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  1. Everytime i complete a task, i am unable to start the next task with the Trader, Unable claim any of the rewards, and a constant loading icon in the bottom right hand side of the screen. There are no logs/errors that show in the console. Any idea of what this could be? (I completed 3 tasks when exiting out of 1 Factory Raid. I completed the first task, had to restart my game, completed the second task, had to restart my game, completed the third task and had to restart my game.)
  2. Yesterday I bought this game and was able to play a good two rounds. But ever since then, I simply couldn't play. Every time I join a raid, after 10-30 seconds, I get kicked from the server with an error saying "Server Connection Closed due to Poor Connection Quality." The thing is: My ping for the closest servers to me is around 120-150ms. I didn't have that issue for my first two games, but after that I did. Checking the internet, it seems this issue existed for the past few years. The only solutions I found were related to players that are connecting via German ISPs, which I'm not. Can anyone help me?
  3. Ever since the brand new update of escape from tarkov 0.12 my pc would run into the problem of shutting down and rebooting itself at random times during the game. Sometimes I would be able to go into a raid and play a whole game before it reboots, other times im loading into a game and it reboots or when im clicking through the menu or even just loading up the game into the main menu All these times have rebooted my pc. PC SPECS: GTX 970 CPU I7 6700K 16GB RAM Corsair h100v water cooler corsair 500 watt gold power supply Has anyone else had a problem like this during the new update ? I have tried absolutely everything I could think of to fix the problem -cleaned out dust from pc -put in new thermal paste on the cpu -reseated the graphics card and ram -inspected all parts in the pc to make sure nothing was damaged -undervolted the cpu to create less heat -updated everything (windows, drivers, tarkov, tarkov launcher) -reinstalled escape from tarkov these are the things i have done and I used a cpu monitor software to see if the cpu temperature was running to hot in some cases it was during the game as it would go up to 100C sometimes but this was before i added new paste. It runs alot cooler now. what shocked me the most was the last time i launched escape from tarkov i had the task manager up to see if anything was spiking out of control nothing i noticed except power usage which said it was very high when loading up the game but I was thinking that would be normal and then once i loaded up my pc rebooted itself again the cpu did not over heat. how could it ? it was around 40C before loading up it couldnt of spiked that high also this only happens constantly in tarkov. I have played high demanding games before like rust or cod mw and only very rarely had a reboot or blue screen but with this new 0.12 update my computer reboots all the time I need help thanks.
  4. I have recently started to get a very annoying *bug* where every few raids I'll connect to a server with 185+ Ping. I don't have auto server selection on, instead I only have the Oce server ticked. I was playing with 3 friends, 2 of which share the same ISP being OPTUS. The three of us all experienced the same thing, every few raids we would connect with high ping and get kicked a few seconds in. The 3rd guy didn't experience any issues although it us unknown what ISP he goes through. I checked the server list and saw that the oce server had a higher ping rate (175ms) than that of ASI (151ms), although that seemed to revert back to normal as right now I'm having the same 180+ ping issue with the oce server showing 25ms. I also checked the ip address of the server I was connecting to and it checks out to be in Sydney ( I've run multiple speed checks both while trying to play on high ping and in general and I can confirm that my internet is fine. I'm just trying to figure out what could be causing the issue. Has anyone else run into this problem? Funnily enough I have never encountered this before but I play with all three of these guys together for the first time and they said it was normal that they get this connection problem, and even said "Guess you're part of the Optus gang" keksD
  5. barrios1998

    All servers timed out

    does anyone know how to fix this? have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling, logging out and logging back in, and restarting computer
  6. Thewingsfrito

    Tomando Disconnect constantemente

    Eu estou tendo problemas de conexão nesse jogo geralmente chego a cair uma vez por partida esta ficando chato já. Respostas: Não tenho ocilação de ping. Tenho vpn paga, mas n deveria ser obrigado a pagar vpn pra se jogar um jogo que eu paguei caro. E não não resolve vpn. Não tenho problema com nenhum outro jogo. Online. Minha internet é de 400. Copel. Foz do Iguaçu. Alguém poderia me ajudar?
  7. OppaHyuna

