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Found 49 results

  1. African_Plz

    What are your rarest items?

    Post your rarest items, the only two i have are the watch and the gold star food.
  2. Hey Community, nach dem Wipe habe ich mit einem Kollegen wieder angefangen zu spielen. Beide von uns haben die Standard Edition. Mein Kollege seit irgendwann 2017 und ich im laufe des Jahres 18. Wieso bekommt er auf der HP nach dem Wipe Items und ich nicht ? Hat da eventuell jemand eine Antwort zu? Danke im voraus!! LG
  3. MoltenBlade

    Where to find LEDX?

    I'm looking LEDX skin transimmulators for quests and THICC Item cases. I'm having trouble finding them and was wondering if you guys knew. If you could add screenshots that'd be even better. Thanks in advance.
  4. RooZvonBooZ

    Nye Genstande - Under udarbejdelse

    Escapers! Her er nogle af de nye genstande som er på vej til EFT snart™. God fornøjelse!
  5. SparroW2k

    Lucky Scav Junkbox

    I believe we need to allow condensed milk and other drinkable/edible items for the new "Lucky Scav Junkbox" If we don't add it for all drinkable/edible items, then at least all trade-able versions such as condensed milk, MREs, etc. Also, wearable items that dont have armor such as Balclavas, glasses, and half-masks. Thanks
  6. dinosamir

    Modifiche ai Traders 21/08/2018

    AGGIUNTE AI TRADERS: Aggiunti pacchi di munizioni (BT, BS, BP) acquistabili da Prapor Livello 1 e Livello 2, (Lucky Scav Junkbox) Contenitore di Cianfrusaglie e' disponibile da Therapist al Livello 2
  7. dinosamir

    Nuovi Aggiornamenti Traders (19/08/18)

    Attenzione! Nuovi cambiamenti nei Traders: - AK-101 spostato al Livello 2 Meccanico (era al Livello 3) - AK-102 spostato al Livello 3 Meccanico (era al Livello 4) - Elmetto Sfera spostato al livelloo3 (era al Livello 4), lo scambio invece e' cambiato a 3 bottiglie di Perossido di Idrogeno e 1 Bleach (candeggina) - Aggiunto Alpha Rig al livello 2 di Ragman per 7 nastri bianchi e 2 Alkali - Aggiunto Caricatore da 50 per MP5 al livello2 del Meccanico in cambio di 1 Alimentatore PSU - caricatore da 50 per Glock spostato al livello 3 del Meccanico (era al Livello 4) - Aggiunto Hybrid silencer al livello 2 del Meccanico per 4 banchi di RAM ed 1 T-plug - Aggiunto SKS dovetail mount al livello 1 di Skier per 1 chainlet - Aggiunto Elmetto blu UN al livello 2 di Ragman per 5 occhiali ballistici - Aggiunto pistol case al livello 2 di Therapist per 2 Oftalmoscopi - Aggiunto il portachiavi al livello 3 di Therapist per 12 bottiglie di perossido di idrogeno e 12 bottiglie di soluzioni saline - Aggiunto ICase al livello 3 di Therapist per 15 Oftalmoscopi - Aggiunto Ammo case al livello 3 del Meccanico per 5 gunpowder - Aggiunto T H I C C container al livello 4 del Meccanico per 30 bitcoins - Aggiunto armatura MF-UN armor al livello 2 di Ragman in cambio di 3 armature MF-UN (dando 3 danneggiate ne ricevi una nuova) - Aggiunto Tactica Tula mount al livello 1 di Skier per 1 statuina del cavallo - Aggiunto PSO scope al livello 1 di Prapor per 2 candele della macchina - Aggiunto zaino Attack-2 al livello 3 di Ragman per 3 pacchi di zucchero e 3 lattine di Saury -Aggiunto 260mm M4 barrel al livello 2 del Meccanico per 8 pacchetti di sigarette Marlboro - Aggiunto standard M4 charging handle al livello 2 del Meccanico per 1 pacco di sigarette Wilston - Aggiunto AK-74 dustcover al livello 1 di Prapor - Telaio Archangel per M1A spostato al livello 3 del Meccanico (era al Livello 4) - ottica RMRe tutti i mount relativi spostati al livello 2 di Peacekeeper (erano al Livello 4) - possibilita' di comprare gli Euro spostata al Livello 2 di Skier (era al Livello 3) - Aggiunti Painkillers al livello 1 di Therapist per 2 pacchi di fiammiferi - Aggiunto Automedkit (AI2) al livello 1 di Therapist per 1 nastro bianco - Aggiunte Comtacs al livello 2 di Ragman per 5 pacchi di fiammiferi - Aggiunte cuffie GSSH-01 al livello 2 di Ragman per 2 risme di carta - Aggiunto rail gas block Windham Weaponry al livello 3 del Meccanico -Aumentate le possibilita' di spawn di gunpowder e caffe' English version here:
  8. Hi, i wanted to report a bug but i can't find a way to report it from the support section of the site/launcher. Is there a proper way to do this? I will describe the bug here and eventually report it through proper channels. If there's one. The bug is with "Sew it good pt. 1" quest, i had two Pilgrim backpacks in my inventory, went to the quest section, selected to hand-over the items, choose one item, handed it over and BOTH backpack disappeared but only one was actually considered for the quest. Considering that in 40 hours in game this was the first Pilgrim i saw on a scav it wasn't pleasant M
  9. Shikascott

