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Found 98 results

  1. Greetings Escapers, Some of you may know me as the lead Game Master for the english side of the Forum RPG. My fellow GMs and I have been discussing ways to reward creativity and incentivize people to check out the Forum RPG. We love seeing the liberties players take when designing characters and building settings in the RPG. We would ultimately like more people to get in and flex their creative muscles in the RPG. To that end we came together and decided to create a little contest for the users. Forum RPG Create A Character Contest: 1st Place - Standard Edition, Beta Key, Forum RPG Starter Pack 2nd Place - Beta Key, Forum RPG Starter Pack 3rd Place - Forum RPG Starter Pack *Follow all Forum Rules To enter, you will need to create a character on the Forum RPG (All characters will be approved to Game-1). You will then copy+paste your entry into this thread with a spoiler. Outside the spoiler in your post, tell us in 3 to 5 sentences your experience with the Forum RPG. If you have no experience with the Forum RPG. Give us some first impressions as you’ve now created a character and can see the menus. Your entry should look something like this (LewisUK): I started out as a player on the Forum RPG in the group Highrise Corp. I ran that little group with one of the emissaries Agnisekhar. A position for Forum RPG GM was opened and I was asked to step up and contribute to the project. I work with Oranje and Olloch interacting with players mostly on Game-2. If you’ve already created your character for the Forum RPG you can find your old entry in ‘New Players’ and copy+paste it into a spoiler to submit it along with your impressions of the RPG. Feel free to rewrite it as you see fit. Also note you still need 20 posts to create a character on the forum RPG. I won't try and work around this as the competition is for active forum users. Winners will be decided on Wednesday 5/23 at 2300 UTC.
  2. I am still working on this guide, if you want to help I accept suggestions https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1fipxlW4zdGAyXpjRdJvKJUuwMfiX0xZvnsvRj0QX-2w/edit?usp=sharing
  3. AidsInbound

    Cabin Key Door Wont Open?

    Just got the golden lighter and had the "Cabin Key" on me. As I head to the house with the buses near it, it wont let me open the door. Am I using the wrong key or am I retarded?
  4. IceScript

    interaktive Karten

    ALLE KARTEN UND ALLE GESAMMELTEN INFORMATIONEN! https://minioncube.de/karten -> Dort werden alle Karten im Google-Stil angezeigt. Auf der linken Seite könnt ihr zwischen den Karten wechseln oder über Regionen auf bestimmte Positionen wechseln. Alternativ klickt ihr auf Markierungen innerhalb der Karte. SUCHFUNKTION! WIE GEIL IST DAS DENN?! Du brauchst Hilfe bei einer Quest? Dir fehlt ein Schlüssel? Du möchtest wissen wo sich die Tresore befinden? Alles kein Problem! Mithilfe der Suchfunktion kannst du nun nach bestimmten Markierungen suchen, auswählen und auf die Position in der Karte springen. UP-TO-DATE JE NACH HILFESTELLUNG.. Da ein aufwendiges System hinter dem ganzen steckt, kann nun spielend leicht Markierungen hinzugefügt oder verändert werden. Hast du ein Fehler entdeckt oder möchtest etwas hinzufügen? Logge dich auf der Website ein und melde dich per Support-Anfrage.
  5. SafeHandsGRANT

    Average Key Prices

    How much (In roubles) would you say the following keys are worth? Factory key Marked Key Checkpoint Key San 314 I'm just looking to get an average price for each of them
  6. Best way to find that key? Been doing multiple raids on customs, without ever finding it. Anyone where it has the highest chance of dropping?
  7. harvey10106

    The new key

    where can i use this key? " VAZ KEY "
  8. Evet arkadaşlar yeni interchange haritasına ait anahtarların spawn lokasyonlarını yayınlıyorum. 1 tanesi eksik bulunca güncelleyeceğim.
  9. Evet Arkadaşlar Shorline'daki anahtarların tam listesini çıkardım spawn lokasyonlarıyla birlikte faydalı bir paylaşım olacağını umuyorum.
  10. pizzadudecook

    Alpha key giveaway (Competition)

    I would like to give two alpha keys away to anyone interested in trying the game out! Instead of pick a random number or anything, I would like people to come up with original content in the form of a song that involves Escape from Tarkov! Can be between 15-30 seconds and can be audio or video. The competition will end at 10pm (GMT -7) on Saturday and I will announce the winner on Sunday. Get creative guys! I will only be considering submissions on this thread!
  11. dzsonwoo

    West Wing 220, 221???