    EoD rep bugged

    Anyone else having their trader rep bugged? I have EoD and i'm lvl 14, almost 15 and prapor is only on 0.08 rep atm. Only Ragman (questline not started yet) has 0.2, all the other traders don't seem to get the EoD boost. Anyone else with eod expereiencing this issue? and anyone knows how to fix? https://gyazo.com/fde146dac3896bd448425a6e40381003 as you can see ragman is 0.20 but rest is far below what they should be on an eod-account
  8. Heyho! Ich habe bereits versucht mit dem Support zu Kommunizieren und bin auch gerade noch dabei. Allerdings versuche ich grade auch den Auslöser für das Problem zu suchen, allerdings bis jetzt noch Erfolgslos. Deshalb dachte ich mir gerade, vielleicht hat jemand eine Lösung oder selber das Problem und bin hier auf die "Off-Themen" im Deutschsprachigen Bereich gekommen. Das Problem : Ich habe seit 2 Tagen das Problem das wenn ich versuche den Launcher zu starten sofort eine Fehlermeldung kommt mit der Nachricht (Ein Aufrufziel hat einen Ausnahmefehler verursacht) Ich habe bereits fast jegliche Möglichkeit versucht das Problem zu finden und bin immer noch nicht auf eine Lösung gestoßen. DirectX Neuinstalliert, Treiber Aktualisiert, Launcher Neu Installiert all so das was man sich vorstellen kann. Ich hab auch den Launcher wo anderst installiert war aber auch erfolgslos. Ich habe bereits jegliche Möglichkeit versucht die mir bekannt war.
  9. Almost every time I load into a pmc or scav run, I'll get stuck on Awaiting Session Start or Waiting for players for like 5 minutes and then I'll just get the error message "Server Connection Lost." I have to reconnect about 3+ times in order to get into raid. I know its not my computer or internet connection because I've checked everything and its all fine. A LOT of other people are having this issue too and its making the game nearly unplayable because we spawn in 10+ minutes late to the raid. I've tried everything from changing my DNS server to re-installing my game and nothing has worked. I don't want to use a vpn because it slows down my connection. Some people don't have this issue others do. SO PLEASE CAN SOMEBODY GIVE ME AN ANSWER!!! This has been happening for a week straight now and I've been playing the game fine before.
  10. When I try to spawn into maps or even while loading, my game suddenly crashes and takes discord with it. The error codes the log gives are the same every time, but I can't find anything on what they are or what they mean. The codes are first "|Error|Default|<b>Locale</b>. Trying to add duplicate: You have already bought the maximum amount of this item in the current restock|" Followed by "|Error|Default|Error: Bundle not found in manifest| " Specs of PC are: i7 4790k, gtx 1060 6gb, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, The game is on a SSD Help Please?
  11. Hello, I have been playing EFT since early 2017. I must admit - I have never seen such an amount of bs that is happening rn in raids. With current demand for GPUs and BTC price the game became a pistol deathmatch. Gameplay on every map is like a speed run who gets to tech loot places first. There is no more Tarkov gameplay in it. You know what I mean? The slower, more carefull approach. And it is because of the flawed game design at this point. It is just more worth it to rush to tech shop on Interchange, take GPU/Tetriz to secure container and die. You sell BTC and use GPU in a farm, no need to have it FIR at this point. For the love of God, dear Battlestate, make it so that You can only have stuff which You bring to the raid in Your container. NO GPUs, TETRISES and other poo in safe container. Only dogtags/things which You can put into S I C C/Doc case like money, physical btc, intelligence folder etc. Honestly, bringing good stuff into raid is useless. When I get to some good loot areas everything is looted in the first 2 mins of the raid and there are only dead bodies of hatches and pistol runners... MAKE people fight for this loot, not grab and go.
  12. A lot of People right now have the same Issue as me: When we login thorugh launcher it says that there will be an E-Mail sent containing the Code, but no Mail will be sent. If you login through the Website, theres no problem. All the E-Mails like Password change or else will be sent. The only Issue is the launcher. 1.Already Whitelistet all of BSG E-Mail Adresses ([email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]) 2.Checked Spam folder and it´s settings and No there is no filter or max. capacity of my spam folder. 3.Reinstalled launcher and launched via admin but nothing works. 4.Already made a support Ticket a few days ago but no answer of support yet. #8554396 5. i wrote a Direct E-Mail ot the Support, a few days ago but no answer yet. suprise suprise... 6. Can´t change E-Mail cuz it´s blacked out for me... what the hell is this mess! I tried everything else but it didnt work so please just send me a Verfication Code manually or change this damn Veration system ,cuz this thing is going on my nerves...
  13. anyone else craft ap 6.3 and have the work bench actually give you GT instead? just happened to me
  14. Longshort

    Hit reg

    Is any 1 else having hit reg issues ? I had a guy rush me into a room and I unloaded 7 shots right in him but in the end screen it says I didn't even hit him This keeps happening now for some reason
  15. illegalheadshot

    Entire PC Freezing when switching windows

    I am having an issue where whenever I alt+tab or try to minimize the game my entire pc freezes and I am forced have to force shut down the whole system. My configuration is as follows: Gigabyte 3080, Ryzen 5900x and Corsair Vengeance Pro 32 GB 3600 ram. My game is currently installed on a secondary partition of my primary drive. If anybody has encountered this issue any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  16. xdjrailx

    Main Menu Blank

    I just purchased game about 3 hours ago now and now matter what i do i always just end up on a blank Main Menu page. The launcher works fine, game loads ups, at main menu it just sits. I can shake around screen and stuff but theres no buttons to select anything. I have checked firewalls settings, video drivers, everything i could think of. I dont get any kind of error i just sit on main menu with no buttons.
  17. ElCharo

