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Found 30 results

  1. After the recent update it seems only the Fence will buy armor and stripped weapons? PLEASE do not sell your armor and stripped weapons to the Fence!! It's capping his inventory and making it harder for vital items to be listed; such as item cases, gun cases, etc. etc. Just discard that crap. It is not hard to make money in this game. Just dump that crap and move on. Seriously, please. I was getting ready to upgrade my game and sold all my cases and whatnot in hopes of helping others and I never saw any of them pop up in his feed. Thank you, Hookshot
  2. Escape from Tarkov Database

    Hey there, I am always looking for new side projects and since I really enjoy this game I thought about building an database containing all the information about the items in EFT. I saw the thread from and since he was banned ( I assume he reversed the network traffic in order to fetch the items from files / official eft database which is ofc against ToS ) I thought if you guys are still interested in a database service that is not automated / breaking the ToS. All items would have to be added by hand. Purpose of this thread is to get some feedback if you guys would like a new database website. And I also would appreciate a feedback from the Devs if something like this would be allowed because I really like my EoD Edition and dont want to end on the ban board aswell. I wont start anything before I get the official go from the devs tho because ... reasons ... Best regards, Dreamless
  3. being able to change names for items

    i thought it would be a great idea to make it possible to change names for objects in your inventroy, for example, if you have 2 keybars, then you can change one of them to named customs+factory and the other one to be something like shorline, and another example is to have a trizip have the name of medical, so you would know that your medical equipment is there
  4. HI developers, I have a suggestion that maybe you guys can make more items not buyable and have to be found during the game. Now that I have a lot of money in Tarkov it seems to me M4s, DVL, and many others guns and gear don't have the value as it did when we didn't have our traders maxed out. It feels really good when you loot something that's unbuyable such as fort armor, Gold chains, Magpul pmag, green filters, and many more..... Please make more items unbuyable all the way from guns to grips to scopes, etc.........Thank you for your time and you're amazing game.
  5. Hello! Im wondering where people go to sell their stuff. I want to trade away my 2 gm counters my 2 gas analyzers, 2 marked room keys and 1 factory key. Rn they are taking up to much space and i dont want to give them away or discard them since their some of the rarest items ingame. If anyone knows please tell me. If anyone is interested hit me up
  6. Hi I have been watching streamers for a while and noticed they have different package to the EOD one I know it's called the press kit but I've also seen other packages that are similar to the press kit I'm wondering if there are even more packages currently in-game that the majority of us aren't aware of, is this true? also a major concern of mine is how will this affect the game on release I'm aware some of the packages won't be available once the game has released but will this mean there's an element of pay to win? Looking forward to hearing from you guys, please share your ideas. Zak
  7. I know there is a hotkey for discarding items, in raids it works great but in stash management some items aren't worth the effort of sifting through at the trader's window to sell so being able to discard them in the stash without a prompt to confirm would be handy. Or at least have the prompt come up once but give us the ability to never warn me again sort of thing.
  8. Item details?

    So I've been watching streamers and youtube videos on bored time at work. and I have noticed some people have on every item what the item name and everything is on the item itself. but I cannot find the setting to turn that on. say for example a 5.45 x 39 mm BP on default shows (without hovering) "BP" only, but streams I have seen say the whole item description on it, without hovering it will say "5.45 x 39 mm BP" over the item. I'm lazy and new, it's annoying to have to constantly hover over every bullet to find out which goes to which gun. Anyone know how to set it so every bullet has the caliber on the icon without hovering? Thanks!
  9. New to The Game - Items to Keep????

    I just bought the game, Trying to be smart and actually have game IQ as well as get the most out of the game. I was wondering what items should I keep/collect for future progress All help is fine by me thank you, looking forward to seeing everyone out there
  10. Cigarettes and Lighters already exist within the game but serve very little purpose. I think that you should be able to use them within the raid to serve as a sort of weak painkiller or something of the sort. Different lighters like the Zibbo etc. could make the process of applying them (like anyother in game consumable) faster or slower and different packages could carry different amounts of charges. The charge idea could most likey be applied to the lighters too as it would only make sense. And scavs already can spawn with cigarettes in their mouth but that is merely cosmetic, however I think it shows the developers would not be entirely opposed to the idea. I just want to know what everyone thinks about this. I know for some smoking may be taboo/gross but I see it more as a way to diversify what you can take into and do in the raid making things overall more interesting for everyone. As of current there are these for cigarettes and lighters. Malboro cigarettes Wilston cigarettes Strike cigarettes Matches Zibbo lighter Crikent lighter
  11. What items to keep?

