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  1. EWRs are my love. They are small, they fill a good amount of water, give some energy too and are quick to use. But they are only FIR. Can we get a trade with Jaegar for it? Maybe locked behind the dehydration quest and trade for like, a silicone tube and a disposable syringe.
  2. Kinda started this question in another thread but I think it would be worth its own. What I mean by the title is, that items should not just manifest them self when looking inside an item-container of any kind (backpack, vest, etc. ...), but be "rendered" at all times inside the said containers. Best example I can give would be how DayZ did it (if I remember correctly that is). If someone had a full bag of items and you shot the said person, while hitting the bag, you would destroy/damage some if not all items inside the bag. But let me expand it. We already have a simple system like this in the game. It only applies to armor and helmets, though. Why not expand it to: Weapons which we carry Mags/nades/meds/etc. in our vests and pockets (as written above) items inside our backpacks What would it bring to the game? make the gameplay a bit slower I suppose people would think twice before making a pincushion out of someone, be it through grenade spam or full auto a 60 mag (yey to the solution to the full auto meta ) another layer of protection hit items could damp or even prevent a hit on the person I suppose it gives items more value But I guess it wont be that easy and will bring it's own problems: extra calculation steps in the hit and damage calculation more stress on the netcode/servers? people will not like it 😜 abuse in form of a new meta carrying as much as possible (which already happens, but would protect the carrier - fix to the stamina/carrying system needed) defeats the purpose of my "preaching" of people irl not going for the head would make people go even more for the head, to not damage the goods (or maybe legs - we love legs, right?) Yeah, so that's basically it. As many people want more and more realism, I wondered that no one brought it up until now. Maybe someone did, but my search through the forum didn't bear much success. What do you think? Is it something that Tarkov could need or at least would make sense? Is it maybe to "hardcore"? Let me know! Cheers!
  3. I think it would be a great idea, to add different kinds of graphicscards, so there would be a low tier, mid tier (could be the existing) and high end which would be very rare.
  4. I did some research but could not find something related to this specific topic. Mostly found some lists of quests, but they are either incomplete or does not fit into what i want as the result. Iam sorry if i missed something. Anyway: Hey Guys :-) After a few weeks with quests and realising my "spring-cleaning" right before the quest-patch was a mistake (sold some of the items i need now), i decided to make a list of items you really need. But i did only a few quests so far and got some information from streams and with research so i need your help. Maybe we can make a list of all collectable quest items (the ones who spawn random) together, so you have a handy little list with things you should keep (especially usefull after a wipe). I will update this list with the information you provide. Just one thing: Be sure about the related items. I dont want people to guess, because we all need a clean stash EDIT: Due to not being able to edit posts after a few minutes, i've created a google document for it which i will update instead. It can be found here
  5. A lot of the changes to combat RMT affect the gameplay of the general playerbase. Allowing only a specific amount of items/money on your character makes the stash management a bit harder, you can not just load all those items in your character to move them easily to the desired location. The backpack stacking change makes accessing them way harder. Having multiple big backpacks in a stack results in being forced to have double that amount of space in your stash to unpack them. Sometimes this is hard to accomplish for EOD, for the standard edition this can be backbreaking. Before you could just put them on your character to have space to unload stuff from a scav run, this is now impossible. A lot of space is now required to stay empty and unused. If you had that backpack stack on your character when that change happened like me you had no idea how to remove it without losing it. Dragging did not seem to work, ctrl clicking did not work at all. I did not play my PMC at all for more than half a week because I had no idea how to fix that. These changes do not only hurt the RMT, they hurt the playerbase as a whole. Why not change it so it does not really affect the playerbase and only the RMT? Remove those general limitations on what can be on your character. Instead make it so that your PMC is locked out of raids if certain criteria are met. Let us have any amount of stacked backpacks or valuable items on our characters. But if we go to the character selection screen disable the NEXT button if we carry to much of something. Equipping a huge stack of backpacks on our character or 10 bitcoins because we want to move them down the stash all at once? No problem. But we can not get past the character selection screen while we have that on our person. And add some mouse over text to the NEXT button for that case to tell the player why they can not play a PMC raid. It should be easy to limit those items to small amounts to enable you to help a friend with a missing item or give them back their lost items from a past raid without them risking a ban. And at the same time it should disrupt any larger transfer of items done by RMT. And if you want to go a bit further you could even make this for item groups instead of single items. "You have more than four valuables on your character? No raid for you!" This would restrict RMT even further, preventing them to just join with a big range of different valuable items instead. It might be safer to start with a disabled NEXT button for the PMC so you can not bypass that system by going fast. And if you want to implement this idea: Please test it thoroughly. We don't want to get locked out of raids because of errors in the system.
  6. Hi, last night I destroyed my ammocrate ( ~ 300K - 500K ) by accident. I left my desk for a baverage, then stroke the delete and enter keys of the numpad while sitting down again. I consider this unlucky, but want to suggest a different destroy item dialog, as the current is a little to dangerous, especially with the keyboard shortcuts enabled. The Dialog should: make an approximation for the value of an item first if the value of the item is above a certain threshold ( 10 K for instance ) force the user to enter the calculated value or force the user to enter someting unlikely An similar implementation ist the "sell vehicle dialog" from Workd of Tanks
  7. I know it's not an important technical development detail but i want to share it with you, maybe for a future implementation: incrase loot in car trunk (always ordinary) remove the "open" action and adding to cars trunk the option of pick/force (without picklock*) only with hands and consequently the activation of anti-theft alarm (maybe sound and light) all this for the purpose of creating other points of combat between PMCs, sound distractions, traps and all that goes with it. ------------------------------------------------------ *so that newbies can also find interesting points
  8. RooZvonBooZ

