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  1. Jacksdeformity

    Inventory management features

    I have a few ideas to make inventory management faster for everyone. Right click an item shows "send to container" and shows the tag of the container. Click, hold and drag allows a square to be drawn and it selects all items in the square to be moved and/or deposited in an appropriate container. Mixed magazine quick loading Comment any other inventory management features you can think of and Ill add them to the list and credit you.
  2. Hey everyone, this is my first time posting on the forums here so any feedback on formatting is welcomed. Anyway, to start my suggestion it has to do with keeping inventories and stashes tidy. Being someone who loves to have things organized, the sorting feature that currently exists can be both helpful and chaotic at the same time. I wanted to propose an idea where players can select items to "lock" them into place and be ignored by the sorting feature. This would then allow a player to have any items that are not locked to be sorted as the current sorting feature allows. For example, in my case I would lock all of my containers and maybe certain weapons and then upon pressing the sort button, all things like meds and food and newly acquired items will be sorted near the top to be easily organized into my appropriate locations. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your own suggestions or ideas!
  3. Hello there, seeing as a new gas mask was added to the game, I think it would be really cool to perhaps add an area or two where the area is "poisonous" and a gas mask must be worn. A good map for this would be woods, as with the new expansion, there are some very large areas that feel very empty. This could be incorporated into a special recovery mission, or maybe getting samples of a bioweapon or something similar. It would be unique and interesting and give those customisation items some real value. Also while on the subject, it would be cool to see the British style Avon FM12 gas mask added... I really love S.A.S. style gear. Thanks for reading
  4. Twiitchter

    Big game hunting

    Hi all, Long time player. First time suggestion. I know I love the poo out of this game, and its only early days still. But I would love to see some critters on woods. Like a few deer and rabbits etc. These would tie into audio queue that spook if pmcs or scavs get too close to run in the opposite direction of the audio que. But also enable rare items for Jager with antlers or furs to sell or even become quest items. I just think it would become a great dynamic to put some real hunting into certain maps like woods or shoreline. I know its probably a long ways off, but I would love to see it someday.
  5. So i've been having difficulty with a pretty easy task. Jaeger's first quest, where you find food to resupply him. The problem is i have plenty for him in my storage because when i find it in raid and stash it in my secure container, and die in raid, i can't give it to him because of the "in raid" condition was removed though it was technically found in raid (This also happens if you do a run through accidently). Originally was told it was a bug, now being told its a gameplay change. Due to the new changes for the container, you can see how that could make the game extremely difficult for simple found item quests? I can understand items that you can't buy such as computer parts and also keeping players from milking the market. I remember doing it for gas analyzers, since they were so hard to find early on. For food it seems unreasonable, especially if the quest is to resupply food. I have plenty of food for jaeger's first quest, just not found in raid ones because of it not being counted in my secure container. Could there be a way were you can find certain items, have traders accept them for quests, but not be able to sell them on the market? To keep players from cheesing the quests, and rewarding them for using valuable space in the container for progression?
  6. Aremy

    Items deleted randomly

    So I just came back from a scav run, and when I was going to put some weapons in one of my 2 weaponcase they were gone... Is this a bug? Has something simular happend to someone else? Can I get my stuff back?
  7. I think it would by cool that if you want to craft something, you can just simply buy items by one button next to „Craft“, the button could by named „Buy all/Buy items“ and it would buy everything you need for that one craft, then you will just click „Craft“ and it would start crafting so you will not must go for every single item to the Flea.
  8. TheLoudBird

    Flea Market "Found In Raid"

