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  1. Hello, since a few weeks the EU servers are complete garbage, I get kicked out of games "server connection lost" and die instantly and lose all my gear, a few days ago again, but I could rejoin to just get kicked after 1 min play time, I tried to reconnect 8 times and got kicked 8 times, lost my stuff again... but insured. Today I got my insured weapon back, I joined a game, full geared (for my standarts) got teleported through the map and back, thought its just a bug and walked towards my destination, I shot a scav 3 times in the head but he didnt die and didnt move(bullet holes in his head), so I thought again it may be a bug and walked again to just get damaged by NOTHING??? by an invisible enemy! no shots, no steps, NOTHING really NOTHING, got my arm fractured, while I was laying on the ground and healing my self up, I got damaged again and then died, without any sound. Then I saw in the post-death screen that I got killed by "Oleg Lapa" a scav I guess. Its no fun to play like this! Its since a few weeks like this and I am pissed ! I get no answer by the support. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? Here is my Internet connection (tested right after I died) and a video showing how I died ( ye I breath very heavily its because I ran through my home to get my phone ^^) :
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