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  1. IceScript

    interaktive Karten

    ALLE KARTEN UND ALLE GESAMMELTEN INFORMATIONEN! https://minioncube.de/karten -> Dort werden alle Karten im Google-Stil angezeigt. Auf der linken Seite könnt ihr zwischen den Karten wechseln oder über Regionen auf bestimmte Positionen wechseln. Alternativ klickt ihr auf Markierungen innerhalb der Karte. SUCHFUNKTION! WIE GEIL IST DAS DENN?! Du brauchst Hilfe bei einer Quest? Dir fehlt ein Schlüssel? Du möchtest wissen wo sich die Tresore befinden? Alles kein Problem! Mithilfe der Suchfunktion kannst du nun nach bestimmten Markierungen suchen, auswählen und auf die Position in
  2. baumbart

    Black Key Card trade

    Hello fellow fighers, is any1 else having issues buying the black key card from Mechanic? I have waited several trader restocks now and not only that the countdown is bugged (it sometime goes up 1-3 minutes after I manually refresh Mechanic) but the keycard also seems to be bought empty within seconds? (Maybe within minutes, I cannot tell as the countdown is that bugged. So I dont know if it is actually 0 minutes at restock time or if I am like 1-3 minutes delayed. SUPER annoying...) Please, how am I supposed to buy it, if even the countdown seems to be super bugge
  3. harvey10106

    The new key

    where can i use this key? " VAZ KEY "
  4. Matsinator

    New House Key

    So there is this farm route u run on Shoreline and it includes 2 luxury houses (Big red arrow) so that house used to be unlocked but now it is locked. Is there any new key for it, if so wich one and where do i find it.
  5. Schlüssel sind in Escape from Tarkov fast so lebensnotwendig wie die Munition in der Waffe. Darum will ich euch hier mal einen kleinen Key Guide für Escape from Tarkov in Deutsch geben, damit ihr genau wisst, wo welcher Schlüssel zu finden ist und wo dieser in welche Tür passt. Der Key Guide ist nicht von mir persönlich erstellt, sondern nur so gut es geht ins Deutsche übersetzt worden. Das englische Original ist von The Velvet Gentleman. Thanks for the great work Guys. Diese ganze Idee ist mir gestern beim Stream anschauen gekommen, da wir dort im Stream Chat das Thema Schlüssel hatten.
  6. Wouldn't it be fair to get a notification in the bottom right, when unlocking a door, of which key you unlock it with? The character sure knows what key he is using, so I don't think it would ruin the immersion at all. Also, when someone is making a youtube guide, he/she wouldn't have to tell which key is used on what door, as it would appear in the video. What I do not suggest here, is information on what key is required, if the player do not have the key. That information is to be hidden, of course.
  7. Please nerf ULTRA medical storage key its kinda broken because from 10 raids on Interchange i found 7 LEDX their spawnrate there is really big my idea is to remove them from this storage room or decrease spawn rate.
  8. Ballzy

    Breach Locked Key Rooms

    This is a suggestion that when you attempt to breach a locked door, that can only be opened by a key that there is a small chance that you will successfully breach/open it. Depending on the value or rarity of the loot behind the door, or the value of the key needed to open said door, the chances of successfully breaching the room can be varied. This means it could take more needed attempts of breaching the door, leading to the player exposing themselves for a longer period of time. This would of course only work on doors that open inwards to the loot just like how regular breaching w
  9. Сделал себе пропуск на работу, можете использовать кто хочет https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ztFnb8XJp1QgeFVzxvYIsM4PIdU39J1w ссылка на файлы с макетом и готовыми .png изображениями, жаль что разработчики такое не предоставляют
  10. BooseOG

