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Found 6 results

  1. Luketowers1

    Flashing inventory items.

    I have just made a huge Scav run and want to keep my loot however this one thermometer keeps flashing and won’t stop. Anyone know how to fix this? I’ve been sat here for 30 minutes waiting for flashing to stop. Don’t want to lose my scav raid as I made a massive come up. Any help pls pls
  2. This would be a great add to the game... Nikkita Please Concept for better stash orga: Alt+Drag'n'Drop into Container = Pin type of dropped item to always go into that container after adding to stash - ITEM MAGNET! : EscapefromTarkov (reddit.com) Quicker matchmaking times because you don't need to manually sort everything you want to keep. I think this has a place here based on the RNG that's already in the game. This would be a nice fix and addition to the features that already make this game good and playable. and on this note please make the items that are auto sorted, auto stacked as well. A lot less waisted time trying to sort it all out manually, and faster management and the ability to rapidly get into raid. Possible example of AP SX rounds item number, and "Auto Sort" or "Magnet Filter"? { Itemid:66291 magnet=true place in magnet Else place default } I am by no means a coder, or do I have experience with coding but this is from the reddit post.
  3. Being able to simply drag items from containers to dealers to sell them or at least see the price you'd get for them instead of having to drag it out. It would be useful for sorting things of value in containers, since right now you have to drag everything out, wait for the dealer to gather their 7 brain cells, and then you can interact with them. Example attached
  4. ferikehun234

    Inventory management idea

    I had an idea that if you have cases you could put them in a hot bar right of your stash that you cannot scroll while you can your stash. This would make it so that you can just clickly access your cases that you would do very regularly anyway. you wouldn't have to scroll through your whole inv to put 1 item from the bottom into the case. It could be kinda like 2ndary statsh or some icon format.
  5. Tarkov_Ghost

    QoL Adjustment - Scroll Bar Change

    I was wondering if it was possible to make the scroll bar in the inventory thicker, and flush with the right side of the screen. I find if I try to use the scroll bar that It is easy to overshoot it. Here is a comparison of what I mean :
  6. IcRyI

    Gun Space

    So I been thinking about Dynamic Gun Space Usage. What I mean by this is quite Simple. For example a normal AKS with a Buttstock uses 4x2 Inventory space. Now my Idea is that a AKS with no Buttstock would only take 3x2 Slots as shown in following: https://gyazo.com/b7f9d571248483ef723ad2289993948f The same for every other Guns like M4 and AKN. Thoughts?
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