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Found 23 results


    Karma ideas: for bad karma players

    "I just wanted to say thank you battle state you guys are the literal best keep up the good work"- just put that there cuz you guys get to much hate from rude people and leave some thing for any one on the dev team who might read this you guys are amazing and are developing one of the best games out there even though this game is not finished it plays better then most AAA games out there on the market ( just want to point out im not a dev nor do i know anything about developing let alone makeing player models so i dont know if any of this is possiable or without it looking stupid )
  2. Randoness

    Karma System

    This has probably been brought up before but it would be nice to see some form of a karma system or player rating system. In example such as a player would be put with bad karma and it would be visible in the group finder, for say spawning in and immediately killing the people they spawned in with. A player with good karma would be someone that has gone multiple group ups without killing a single grouped person, and as soon as they do, their own karma is at a net 0. I'm a new player, only level 3 and I haven't been doing well so far since I'm still trying to learn everything. Took my las
  3. Before I start my actual post: karma system for scavs? Please! Also sorry if bad english anywhere, I did my best, but it's a long text. I was reading some rumors about the addition of a karma system that would punish players for killing other members of their faction, but that doesn't make a lot of sense. They were my team when we were under the contract of the same employer, but now we are just strangers abandoned trying to survive, we just share a similar background. But I am not against the karma system, I just disagree that it should be based on factions. My suggestion related
  4. Scav sub-factions, AKA Scav gangs The objective of this idea is to achieve Scav teamwork between strangers and also maintain the dog-eats-dogs behavior of scavs. This introduces 3 scav gangs from Escape from Tarkov's lore. Zhilnov | Pashutin | Grizzle Zhilnov: Petty criminals, anarchists and thugs. Wearing typical leather jackets and dirt bike jackets. Pashutin: Former security guards, former Police and Blue-collar workers. Wearing industrial site uniforms and heavy duty work clothing. Grizzle: Psychopaths, drug addicts and sadists. Wearing ponchos and l
  5. I have thought long and hard about some features that could accompany the karma mechanic to make it a bit simpler to implement. I would like to share these with the BSG team and hope to share new ideas and inspiration with them. For Karma Mechanics, they should add features such as: . Exiting a raid with positive Karma Gives you Bonus XP . Exiting a raid with negative Karma gives you Negative XP . Exiting a Raid with Extremely Low Karma such as Killing multiple players from same faction makes all loot no longer found in raid and has % of the loot you extract with being lost whils
  6. Hallo zusammen, Mein komplettes Karma-System, das aber auch LP-System (ähnlich Super Mario Bros NES) und Sicherheitsnetz zugleich ist und damit viele Ecken und Kanten des Spiels optimieren soll. Karamba 😁leros Ich weiß, es ist ein kleines bisschen lang geworden, aber es lohnt sich (hoffentlich🙃) Ich freue mich schon auf euer faires und detailiertes Feedback und bedenkt bitte, es war ein riesen Aufwand! Aber zuerst die Prioritätenliste für das Gameplay imo: 1. Überleben (muss dann mehr belohnt werden) 2. Suche / Plünderung lebensnotwendiger Güter 3. Auf der Suc

    KARMA System Suggestion

    Dear Development Team, First, I want to thank you for the great work in regards the 0.12 Upgrade! The game became much more meaningful, and fun to play. 2 thumbs WAY-UP for the new version. Love it. *** Have 1 suggestion about the Karma system. This suggestion comes from LONG and EXTENSIVE brainstorming and common friendly fire situations I’ve experienced with my team. Due to “Lack of responsibility and paying attention”. SUGGESTION: Bind OR Combine the (Friendly Fire Penalty) with weapon jamming features. FOR EXAMPLE: When we’re playing with a team of PMCs or SCAVS… if
  8. I was listening to Talking Tarkov #3 about the karma system and I have a suggestion. How about a high karma score unlocks certain valuable items from traders? Good Scav karma = new Skier items. Good Bear karma = new Prapor items, good UN (for future scav faction if implemented) = new Peacekeeper items. For Therapist, maybe just good karma in general since she is a doctor. You can even add new karma items with each loyalty level. Let me know what you guys think! I think this would persuade players to work together and gain karma.
  9. OneAndOnlyPdogg

    When is the Karma system coming?

