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Found 86 results

  1. My old laptop was a GTX1060, I dont recall the exact cpu but it was an i5 i think, 16 gigs ram. game was on ssd. My new specs are RTX 2070 Super, Ryzen 7 3700x 8 core, 16 gigs dimm ram, also on an ssd with lots of extra storage. The main reason I bought this beast was to play tarkov, but i'm stumped. I get higher fps when on max graphics then lower sometimes, other times the game just shits itself and goes 20 fps out of nowhere and stays like that cough cough resort and labs. Anyone got any ideas?
  2. Thewingsfrito

    Tomando Disconnect constantemente

    Eu estou tendo problemas de conexão nesse jogo geralmente chego a cair uma vez por partida esta ficando chato já. Respostas: Não tenho ocilação de ping. Tenho vpn paga, mas n deveria ser obrigado a pagar vpn pra se jogar um jogo que eu paguei caro. E não não resolve vpn. Não tenho problema com nenhum outro jogo. Online. Minha internet é de 400. Copel. Foz do Iguaçu. Alguém poderia me ajudar?
  3. GooseX109

    12.8 won't let me get into a game

    Hello Devs, Great work on the game prob one of the best FPS possibly ever to hit the gaming world keep up the great work! Anyway my issue is after 12.8 launched when I try and get into a game it just an infinite matching screen as shown below. I tried changing servers, doing automatic and restarting the game. The same issues continues to occur and I was just hoping others may have had this issue so I can learn how to fix it or wait on a hot fix from you guys if that's what it takes so any advice? Thanks Anthony Edwards UID -GooseX109
  4. Before I start, my specs are : Processor: Intel Core i5-8500k GPU: AMD Radeon RX 480 Memory: 8GB of ram OS: Windows 10 Hello everyone, I have some issues with my game that render it completely unplayable. Onto the story. I entered my first game as a PMC on offline to learn the map. Everything was fine, I entered offline mode on customs, and immediately, my FPS became very slow, and my ping skyrocketed, this lasted about 1 minute. I carried on, and encountered some scavs, a shootout popped off. The shooting increased, I go prone while I was hurt, and my game crashes (first crash). Same thing happens twice. I go watch a youtube tutorial on how to fix constant crashing, and the guy goes into https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHPHdHPvT3A Task manager > EscapeFromTarkov.exe > properties > General > edit permissions > checks the square of "full control" > goes to compatibility > runs program as administrator. I do that, and game still crashes, this time I was in a scav raid with my friend, and tarkov kept alt-tabbing to discord. After the third alt tab, discord just closed itself alone, my game froze and then I died because I got kicked out of the server for my lag. So I decide to go check for alternate solutions, I stumble across this guy on the official EFT forum, that claimed to have provided a fix to this problem. He played around in his virtual memory limits and it worked for him, so I go into my: https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/133732-possible-fix-to-crashesfreezes-and-stuttering/ Settings > Adjust appearance and performance of windows > Virtual memory > Advanced tab > And then I put 4000mb minium, and 8000mb maximum for my F: folder where my game was. I also transfered some of the files left in my SSD (C:) to F: where the rest of my game was (my SSD has 55 GB of free space). Now that my VRAM was changed, and all of my game was in F: (i think), the game wouldn't even open the first time, it just said "failure to launch game". Second time it opened, but my game crashed as I was loading into the offline raid, now I can't even play in a raid so here I am. Please I beg someone to fix this, I'll reinstall whatever I need to. I've been hyping this game for a year and I finally got it and can't play.
  5. so i seem to have run into an issue where when i launch the launcher it says it has a critical update so i click update it does its thing closes and then.......nothing, so i open it again, and same thing happens, cant update or even open the bug report, any help would be apreciated
  6. Theoden_of_Eorl

