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Found 23 results

  1. **Just a heads up, this is something that worked for me, there is no guarantee that this will work for you. Please understand this before you complain about it not working!** Alright so if you're here I'm sure you should already know of the stupidly slow install speed of EFT. Well I searched everywhere I couldn't find a definite answer that ensured results. But one thing I did, (whether recommended/safe or not) did seem to drastically work. This "fix" is a simple change of your DNS server. Before changing this I was getting the usual 15 - 50 KB/s, but afterwards I was getting 750 KB/s - 1.5 MB/s. If you don't know how to access and change your network DNS I will be providing a link to where I found this, otherwise if you do know how to access and change your DNS, you will be changing your Preferred DNS to: and your Alternate DNS to: After successfully changing this, restart your PC, and try your download again. Just as a side note, I also do run the program as administrator, not sure if that makes a difference. So after this process, if it does work, you should see a very obvious change in download speed. If this did not work for you, I'm not sure what to say. Really hope this helps! Link to site of information, just scroll down to (Part 4 Changing DNS Settings on Windows ---->https://www.wikihow.com/Increase-Internet-Speed
  2. imincredible


    Tarkov team, I am sad to report that after less than one day of installation time. I will no longer be playing this game. I installed it yesterday and when I arrived home today the game was GONE. Still listed in in Programs list in windows but when clicking uninstall IT CANT BE FOUND. I have participated in many beta games in my day, however this is the only one I had to pay for. Strangely enough it seems to be the least stable. For the price you are charging there is NO excuse for this kind of issue. I will not be reinstalling the game. What a waste of 38 dollars. The only good in all of this is that i waited until the game was on sale to try it. The launcher sucks - The installer sucks - the lighting in game sucks - The scav cooldown sucks - the customer service sucks - the parent company or payment processing company sucks whoever Xsolla is - and your forums site sucks. Look at me so mad I'm just listing crap i had even a slight issue with. Well there you go pretty much my 24 hour experience with Tarkov in a nutshell. Got me for 40. Have a nice life
  3. TallTex42

    Launcher won't start install!

    When I try to install the game, the loading icon appears briefly in the lower right of the launcher window before disappearing and then the Install button reappears. This happens whether I check the box for auto-updates or not. Why won't the launcher install the game? I have several friends at work who won't shut up about this game and I was really excited to experience it for myself. Also, this is not similar to the other situation that was posted about in here about the black box that appears at the end of installing the game; I'm unable to install at all. P.S. I am using Windows 10 on an Alienware Aurora R4
  4. MandaloreFallen

    User Action Required?

    I'm not really sure where I should be posting this but I am at a loss. I just got a second monitor hooked up, and was just figuring out how to run Tarkov and Discord in separate windows on the separate screens. While adjusting graphics, and restarting, I suddenly received a User Action Required message. I have an image posted. After several minutes the game would launch. To try to resolve the issue I uninstalled the game, still received the error while trying to reinstall, so I then uninstalled the game client, but now it won't let me install from the website. If there are any fixes, or if this is a bug on BSGs end, I don't know.
  5. Hallo zusammen, ich habe mir gestern das Spiel gekauft und wollte es über Nacht herunterladen, da ich eine sehr schwache Internetleitung habe (6k Telekom). Spiele zu spielen mit der Leitung funktioniert (41ms) nur die Downloads dauern im Regelfall immer etwas länger. Nachdem ich heute morgen aufgestanden bin und meinen Download überprüfen wollte habe ich gesehen das bereits bei 8% eine Fehlermeldung aufgetreten ist. Zuerst hatte ich den Verdacht es liegt daran das ich Nachts gegen 2 meinen 24h Disc vom Router habe. Also habe ich es heute morgen nochmal (leider auch mehrmals) versucht, die Fehler treten immer wieder auf. Bevor ich die Fehler zeige, möchte ich nur erwähnen das sich mein Spiel nicht in einen Ordner packen lassen wollte. Das Spiel selbst erstellte den Ordner BsgLauncher in der auch mehrere Ordner und Dateien zu finden sind. Später, während der Installation, wollte er aber das ich nochmal einen Pfad zum installieren angebe. Den bereits erstellten Ordner den das Spiel selbst anlegte konnte man aber nicht auswählen. Nun zu den Fehlern in Bildern: Diese Meldung erschien jedes Mal nachdem ich versucht habe zu Downloaden. Egal ob ich es per "Wiederholen" versucht habe oder mit einem Launcher Neustart. Diese Meldung kommt nach unbestimmter Zeit immer. Leider verstehe ich nicht richtig worauf sie mich hinweisen möchte. Der zweite Fehler (welcher bisher ein einziges Mal auftrat): Der Fehler kam, nachdem ich auf "Absagen" gedrückt habe (siehe erstes Bild). Eventuell habt ihr Tipps für mich wie ich das Spiel erfolgreich downloaden und spielen kann. Vielen Dank.
  6. I cannot install the game! I just bought Escape from Tarkov Standard Edition and now when I'm trying to install the game to my computer it doesn't work. It says that the downloaded file checksum doesn't match. I've tried to install the game twice now and have got the same result both times. Im not sure what I'm suppose to do. I have got over 70 GB space on my SSD left so that should not be the problem. Please help.
  7. ghost_33