    I have found an old topic about this but I still couldnt find what i was looking for. Heres a list of items im asking " why keep? " please tell me why in the replys Hard-Drive : 60 round AK mag Circuit : 60 round M4 mag ES Lamp : Good for nades and trizip only? Car Battery : Any other use besides the SV-98? Gas Analyzer : Already did both quests for it. Gold Chain : Fort armor/modded weapons Plug : ????? UV Lamp : ????? GM Counter : ????? Filter : ????? Tushonka : ????? Drill : ????? 5L Propane : ????? Thanks in advance!
  12. Missing Items after Wipe

    Hey Guys, after the Wipe my Profile has been partially restored. Everything from the Standard Edition is in, only the First Aid Kits are missing. Is that normal? I thought that when a Wipe happens all Items are restored back to the Edition you ordered. Don’t get me wrong, I know that a Wipe deletes everything but shouldn’t it also put back all your stuff corresponding to the edition ordered? thanks for your Help.
  13. Make players responsible for insurance returns as a alternative transaction between them and Prapor as an insurance claim. It could be a combination where the player returning another players insured items must return it with the players dog tag. The player returning the item then gets a slightly better monetary value for the items than they would have from selling it to the vendors.
  14. So, I began the game as everybody else, with a basic weapon and some money. Died and lost the weapon (didnt know about insurance at the time). Tried scavenging without too much success (never killed anyone with a pistol) so I decided to purchase a gun from Prapor. Got that and everything went well. Died again and now I had to wait ages to get my gun back. So I bought another gun, went in the game, got instantly 1 shotted in the first minute and rage quit. I still have more money, but I ask - what happens if I continue buying guns and losing them, till I ran out of money? Am I gonna be stuck playing pistol-scavanger and knife-soldier? Thanks in advance! Also, double thanks if you throw in some newbie tips! Cheers!
  15. Vanishing items

    I checked about this subjects but didnt find anything related. So,my friend found a factory key and wanted to give me,to prevent item vanishing thru floor we put it in a scav vest...however this didnt stop this annoying bug from occuring,the moment he dropped the scav vest on the ground it vanished beneath the floor and it got lost. we reported it already via luncher but still want to post it here to hear some answers or simmilar experiences. we noticed this bug happening on every map,even on solid ground like flat earth.
  16. Hallo Communtiy, ich bin seit einigen Stunden nun auch Besitzer einer Spielkopie und ärgere mich von Anfang an mit einem Bug, über den ich auch durch viel googlen nur einen einzigen Foreneintrag gefunden habe, der mir aber leider nicht geholfen hat. Ich habe das Problem, dass viele Items (scheinbar zufälliger Herkunft) egal ob in den Inventaren der Händler oder wenn ich einen Player/Scav loote grau bzw. schwarz sind und nur zu lesen ist "Unknown Item" (Screenshot: ). Meine Frage wäre nun offensichtlicherweise, wie man dieses Problem beheben kann, da ich beispielsweise auch keine "Unknown Item"-Magazine benutzen kann und damit eine Waffe unbrauchbar wird. Ich habe schon mehrfach mein Spiel neugestartet, den PC neugestartet, vo Internet getrennt etc. und nicht scheint zu helfen. Vielen Dank im voraus für Lösungsvorschläge!
  17. Medical bag for medical items