    Key Guide

    WARNING: This information is subject to the developers and could change at any moment. Please share anecdotes as to what needs to be changed or added. Cited: https://forums.uwsgaming.com/topic/3871-map-keys-and-you/ Herein find the combined knowledge of UWS about keys in the game. Gamma space is precious after all, so I hope this helps with the confusion as to which keys to bring to which maps. I'm using the term "loose loot" to designate random items (mags, food, first aid, low grade ammo, etc). Factory Factory Key - This should never leave your gamma and op
  11. Hi, All is in the title : I can't find the key to switch between white mode and black mode. Can somebody tell me what is default key and what is the corresponding action in the key configuration menu in game ? Thanks
  12. Hi, I bought a key 6 days ago from Gamivo because I didn't know it was a problem and cause I'm stupid. After playing for six days, I think my key has been revoked because the client says I have to buy the game to play it. Now my question is: - Has my progress (stash, hideout, etc.) been cancelled? Is there a way to recover them? If I buy a copy from this official website and activate it will I be able to resume my progress? I look forward to your answer to buy another copy. Thank you.
  13. Salve galerinha Então, resolvi criar esse tópico para deixa-lo fixo aqui no fórum devido a quantidade de mensagens que recebi no privado e alguns tópicos que foram criados e revividos nos últimos dias. Aos players que ainda não possuem o jogo e tem interesse em testa-lo antes de comprar. As keys para test ou como o nome diz Key trial geralmente aparecem em eventos, seja eventos dos Devs na Twitch, Twitter,Facebook,VK ou aqui no fórum. Então recomendo que siga todas as redes sócias do EFT e BSG. Lembrando também que existem eventos criados pela BSG onde cada player ganha uma
  14. Moin Hab den gefunden, wo passt der? Auf Shoreline in der brennenden Tanke? Danke
  15. I Smiley I

    Help Request for KEY

    Hi Everyone, I have found a key named "Health Resort Management Office Safe Key". I cannot find any information of it anywhere regarding rarity and worth. Can someone please assist me with this?
  16. The Cottage Safe key is apperently not working for me. Does anyone else have this problem? Am I doing something wrong? I´m carrying the key in my pouch. Would appreciate some help. Thanks
  17. TheepicDinosaur

    Marked Room Key

    As of patch 8.1 i believe the spawn for marked room key has changed from woods... if anyone knows any other location please share!
  18. Cardboard231

    Spawn rate of Security Arsenal Key

    Anybody know the spawn rate of the key i cant find it anywhere on the internet. Otherwise how long did it take you guys to farm. and we can try get a number from the answers. I just wanted to know how much longer its gonna be. Also I have 15 million so should i get the key? how much money do you make every run is it worth it? P.S. cant find the stat for how much time ive spent looking for the key as my internet is being a dick as usual.
  19. Is there a way to get into the second estate in the Shoreline map? Is there a different key or anything which will allow me to get into the estate with the truck outside?
  20. Asking about that key to spare before 6th january
  21. TheTrj

    Keys For Friends?

    So BSG Has announced That they will give everyone one key who bought the game after 28.12.2017 a key to give to their friends in order to invite them to the game for a 14 day Trial. So now i have 3 questions Where do i get the key from? Is it already available or is there a day where they will be given to the players? Will they be sent by e-mail or on the EFT site directly? Thanks for answers directly
  22. Volcanus

    Room 310 and Shoreline Loot

    So i have been doing a lot of runs on my favorite Map shoreline, every patch/wipe i do the whole keyrun and gain all the rare and good keys right away. After 4 hours and getting all the good keys, i decided to hit up all my fav rooms. And what i noticed instantly was that they all got another round of nerfs. Loot not spawning as frequent in the loose loot spawns, crates having higher RNG chance of nothing spawning in them and just poor quality loot(which could be due to attention being lower ofc but i only had 21 attention last patch). But the one room that caught my attention the mos
  23. Hallo Leute, das letzte Giveaway ist noch nicht lange her, aber wir planen schon das nächste Im September wird es erneut ein Giveaway geben, indem wir 2 Gamekeys von Escape from Tarkov verlosen. Eine Edge of Darkness Edition ist schonmal im Topf, diese hat sich aus dem Rabatt während des letzten Sales ergeben Für eine weitere Edition, haben wir jetzt angefangen, Spenden zu sammeln. Also mal schauen welche Edition die Spardose ermöglicht. Soviel erstmal zur Info. Sonstige wichtige Daten zum Giveaway werde ich im Laufe der nächsten Woche hier ein
  24. AlienatedMax

    Factory Key for sale

    Hey guys, I've just found another factory key on a scav and as I have no use for a spare I was wondering as to whether anyone would be interested in purchasing the one I've found. Price is highest bidder. Happy bidding,
  25. Muy buenas tardes jugadores! Te mueres de ganas por probar Escape from tarkov?, Tus amigos juegan a Escape From Tarkov y quieres probarlo? YA PUEDES!!!, estamos sorteando promo keys del juego (caducan a los 14 dias). Lo unico que tienes que hacer es seguir estas simples normas y cuando tengas tu key... entrar en tu perfil y activarla. Reglas y notas: - Unirte al servidor de discord: Escape From Tarkov Comunidad Hispana y como no... verificar tu usuario aqui: (verificate aqui) - Los miembros con el juego ya adquirido no podrán obtener la key -
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