    So I have been playing Tarkov for a long time and love the game, BUT for the love of god can we please get rid of this dumb found in raid only poo I dont know how many times I will successfully leave a fking Raid WITH THE ITEM get out to sell it cause it is worth a lot of money only for the flea market to tell me I didnt find it in a raid that I just got out of! Really issing me off an making me not wanna play with this dumbass set up for the flea market. I tried to add a picture showing this but I had an Item case, attack 2 pack and a mosin. no not the gun or the bag is worth much but I can sell the item case I just found that is really fuckin stupid
  9. Hi there! I got a simple but (in my opinion) useful suggestion. In offline mode, as the title suggests, at the end of the raid you should add a new menu that shows you how much you would have made from selling all the items (traders only). A list of each item and its current value (that the trader is willing to pay), and at the end of that page, the total value. This way people can learn in offline mode how to prioritize some items over others. Thank you !!
  10. Is there a reason in raid Quest items don't move to off raid once you've successfully extracted out of a map? I had picked up the Docs case for Skier's Chemical Part 1, but didn't want to hand it in so I could complete Prapor's Polikhim Hobo task. But because I died while in raid I now have to find the docs again. This is silly, I should be able to at least move it myself into off raid if not have it automatically move over. It means some tasks are going to be repeated if someone forgets to hand items in and dies in that map again.
  11. So this suggestion is to combat 2 things in particular, RMT, and people artificially boosting friends. In both these scenarios, the recipient has to give back the items (Presumably taken from his inventory and then given back to the gifter through messenger) However not only does this harm bad actors, this will also help somewhat to normal players. Players who give teammates gear will be fine, as they simply have to give the gear back after the raid. Also, this allows for easier transfer of gear back to teammates, as usually you'd have to enter another raid. From what I can see this change will only hurt illegitimate players and help normal ones.
  12. juicebox_tgs

    Found In Raid Tasks

    As of the latest wipe all items that are not extracted out of the raid will not receive the 'Found In rad' tag. This means that putting an item in your secure container during a raid, and then dying during the raid will result in that item being 'Not Found In Raid'. My Suggestion is that items that have been found in a raid, but were unable to be extracted from the raid will have a different tag, maybe something like 'Secured In Raid'. This would mean that for tasks like Farming - Part 4 you could find the item that needs to be 'Found In Raid', put it in your secure container, and if you happen to die halfway through the raid you will still be able to turn the item into the traders since it will have the 'Secured In Raid' tag. I believe this suggestion allows people to be able to complete some of the more difficult tasks, as well as making sure people still wont be able to flea market said items, since it wont have the 'Found In Raid' tag.
  13. I'm sure this has been suggested before but it would be nice if you got your items back provided you died within the first minute or two of spawning in. Three times today I've spawned in maybe 30 meters from another player who got the drop on me and twice I spawned on other players who didn't stand a chance as I think they just spawned. It makes it frustrating when you play back to back and get wiped after taking a few steps only to lose 100% of your items. Either spawns need to be adjusted, or there needs to be some sort of minute-long immunity to losing your stuff. As for potential abuse of it... make it to where if your group members kill you your stuff isn't preserved (to prevent duplication) but if it's a random you get it back. I don't think this would be game-breaking to include - but could actually keep people playing and make people less frustrated.
  14. CCTV-3

    FIR system

    I don't care how valuable this item is, or use it for a flea market, I only hope that the item in the safety box can be used to complete the task after my death
  15. Russianspy78

    Stash items missing?

    Not sure if this is the right area for this question, but it seems like it should be. I currently am missing a few items from my stash. Some of them are unimportant to me, like a gun and rig, but my money case is gone and with it all my cash. I am very confused as to how this is possible. I have an idea but no actual clue if this can happen. I logged in and decided to check my hideout for my bitcoin and scav case, saw my generator was empty, bought the fuel and replaced it, opened scav case, got items, bought another 70K case, then sold my items i didn't want. I go back to put my money in my case and its not there. Currently only have 47 K roubles and nothing else. Doesnt look like anything else is gone besides some misc items, but I can get those back. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Russianspy78

    Stash items missing?

