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Found 5 results

  1. Is it still possible to get Kappa having sold epsilon? I had no indication that there would ever be a quest that requires the epsilon container so I sold it. I saw that "the Choice" is required for kappa so am I just screwed or is there an alternate quest you can complete?
  2. StouXy

    My Road To Kappa Container

    Hello everyone, my name is StouXy and this is my second wipe. I have fallen in love with this game and kinda got addicted to it :D I started creating videos on YouTube, solely for Escape From Tarkov. As this is my first ever FPS game, it's still veeery difficult for me. Although, I decided I'll try to go for the Kappa container and will do my best to obtain it :) If you'd like to watch me suffer along the way, feel free to tune in here -> https://youtu.be/y-kdFlSc3IU Hope you all will have a nice day :) -StouXy-
  3. ryno4345

    Soft Skill Reset in 12.7

    I have standard edition of tarkov and since wipe I have been grinding to try and get kappa and I feel I am pretty close. Currently I am lvl 36 however I am going on a 2 week hiatus and I believe the new update is going to wipe skills and will happen while I am away. This is extremely infuriating if skills are to be wiped as grinding to level 36 I only have 6 health skill and I need 10 for a required Kappa Quest Athlete. If this skill gets reset I am going to have to replay and be locked from kappa until another round of level 1-45. I was wondering on thoughts of changing athlete to a non-required kappa quest as level 10 health is a massive grind to restart on after so many hours played since wipe to just be thrown away.
  4. So, in the joint live stream/podcast done by Tarkov streamers, Nikita mentioned, that the way Secure Containers work would be changing, at least for patch 0.12 and then, a poll/survey would be available so that the collective community can decide whether they like the new mechanics, and they stay this way going forward, or they go back to the way they were. A couple of questions: 1. Do we know about how long into the patch this survey/poll will come out? I would like to know how time I have to test this mechanic. I don't want to sound negative, but depending on how the game plays out and majority vote, well my Tarkov play time may drastically shorten. But hey, Tarkov is fun, so I'll always be around. 2. I imagine there will be a notification, sent out to let people know where to vote. Is this going to be on twitter or will there be a notificartion in game and launcher to let people know to have their say? Just curious, as I don't want people to turn around and complain that, 'they weren't told' about it. That's all from me. I know I don't have the right to ask any of this, but if you get a chance would you put out a tweet with a link clarifying some of the details surround this new change so people are aware of, what's at stake if they don't take part in survey/poll. Cheers in advance for reading, and if you do get a chance to let us know what's going in this area, thanks again!
  5. Dark_Alfred

    Kappa Secure Container (How to Get?)

    Hey, by chance did anyone already get their hands on a kappa secure container and can share with us how to get it ? Or has any informations 'bout it except that its 3x4 ?
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