    Trouble reinstalling the game

    I deleted EFT and BSG launcher recently and have been trying to reinstall it, however when i try to install the game it keeps giving me this message. Unable to load the file "http://cdn-11.eft-store.com/ClientDistribs/" Any idea on what this is or how to fix it? Thank you
  8. My hard drive crashed and is no longer useable, That I installed the beta on. how do I get it back? I get an error message Saying the drive or UNC share you are using does not exist or is not accessible Please select another. this is when I try to install. I have also pre-ordered this game and can not play it please help.
  9. theredskin

    Slow Install Speeds

    I bought this game last Saturday and have still not managed to install it. I spent 4 days downloading this at 50kb/s only to have it corrupt at 99%. I have also tried every fix that I could find while searching the forum and have run out of things to do. I usually manage to get 4mb/s on any other game launcher and this just doesn't make sense. I have seen people state that the devs do not have a fix, yet this problem seems to date back months (really wishing I had looked harder for problems before buying this game). I was told to submit a ticket and this website does not even allow me to do that as I typed out my issue and when I click "submit" it does absolutely nothing. I just reinstalled the launcher and its the same. Someone said the devs emailed him a link to download the files online as opposed to through the launcher but I cannot contact support as the support link simply does not work for me. Does anyone out there have any ideas as to what to do next. I bought CyberGhost 7 as I was told using a VPN may help but it does not make any difference at all and that was my last option. Thanks in advance.
  10. theredskin

    Slow Install Speeds

    I just purchased EFT and I cannot seem to pass 100kb/s. I was stuck at 40kb/s prior and was told I needed a VPN, after purchase of the VPN I am now at 100kb/s (not very helpful lol) my friend who lives down the street also bought it and downloaded it in 40 minutes. I have tried every fix on the forum and nothing works. I have tried to submit a ticket to support and it does not even allow me to. Anyone else still suffering from this issue and does the Dev team simply ignore it?
  11. calkilicgil

    Re-downloading the game

    Hi guys, I've downloaded the game to my HDD at the start but recently i have some issues about it and needs to be changed. In my account i have some pretty good staff (weapons, mods and etc). My question is if i un-install and download the game to my SSD, they will be gone or i will have them after download? Thank you in advance
  12. 설치가 안되네요! 설치 장소가 맛탱이가 간 하드디스크의 D 드라이브에 지정되어 설치가 안되고, 그렇다고 바꾸려고 Change를 수도 없이 눌러보았지만 안되는 것!(아이고야...) 하고 싶은데 누구의 의도대로도 아닌 것으로 베타테스터에서 강제추방되버렸네요. 부디 한국어 사용자 개발자 분께서 이 글을 보시고 설치 프로그램에 대한 업데이트를 할 수 있었으면 합니다.
  13. Hi all, I found a DTK-4M muzzle brake a few days ago and I haven't been able to attach it to any 5.45 or 7.62x39 weapons like it says it should be able to do. It says that it is compatible with almost every AK styled weapon but still won't let me attach it. Is there some type of adapter I need for it or is it just not working in game yet?
  14. chopstixie