    Not sure if this is the right area for this question, but it seems like it should be. I currently am missing a few items from my stash. Some of them are unimportant to me, like a gun and rig, but my money case is gone and with it all my cash. I am very confused as to how this is possible. I have an idea but no actual clue if this can happen. I logged in and decided to check my hideout for my bitcoin and scav case, saw my generator was empty, bought the fuel and replaced it, opened scav case, got items, bought another 70K case, then sold my items i didn't want. I go back to put my money in my case and its not there. Currently only have 47 K roubles and nothing else. Doesnt look like anything else is gone besides some misc items, but I can get those back. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. shadowmaycomeTV

    item organization

    i dont know if this has been brought up before but i think it would be nice if we can have a organize button on our inventory or cases to help organize loot. for example if i put a bunch of different ammo in an ammo box i click organize and all the m955, ap rounds, bp, ps, tpz sp are all next to their respective ammos. the same can be for the lucky scav junk box or med cases. it will make working the inventory much easier.
  18. I did the Friend from the West - Part 1 and gave away my MBSS with all my good stuff like Bitcoins and the whole good stuff... Why the hell I cant? look which MBSS I give away? why I have to play 50/50 ? That should be patch... I know dat somebody with a EOD version has no problem with taht... But people with the Standart version have to(caus of spaceproblems) Stack MBSS >.> The same problem happens if u wanna sell something to Skir
  19. Grrrrrrh

