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Found 7 results

  1. Broccio

    Death spawn

    I don't know what happend, but there is a short about it... Video I just want to let developper see this so it won't happend again. Btw it was the first time i get this.
  2. I think we all know that grenade spam is a big issue in this game. It takes a second to throw and you can have an unlimited amount in your vest. As a professional soldier it's something that really annoys me. In reality it takes a long time. About 5-10 seconds in a stressful situation. My suggestion is to remove the instant throw and use the already existing hotkey option. That way it makes it a tactical decision. Grenade throwing is scary, it's not something to take lightly. For reference:
  3. I've only had it happen once but I would guess I'm not the only one. It is a problem that people camp the spawns but in since the game is still in development I suppose something like this is suspected. Granted I'd prefer to get ambushed than stabbed in the back at least it adds to the tacticool bit. Thoughts on certain situations like this?
  4. Nat93man1

    Rare spawn death moments

    Hi i know these moments are rare but i had spawned in on woods map in the building right next to the train tracks and as my screen done the transition from black screen to game all i hear is a barrage of bullets and a glimpse of a person in front of me before i hit the floor fully geared. Is this known to the devs or is it by chance i spawned into the game a little ways through and the person just happened to be there?
  5. TheSimogames

    Spawn fantastici e dove trovarli

    Salve, Premetto che non gioco da molto, ma ho bisogno di condividere questa mia esperienza perché il gioco è piuttosto ingiocabile su woods. Oggi su 5 partite sono morto sempre nell'area di spawn, una volta dissanguato perché un colpo di pistola mi ha aperto in due qualsiasi parte del corpo. Ma la parte più bella è capitata poco fa.. decido di raidare con un fucile invece della solita pistola e BAM il raid dura 2 secondi, perché? Bene, sono entrato in partita con lo spawn all'interno della fabbrica di woods, il gioco non fa nemmeno in tempo a schiarire la schermata di gioco che mi becco due proiettili che mi uccidono istantaneamente senza ancora aver preso il controllo del pg. Il nome del tizio c'è, si può per caso segnalare per spawn killing? Grazie per l'attenzione, vi allego lo screen qui di seguito.
  6. Reaper1243

    Fix the thirst and hunger system

    I normally really wouldn't take the time to moan about things but for 188 dollars(AU)I feel I have to. I just hopped on for the first time after the new update...ran into some combat and got shot once with a shotty...killed the dude and patched myself up only to watch my hunger and thirst sky rocket down to 0 within a matter of 10 seconds. Surely this can't be how its meant to be now? I have been shot so many times and still come out alive before the patch...but now if this is how it is its pretty saddening! So my suggesting is revert any changes made to thirst and hunger back to the previous patch
  7. hey, is anyone else experiencing instant death? i mean walking along (or chilling) and bam.. dead.. no shots fired, no stab, no nothing just dead. It's not exhaustion, or dehydration or any game mechanic i can make sense of. It happens at the start of games, in the middle, and right before i'm about to extract (most annoying), is this someone using a hack? or is it a game breaking bug? i have quit the game several times and not returned until the next day because of this issue. If its hackers, ban them, ban them all please, if its a bug.. please fix it, im growing real tired of this issue that happens once a day minimum (in about a 1-2 hour gaming session)
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