyone like me as well Im glad we are only able to attract good people with kind hearts and I will still do everything I can to it back to you guys <3
  2. Dr4g0NStyl3

    Scav Update

    Mahlzeit. Kommt es mir nur so vor ist es wirklich so. Ich weis das die Scav's nen update bekommen haben aber mir kommt es so vor als ob sie nen Wallhack und Aimbot laufen haben. Ich meine ich sitze seit ca 10 min regungslos in der Ecke da ich überall schritte höre. Aufeinmal spingt nen Scav um die Ecke drückt mir direkt und ich bin weg. Das ist auch nicht nur einmal passiert oder man killt nen Scav und es scheint das der gesamt Server plötzlich auf der Suche nach dir ist egal wer da noch so rum rennt. Habe einen Scav erschossen und es dauerte keine 10 sekunden dann war ich umzingelt.
  3. EliMaxwell

    Level difficulties and game modes

    Why are all levels Hard or Insane? Will this change with the full release? Is there a chance you will be releasing a PVP game mode where you wont lose anything?
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