    What Is This Item For?

    Hello escapers & cheeki breekis: I found a mysterious diary the other day, while on Customs with my buddy. Anyone knows what it does? I can't even write my deepest secrets in it Sincerely: RooZvonBooZ, lvl 59 nub
  9. It might be really good idea to let us move item around in are quest item inventory or let it auto move stuff while you pick up quest items. It could be really helpful for people that have a lot of pickups quests and trying to get as many as they can done in one raid. As for example --------------------> In this screenshot I pick up the golden zippo first then a case for Prapor when I tried to get the case for the task Pharmacist but since I can't move item in the inventory nor does it auto stort I was and likely many more are left having too do this in a another raid. TL;DR: Letting us move item in are quest item inventory would be very helpful
  10. Hi everyone, Sorry if this question was already asked/resolved earlier...but I was wondering if your insured item can be "bugged" and never came back? Long story short: I was on Woods with my battle buddy/teammate. We were on Woods, on a rock, playing at night with thermal scope on a (close to) empty server. I suddenly got (un)luckily one tap by a scav or scav boss when I tried to pick up a line on sawmill. My friend then discard my stuff by "spreading it a bit everywhere, to make it difficult for scav player to find everything, if ever they come to this area". I later received a message from Prapor saying "My guys went to your location on Woods blablabla about that raid on 19/01 blabla they will bring back everything if it was not looted up". So I was confident about receiving it back (Killa's armor, thermal scope, T-5000, full modded FN 57, etc...well not the stuff you like to loose). However it's been almost 48 hours now and no message. Not even a message saying "we did not find anything, sorry", as I usually receive when someone took everything. After that raid, we went several times on Reserve were I died twice: once by scav boss in a hidden room, once by a scav player who managed to take my stuff. In both cases, I got insurance back (everything in the first case, almost nothing in the second). But still nothing about the raid on Woods. Did someone already experience this? I guess I can forget about getting back anything, isn't it? Is there specific event/thing causing this bug? Thank for your answer, Cheers, Squall
  11. Nickige7


    a flashlight that produces a re occurring flash creating a strobe of light

    Handheld flashlight /w pistols

    Good day all, As much as I love the under-barrel flashlights for the pistols, I think it would also be good if players were able to operate a handheld flashlight with pistols, the idea I have would be a handheld flashlight, sold by mechanic and peacekeeper for around 1500R or 150$ which would allow the player to operate a flashlight without having to use a pistol such as the glock or the TT pistol, I think it would add another later of immersion to the game.
  13. Wiinter011