    Some random ideas

    Dear devs, watching the last few vodcasts with steamer and nikita i had some ideas that didnt came up. 1. With the seperation of stamina, i think it would be reasonable to correlate lower stamina with endurance and upper stamina with strength. I would rename them as well. 1.1. Firmness influences the amount of stamina and the rate of exhaustion while running or jumping. Firmness allows you to jump higher, sprint faster and carry more weight. Max Level: +150% Lower Stamina Leveled though Sprinting, Jumping, Walking with 0 Stamina. 1.2 Force allows you to throw farther, hit harder, carry more weight, as well as holding and restoring breath. Max Level: -500% breath recovery time Leveled though Throwing Nades, Melee attacks, Aiming, Holding Breath. If firmness and force are max level: Only backpack weight is counted. 2. A Ghillie suit was also suggested in some steams and youtube vids. A Ghillie suit would be OP, if it would just be an addition to the 'normal' loadout. So there have to be some harsh retributions. 2.1. Ghillie suit Type: Armored chest rig Slot: Chest rig Weight: 5 kg Grid Size: 4x8 Material: Burlap Armorclass: 0 Armorzones: Head, Thorax, Stomach, Arms and Legs Durability: 30 Bonus: If prone and undetected, detection radius from raiders and scavs is (significantly) reduced. Penalties: -15% movement speed, -8% turning speed Blocks Armor chest: Yes Blocks Backpack slot: Yes Blocks on Back slot: Yes Inventory: 6 Slots (2*1x2, 2*1x1) 2.2. A Ghillie Suit can only be created in the hideout. This raw Ghillie Suit must be combined with mapspecific items, such as leafs and twigs from Woods, Customs, Reserve and Shoreline, Iron Oxide, Cobalt Aluminate, Dust and Cloth for Factory, Labs and Steets of Tarkov. 2.3. If a Ghillie Suit exists then camouflage for your weapon should exist as well. 2.4. With the footage of new prone movements, there could be leaning onto a wall and similar 'hiding' prone movements. 2.5. Talking about camouflage: ToYown Camo Face Paint. (Cosmetic) 3. Everything PVP related needs a counter measurement: Thinking about Thermals. 3.1. Jel Zel Stunt Gel Type: Gel Weight: 0.5 kg Grid Size 2x1 Sold by Therapist LL4 Barter (6 Grizzly or so) Use time: 10s Effect: Buffs: Adds 'Its ducking Cold' for 240 seconds (reduces Body Surface Tempature to 12° C), Debuffs: Duration 240s Decreases Metabolism (-20) Delay 250s: Duration 120s Decreases Hydration (-1.2/s), Energy (-0.2/s) Looting 50 Examine 25 4. Passive and Active Skill improvement. Right now its all passive. In the X-Mas Vodcast Nikita revealed, that there are ideas for an active Skillsystem as well. Great. 4.1. Implementation in Quests I suggest that Questlines should be excluding each other to some capacity. Right now everyone can do every quest. It would be great to see specialization in some areas. For Example: There are basic quests that everyone can do. Like all the quests before lvl 10 or 20. Each dealer then has some amount of quests that everyone can do, but there are Questlines that focus on different combat skills and practical skills. there exclude each other. As rewards the player can unlock one additional Elite Perk in the related combat skill and practical skill. Meaningful variation would be: 1. Sniper Rifles and Pistols, Prone and Sniping 2. Sub Machine Guns and Melee, Silent Operations and Night Operations 3. Assault Rifles and Underbarrel Launcher, Heavy Vests and Weapon Modding 4. Designated Marksman Rifle and Trowables, Clean Operations and Weapon Maintenace 5. Light Machine guns and Sub Machine guns, First aid and Field medicine 6. Revolver and Shotguns, Advanced Modding and light vests, 7. Launcher and Heavy machine guns, Heavy Vests and Weapon Maintenance. That would cover all seven dealers. All the other practical skills like auction, Lockpicking, Covert movement are passive like all mental and physical skills. If not via the skill system this could be determine the survivor class. (there is something like that in the overview i believe) 4.2. General Implementations Too complex systems suck. Just give each ten level on Point for each Physical, Mental, Combat and Practical skill. For people like me, who like to do other poo, cheesing is not an option. Stay healthy.
  20. I might not have many hours, but it doesn't take many to see that the inventory (specifically the stash) just feels awful to interact with. #1 Selling items out of a container at a Trader's. This has honestly been bugging me from the very beginning. Interacting and bartering with the traders is an integral core part of the game it seems, but for some reason doing so is made incredibly tedious. Why are items unable to be sold out of a container? Even if you take the item you wish to sell out of the container it was in, it still registers as unsellable. You have to back out of the trading screen and back in again for the item to become sellable. It's absurd and gets especially annoying when it's large amount of small junk items and kind of goes against the purpose of specific item containers. Changing this would be a huge improvement for future trader interactions. 2# Items exchanging their positions I can understand why an autosorting feature might not be a priority, some people, including me, enjoy the manual sorting aspect of the inventory to optimize item storage. But that's why at the very least moving and sorting items by hand should be made more convenient. For example, dragging a 1x1 item over to another 1x1 item (assuming they can't combine like bullets into a mag) would make them swap places, would speed up manual sorting and avoid the hassle over constantly dragging items from cell to cell for simple actions like swapping an item for another. It could even apply for variable item sizes (1x1 swapping with 3x1) if the sufficient space is available. #3 Selecting and interacting with multiple items Dragging items one by one is tedious. It should be possible to select and drag a group of items. Something like a 1x4 row of 1x1 being selected, and dragged while remaining a 1x4 row whereever it is desired. Furthermore, if two items that aren't in any way adjacent (like a bunch of items sitting in separate corners of the stash) are selected and dragged, they would snap into a formation that would be the most compact (4 separate 1x1 items would snap into a 2x2 formation and so on). If a context action is shared by all the selected items then that action is performed on all the selected items ('Fold' is performed on multiple weapons that are foldable, multiple mags can be unloaded at the same time etc.). It would also be helpful when comparing weapons, as selecting the 'Inspect' action while having two guns selected would open both inspect windows side by side for comparsion. #4 Easier and more convenient ammo, mod and magazine management A huge pain is usually loading up magazines with ammo and then loading said mags into the respective weapons. Lets start with ammo. A huge positive change would be the ability to more easily see what caliber of ammunition one is working with. For weapons, their compatible caliber is displayed on the item itself, but the same is not true for ammunition. Displaying instead a variety of names and classifications that don't help at all. Right now the only way to view a bullet's caliber is by hovering over it and waiting until the tooltip displays the full item name or by inspecting it. With an ammo case full with a variety of bullets this is timeconsuming and awfully tedious. The caliber should be visible just like it is on the weapons. Possibly via a holding/toggling a hotkey. Next up is a change that would not only benefit the above issue but items that have combinable interactions in general (mostly mods and mags with weapons) While dragging a mod, bullet or magazine, holding a specific hotkey will grey out all items the selected one is incompatible with. For Ammo this would highlight the magazines it can be loaded into or seperate stacks of the same ammo that it can be combined with. For Mags and mods this would highlight the compatible weapons they can be used on. There's probably plenty more QoL that can be listed but for now this four are issues that annoy me the most while playing. Of course this would only apply to the stash, not the in-raid inventory.
  21. Sparky27_28