    Selling items for IRL money

    Hello, I was watching a streamer who was getting donations from people to give them in game items. Is this not against the TOS even thoe it's a sale disguised as a donation?
  10. I did the Friend from the West - Part 1 and gave away my MBSS with all my good stuff like Bitcoins and the whole good stuff... Why the hell I cant? look which MBSS I give away? why I have to play 50/50 ? That should be patch... I know dat somebody with a EOD version has no problem with taht... But people with the Standart version have to(caus of spaceproblems) Stack MBSS >.> The same problem happens if u wanna sell something to Skir
  11. Kulkongen

    Inventory Updgrade

    Hello It would be nice to be able to buy a upgrade to the inventory space for ingame cash such as Dollars, Euros and Roubles. It could be something like 10x4 for like 50.000 Roubles. or maybe even 100.000 roubles, since you have to almost only use 1 type of pistol and main weapon to have room for ammo, first aid, bags, tac rigs etc. so you don't get to play with all the cool different weapons if you don't have the space for it.
  12. As above I was thinking it would be helpful to be able to rename item holders (keybar, docs, medcase, icases, wcase, mcase, ammocase) to allow players to be better able to organise and locate items in their stash, especially when you have multiple containers of the same type. Example: I have 4 keybars which I group keys into for different maps, ie customs, shoreline, interchange and it would be helpful at a glance to know which keys are in which keyholder as I dont take all keyholders in my gamma every raid so swap them out depending on which map im running. This will only get more confusing as more maps are added and additional keys are introduced. Hopefully its not too much of an issue to impliment but long term I can see the benefits of this addtion. Thoughts? Rieekan
  13. Hello there 1. I was giving my friend 2 salewas trough putting it into my Alpha container teaming up with him on shoreline. Gave him 1 Salewa because he only needed 1 and killed him. took his dog tag. disconnected. 2. Then I went for a hatchet run on Customs with only Keychain and a Wallet in my alpha container Went to the Marked room, took a RSASS Went to room 114 looted some poo there, went to the trailer park and went to the "office" with the customs key looted some more, then went out of the raid trough trailerpark put my poo into my stash 3. then started a scav run in factory killed some PMCs, looted a bit, went out put my stuff into my stash Scav run finished 4. Then I open up my stash to sell poo and somehow im back with 1 Salewa and my friends dogtag in my alpha container?! WHERE THE duck IS MY KEYCHAIN AND MY WALLET did someone got that before? that his characterlayout got like reset? im so fuckin mad right now
  14. Etho_7

