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Found 12 results

  1. So, I was getting super confused by the insurance a couple of days ago. Since insurance always runs a random amount of time, it's often really hard to understand which insurance returns are coming from which raid. Not all of the Insurance Return messages from the NPCs have both, time AND date of the raid it came from. And older messages only show the date, not the time you received them. So matching the "Here's your stuff back" messages to the correct "I'm looking for your stuff" messages is baseline impossible, and I never know which raid I got my stuff back from and which one is still searching. So I thought I would really love to see a list of all of my ongoing (and maybe past?) insurances. It does not need to show how much time is remaining. That is irrelevant. Just who I insured it with, which raid it was, and if it's still ongoing or already delivered my stuff back to me. I have made a mock-up interface showing what I mean. What do you guys think?
  2. Scionti

    How insurance works...

    I'm just going to go on record and say, I think the timer should start (for 2 hours or whatever is it) whenever you next login. I go to school, and haven't been able to login for awhile (finals) and it's super frustrating that all of my insured items have "expired" despite not logging in.
  3. CRAZZY1

    Insurance İdea

    So i had this idea in my head for a while this game features a insurance sytem when you die and no one grabs your stuff and if its insured you get it back whic is really cool and i was thinking maybe in spots like factory you got the tubes that u can thorw your stuff in and people cant grab it so i was thinking maybe if there was like a graffiti saying insurance here at the tube so it will be very small addition but when your firend dies you will know where to drop it and that will be where prapors man will be getting the insured stuff from thanks for reading. So all im saying is add a graffiti saying insurance here in the normal spots you allready drop your stuff too would make it really cool looking and lore wise would be nice too cause you know his man will be going to those spots to recover the stuff.
  4. Hotfix-

    Lets talk insurance

    Hello, Abusing insurance seems to be a very broad thing that streamers and squads does. Scenario: 1-3 teammate dies. 1+ survives Survivor toss all his equipment in a bush to ensure if he dies he gets all his stuff back on insurance. (0 risk to do the tossing strategy) Loots all buddies and toss their equipment in a bush/somewhere where its not likely to be found. Picks up his own stuff or just leaves it. Extract or die. Everyone get their items back, even if most of the squad died, with 0 risk for the tosser as long as he is tossing his own stuff first. The game is supposed to be hardcore, we're supposed to loot and lose gear, but at the moment nobody will lose their gear as long as the squad wins the battle. I mean, there is almost 0 risk to playing a 4man squad with decent players. You're most likely gonna come out on top, and if you do get out on top everyone in the squad will get their items back with 0 risk for the tosser. What we want is to have a game where dying sucks, and even if the squad gets out on top the question asked to the teammate should be "Could you atleast bring the gun and try to fit the fort armour?", not "Nice, just toss all my poo and I'll get it all back.". If there are 3 dead squadmembers, the squad is going to take a hit from that fight, instead of 0 hit like it is at the current state. We need a mechanic that breaks insurance if picked up by a squadmate and tossed. Alternative is to make insurance cost more or maybe only last for 1 game. I know Smoke have complained about this on stream and adviced against it, but I've seen so many squad streamers doing this, and it works 90% of the time. Squad play is already very strong.
  5. Laeffy45

    Insurance expiry?

    i personally think there should be no expiry on insurance. because im sure most of work for a living and some are gone for mabye days to weeks at a time. and just what we need to come back to is whole bunch expired insurance returns. just seems pointless to me and a total piss off seeing all that gear lost. any thoughts ?
  6. filip2mac

    Insurance Improvments

    So the current insurance system you get a text message from prapor and u can claim it but once you get like 5+ insurances it gets cluttered. The devs should make it that you have one button in your character menu saying insurance and once you open it should just be all the insurance you have gotten and maybe it says the timer of each gear.
  7. headwolf90

    Insurance Timer

    Hey, I am a litte bit frustrated about how the Insurance timers work. I understand that there has to be a timer so that ppl arent using them as extra storage! I see that point, and I agree. BUT, for me as a more or less casual player that plays a lot on the weekend, its kinda pointless to insure ANYTHING because by the time my items are found it is monday or tuesday, and the timer will start to run. So my problem is, that I havent got the time to log in just to collect my items that maybe got found. Because when its weekend again the timers are long gone and I often have a full list of 20 messages that say "OH SORRY RUN OUT OF TIME" - that is more than frustrating. So my suggestion would be, that the timers for insured items start when you log in for the first time after the items were found. SO, then you have 24 hours to actually collect and store them. And with this method you also cant use them as storage space.
  8. Hello, Is there some documentation on how insurance work ? I started the game few month ago, and recently I saw more and more "inconstantcy" in how insurance works. Ex: Few weeks ago, when your items was insured, they stayed insured even after getting back from the raid. Now, I must insure again each time I go to raid (even without dying). But sometimes items are remains insured. Is it a bug, or some cases remove the insured status? (Like a run trougth, or damages on items etc)
  9. Cardboard231

    Back option when claiming insurance

    When making an insurance claim if there isn't anywhere to put the stuff you have to restart the game. Unless someone else knows otherwise this needs to be fixed.
  10. I got a bug where my messenger dosnt work for insurances and i maby now just lost the new M4 and also fast MT and Fort i need a fix for this i got a few gifs here https://giphy.com/gifs/3j1iZj5WqEYMz9KTsg
  11. Butters_Gaming_

    What Happened to my Insured Items

    So I insured my items before going out to the tune of almost 20k ruples... I die and get a message saying that Prappor is sending guys out to get my stuff. I notice I have my pistol, but no flashlight. In addition to that I don't have my pistol magazines. I found 2 horse figures while scavenging and sold them to prappor for about 2700 ruples each which in no way shape or form covers my insurance... I am trying to figure out how I got some items back and not others? Also this is my first day playing this. I really have no idea what in the world I am doing or what I should look out for.
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