    Missing items in stash

    I was running a scav run and was looting reserve.. i was done with my run and went to extract with my loot.. everything was fine.. was moving loot over to my stash and when i was done i clicked next to go back to the main menu.. went to go do a labs run with the card i got out with and noticed it was gone.. looking further into it i realized everything i left with was missing.. this was post patch on 2/11/2020. I have had this happen two more times since.. is anyone else having this happen. its starting to get annoying making it out with loot then having it disappear shortly after to a game error. thanks for your input.
  22. Being able to simply drag items from containers to dealers to sell them or at least see the price you'd get for them instead of having to drag it out. It would be useful for sorting things of value in containers, since right now you have to drag everything out, wait for the dealer to gather their 7 brain cells, and then you can interact with them. Example attached
  23. I really hope this hasn't been thrown out there yet as i actually tried to look for it so here goes: "Issue": I play multiple rounds a night and i don't make it out of all of them. As i have a lot of gear insured it sometimes can get a bit confusing as to what items i may still have on their way back to me from the insurance. I mean i don't want to throw good money away on a new rifle or armor etc if it could still possibly be returned to me. Sometimes i just get a helmet and some busted armor back and i think to myself "Hmm... what weapon did they nab this run...." Solution: Lost items list. Simple as that. In the game as it is now there already is a list of all your insured items before you go in to a raid. So lets say that i pay to have my kit insured. I die during the raid and wait for my insurance to come back. The next day i get whats left of my kit back. At this point it would be nice to be able to open up a small list showing all the items insured from that raid with check boxes marking what you got and what you didn't. This might not sound like a major issue and i will admit that it really isn't. This is a low priority quality of life change i would love to see implemented in the future. I know a lot of people don't care about things like this but for me personally it would be nice to know what my insurance agents bois were unable to retrieve from the field.
  24. Tarkovianos, gracias por acompañarnos durante todo este tiempo, realmente apreciamos su apoyo, cariño y fé en el proyecto. Antes de Año Nuevo queremos asegurarnos de que ninguno de nuestros jugadores se quede sin un regalo de Año Nuevo, por lo que junto al equipo de Twitch hemos organizado la campaña Twitch Drops de Escape From Tarkov para ustedes. Para poder participar deberán seguir estos simples pasos: Paso 1: Perfil de Escape From Tarkov Solo los dueños de una copia del juego podrán recibir Drops, estarán disponibles desde el 30 de diciembre de 2019 a las 00:01hs (horario de Moscú) hasta el 5 de enero de 2020 a las 23:59hs (horario de Moscú). Si aún no posees una copia del juego habrá un descuento del 25% desde el 27 de diciembre al 5 de enero aquí. Paso 2: Perfil de Twitch Para poder recibir Drops deberás vincular tu cuenta de Twitch con tu perfil del juego. Puedes hacerlo desde aquí. Si aún no tienes una cuenta de Twitch, puedes crear una desde aquí. Paso 3: Mira y recibe regalos Mira Escape From Tarkov en Twitch. Los directos que tengan Drops disponibles tendrán un texto especial que dirá "Drops activados". Aquí debajo verás la lista completa de canales de Twitch donde podrás recibir Drops durante la campaña. Paso 4: Drops - Items del juego Luego de un período de tiempo durante la campaña te garantizamos que obtendrás un item del juego: un arma, equipamento o items raros, etc. Podrás ver múltiples canales pero el tiempo como espectador solo contará si estos canales forman parte del evento. Disfruten de los directos y los regalos que recibirán por simplemente ver el juego. ¡Buena suerte en Tarkov, la necesitarás!
  25. MoltenBlade

    Where to find LEDX?

    I'm looking LEDX skin transimmulators for quests and THICC Item cases. I'm having trouble finding them and was wondering if you guys knew. If you could add screenshots that'd be even better. Thanks in advance.
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