    404 Not Found

    When i tried to install the game a 404 Not found page comes up
  15. Dodebebop

    Checksum file does not match

    When I try to install the game it gives me the error "checksum file does not match" and if I go to check the file that I downloaded it in the folder only has a file named "lock". I've tried restarting my pc, reinstalling, reinstalling without antifvirus on, and still nothing. Any idea on how to fix it?
  16. Krinkles

    Inventory Reset on Re-Install

    Just reinstalled the game and my account seems to have reset. I'd assumed that all of my stuff would be stored server-side and that I'd get to keep it, but I was away for a while, so there could've been a reset that I missed, but I re-entered a name, and my whole inventory's been reset to the basic stuff. I didn't have anything incredible, but it is confusing, and a little disheartening.
  17. zekekee

    Launcher problems

    Any way of fixing the download speed in the launcher? For some unknown reason my game is loading only at 300 kb/s when anything I download on steam or other launchers download at 10 mb/s
  18. stef223

    Unable to install the game

    I am getting this error : Not enough space to save the file \\?\E:\BsgLauncher\Temp\EftClient. I have 144 GB on Disk C but I have moved the temp folder on E on which I have 505 gb of free space I don't know what to do.. I have more than enough space to install this but it won't work! Please help me, I have been so hyped to play this game and this kills all the hype... I have also found the file mentioned in the error in the BSG Launcher
  19. Hello all, i just bought the game today, got the email about access to the closed beta and downloaded the launcher. Once I am logged into the launcher and I click the install button on the bottom right hand side a new install window pops up that says “escape from Tarkov Installation”. I then click the install button on the bottom right of that new window and then that window disappears and nothing more happens. The game never installs and the same thing happens if I change the install path or change allow automatic updates. Any help on how I could install the game would be great! Thanks for the help in advance!
  20. Cześć wszystkim. Mam taki o to problem. Przy każdym uruchomieniu launchera gry, ten wyrzuca błąd i wyświetla okno z zapytaniem czy może się przeinstalować. Przy każdym uruchomieniu jest to samo. Instaluje się na nowo sam launcher, sama gra już jest nic się z nią nie dzieje można od razu ją odpalić. . Stało się to po "klęknięciu" win10 na DELLu, które to wywołało przywrócenie do ustawień fabrycznych systemu oraz aktualizacje chipsteu (przypadkiem ) Będę wdzięczny za wskazówki. Z góry dziękuję, mediceo.
  21. CaptainRiik

    Issue with installation

    Hi guys, just looking for some help. I've been playing the game a lot and experienced no issues with the installation process. my friend is currently trying to install the game. he has the launcher downloaded and when he clicks the install button it says that the disk doesn't have enough space. the disk has more than a TB of free space so were unsure what the issue could be. Any help would be great. Much appreciated Rick
  22. Foxtrotin

    Cant install game

    Everytime I go to install the game through my launcher this message comes up. Error while downloading and installing the game Unable to read data from the transport connection: The connection was closed. I have tried turning my firewall and anti virus off, and running as admin. Nothing is working. I would greatly appreciate some help.
  23. Mads523f

    Unable to install game

    Hi everybody Right now, im kinda frustrated. I've just gained the closed beta acceses, by the mail i recieve. I download the Battlestate games launcher, where im going to install the game but i can't. I get the following error: Error while downloading and installing the game Not enough space to write file "\\?\C:\Users\Mads Computer\AppData\Local\Temp\Battlestate Games\BsgLauncher." I hope there are someone out there with a soulution to this problem. Thanks - Mads
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