    Launching Tarkov gives me BSOD

    Every time I launch EFT my computer Blue screen of deaths and gives me error code: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA and Ive tried looking up the error code, but that hasnt helped me.
  7. Ever since the brand new update of escape from tarkov 0.12 my pc would run into the problem of shutting down and rebooting itself at random times during the game. Sometimes I would be able to go into a raid and play a whole game before it reboots, other times im loading into a game and it reboots or when im clicking through the menu or even just loading up the game into the main menu All these times have rebooted my pc. PC SPECS: GTX 970 CPU I7 6700K 16GB RAM Corsair h100v water cooler corsair 500 watt gold power supply Has anyone else had a problem like this during the new update ? I have tried absolutely everything I could think of to fix the problem -cleaned out dust from pc -put in new thermal paste on the cpu -reseated the graphics card and ram -inspected all parts in the pc to make sure nothing was damaged -undervolted the cpu to create less heat -updated everything (windows, drivers, tarkov, tarkov launcher) -reinstalled escape from tarkov these are the things i have done and I used a cpu monitor software to see if the cpu temperature was running to hot in some cases it was during the game as it would go up to 100C sometimes but this was before i added new paste. It runs alot cooler now. what shocked me the most was the last time i launched escape from tarkov i had the task manager up to see if anything was spiking out of control nothing i noticed except power usage which said it was very high when loading up the game but I was thinking that would be normal and then once i loaded up my pc rebooted itself again the cpu did not over heat. how could it ? it was around 40C before loading up it couldnt of spiked that high also this only happens constantly in tarkov. I have played high demanding games before like rust or cod mw and only very rarely had a reboot or blue screen but with this new 0.12 update my computer reboots all the time I need help thanks.
  8. crazycason

    EFT Install Issues; Looking for help.

    Hey my EFT client is uninstalling as soon as it finishes the install. Can anyone help me figure out why? https://youtu.be/vNNlyZVspWY ^ Video of the issue ^
  9. Hey guys, i dont know if this is the correct place to ask this, but my game for some reason has worse aliasing after some update. Ive been playing the game for about a month now and the game always looked very nice and clean when it came to anti-aliasing, but now something changed and i see shimmers in places i have never seen before and some of those shimmers are really disadvantagous. The fences shimmer really badly now, to a point where from a certain distance i can barely see through them, also today i discovered crazy shimmering on door frames in long hallways, thin stair railings only stop shimmering whenever i get REAL close to them. I could list more stuff, but i think you get the picture. This shimmering has only appeared recently and its driving me nuts, ive tried playing around with Nvidia Control Panel, Nvidia Inspector, various sharpness settings, forced different AA's, reinstalled the game, but nothing helps. Even supersampling barely helps, but that just kills my fps. Did anyone have something similar like this? Let me know, thanks.
  10. BuckOFF33

    Bad State Error

    Hello, I recently purchased the game and have been attempting to download it. It reads bad state error every time, and will not complete the download. The full error reads: Game Update Installation Error/ Bad State (Incomplete dynamic bit lengths tree) I have cleared my computer of Battlestate as well as any files of EFT to redownload them as a course of action, which nothing has worked. Not entirely sure what to do at this point. Any one have a similar issue?
  11. So ever since Reserve launched I take in around 6-10 minutes to load in and ALL my other Maps load in within 4 minutes so i always spawn in Late and never get to hit loot spots first, First i thought it was cuz my Hard drive was full so i went and Cleared my entire hard disk to half of its storage on every drive and STILL the problem persists, not to mention random crashes and sometimes i Literally desync from the Server after a hard freeze like my teammate stops moving in my screen but he says he is moving in his game and also sees me move... this is really hindering me from playing what i would call an excellent map without these loading issues. Please help me if its a Issue on my Side or is it the map is just poorly optimized. My Game is running on a Western Digital 1TB hard disk, and My Processor is I5-6600 paired with a RX 590 so i really dont think its any of my PC parts acting weird Thanks in advance :)
  12. gofthemonster

    I cannot log in.

