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Found 46 results

  1. TristanArnold

    Unable to Join Raid - Invalid URI

    Hello! All functions within Tarkov are working perfectly for me, I even had a successful scav raid ... Now however, every time I try to join a raid, I receive an error stating ''Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined.'' ... I tried uninstalling, fresh wipe, reinstall .. I still receive this error however. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Tristan.
  2. Hey guys, So i recently updated to a SSD. All of a sudden my keyboard input in game does not work. I went to search for an item in the flea market and could not type the item's name. next i went into an offline raid and tried to move with wasd and could not. The funny bit is outside of the game (email, internet, general day to day computer stuff) works just fine. I have the most recent keyboard driver. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks
  3. Killed a dude but was unable to search anything on him unless i dropped it on the ground(which really sucks when they had multiple bags)? My teammate was able to search fine but shortly after he ended up not being able to search a bag or use meds because it said he was searching. I would have submitted this as a bug report as well but when I tried, it said I had exceeded my limit of bug reports? which i had submitted one. idk if that is a bug too?
  4. Hello, Has anyone else had this issue with BSG? I contacted them about 2 weeks ago wanting help with updating my account email address, as without access to my previous email address, I was unable to change it. They asked me for additional details such as the transaction details and such, I provided that information, and since then, total silence. Perhaps they hope I will repurchase the game again, as I can't play the game without verifying my account using the old email with the launcher. Well, I won't repurchase the game.
  5. LeCoyote

    Le jeu coupe le signal de mon GPU

    Bonjour, depuis hier un probleme est apparu sur ma config, je n'ai jamais eu de problemes avant pour jouer, mais depuis hier, quand je run le jeu, au bout de quelques minutes, le signal video se coupe, avec une impossibilité de le recuperer (avec alt+tab, ctrl+alt+suppr ou alt+f4) je suis oblige de hard reset le pc au boutton (ça m'a flingue ma session windows hier mais je l'ai récupérée, n'empeche ça reste vraiment pas cool) j'ai donc réinstaller le jeu hier et ai pus jouer, aujourd'hui je rallume le pc et meme probleme, impossible de jouer et surtout de quitter le jeu quand celui-ci plante le gpu, et les ventilateurs se mettent a fonctionner au maximum. j'ai refait toute l'installation 2 fois (la première ayant échouer car le jeu ne trouvait pas tout les fichiers, obliger de re-telecharger le jeu une deuxieme fois, nettoyer mon registre avec Ccleaner, fait une analyse des fichiers du jeu. je vais pas m'amuser a faire cette operation a chaque fois, d'autant plus qu'à force de devoir hard reset le pc, je vais finir par le flinguer pour de bon le jeu ne crash pas donc je n'ai pas de logs config : Intel Xeon X5690 Geforce RTX 2070 super 12go de ram en double channel jeu sur HDD je précise que j'ai quasiment 200heures de jeu et n'ai jamais eu un tel probleme avant merci d'avance de votre reponse Le_Coyote
  6. A lot has already been posted about this issue of disconnecting due to high ping, but what annoys me the most is that it doesn't disconnect you and leaves you in the game. I get that its a good idea if you want to reconnect, but most if not all the time, that when you join back your ping will still get you kicked. So why not just send you back to the lobby?? This gets even more furiating is when it disconnects you and you decide to leave the match - by the time it removes you someone has domed you!! I've lost a lot of equippment because of this and its getting on my nerves. The high ping issues are not even consistent, I can have a ping jumping from 34 to 275 in one game and be fine in the next. EFT devs, just send us back to the lobby I'm sick of dealing with this and losing loot without even playing the game.
  7. devast8r


