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Found 5 results

  1. Has anyone else ran into the issue where you arent getting any notifications about if you got back or lost insured gear in raid?????
  2. Hello friends and people who spawn camp, I have run into a predicament. my buddy ditched my gear in a far corner bush of a customs run, so there was slim to no chance a scav or another player could find it. I had an M1 rig filled with mags, a trizip, VSS, and Altyn. I was wondering if every item has to be dropped individually in order to be returned in insurance, or if I would be able to shove everything in the bag (as my friend did) and hide it. I'm kinda peeved about it, as I have roughly about 40-400k roubles at any given time; but we all know how it goes, Tarkov giveth, and Tarkov taketh away. If anyone has an answer as to what I should do as far as my insurance, or if anyone has an answer regarding the 'stacked in a bag' issue, that would be the proverbial tits.
  3. Xansar

    Insurance Lag

    Hi, So I just logged in and tried to get back some of my insured stuff. Due to inventory error lag the game thinks I did retrieve my insured stuff but it didn't due to the inventory lag bug. So now the insured stuff is gone. Thanks! I did do the drag and drop, in case you were wondering. You all better clear your inventory and hit that "recieve all" button.
  4. Hi everyone, Sorry if this question was already asked/resolved earlier...but I was wondering if your insured item can be "bugged" and never came back? Long story short: I was on Woods with my battle buddy/teammate. We were on Woods, on a rock, playing at night with thermal scope on a (close to) empty server. I suddenly got (un)luckily one tap by a scav or scav boss when I tried to pick up a line on sawmill. My friend then discard my stuff by "spreading it a bit everywhere, to make it difficult for scav player to find everything, if ever they come to this area". I later received a message from Prapor saying "My guys went to your location on Woods blablabla about that raid on 19/01 blabla they will bring back everything if it was not looted up". So I was confident about receiving it back (Killa's armor, thermal scope, T-5000, full modded FN 57, etc...well not the stuff you like to loose). However it's been almost 48 hours now and no message. Not even a message saying "we did not find anything, sorry", as I usually receive when someone took everything. After that raid, we went several times on Reserve were I died twice: once by scav boss in a hidden room, once by a scav player who managed to take my stuff. In both cases, I got insurance back (everything in the first case, almost nothing in the second). But still nothing about the raid on Woods. Did someone already experience this? I guess I can forget about getting back anything, isn't it? Is there specific event/thing causing this bug? Thank for your answer, Cheers, Squall
  5. ArramisRo

    Dropping insured weapons

    I left few days ago, in a bush, in 2 different raids on shoreline, my inshured weapon after i killed a second person (to take his gun offcourse), survived both games and it seems my guns do not want to come back. Is there a catch?
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