    Quest Items in raid vs off raid

    Is there a reason in raid Quest items don't move to off raid once you've successfully extracted out of a map? I had picked up the Docs case for Skier's Chemical Part 1, but didn't want to hand it in so I could complete Prapor's Polikhim Hobo task. But because I died while in raid I now have to find the docs again. This is silly, I should be able to at least move it myself into off raid if not have it automatically move over. It means some tasks are going to be repeated if someone forgets to hand items in and dies in that map again.
  15. Tomskik

    Very cool video game *sarcasm*

    Am I the first person that had this type of problem? I do not recommend hehe https://plays.tv/video/5ae11ca1c12b487969/for-tarkov-support https://plays.tv/video/5ae11ca1c12b487969/for-tarkov-support https://plays.tv/video/5ae11ca1c12b487969/for-tarkov-support
  16. nikokacper

    Key for OLI administrator office.

    Hello i wanna share with you guys the spawn location of OLI administrator office. Screenshots bellow.
  17. Liebe Escaper, wir freuen uns euch eine Liste der mit Patch 0.8.0 hinzukommenden Ausrüstungsteile präsentieren zu können. Ausrüstung - Skimütze mit Augenschlitzen - Cold Fear Infrarot-Balaklava - Ghost Balaklava - UX PRO Mütze - Taktische Fleecemütze - Cowboyhut - RayBench Hipster Reserve Brille - Dundukk Sport-Sonnenbrille - Brille mit runden Gläsern - Polizeimütze - EMERCOM-Mütze - BEAR-Mütze - USEC-Mütze - Shemag - Sordin MSA Supreme PRO-X/L Aktive Kopfhörer Taschen - Taktische Schultertasche 3x2 - VKBO Armee Dufflebag 4x2 - SSO Attack 2 Raid Rucksack 5x7 Taktische Westen - ANA Tactical M2 Weste mit Panzerplatten - Wartech Chest Rig MK3 TV-104 Taktische Weste Körperschutzwesten - BNTI Gzhel-K Schutzweste - MF-UNTAR Schutzweste Helme - ZSH-1-2M Helm mit Standard- und schwarzem Bezug - Gepanzertes Visier für ZSH-1-2M Helm - Altyn Helm - Gepanzertes Visier für Altyn Helm - SSSh-94 SPHERA-S Helm - Tarkov UN-Truppen Helm - 6B47 Helm in Camouflageoptik Waffenmodifikationen - M1A Socom 16 Halterung - Nightforce 34 mm Halterung zur Installation von Visieren der Firma Multimount - Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 Zielvisier - Nightforce 34 mm Halterung zur Installation von Visieren - B-3 Kombihalterung - Rotor 43 5,56x45 Mündungsfeuerdämpfer - Rotor 43 .366TKM Mündungsfeuerdämpfer - Rotor 43 7,62x39 Mündungsfeuerdämpfer - Rotor 43 9x19 Mündungsfeuerdämpfer - Fab Defense GL Shock Schulterstütze - Spike tactical dynacomp 7.62x39 AK Mündungsfeuerdämpfer - Strike industries TRAX 2 Vordergriff - Strike industries Brückenschiene - Strike industries keymod 6 inch Schiene - Strike industries keymod 4 inch Schiene - Strike industries TRAX 1 Vordergriff - Glock 9x19 Moto Cut Schlitten - B&T Schiene für MP5 - XRSU47SU taktischer Vordergriff für AKS-74U - Aluminum Vordergriff für MP5 (TL-99) - 10-Schuss PMAG GEN M3 10 5.56x45 NATO STANAG Magazin - 30-Schuss PMAG GEN M3 30 5.56x45 NATO STANAG Magazin - 30-Schuss Pmag 30 AK74 GEN M3 5.45x39 Magazin für AK and kompatible Systeme - 30-Schuss SR3M.130 9x39 Magazin für SR3M - 10-Schuss SAI-02 12x76 Magazin für SOK-12 und kompatible System Behälter - Munitionsbehälter - Medikamentenbehälter Waffen - Springfield Armory M1A 7,62x51 - Remington 870 - APS - APB - AKS-74 - AKMSN Danke an dieser Stelle an @Cyver für die Hilfe bei der Übersetzung!
  18. elaxir