    I for one, actually thing the medical system changes were welcome. They make Tarkov appropriately high stakes by making healing much more difficult and less game-y. However, you are required to take A LOT of medical items with you. First a lexicon: Basic medical item: a bandage, splint, painkiller, AI-2, etc. Wound: Fracture, Bleeding, etc. Also, forewarning, I might be misremembering exactly which wound types each kit heals. What I propose to address this is to either create a set of medical bags/kits or turn the existing IFAK/Grizzly/Car/Salewa into containers that can contain the various medical items they support similar to the existing Pistol Case. For instance, a Grizzly would remain 2x2 but would hold 3x3 (or even 4x4) of all medical items since it currently heals _all_ wound types. Similarly, the other would only be able to contain the basic medical items that the particular medical kit currently heals (Car: hold bandages, etc.). A car would take up 1x2 spaces but hold 2x2 bandages, for another example. When you use this med kit, it consumes a basic medical item for whatever purpose with the order following a priority (stop bleeding -> fix fracture -> replenish HP). You would then be able to refill the bag by finding or purchasing more basic medical items. This is a two part suggestion, with the first part being a space saving bag to allow more medical while still leaving space in backpacks/secure containers. The second part is re-appropriating the existing medical kits. In my opinion, re-appropriating the existing med kits and making them refillable is beneficial as it preserves the ease of use of the bags as well as providing the space savings. Instead of tabbing into medical, right-click -> open bag, apply bandage, it allows you to just apply the kit itself or drag it onto the wound to save a little time. This further encourages players to buy these bigger medical bags. The only detrimental effect this might introduce as I see it is reducing the need to buy Grizzlies to replace used up grizzlies. This could be countered by adding more differentiated basic medical items similar to there being several types of bandage. Thus you might have several types of splint. But this is getting off into the weeds of implementation details and warrants some discussion.
  18. I have been playing Escape From Tarkov for a while now and have found myself often curious as to what and item does or how it performs in game. Sometimes when I first started the game I would buy a scope only to have it not be compatible a weapon. What I am suggesting is that when you select offline mode you get a menu where you can choose what you want to bring with you, similar to the normal inventory screen, except that has all the items in the game and you can pick and choose what you want to bring. This would be a good idea for bug testing because then the items that many people will never be able to get or play with because of its rarity can be tested for bugs by many more people. This would also allow people really interested in the weapon customization system like myself to test out different configurations before deciding what you like the best so you can make informed decisions when purchasing items. I think this would be a really amazing addition to the game. If not a system like the one discribed then you could implement a target range with different containers that contain all the items in the game, as a target range like that would, I imagine be fairly easy to implement as all that would need to be created is a small area for it to take place in, this area could even just be a section of one of the normal maps.
  19. Inventory change

    Hullo, I was looking at the character active gear screen and noticed a few things that should probably be changed. The first one is that there should be another head item slot called "face/ mask" This is because there will be biological and radiation hazards in the future. We need somewhere to put face items such as: Respirators Face masks Shemaghs balaclavas etc. Also looking at the models of a lot of the load bearing equipment, they do have pistol holsters on them. They also have a much higher carrying capacity than is currently available in game. It would be nice if the carry capacity reflected this. For example the blackrock: 4 x 2 slots 6 x 1 slots 1 x pistol holster Has this been bugging anyone else?
  20. Inventory Bug

    I am having a bug where i cant drop/switch items around in my inventory. please help i am new and this is really ruining my gameplay.
  21. What are your rarest items?

    Post your rarest items, the only two i have are the watch and the gold star food.
  22. Respawn Zeiten Items

    Ist schon bekannt, wass die jeweiligen Respawn Zeiten für die Items sind. Habe im Forum keinen passenden Eintrag gefunden. Finds sonst immer blöd, bei 1:10 in Customs zu starten wenn ich genau weiß, dass alle Value Items bereits abgegriffen sind.
  23. Not the most serious and the most needed, but I do think it could help with immersion, maybe a little humor, and generally I think a rather inoffensive addition to the game. Add liqour and alcoholic drinks to the game. Like in STALKER, the infamous Cossacks Vodka that you could drink that would get you a little wobbly if consumed, I think it would be nice if you could come across alcohol in the game that you could either drink and get your own character intoxicated if that was what you wanted to do, or sell for a high price because of the vices of people. Cigarettes are clearly in demand and left out, I think that people would be interested in keeping a flow of liqours going. And maybe all it would take would just to repurpose the pain/concussion effects to simulate intoxication if you decided the right thing to do in combat was to down a fifth of vodka. Or even have be something to disinfect wounds, make molotov cocktails, ect. I see a lot of potential and add some authenticity for the setting. Maybe even way down the line see Scavs slacking off and getting drunk behind a shed or something, ect.
  24. Hi! I have found this two identical keys. What's the difference between them? They are described in the same way. Just a signle word - "key". Would anybody explain this to me? It's a little bit confusing .-. Cheers!