    Damage Value system -Length Barrels and Damage values Stash Container -Unable to swap between bags when you do not wish set in empty square spaces and then swap Wallet issues -Unable to stack cash in Wallet when all square spaces occupied not exceeding 50,000 rubles value Weapon system issue -Unable to toggle sight between Carry Handle Top Scope mount and Iron Sights (AR-15 pattern Rifles/Platform) -Unable to toggle sight between Rail Side Mount System and Iron Sights (AK/SKS Pattern Rifles/Platform) -DSA SA58/FAL not able to fold with folding designated stock -SKS reloading animation need to redo and can be able to top it off with rounds with new animation -Kedr PP91 has two sights system Peephole and a U Notch -SKS, Mosin Nagant need to add Stripper Clips ammo -Smoke need to rework -Knife sounds need to rework when contacting with different materials stop reusing bullet ricochet sound -add animation of injured Scav and Players from other point of views After Action Review Replay system Division player skills tier system -prevents smurfing and able to equalize between expierence players and friendlier to non experience players
  8. Getting good is not an answer. People sit in bushes and 1 shot you with whatever ammo it is. It's impossible to do anything when you have naked people running only mosins and you can't see where they are at. My last 13 raids have all been ruined by mosins that 1 shot through my level 4 body armor. At this point, its not worth bringing anything in or playing because its gone to losers that sit in bushes and 1 shot anyone who gets close. Literally every death I had today, was mosin. Tired of this poo.
  9. I have been playing since January and have always had this issue on woods and sometimes custom's, every 5-10mins my game freezes however continues to run in the background for another 5-10 seconds in that time i can go prone and still walk around ( I can tell this by the game audio still running). This issue is so problematic is has made playing any game of woods nearly impossible, these are my errors in my Logs 2020.06.02_6-25-06_0.12.6.7526 errors.log 2020.06.02_6-47-00_0.12.6.7526 errors.log 2020.06.02_7-04-04_0.12.6.7526 errors.log Attempted fixes: I have reinstalled EFT 2 times now and validated the integrity of the files, I have tried different install paths ( C drive ect.) I have tried this fix a along with reinstalling my drivers from scratch multiple times https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/discover/207742/upgrading-to-windows-10-read-me-first-/ I have disabled all overlays for any programs that have them (Xbox game bar, NVIDIA experience, etc). at this point I am really stumped at this problem, this has been going on through many hot fixes and major updates I have reported it to support every time but no fix has come about. does anyone else experience this issue? PC Specs AMD Ryzen 1700X gigabyte Geforce 1080 gaming G1 ASUS X370 Pro Corsair 16GB Kit (2x8GB) DDR4 Vengeance C15 3000MHz windows build 1909 OS build 18363.836 GeForce game ready Driver 446.14
  10. Downloading the game is unbearably slow, i am living in israel and the download speed of the game is capped to 200kb/s i tried using vpn/making exceptions to my firewall even disabling it, without no avail, what really sucks is there is a server here in Tel-Aviv and yet the download is so slow it feels like im downloading the game from another continent in the other side of the earth is there any way to get a direct link to the download server, so i could at least download it using a high speed proxy, or even a torrent file will suffice. Thanks for coming to my TED talk ..
  11. First off let me say I love this game. I have managed to put in hundreds of hours since I purchased the game. I just wish some of the bugs/issues I’ve noticed would get fixed because they really do hinder the experience of the game. To make this easier on whoever reads this I’ll embolden the issues at the top before I write about my experiences with each issue. Hackers I have been playing shooters/BRs for years now. Some of them competitively and others just casually. It is very easy to tell if someone is good or if they’re truly hacking. This game has people who have some raw aim and game sense and that’s why I love it, because it requires you to develop both to succeed consistently. For the first 2 months I’ve played I barely saw hackers, maybe once or twice a week at the most. Now, it’s at a minimum twice a day. For example, yesterday I was in 3 story dorms, on the west side of the building. My friend was getting a task done so I was just clearing the floor below. I start getting shot at from around 2 story. So I get out of the room I’m in and move to an area that I can’t be shot at from 2 story. Well that didn’t matter he kept shooting and eventually killed me despite me being behind a wall. My friend said that the wall behind me looked like a line of bullet holes following me. If you are going to have a game with a competitive aspect to it especially a pvp one, you need to have a good anti-cheat. Some people are assholes and ruin the game for people who are having fun. It actually makes people not want to play the game when that’s they how get rewarded for grinding the game. Also, I can say that adding a report function in the after action report would greatly help the community identify some of the cheaters. Sound I don’t think I need to explain to y’all how important this is in this game. There have been multiple occasions where my sound doesn’t work in the game. Most notably with grenades. I haven’t heard a grenade bounce or explode since 12.5! Even before the update it was spotty. I’d hear it some games and others I wouldn’t. It’s ridiculous, this bug alone makes grenades broken! I won’t get into the other issues with grenades since I have minimal experiences with them and they have affected me minimally but, this bug is absolutely game breaking and needs to be addressed immediately. Doors Recently I have been getting this bug where I go to open a door and it won’t open on my client but, for everyone else I’m playing with it’s open and they can walk through it. Unless I turn around and wait a few seconds it won’t open. Oh I might’ve forgot to mention that everyone else can see an open door when this happens...a lot of my PMC runs have met this fate... Overall, I wish these issues to be addressed because I love this game. I just wish the dev team would work on fixing these issues. I have a coding background and know that coding is a cutie for a lack of a better term but at the same time when you build anything with issues with the layer below the surface, it usually doesn’t turn out well. This game has SO much potential and I want to see it succeed! I know I’m just another player voicing my concerns but I’m not the only one. tl:dr please get an actual anti-cheat and add a report function to after action report menu. Fix grenade sounds. Fix the doors that won’t open when they are for everyone else. GLHF and see y’all on the servers! Also a vod function for players to watch after they have been killed or extracted along with their party would be beneficial for people to learn what they did right or wrong would benefit a lot of the newer players.
  12. I want to bring up that subject because i live in Reunion and so have ping in all serveur. But since the last maj about ping abuse, my referencial server has being changed ans now i have 400+ ping on all serveur, so with the new patch i can't play at all because i'm kicked out off any raids i try to go in for too high ping. So question for the devs, can you ad a manual server selection on the launcher ? in fact there is one but over 150ping you can't select server, just be able to choose server manualy will solve my problems because i have some server where i have around 200ping and so if i was able to select them i will not be kicked out of the raids for "too high ping". I whant to know if others peaple are in the same case as me because if nothing change that mean i can't play the game at all and i pay a total of 140€ for this and don't hope any refund for being "in a isolate place" sadly. Thanks for your attention and excuse my writing i do my best but english isn't my native language.