    Item útiles al intercambio

    Hola gente, mi idea es compartir con todos ustedes una pequeña lista de item que ayudan para el intercambio y beneficiarse. Espero que les ayude, iré agregando más mediante pase el tiempo.
  14. During the famous 'Find In Raid' experience I noticed one frustrating aspect which players who do not rush/farm item spawns may benefit from being revised; If you kill an enemy PMC, and take their possessions, the items are not tagged as 'found in raid' (unless they found it/them in that particular raid) I believe this is intended to stop players teaming up and dropping items between each other, which is fair enough - cast your minds back to pre-0.6 where PMCs would load in with friendly USECs and kill their friends, rinse-and-repeat, in order to complete tasks. However! Could this same logic/code not be applied to items found on dead PMCs, as technically you have found them - whether you killed them or not... This would help alleviate 'item runners' who race to item spawns from the very start of the raid (mainly looking at you, morphine) as well as increasing the players' chances of finding required task items such as the Find Tactical Rigs task. This is a controversial topic right now, so I look forward to your ideas!
  15. DanExert

    Reduce 'Place Task Item' Timer

    I'm sure this has been mentioned before, though after searching the forums I could not find a suitable topic to bump up! One major issue I see with the majority of tasks which require the player to place items in certain places, is that it takes way too long to perform quite simple actions. For example, placing 2 balaclavas and 2 pairs of sunglasses on Woods pier causes the player to be exposed for a minimum of 80 seconds to 2 minutes (unsure whether they are 20 or 30-second timers though they are indeed long) - same goes for placing gold chains and lighters in microwaves, under mattresses, in bunkhouses etc. This is a fast action in real life, especially so if there is danger around you; I'm sure we would all stuff those chains into the gap within 5 seconds flat in our PMCs shoes. Tasks such as setting up Wi-Fi cameras, however, make more sense to take longer to complete, as you are actively setting up a piece of equipment and need to make sure it's set up correctly as to not anger the task-giver (animations when )! Of course this is not game-breaking, but it would definitely be a happier time in Tarkov if we didn't have to spend precious minutes with no cover whilst performing simple actions. Thank you for reading, and I hope my suggestion makes sense!
  16. Wiinter011

    Item de misiones y Gunshmith

    Estas dos imágenes es una especie de guía fácil para saber más o menos que ítem nos van a ir pidiendo los trader cuando vayamos haciendo las misiones. Recuerden que todos los ítem pueden ir cambiando en cada actualización. Ítems que te van a ir pidiendo en las misiones. (Puede que algunos item ya no sean necesarios o nuevos) Una guía de que armas y componentes te van a ir pidiendo las misiones de gunsmith.
  17. Das folgende ist eine Übersetzung meines Beitrags aus dem englischen Forum. Da das Spiel (noch) nicht auf deutsch verfügbar ist, wollte ich keinen deutschen Beitrag mit englischen Gegenstandsnamen machen, daher werde ich nur die Einleitung übersetzen, damit ihr wisst worum es geht und dann gegebenenfalls im englischen Thread beitragen könnt. Diesen könnt ihr hier finden: Hallo Leute :-) Nach ein paar Wochen mit den Quests - und nachdem ich festgestellt habe das mein Frühjahrsputz ein Fehler war (habe einige der Gegenstände verkauft die ich jetzt brauche) - habe ich mich entschlossen eine Liste von Gegenständen, die ihr wirklich benötigt, zu erstellen. Ich habe allerdings bisher nur einige Quests erledigt und ein paar Informationen aus Streams sowie mit der Suche erhalten, daher brauche ich eure Hilfe. Eventuell können wir zusammen eine Liste aller sammelbaren Gegenstände anfertigen (solche die zufällig spawnen), so das jeder eine nützliche kleine Liste mit Dingen zur Verfügung hat, die ihr behalten solltet (besonders nützlich nach einem wipe). Ich werde den englischen Beitrag entsprechend updaten, ihr könnt gern hier oder dort eure Ergänzungen machen. Nur eine Sache noch: Seid euch sicher mit den Gegenständen, ich möchte keine Liste von vermuteten Items erstellen, wir alle wollen einen sauberen Stash
  18. Assalariado

