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Found 3 results

  1. I know that people will say that this is unrealistic, and that the game is the way it is for a reason, however, I just tried on a bunch of my buddies dog tags. I fit 8 of them around my neck, and that is only because I had 8 people around me. Dog tags (in my opinion) should be able to be stacked.. maybe limit it to 3.. who knows. I just know that I can fit more than 1 dog tag in my pocket/around my neck. I would like to be able to keep track of the PMC's that I kill for each mission. The way it is now, I will have my entire inventory will be filled. This is assuming that I want to collect pmc kill information, and not just sell the dog tags for cash. I dont know.. What do you guys all think?
  2. Hey devs, are there any plans to have a better inventory system in the game ? What i mean is, it's very annoying to have to search for a specific item and go through the whole inventory of a vendor just to find something. A lot of times i miss an item i'm searching for, just because everything is so cluttered and not organized. You should make you tab system not only higlight items, but filter them out completely. For example, if i click on a weapon icon, the inventory should only show weapons a vendor has, and hide all the rest of the stuff out. If i can make one more suggestion, there should be a sort button somewhere in the inventory, sort by type, by price, etc. Maybe all this is already in the works, don't know, but it would be cool if we could get an answer. Keep up the good work devs
  3. Hey guys, sometimes its a bit annoying to constantly switch between character stash an trader menu. We have got some tabs on the top of the stash and another tab for each trader would be a nice and huge timesaver. Isn't it? And another little time boost would be a possibility to switch between player and stash, when trading. Means, if i'm on prapor and wanna sell him 2 shotguns, one inside my stash and the other one inside my backpack, i would like to switch instantly without the need to go back, drop the item into stash and go back to the trader. Just a little tab on the top would be nice!! At last but not least its not very comfortable to switch between buy and sell option of traders. Is it possible to automaticly check sell option when i click an item inside my stash? and switch back to buy option when click on a traders item? Cheers, keep it up Glokta
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