    I have good FPS, but lag a bunch.

    I usually am able to run 60+ FPS when i play, but i still get massive lag and jittering. Is it possible that my PC build just isn't powerful enough? Or is everyone having Server issues?
  14. d3thmasri


    Hey, i know theres a lot of topics with fps drops, but i think something is wrong with my game, i am having like 50-60fps when i was having 90fps (interchange, customs) and 120 in factory and labs, but i cant seem to pass the 50-60fps suddenly, when aiming the fps drops even more, i didnt change anything, everything is uptodate and tried reinstalling the game, drivers and everything. MY PCS SPECS: - Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700k CPU @ 4.20GHz 4.20GHz - GPU : ZOTAC GEFORCE GTX 1080TI AMP EXTREME 11GB 352BIT GDDR5X - RAM : Instaled RAM : 16.0GB - Motherboard : Gigabyte Z270X-Ultra Heres my "overclock" settings, dont know how to do it, putted the automatic one, and it made this. IN-GAME SETTINGS : Texture Quality : High Shadows Quality : High LOD Quality : 4 Overall Visibility : 3000 Shadow Visibillity : 100 Antialiasing : TAA Resampling : 1x off HBAO : Colored very high SSR : Off Antisotropic Fitering : Per texture i dont know its something from my ingame settings, i used to play with higher settings , and even tried lowering and following some YT settings , but nothing changes, i can say like when i put to a poo settings i gain like 5-7fps Sorry for my bad english and i dont know a lot about PC Specs, and configs, but i thought this should run the game smoothly
  15. Hello! I have tried to reinstall, clear cache, clear temp folder and restart my pcbut nothing has fixed it yet.. Haven't been able to play for 4 hours now and i'd like to play again 🙏 Does anyone know a solution to my problem if so please let me know! Regards, Jumpy
  16. Huckabuck

