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Found 5 results


    Inventory Management APP

    A cellphone/tablet app that allows one to manage their stash on the go. One you can use to sell and buy items. Reorganize your loot. And share with your friends showing off all your cool loot and weapon builds. This would be really cool especially for tarkov communities.
  2. saibot0

    Mag position afte reload

    So since there will be the reload changes then some people might start to bring a sidearm like a pistol and the mags in the pocket slots. So when i reload atm. the pistol mag would go up to my vest instead of my next pocket slots which is super annoying, i feel like it should go for pocket slots and if none are available go for the vest. So yeah just a suggestion for the next patch
  3. Hello escapers. I have the game for two weeks now i have the standart edition of the game and i have some questions. 1. - Bitcoins. I want to trade bitcoins for mechanic's stuff, but i don't know where they spawn or how to get them. 2. - Docs Case. I need something thats can fit into my alpha container and could fit keys and money so i need to get the docs case. Anybody know the spawn? 3. - Inventory management. My inventory is really messy. Can anybody tell me how do item/weapon cases work and how do i manage my inventory well? How do i get these cases. 4. - What is your favorite budget loadout? Send a screenshot or reply here. Mine is: Glock-17 with 21 rnd mags. Kolpak PACA AI-2, 2 Bandages, Painkillers. And like this i get a bullet to the head.
  4. Blazk0

    Wipe coming soon?

    Hi, I play on on the Unofficial EFT Dischord, a lot. Everytime I play in a new squad I ask the same question " Is there going to be a wipe when the new map comes out "? Seems like everyone has a different answer for this. Some people say "YES IM SURE THERE WILL BE A WIPE, I READ IT ON THE FORUMS!" some people say " NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT, I READ IT ON THE FORUMS, NO WIPE!". SO I ask the Tarkov gods... Will there be a wipe when the new map drops? thank you - RedKap
  5. Davieshu


    If I insure the backpack are the stuff in it insure?
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