    I know where these two keys are supposed to be spawning, but I can never find them in their supposed locations. I have been running Shoreline exclusively for these two in the past couple days.. Am I missing here something?
  12. nikokacper

    Key for OLI administrator office.

    Hello i wanna share with you guys the spawn location of OLI administrator office. Screenshots bellow.
  13. TheepicDinosaur

    Marked Room Key

    As of patch 8.1 i believe the spawn for marked room key has changed from woods... if anyone knows any other location please share!
  14. 11bangbang

    Kiba key

    has any one found the kiba key yet?
  15. sparteen8

    interchange key guid

  16. Balleklask


    Hello, does someone know where this key goes?
  17. Hi, All is in the title : I can't find the key to switch between white mode and black mode. Can somebody tell me what is default key and what is the corresponding action in the key configuration menu in game ? Thanks
  18. Hallo Escaper, heute würde ich euch gerne eine richtig coole deutsch sprachige Seite vorstellen. MinionCube.de Auf dieser findet Ihr Karten für Escape from Tarkov. Mit sehr detaillierten Informationen zu den Fundorten. Die Karten sind durch direkte Links miteinander Verbunden, also könnt Ihr z.B. bei Shoreline Resort durch die Etagen springen. Ihr könnt sehen welche Balkone miteinander verbunden sind, welche Türen offen oder geschlossen sind, usw. usw. Zusätzlich findet Ihr auch ein KeyGuide auf der Seite unter Guides -> "Keys and more" Diese Seite wird von dem User IceScript betrieben und wurde durch mich u.a. mit Infos zu Shoreline gefüttert. Weitere Überarbeitungen der restlichen Karten finden die Tage statt. Ich hoffe das euch die Karten helfen, wenn Ihr die Seite mögt, würde ich mich über ein Like im Forum freuen. Bei Fragen stehe ich euch gerne zur Verfügung. Gerne auch als PM. Beste Grüße AdmiralNice
  19. coSh

    New Key San. 306

    Just looted the San. 306 Key in the breach-door room in Customs (the one you get into with customs key in the red building). See picture. It says "Key to room 306 in the East wing of the healt resort".
  20. patrick130

    Factory key finden wo?

    Hallo ich suche seid Wochen den Factory key aber finde ihn nicht genauso wie die keybar hab das Spiel noch nicht so lang habe mir zwar Videos angeschaut aber habe kein Glück irgendwer vielleicht tauschen oder hat jemand eh einen zu viel ich Dreh bald durch
  21. Dead_Nation34


    how freaking hard is the customs key to find? i have been on 50+ raids o it and only saw it once. on my first raid in the first drawer i opened .thats it. i havent seen it since. im trying to get missions done but i am suck needing it for prapor. anyone want to sell me one?
  22. Hi, to make game more interesting later, it would be nice to make keys something you will need to look for even later in game, because right now when you have one you just sell the surplus Anyway suggestion is: Keys could be stuck in doors Keys could brake Keys could be lost if not in keychain, after high jump etc. Doors could just not unlock from first time, you would need to apply some WD-40 to the key
  23. Icarus_

    Hydro station key?

    what key is needed to get into the room with two weapon crates on the upper level of hydro station? (hydro station, power station, whatever, the one with a sniper scav on the roof that connects both halves of the map on the river)
  24. JrBump

    Buying A Factory Key

    Im willing to trade for a Factory Key, anyone selling one at the moment will be on around 5pm EST to talk
  25. lokosa

    Giving away 2 factory key !

    Hey ! i got 2 Extra Factory Key and im willing to give them away ! to the two first one that they are going to PM me !