    Itens sumindo de dentro do contêiner

    Srs. boa tarde! Estou começando a caminhada sem patch 0.10.5 em 08.11.18 e estou perdendo itens importantes sem um menos explicação. Já perdi o meu cartão de crédito da EOD e acabei perdendo uma carteira que estava no meu bolso sem sair do caixa do terminal de ônibus. Juntei a grana, que estava dividida dentro da caixa, abri o gama, jogava uma grana dentro da carteira, fechei apertando o botão, e saía do lado de fora do terminal e, em um deles, tinha mais dinheiro. Ao abrir o gama (que tem o WTrig dentro) uma câmera havia sumido. Good afternoon! I'm starting to hike in patch 0.10.5 on 08.11.18 and am missing out on important items without the least explanation. I already lost my EOD toast keyring and I just lost a wallet that was also in my range when I was picking up cash from the bus terminal box. I gathered the money, which was divided into the box, opened the range, threw the money into the wallet, closed it tightening TAB, went to lootear the scavs that I killed inside the terminal and in one of them had more money. Upon opening the range (which has the WTrig inside) the wallet was gone.
  19. Hej hej dobiłem w końcu 35 poziom i porobiłem wszystkie questy potrzebne do zrobienia traderów na maxa - tutaj macie wszystko co sprzedają PRAPOR: ELVIRA - TERAPEUTKA SKIER TADEK

    Lockable Money/Weapon/Item cases

    Just watched ShoSho's video on the PP-19 Vityaz, in which he stumbled upon players dead bodies in the middle of some rubles to item trade. Now i'm not someone who goes out asking for trades in-match so i'm sure I may be missing something in the least and this may not be much of an issue in the current time this is posted, but what if you could lock those high end late trader level cases, say with a padlock at the least, or maybe an even higher tier version case with an integrated rolling number combo lock. Padlocks arnt that hard to get off without the right tools and enough time, but say in the early player levels you need to find those abilities/tools to do so. Eg: A shotgun(Or any other weapon) maybe or usual bolt cutters. I saw somewhere long ago and it may have just been a rumor that their might be a lock picking skill? Higher end secured containers with built in locks either have to be picked or something that could be useful to padlocked cases as well is to harm the case itself to reveal its contents at a risk % chance of damaging said contents. Could add another interaction with traders in asking them to open a case for a lump of cash with varying success and required cost rates. Maybe add a system to return to original owner? Don't know how useful that would be other then just being the lawfully good thing to do.
  21. There is no binocular or monocular in this game ?? Even it isnt,we should be able to use scopes as monocular. what do you guys think about this idea ?
  22. Sudden92

    DTK-1 Muzzle Device

    I began searching for a muzzle device other than the one that comes with the AKM systems to put on there (I dont want to run a silencer) and I found that the DTK-1 Muzzle Device says in it's description that it would fit for the 7.62x39 AND the 5.45x39 ammo but I am not able to instal it on the AKM systems. Is this a overlooked feature? A bug? Or is this intentional and we're limited to three muzzle devices for the AKM system where two of the three are suppresors?
  23. milosv

    Black color for tan items

    Hi, i suppose i am making this topic needlessly in a way, because i feel it will be added at some point , although i hope its sooner rather than later. My problem is with the RSASS and the new helmet being tan only. Main reason why i have a problem with this , and i am not alone in saying this - we are in summer forest of Russia, not a damn desert. So many times i've killed 15 year olds with new helmets and tan m4s that i just feel bad at this point because they don't realize how important camouflage is. Will black/dark green versions of every item be added at some point? I wanted to ask for an option to re-color the items ourselves at some point in the future, but then i realized i would see people running with pink AKs, bringing bad memories of CSGO, and that is a big no for me. Thank you, i can't get enough of this game.
  24. BigDan818

    Please make more items UNBUYABLE.

    Hi Devs. I love your game. If I could suggest you guys making more items UNBUYABLE. Meaning they have to be found and looted on the field. Being able to buy almost anything takes away the value. Thank you for your time.
  25. keyciraptor

    Repairing full broken item

    Hello guys I have a fully broken helmet (0/25) and when i want to repair it it says it is fully broken and i need to fully repair it... but how? when i press to repair it nothing happens.... so how can i repair it? :-s
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