    Infinit Loading Issue

    Hey guys ! Just bought the game 2 days ago and after trying all potential fix , nothing worked...when i launch my game (in the launcher) i get into the infinit loading screen. Even reinstall the laucher + the game didn't work. I don't know if it's the right channel to complain about this but am asking if u guys could help me , am giving this game a last chance before getting refunded. Cheers for reading !
  18. Its getting to the point where the game is becoming unplayable. Its been fairly okay since I started a week ago. But its getting really noticable now. Every game, its a complete stutter and freeze duck fest. It will freeze like all hell when I load in, taking multiple minutes to become smooth again. It freeze randomly. It freezes when people shoot, shoot at me, when I shoot, aim down sights. Anything will just cause a stutter. I've had multiple deaths because of a scav shooting at me and freezing my game. I've had issues where my "loading loot..." before a raid just keeps looping once it gets to 100%, only getting in 10 minutes after. I don't know what is causing this and it certainly wasn't this bad a couple days ago. My specs are currently: GTX 1660TI GPU I7 7700K CPU 16GB ddr4 3200mhz RAM The game IS on an SSD also. Its driving me mad and its certainly making the game unenjoyable and unplayable now. Really sucks.
  19. Hello guys, I have a problem, when I first launch the game it runs pretty smooth (40 to 60fps) on most maps (except for reserve wich is choppy but still playable. But as soon as I launch a second game (whatever the map is) I have a massive dop in perfs : loading the map takes ages, and when in game I'm between 1 to 20 fp depending on map. If reboot the game everything works fine again, until I play the 2nd game... I tried a lot of things : changing the pagefile size, setting the windows clean memory task, tweaking in game and radeon settings, re-installed the game 5 times on different drives (currently on a SSD), activating "Clean ram auto" and "Only use physical cores", using a batch to launch EFT in high priority... kinda out of ideas here. EDIT : also, I have no over-heating issue, I applied new thermal paste to both my GPU and CPUl, they go up to 70° max on full charge. EDIT 2 : System Specs: Interl I5 6500 3.2Ghz Radeon RX 570 8gb 8192 mo SSD 1 TERA Playing in 1080p Anyone can help me ?
  20. Anatomia

    cant launch the game

    Hey, my friend and I got an error while trying to launch the game. I have no idea how it happened and I tried everything.. uninstalled the game + launcher. turned off my anti-virus and still nothing. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  21. I've tried the usual fixes like setting the priority higher in task manager, opening as admin, turning off IPv6, using a VPN, and downloading the zip directly, but the download speed doesn't change. My normal speed is around 10 MB/s. I would rather not wait 30 hours to download this game.
  22. tokoboy


    I'm not receiving any ducking code for the launcher. I receive codes for everything else website related but nothing for the past 2 days has come for launcher. I literally bought this game after getting hacked and now I run into this mess. Why is there an authentication code if people can still hack your account... Apparently people have waited months for their code, but I don't have the time for that crap since I'm on holiday break. If this issue persists I'm getting a chargeback, I don't give a crap if this game doesn't let me play it ever again, because I literally can't play it even when I pay for it. I've whitelisted all Tarkov email contacts, emailed my own service provider, and still receive nothing. On my original account I received an email using the same website, and now I don't receive anything.
  23. So ever since Reserve launched I take in around 6-10 minutes to load in and ALL my other Maps load in within 4 minutes so i always spawn in Late and never get to hit loot spots first, First i thought it was cuz my Hard drive was full so i went and Cleared my entire hard disk to half of its storage on every drive and STILL the problem persists, not to mention random crashes and sometimes i Literally desync from the Server after a hard freeze like my teammate stops moving in my screen but he says he is moving in his game and also sees me move... this is really hindering me from playing what i would call an excellent map without these loading issues. Please help me if its a Issue on my Side or is it the map is just poorly optimized. My Game is running on a Western Digital 1TB hard disk, and My Processor is I5-6600 paired with a RX 590 so i really dont think its any of my PC parts acting weird Thanks in advance :)
  24. I bought EFT on january 1st and was looking forward to playing it but I can't login to the website or trought the BSG launcher. I do not recieve the verification email and can't access my account. I am using Gmail. I have checked my spam and junk folders and also whitelisted [email protected] I have sent a request to support and I am still waiting. Any advice would be appreciated.
  25. cals12321

    Low performance on new rig

    New rig, consisting of: Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Memory: 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200MHz (1x16GB) Hard Drive: Corsair Force MP510 480GB M.2 NVMe & Seagate 1TB BarraCuda GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB * Power Supply: Corsair 650W CV650 Motherboard: ASUS PRIME B450M-A While the components are well above the recommended for the game, I consistently get 40-60fps running at 1080p, the settings don't seem to make much difference; I've probably tried every possible mix at this point in an effort to get stable 60fps. Love the game and it might even be my new main choice but the performance really takes away from the experience, especially in woods ( not played late-game locations at the time of writing ) I thought the issue might be due to the game not being optimised for the new GPU series but there are videos of people using similar setups getting up to and over 100fps stable even at 1440p. Any advise/answers are greatly appreciated, I'm fine with adding more information or moving this post if it's in the wrong place/more info is needed - new to these forums so apologies if this is the case.
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