    Server Changing Issues

    Since a couple of months ago I haven't been able to change my server location in the client. All of the server options are unresponsive in the menu and the auto server selection button puts me into one of the higher ping servers. Stable 240ish. I have lower ping servers available in the server selection menu and I don't have too many disconnection issues with the automatically chosen servers, just wish I could play on lower ping servers. I live in the pacific, but connecting to Asian and US servers used to be the fastest and even now the menu says I would have roughly 160 ping connecting to Tokyo. Any ideas on how to fix it? Or if anything changed? I already reinstalled the client and the game with no success.
  17. BigDrewTheBeast

    Technical Issues with Matching

    I am playing with my friends and we played for hours. At one point whenever we would queue up for a match I would be stuck matching forever, my friends would get into a match and go the entire time and finish and I would be stuck matching the whole time and eventually just back out of the matching screen and try again. Same problem... I am the only one who cannot play out of my party. WTF?
  18. Hello everyone Giribaldi here, bring to you and the Devs a more focused orientated post/suggestion which will include secure polls for you to take in order for the Devs to better understand the communities wants for the game they love, in hopes that a change will be made as swiftly as possible due to the large increase in player base and thus the cause and need for such changes. Please scroll to the bottom for the 2 respective polls. In Tarkov, we explain it as a game that is a "hardcore" fps, something like PubG but with worth and value in the continued playing and development of your stash and character; however, a serious issue we face right now is a huge problem with the market and influx of players abusing, and I say abusing because this shouldn't be a playstyle available, a certain playstyle mindset that is not limited to just the normal player but also RMT business's. What I suggest, and has already been tested and done before, is we reinstate the Pre-Wipe Secure Container rule where in we are no longer able to place items into a secure container when in a raid, nor put things back in that were in there before. This purposed idea would cripple the RMT business's by removing the certainty of extracting with loot and would force the community to extract if they want to gain anything. I dont know about you but my idea of fun isnt to load into a raid and find that 50-80% of the PMCs I find are their souly as hatchet runners to suicide right after getting there secure container full. This will also provide much needed content for the regular player base. Second proposal, and one you seen a lot, is a need to fix the Trader sold items to be an infinite stock system with buy limits that refresh at normal interval. Right now a plague to the community is the problem that within 5 seconds of Traders refreshing their stock, unless ample, quickly disappears and makes it so the prices are gouged sometimes as bad as 500%. This will also provide another way to hit the RMT business's and market bots by removing the ability to price gouge items that are highly used but very few stocked; essentially creating money by playing the market and marking up items that sell for significantly less. Links to polls: Trader Out of Stock Issue Loading poll... Secure Container - Hatchling issue Loading poll...
  19. Hi, I've been playing EFT since August 2019, and recently I started having a lot of issues with the game. It started stuttering like crazy ( like 1-2 sec freezes) and frequently. I have not changed any settings and the game was running almost perfectly fine before. My last raid ended while I was in one of those stutter, and when the game came back, I was dead loosing everything obviously. As much as I love the game this type of lag is completely unacceptable even more so when the game was running fine before... Am I the only one with this issues? Is there a known fix? I already tried reinstalling the game + launcher but the game still freezes here is a video to show you how it looks like : https://imgur.com/a/9W4je03 Thanks for your future help
  20. byzas

