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Found 3 results

  1. Ayaku

    Interactions between players

    So, I was wondering, I was talking about this with a friend, that'd be great if you could just check in someone's bag like in ArmA II/III, and take whatever you need. If I may put this in a real situation, let's say you're fighting a group of people, it's shooting everywhere, and you need something to stop the bleeding, but the medic can't stop covering you, so you just search in his bag, find the bandage yourself, and then close the bag. I believe this could be a really cool thing to add.
  2. WhiskeyDog

    Auto Breach

    Please consider implementing an automatic breach interaction when sprinting into a door. This is a realistic mechanic and very functional. Keep up the good work!
  3. Technikolour

    Movable Objects

    Hey everyone, I was just curious if we will have limited movement on objects? Everything in the game looks beautiful and well thought out, as per Dev Diary 2, so I wouldn't be disappointed if the answer was no. But say we were in a building and wanted to move a desk closer to a window to provide a stable shooting platform, could we? Technikolour
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