    Hello everyone. I fill in my credentials correctly - (My Email and password correctly, and I know it's correct because I used the exact same credentials to get on here) - and click "Authorize" - the image gets large, as if the launcher is about to start, but then shrinks back down and asks me to, yet again, enter my credentials and log in. I uninstalled the game in an attempt to fix the issue to no avail. Every time, it doesn't the same thing. My roommate, on the same IP address, can log in onto his computer with his credentials just fine, but he tried doing the same on my computer only to be locked out from logging in on my computer for an hour. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Bigdaddystylez

    3 story dorms window issue

    Hello, I was wondering if this window I am aiming at is meant to be able to go inside. I ended up jumping in by accident and the window did not break it just acted like it was not there at all. This is 3 story dorms on the vehicle exit side. When you do go inside and look out the window some things do not render in such as the metal stairs at certain angles. I didn't think this was a window you were meant to go through but even if it is the window should break.
  14. I used to be able to load in on time but now when I play on any map with a group I load in about 5-10 minutes late. Usually it takes 5 minutes to load the map and it always gets stuck at 100%. Has anyone else encountered this?
  15. When I try to spawn into maps or even while loading, my game suddenly crashes and takes discord with it. The error codes the log gives are the same every time, but I can't find anything on what they are or what they mean. The codes are first "|Error|Default|<b>Locale</b>. Trying to add duplicate: You have already bought the maximum amount of this item in the current restock|" Followed by "|Error|Default|Error: Bundle not found in manifest| " Specs of PC are: i7 4790k, gtx 1060 6gb, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, The game is on a SSD Help Please?
  16. A lot has already been posted about this issue of disconnecting due to high ping, but what annoys me the most is that it doesn't disconnect you and leaves you in the game. I get that its a good idea if you want to reconnect, but most if not all the time, that when you join back your ping will still get you kicked. So why not just send you back to the lobby?? This gets even more furiating is when it disconnects you and you decide to leave the match - by the time it removes you someone has domed you!! I've lost a lot of equippment because of this and its getting on my nerves. The high ping issues are not even consistent, I can have a ping jumping from 34 to 275 in one game and be fine in the next. EFT devs, just send us back to the lobby I'm sick of dealing with this and losing loot without even playing the game.
  17. AfRomero

    Server Connection Lost

    Hello, since the new hotfix came out to stop the real world traders with the ping limit i keep getting "server connection lost" error and booted from the game. I have played other online multiplayer games to see if it was my internet that was the problem, but sadly it only happens when playing tarkov I have not encountered this problem on any of the patches prior to patch .12. I am currently on the NA servers, and was wondering if there was a solution or if the server room was currently on fire. Love the game, but currently unplayable for me <(q_q)>
  18. LucaRB

    Invisible Players?

    Whenever i load into a pmc with friends they are invisible to me they can still shoot and kill me but i cannot see any players or scavs i found some past posts and some say the devs have been working on it but those were posted in in early 2018, is there any fix to this problem/
  19. I get disconnected when I get in raid, as soon as my character spawns into the raid, I get disconnected, I hear the sound of my weapon being shouldered, and then I get a server connection lost. Before this was happening I was constantly getting "Game aborted, Try reconnect." On every single raid while I was creating loot pools. I've tried a VPN, switching servers in the Tarkov launcher, reinstalling, resetting/restarting my modem, checking driver updates, turning firewall on/off, turning antivirus on/off, and clearing tarkov's cache. My friend does not get disconnected playing on the same server, we have the same internet service provider and live within 10km of eachother, but he has never been disconnected. Tarkov is also the only game where I experience constant disconnections. I have EFT installed on a SSD Specs: RTX 2060 i7-9750H 32GB RAM
  20. NebulaPlayz