    Stuck in Matching

    Hello, Whenever I try to play with my friend, our games both get stuck on matching. We've both been waiting up to 7 minutes before we decided we couldn't find a game. This has been going on for days now, and it's only when we both try to play with each other, as PMC and scav. Today I've been playing all day, and he comes online and we try to play and then we're stuck again. We've both tried switching servers, selecting multiple, selecting only one, seeing what would happen, and nothing works. Anyone know what's up?
  21. MugenOG


    No Nikita its not my ducking hardware. no Nikappa its not my ducking internet first a stupid amount of late spawns starting this week.(SSD with plenty of extra space, must be poo i7 7700k and 1080 causing the late spawns) game won't stay connected to servers for more than.. i'd say 5 minutes max. auto server selection or selecting a few servers at 30 or so ping, doesn't ducking matter. the best part? BSG refuse to admit this is an issue and go on to sucking some streamer dick cheese and adding in new slugs that no one will ever use along with a new mosin 2.0. what a Joke but hey at least if i decide to hatchling run, ill just get dc'd naturally so that can be useful
  22. cacak67

    Help? What should I do?

    So I just did a Scav raid on factory, after I added everything to my inventory and I pressed Continue it got stuck in an infinite loading loop just popping up messages with errors. It's the same one over and over again. I quit the game and re-entered and now it's stuck on "Profile Data Loading". The same error message from before pops up.
  23. Krinkles

    Iron Sight Issues

    So I've found that, in my experience, that aiming with iron sights consistently hast he bullet being lower than where the point of aim should be; much, much lower in a lot of cases. At first I figured I was just too close, and the sights were zeroed for something further out, but as I tried it at varying ranges I found it consistently shot low (much greater distances becoming subject to excessive displacement long before anything conclusive could be surmised). However, at close and modest ranges, it was low every time. Like, real low; seemed to want to pull to the left on the first shot as well. I shot it several times after the first to make sure it in itself wasn't just scatter, and each time the patterns held. Somewhat ironically, the grouping on the PPS proved to be most consistent at closer ranges, but it still pulled way down. On it's image I've moved closer to the target (center of the 5 on the licence plate) after shooting, to show this. I tried to sidestep to give an idea of where I had leveled the shots when I fired, but there's some variance, just with the character's static breathing and all. I was holding Shift during each shot, but not afterwards. Now, this could totally be a setting I don't know about, or some weird like "oh, well your gun-skill is low so your character's constantly overcompensating when the start shooting," or something like that, but I don't believe it is. With the stubby 74, especially, I find I'd basically have to cover the target in the large flat surface under the top of the sight to get it closer to where I'd want it to be.
  24. VileValicanth

    Crashing Issues/Freezing

    I've recently been having a lot of issues loading into certain maps, Shoreline being the most difficult to get into due to the density of the resort. This bug happens pretty often upon loading into a match but is worse on that map than the rest. I'll get to the "Loading Loot" section, and somewhere in there it will crash the game and become frozen, causing everything on my PC to die off until it decides it wants to load in. Is this a constant issue for others, or is it only me? I'm just interested in seeing if anyone has fixed this issue in the past, or is struggling with it now. Also if anyone has any way to fix freezing/lag during any gunfights or turning, help would be appreciated. Generally speaking my game doesn't have issues, but when it does it's a HUGE problem.
  25. VileValicanth

    Crashing Issues/Freezing

    I've recently been having a lot of issues loading into certain maps, Shoreline being the most difficult to get into due to the density of the resort. This bug happens pretty often upon loading into a match but is worse on that map than the rest. I'll get to the "Loading Loot" section, and somewhere in there it will crash the game and become frozen, causing everything on my PC to die off until it decides it wants to load in. Is this a constant issue for others, or is it only me? I'm just interested in seeing if anyone has fixed this issue in the past, or is struggling with it now. I posted it here, wondering if any of the devs had been aware of this issue and were working on fixing it.
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