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Found 13 results

  1. Cernorium

    Addition to Auctions

    I have read somewhere that Nikita said that flea market is running so well that he is thinks of not implementing the auctions tab in game (not sure if he really said this or not) but my ideia is as follows. When we insure some items we have a limited amount of time to get them back to our stash, after that the item is gone. But what if instead of Prapor (or therapist) just throwing the unclaimed items, what if they place that same items on the auctions section so that anyone can buy modded weapons and such? My ideia goes a little further actually and it would be something like: Every item that is not claimed on insurance or not insured would go straight to auction Just imagine the potencial that we as players would have just buying a full kit with 2/3 clicks, I personally thing that this is a great addition to the auction tab, what do you think about this?
  2. Has anyone else ran into the issue where you arent getting any notifications about if you got back or lost insured gear in raid?????
  3. Dear developers Me and a friend have been talking about insurance fraud recently and how to adjust the current insurance system to reduce the fraudulent component. First of, what is insurance fraud: When a player is dumping his equipment in a hard-to-find spot on the map, to take some other loot. He then receives all the items he dropped again, with a minimal risk of it being found by someone else and therefor profits double. Our proposed changes have two components, which should be tested in steps. Step 1 -> Component 1 active Step 2 -> Component 2 active Step 3 -> Component 1 & 2 active Component 1: Have a percentage of successful insurance return based on your team size and survival of team members. When you are running as a team, you have to rely on your teammates to get your stuff out. You already have much better odds as a big team in comparison to a solo for survival and insurance just makes sure you will almost never lose anything. So the rough numbers I would present are as follows: Solo Player : 100% success rate 2P Squad: 80% success rate (drops to 50% when 1 squad mate extracts) 3P Squad: 50% success rate (drops to 20%/5% when 1/2 squad mates extract) 4P Squad: 20% success rate (drops to 5%/1%/0% when 1/2/3 squad mates extract) 5P Squad: 5% success rate (drops to 1/0% when 1-2/3-4 squad mates extract) The incentive for this change, to play as a team and help each other out. Teamplay is encouraged. Component 2: Have a percentage of successful insurance return based on proximity of an item to your dead body. When somebody is picking up your gear, also a friend of yours then its most likely gone. How should the insurer be able to find your stuff on a huge map like woods or shoreline and know this is your gear. Therefore, equipment closer to your body is more certain for an insurer to match it with you. So the rough numbers I would present are as follows: Equipment is 0m off your body: 100% success rate Equipment is 1m off your body: 95 % success rate Equipment is 5m off your body: 90% success rate Equipment is 10m off your body: 75% success rate Equipment is 20m off your body: 50% success rate Equipment is 30m off your body: 10% success rate Equipment is 50m off your body: 5% success rate Equipment is >50m off your body: 0.5% success rate Equipment is >100m off your body: 0.1% success rate The further away the less likely you get your stuff back. In the formula there should be a drop off around 20m and never get to zero. For the third step: Those two systems will be cumulated. Thank you for your time and I hope for a lot of discussion about the idea. Kind regards.
  4. JohnDadPool

    Retour Assurance

    bonjour, Pour une personne qui joue que les weekend et qu'il est en déplacement la semaine il serait bien de pouvoir choisir le temps de l'assurance (1 jour, 3 jours, 7 jours) , bien sure le prix changerai en fonction du jour choisi car la personne qui joue que le weekend peu joué que le vendredi soir et samedi s'il veux récupérer ses équipements. Il serait bien de faire remonter cette proposition aux Devs. Merci
  5. Davieshu


    If I insure the backpack are the stuff in it insure?
  6. WileyCoyotej


    I'd like to bring up that I find myself hesitant to play as my main character because of the fear of losing my equipment, and insurance doesn't really help. This game is about getting loot, so your equipment will always be taken by someone. And if it is the insurance doesn't cover it. The recovery time and the fees are fine, I'd just like to see some kind of guarantee as with actual insurance. It's more of a gamble and it causes me to only play as a scav in an attempt to preserve my gear. I'm not sure how others feel about this so I'm throwing this out there.
  7. Intoxicated17

    Item Loss

    I was curious if there is a way to re-roll my account back to a previous state? During a raid in customs, while attempting to access my Doc Case to insert a new key I accidentally discarded it due to desync. Unfortunately the case somehow glitched into the floor and I was unable to retrieve it or the keys. I attempted to disconnect and reconnect in hopes that it would fix the problem but it fixed nothing. I have everything in the case insured. My concern is that I believe that the case somehow either got picked up by someone somehow even though I couldn't or the game deleted the item because I still have yet to receive the case or any keys. If there is a way to get a case with the keys I would greatly appreciate the help. I have spent countless hours gathering all the keys and the case itself just to lose it because of a small desync problem and a glitch.
  8. Gizmo93

    Problem z odbieraniem Insurancu

    Witam Mianowicie mam problem z odbieraniem ubezpieczen, pewnie nie ja jeden. Ubezpieczenia od Prapora przychodza, sa w wiadomosciach ale... nie moge przescrollowac wystarczajaco wysoko by je odebrac, przewinac moge z 20 wiadomosci poczym nastepuje blokada i nie moge zjechac wyzej. Uwaga nie zawsze ! w 90% przypadkow tak sie dzieje gdy sprawdzam wiadomosci od niego. Jakies pomysly ? Sugestie ?
  9. I don't get the chance to play very often. I am not sure why I should be penalized for having obligations other than this game. Besides it doesn't make sense. You hire a guy to do a job paying up front if you are late to pick something up, you don't just not get what you paid for.
  10. Regarding the insurance system there are two adjustments that I would like to suggest. Have a chance of not receiving your insured items back. There should be a 'difficulty of finding' % applied to your insurance items depending on the obscurity of the place where you hid them or where you died with them on your person. -So if you hide them in a bush in the middle of nowhere, then there should be a very high chance that you do not get them back at all. Of course there could always be a possibilty that you die in a ridiculously hard to find place, but then the guy who killed you picks up your stuff and then dies to an AI scav in a more obvious place. So you might get it back after all... Make it so that if you do not accept your insurance items back into your stash in time, and you get the message "Out of time", then the trader should give you 50% of the value of the items in cash.
  11. Cookyq4

    Prapor insurance

    Hello, Just a simple question, How long does it normally take for Prapor to get your items back to you? My friend said 12-14 hours, but its been 18 hours and I havent gotten any messages from him saying my loot is gone or if i can get it, Thanks

    Insurance/Storage Questions!

    Howdy! I just started playing today, and have some questions that I couldn't find the answer to while googling or watching YT videos regarding storage, insurance, and how the 2 work in the offline mode - if my questions have been answered elsewhere feel free to share the link! 1. Do I need to insure my gamma container (the one that returns belongings on death)? If I don't insure it, does it disappear? Same question for the starting melee weapon (a bayonet, I think). I assumed I would not need to insure the container before playing - but then saw it gives you the option to do so before leaving for a raid which confused me. 2. I heard somewhere that offline mode allows you to die and have all of your items returned on death, even without insurance. Is that true? Are we able to keep items found in an offline raid (I haven't given offline a shot yet, are there even bots or is it just a freeroam?) Thanks fellas.
  13. From what I've been hearing about the Secure Containers, they'll hold onto your stuff even if you die, and be returned to you after death. My question is, What's the point of insuring them if that's the case? As it stands right now, It's only wasting a solid 15k rubles I could have used on something else. Do items in the box go missing if the box isn't insured?
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