    Inventory items managment

    Hi guys! Just started plying (great job!) and so far, there's one thing pretty annoying: When grabbing items in stash or from containers and bodies, taken item will not replace the one equipped or taking slots in a bag. Clicking on the looted item and simply clicking again on the equipped item, replacing it - will be more convenient. Hope you'll understand what I mean.
  19. sycR

    Get rid of Traders?

    Hello everyone , here is what i was thinking a couple of days ago. I love the weapon system in EFT and all the stuff that sticks to it. Waiting for the game to have a proper open world environment and strafing the lands for players and Scavs to find the shiny loot to bring it back to my Hideout. Making use of the materials that i just got to craft me some addons for my gear and guns. Reuse old stuff that i dont need... like an old Makarov i found in building ... and lets say mod the sled so it fits to another gun.. or maybe even smelt the melten to make an completly new item out of that. Just using what the environment gives u would give it the feeling i miss from a game like i´d say DayZ for example ( The good one the mod for arma 1) Getting rid of the trader would make items feels more valueable because u , maybe , put a lot work into them to make it unique ... to make it ur gun. What do u guys think about that ? Any pros cons?
  20. Multiple time, I've taken something off or hid the largest backpack to stand out less, to have to fall through the game or fall through inside rocks disappearing, its frustrating, this should not happen. If there is anyway to fix this, I would be greatly happy to see it implemented.
  21. After the recent update it seems only the Fence will buy armor and stripped weapons? PLEASE do not sell your armor and stripped weapons to the Fence!! It's capping his inventory and making it harder for vital items to be listed; such as item cases, gun cases, etc. etc. Just discard that crap. It is not hard to make money in this game. Just dump that crap and move on. Seriously, please. I was getting ready to upgrade my game and sold all my cases and whatnot in hopes of helping others and I never saw any of them pop up in his feed. Thank you, Hookshot http://prntscr.com/iiv4by
  22. justDreamless

    Escape from Tarkov Database

    Hey there, I am always looking for new side projects and since I really enjoy this game I thought about building an database containing all the information about the items in EFT. I saw the thread from and since he was banned ( I assume he reversed the network traffic in order to fetch the items from files / official eft database which is ofc against ToS ) I thought if you guys are still interested in a database service that is not automated / breaking the ToS. All items would have to be added by hand. Purpose of this thread is to get some feedback if you guys would like a new database website. And I also would appreciate a feedback from the Devs if something like this would be allowed because I really like my EoD Edition and dont want to end on the ban board aswell. I wont start anything before I get the official go from the devs tho because ... reasons ... Best regards, Dreamless
  23. CheesyBitez

    being able to change names for items

    i thought it would be a great idea to make it possible to change names for objects in your inventroy, for example, if you have 2 keybars, then you can change one of them to named customs+factory and the other one to be something like shorline, and another example is to have a trizip have the name of medical, so you would know that your medical equipment is there
  24. HI developers, I have a suggestion that maybe you guys can make more items not buyable and have to be found during the game. Now that I have a lot of money in Tarkov it seems to me M4s, DVL, and many others guns and gear don't have the value as it did when we didn't have our traders maxed out. It feels really good when you loot something that's unbuyable such as fort armor, Gold chains, Magpul pmag, green filters, and many more..... Please make more items unbuyable all the way from guns to grips to scopes, etc.........Thank you for your time and you're amazing game.
  25. Hello! Im wondering where people go to sell their stuff. I want to trade away my 2 gm counters my 2 gas analyzers, 2 marked room keys and 1 factory key. Rn they are taking up to much space and i dont want to give them away or discard them since their some of the rarest items ingame. If anyone knows please tell me. If anyone is interested hit me up
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