    Reserve Issues

    Hello! After the recent update, I find that Reserve is basically unplayable. It takes me an upwards of 10 minutes to load in, where it used to take 1-2. I find that my teammates have also desynced when they load in. I reinstalled this game on my SSD, but it doesn't have seem to fixed anything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  21. My story... I'm an american overseas worker aka "Contractor" (I will not go into detail). I come home to see my family only a few months out of the year (No gaming while I'm home). I'm at the mercy of my companies provided internet or even tethering the local 4G/LTE off my phone in order to play Tarkov. For the past several years everything has worked out just fine, no rubber banding, no one claiming I'm cheating. Even teaming with people in the states has been fine as well. My ping has been as low as mid 80's (on russian servers) and just recently due to a new job at a new location it has been 195-217 on LAN (US servers) and 135-195 on 4G/LTE tether (ASI servers). I primarily played on LAN for less ping spikes and higher bandwidth, so I can use discord with my friends. For several years I was an avid player who craved the satisfaction of the win, the very realistic and smooth weapons handling enabled me to use my real life skills to dominate the opposition. Hell, I even talked several people into buying the EOD version of the game and in some cases I even gave people money to purchase the EOD version of the game. I truly loved the game and browsed Reddit EVERYDAY to keep my friends and myself up-to-date with hot news and dank MEMEs. The problem... While playing with my friends for the last time and sorting our gear, after a day of wrecking people, we were chatting about how smooth and natural it felt to now play together. We were finally synced and running smooth as a squad.. good call-outs, covering our angels of fire, dominating with speed and accurate fire. The next day we get on discord and gear up, squad up and click READY. Once we load in and within seconds I get a "quality of connection disconnect".... WTF? I try to reconnect as my friends guard my player... "Ok, I'm in. That was weird", I said. We start moving together thinking it was a weird glitch, then all of a sudden.. another "quality of connection disconnect". My friends and I take to reddit to look for announcements about glitches or for another even lower ping ban.... we came up with nothing. I ended up having to hide in a bush, back out of the raid and and close the game. I just went to bed thinking it was a weird glitch or an internet issue here at work. I believe it was the next day when my friend messaged me on discord.. "Nikita lowered the ping limit to 180, you have been PING BANNED bud", he said. My heart dropped... my last conversation with my friends about how well we have been playing together echoed in my head "Nikita... WTF?", I yelled out loud. Now I'm sitting alone overseas and not being able to play with my friends or even able to play the game at all. For the very first time at work I felt alone and cut off. I literally stopped using my PC for an entire week, I couldn't go near it. The PING BAN hasn't stopped cheaters at all and has only effected dedicated players with the misfortune of having shity internet. BSG is taking the easy way out instead of being creative, they need to come up with a different solution or possibly a better ping compensation algorithm. Please upvote this post and help get the word out!!!!!
  22. Parinoid_Onyx

    Patch on the found in raid status on items

    I just finished a raid and extracted with a very high valued thermal site i got off killing a player and now i cant sell it on the flea market? Im assuming that the player i killed bought it off the flee market so it loses its in raid status and is bugged because of it. i tried to record game play of it but my recording software is down.
  23. Hey guys, I’ve owned Tarkov for roughly a year now. Recently my entire computer has began freezing in the middle of Tarkov raids and even on the main menu, requiring me to hold the power button to restart it. This will happen 3-4 PER raid, every raid unless I'm killed while restarting. I play a variety of other games on my computer, all at max settings, such as Call of Duty, GTA, and Fallout. I don’t experience computer freezes whatsoever with any of these other games so I’m having a hard time understanding why this is happening to me only on Tarkov, and why it wasn’t happening last wipe but is now. I’ve done extensive internet research prior to posting this to figure the problem out on my own but I’m not finding much relevant information. I've updated all my drivers, installed memory cleaning software, and even cleaned my computer and its fans, none of this made any difference. Specs: Intel Core i7-6700K- Nvidia GTX 1080-Ti Samsung 860 Evo 1TB G.SKILL Ripjaws V DDR4 2400 C15 2x8GB If anyone has any troubleshooting ideas, program recommendations, or advice they could offer me that may help me determine the cause of these freezes it would be greatly appreciated. I have no problem providing additional information about my computer you may require to better assist me.
  24. packvsspooky

    Game issues.

    So I recently tried getting back into Tarkov but every time I launch the game I'm constantly getting stuck on a loading screen. I sometimes manage to actually get past the loading screen but as soon as I load into the raid, I automatically get disconnected from the server. I've tried everything I could possibly think of, I've deleted and reinstalled the game, I've deleted temporary files and I've tried running it as an administrator- but to no avail. Any ideas?
  25. Yeffreyy

    "Game not purchased"

    Recently I changed my username and password after being unable to login and opened the launcher to see "game not purchased" under "game edition" and was given an option to buy it, I've had the game since early 2019, I was just wondering if this is a known issue or of any known solutions.
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