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Found 86 results


    how freaking hard is the customs key to find? i have been on 50+ raids o it and only saw it once. on my first raid in the first drawer i opened .thats it. i havent seen it since. im trying to get missions done but i am suck needing it for prapor. anyone want to sell me one?
  2. Hi, to make game more interesting later, it would be nice to make keys something you will need to look for even later in game, because right now when you have one you just sell the surplus Anyway suggestion is: Keys could be stuck in doors Keys could brake Keys could be lost if not in keychain, after high jump etc. Doors could just not unlock from first time, you would need to apply some WD-40 to the key
  3. Factory key finden wo?

    Hallo ich suche seid Wochen den Factory key aber finde ihn nicht genauso wie die keybar hab das Spiel noch nicht so lang habe mir zwar Videos angeschaut aber habe kein Glück irgendwer vielleicht tauschen oder hat jemand eh einen zu viel ich Dreh bald durch
  4. Hydro station key?

    what key is needed to get into the room with two weapon crates on the upper level of hydro station? (hydro station, power station, whatever, the one with a sniper scav on the roof that connects both halves of the map on the river)
  5. Best way to find that key? Been doing multiple raids on customs, without ever finding it. Anyone where it has the highest chance of dropping?
  6. Buying A Factory Key

    Im willing to trade for a Factory Key, anyone selling one at the moment will be on around 5pm EST to talk
  7. Giving away 2 factory key !

    Hey ! i got 2 Extra Factory Key and im willing to give them away ! to the two first one that they are going to PM me !
  8. Problem with keys

    Hi I have keys for several rooms on shoreline that don't open doors with their numbers on them. I've tried both wings doors. Some keys work. How do I fix it?
  9. 2 Fatory Keys abzugeben!

    Hi an alle. Ich habe 2 Factory Keys die ich nicht brauche. Einmal melden wer einen haben möchte. Die werden verschenkt. Wer zuerst kommt malt zuerst. Privatnachricht an mich!
  10. I look for Factory Key

    Hello, I'm looking for a factory key. Would someone like to sell me one? I will Pay well! 500.000 Rubbels
  11. Hello, i've got a question about a key i found in Escape from Tarkov Beta Version The only name is "Storeroom" and when i do hover on it it tells (INCLUDING THIS TYPO!) "Heath resort utility room key". Where can i use this key? What is it for? It looks exactly like the "unknown key" for example. Thanks, Cheers.
  12. Gas Analyzer key

    Hello Guys, After searching for like 20-25 hours straight for the key or a gas analyzer, I realised that maybe I do something wrong so I am asking you where do I find the key for the room in the Factory where the Gas Analyzer should spawn. Or where else can I find a gas analyzer. I searched everything. filing cabinets, jackets, AI Scavs... please help me, this has to be a joke I am level 20, I have Skier and Prapor on level 3, just started with peacekeeper missions and I still have this f.... Therapist on level 1
  13. Schlüsselbasar

    Gude Ich habe bis jetzt immer alle doppelten Schlüssel verkauft aber dann dachte ich mir vll braucht noch wer anders den einen oder anderen und da ich nichts dazu finden konnte mache ich einfach mal den Anfang. Ich habe folgende Schlüssel über die ich gerne tauschen/verkaufen würde wenn intresse besteht schreibt mich an via PN. 2x 303Key Dorms Customs 2x 206Key Dorms Customs (Operation Aquarius key) 1x 104Key Dorms Customs 1x Unkown Key Customs (wenn wer zu faul ist die Leiche zu looten oder immer pech hat hier ist deine Chance :-D ) 1x Machinery Key Customs (Missions Key für die Bronze Watch auf der Baustelle) 2x Yotota Key (Autoschlüssel) 1x Cottage Abgeschlossene Villa auf Shoreilne 1x SMWKey Abgeschlossener BMW in der Einfahrt der offenen Villa auf Shoreline
  14. Factory key

    So i have been farming for the factory key a while before and gave up. I do not enjoy spending too much time just running around, dying and MABY finding something. I ran alot of factory and to have this key would help ALOT ofc because of the 1 exit if you dont. The issue with this key is ofc it is very valuable to have but now i am also stuck on a prapor quest that i CANNOT DO because of a damn key that hardly ever spawns. So i guess i am saying, do anyone got a spare of this key or can someone help me get into the door in factory that is locked? Can pay with forts, m4, DVL10, whatever. Desperate.
  15. san 306

    I got an extra san 306 key for shoreline map, if anyone could use it message me, be glad to give it to someone who needs it,had a factory key extra gave it to a buddy, but I know ill get more factory checkpoint and other good keys its a breeze when you rush the map at the right times you need to watch the clock well you all know, ok then hope you all are well see you in tarkov Regards lol.
  16. Hey guys, I will do a factory key giveaway sometime during my stream on Saturday, January 13th, starting at 6pm GMT! The only two rules are that you have to follow me on twitch and that you have to be active in chat. I'll give the key to the winner after the stream ended to avoid stream sniping! So if any of you want a factory key be sure to tune in at on twitch!
  17. Hi, All is in the title : I can't find the key to switch between white mode and black mode. Can somebody tell me what is default key and what is the corresponding action in the key configuration menu in game ? Thanks
  18. 7 Tage key

    Hey leute, Spiele jetzt seit 2 wochen escape from tarkov und es macht mir echt viel laune. Noch mehr spaß würde es mir machen wenn mein kollege es mal mit mir zusammen zocken könnte, er aber leider derzeit kein geld hat was sehr schade ist. Deswegen wollte ich mal hier im Forum nachfragen ob jemand noch einen 7 Tage key übrig hätte und diesen verschenken würde. Würde mich und meinen kollegen sehr freuen. Schreibt mir einfach eine Private nachricht. LG KRAIN
  19. Is Fence bugged or...

    Am I just to slow in buying keys from him? Every time I refresh Fence and a key pops up, the "Trader is out of Stock" pop up happens, even if I am very quick to click the purchase button. Are people just farming Fence keys, bugged, or am I just unlucky?
  20. gold swag

    Is there a way to get another cabin key for the gold swag quest from skier because i mine seems to have disappeared from my inventory. I thought i grabbed it from the messages after accepting quest but i can't find it and the message now says expired and I'm not sure how or if i can get another. I would really appreciate if i can be sent another key so i can continue the quest line and get to peacekeepers quest. Would really suck if i had to wait till another wipe to fix this so hope there is a way to fix this or something sorry if this is a stupid question or has an easy fix and I'm just wasting your time thx either way.

    Hello, does someone know where this key goes?
  22. Room 206 Key

    Difficulty finding this key been looting scavs and checking filing cabinets still no go, anyone have a spare I could borrow or give me some tips if some areas are higher yielding
  23. Room 206 Key

    Does anyone have a key they could give/let me borrow? Struggling to find one, not finding any on scavs, I know they spawn on scavs and in cabinets, anyone have helpful suggestions like map and location?
  24. buying factory key

    I am buying factory key hmu with prices
  25. 7-day access Keys

    Hallo Tarkov Communtiy ! Folgendes Problem und zwar kam ein Kollege vor kurzem auf mich zu und meinte das ich doch 7-day access keys hätte weil ich im Neujahr 2017 Escape from Tarkov erworben habe! Ich kann diese Keys jedoch nicht finden! MfG Push