    I'm just wondering when the Karma system is coming? The KoS system is kinda a little old. Even though it is fun at the same time.
  10. Hey everyone, Sorry if this has been posted before, I tried looking but haven't been able to find much information regarding the topic. I've heard mention of a 'karma' system and penalties for killing members of your own faction but was wondering if anyone had any more detailed information about how this will work and/or an estimate of when it is going to be implemented. I personally believe that adding a penalty for killing members of your own faction would make the game much more tense and would be a lot of fun. Again, any info on this would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. TheMlgLmg

    Karma system for Scavs

    I'm aware of the coming karma system for killing your own faction. Will this be the same if scav players kill other scav ai or scav players? It is quite frustrating being killed by a scav player, and even if you are able to defend yourself all the scavs turn on you anyway, meaning you're being punished for somebody else shooting you who really shouldn't be shooting you. Or maybe I'm just wrong and the line "It's your tarkov and you make the rules!" is supposed to be taken literally.
  12. Hi everyone, I already suggested this in reddit and I'll put it here too. As addition to visual suggestions regarding this topic and since VOIP will be a thing ingame anyways, why don't we use a radio to get notified when a friendly Bear or Usec is near. Like a beep or something that informs you about the presence of a friendly faction member near you. And opening a frequence u can use then. You then could contact the guy and exchange positions to prevent friendly fire or even team up. I don't know how hard such thing would be to implement, but I think it could work actually.
  13. Freaknastii

    Spawn/extract campers

    Has anyone noticed the Large number of Spawn and extract campers Lately? While effective and totally within the rules it is kind of a crappy thing to do in my opinion, should we all be the Douche bag to load in and spray down new spawns/people leaving the raid? Cannot wait for that Karma system
  14. cptfavela2

    karma system should be very harsh

    if the karma system isnt harsh enought ppl will just kill ppl for they gear, so imo IT should be very harsh and have extra multipliers for headshots,kills from behind and gear, so people would think 3 times before killing a faction PMC with a back HS
  15. yautjamorph

    Karma system

    Dear devs. Will you please soon implement the karma system? I am getting sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired of "Blue on blue" killing. Right now the game is just a MP frag fest, with you pulse up in th eclouds from start to finish - it's kinda getting boring! EVEN THE effing SCAVS are blindly murdering each other!
  16. CaptiveHat

    trader reputation/karma

    im very close to lvl 3 skier. but im .02 rep/karma points away and am having a really hard time doing his quest. any way to level them up without doing quests/tasks?
  17. DrBloom

    Karma... Possible Issue?

    Heya all, Just had a bit of a thought and felt like I should share, firstly I am not bashing the Karma idea, I am welcoming it with open arms... However... I am a nice guy, casual bloke looking to kick back on the Scav, see what I can do. I have had a few occasions now where I have seen PMCs slightly in the distance and lined them up only to hesitate because they look like a Scav... and I aint about that Scav violence unless they shoot first. The hesitation gets me shot and killed a lot more then it should. Now lets travel forward in time to when Karma is introduced, not only wi
  18. i_sawthesun

    Visually distinct Factions

    Hello! Currently, it can be hard to discern a player's faction if he happens to be wearing a lot of gear (fort,kiever,vest). With the upcoming karma system, unintentional team killing can become a problem. So, to mitigate this possibility, I thought of a simple way to make equipment more favorable to a faction, making it more recognizable among the others. Western produced gear would give USEC players certain stat boosts in things like ergonomics and agility while eastern gear would benefit BEAR members. Players would flock to their faction's stuff while scavs remain indifferent.
  19. ViscontiRogue

    The Karma System

    Perhaps I haven't learned or gather enough information about the upcoming Karma system, but my current understanding is this: Killing scavs and opposite PMC players gives you good karma, while killing friendly PMC players gives you negative karma. If this understanding of what the Karma system is mostly going to be, can someone explain how this would work in an effective way in EFT? Since it is rather difficult to distinguish PMC factions unless there is a clear line of sight, and enough time to make an assessment of another players team, it seems incredibly risky to leave yourself
  20. So, I'm super excited for the karma system to drop and the prospect of hopefully seeing some more tactical playstyles develop that incorporate cooperation. And I've also had a couple ideas that i think would work well together with it to further encourage cooperation. These ideas all revolve around extending the insurance system to include an engraving/faction stamp feature. With this the insurance feature would not only be a means of returning gear but also affecting what can be done with it if it is looted. 1. Give players the option to return gear from their own faction in retur
  21. Jokerminator

    Player Scavs VS Scavs

    Hi, I think it is a terrible behavior that a Player Scav can kill another Player Scav in the middle of 3-4 A.I. Scavs and these A.I. Scavs even protect this cannibal from ( non scav ) players. I believe it would be more realistic if the ( at least surrounding ) A.I. Scavs revenge and try to kill the Player Scav. What do you think ? Best Greetings
  22. FuryAlot

    Forum karma (community points)

    Soooo what is the point of karma points on forum when it can be only positive? Because all i see is ppl with stupid and useless forum posts and complains getting tons of karma points from equally uneducated individuals that usually knows nothing about game development. It is a well known thing that those who are not satisfied will be heard the loudest, so there is alot of (,im sorry i have to say it like this ) shitposters getting alot of karma ...
  23. Agnisekhar

    Karma System in EFT

    I have seen karma system in diffrent games like Far cry 4 and primal. but I want to know how karma system will work in EFT
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