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Found 32 results

  1. Need factory key

    Hey, does anyone have an extra factory key I can have? I'm willing to give something from my inventory in exchange. Guns, cash etc.
  2. Concurso - Crea tu historia!

    Buenas amigos! Estamos orgullosos de presentarles el primer concurso de la comunidad! Para celebrar el lanzamiento de las novelas de Escape From Tarkov, un pequeño y divertido, concurso literario comenzará en el dia de hoy, con premios incluidos! Si sos creativo o tenes alguna idea dando vueltas por tu cabeza, no pierdas tiempo! En este concurso, ganará el que produzca una pequeña historia sobre Tarkov. Las más originales y divertidas serán seleccionadas para ganar algunas lindas Trial Keys, que les permitirán disfrutar y probar a pleno y sin restricciones el juego. En cuanto a las reglas para presentar una historia, son sencillas: Deben mantener el espíritu del juego, respetando las reglas del foro. Actitudes abusivas, despectivas, ofensivas, vulgares o cualquier entrada que viole las reglas del foro sera eliminada y removida del concurso. Solo se permite una entrada por cuenta. Se debe crear una pequeña historia (350 palabras max.) describiendo que harían ustedes, si se encontrarán envueltos en los conflictos que ocurren en Tarkov. Pueden incluir imágenes (max. Resolución 400x???) Los Premios son: una (1) trial keys de una (1) semana que se le entregarán a 5 ganadores distintos (5 trial keys en total). er Lugar: @Clux es el ganador de 2 keys trial para Escape from Tarkov. Felicitaciones! Los ganadores serán elegidos de entre las historias con más votos. La fecha límite para entregar las historias sera el Sabado 17 de Febrero (votaciones siguen hasta el final del concurso), y los ganadores serán anunciados el Domingo 18 de Febrero. Un ejemplo de una pequeña historia: Desperté en la mañana, luego del accidente con una sensación amarga en la boca. Aun seguía al costado del camino, con el coche en llamas. A pesar del gran estruendo, no había llamado mucho la atención. Al intentar levantarme un dolor agudo recorrió desde la punta de los dedos hasta la base de mi cuello, -"Creo que esta roto", pensé. Levantándome como pude, llegue hasta el baúl del coche, y saqué mi equipo. Aun recuerdo cuando compre mi AK en aquel invierno, hace ya casi 3 años, nunca me falló, ni una vez. Estaba terminando de equiparme cuando escuche voces a lo lejos, del otro lado de la carretera acercándose mas y mas, pero cuando me dispuse a tomar posición para defenderme.... Muchas gracias. Saludos!
  3. Couple patches ago I spent like 3 weeks looking for the room 206 key until I bought it off of someone, now I go to fence and see over 20 room 206 keys. Please devs turn that down, this makes the game way too easy for that quest. I love the game and the grind. Sincerely, Normdog
  4. What's the best way in your opinion to get the Fac. Key and does it spawn on Factory on dead scavs? Thanks
  5. Missing game keys?

    I read that a would be given a game key to give to a friend as well as several trial passes, have I missed my opportunity to claim these or am I looking in the wrong place?
  6. If anyone has these and would be willing to sell / trade / give them away hit me up. Been looking for a bit in order to finish 2 quest and am yet to have any luck. Figured it couldnt hurt to try my luck on here while I keep searching. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance to anyone who's willing to part ways with these
  7. can anyone add me and help me find some gas analyzers and room 206 key or be a good guy and donate the key or gas
  8. So I have been checking my account and I still have not received my 7-day trial keys. I bought my EOD version on jan 4 2017, so I should be eligible. From what I've seen on the forums they are supposed to show up in the profile page, but they are not there. Any help would be appreciated as today is the last day to activate them and I have some friends that would really like to try the game. EDIT: I purchased the game in the United States region if that makes any difference.
  9. TRial Keys

    HI guys, happy new year to everyone at Tarkov! May i ask, how and where to claim my 2 (7 day trial keys?), i preodered the game Late June, Ive searched my Mail but no clue. Only the "gift" mail, and says is activated in game. (additional equipment), so please any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks!

    I bought the game for 4 friends and was expecting them to get trial keys for my other friends and they didnt get them
  11. So I've discovered this strange key that looks like a 3 story dorm customs key but its called "Sanatorium Key" It's marked as a quest item and it can be "overlooked". Is there some kinda quest or door I don't know about? I've only found one other thread about it and it was literally just one speculation comment. Maybe for future Peacekeeper quests or something? Any information would be appreciated, thanks y'all.
  12. There's an awesome gift from the devs, but somehow they didn't tell us: You get 2 full equipped assault rifles, a key chain (stores 16 keys) and a container for free, just follow these steps: Have fun!
  13. Hi guys, before starting, thanks to the developers for answering the topics and for the great work they are doing, I really appreciate that, thx guys. Now, I wonder if you have plans to implement / improve the controls, more specifically the Special Action Modifiers to separate controls. I mean having a particular key that triggers a single action, instead of having to use two keys, or being able to switch between these two modes, "Single key action" or the Special Action Modifiers. Examples: (My Special Action Modifiers Key is X) Press "H" to switch between LED, IR Laser, IR searchlight or turn it off. Instead of the current: Press "X" + "T" to switch between LED, IR Laser and IR searchlight. Or Press "O" to change the sight reticle Instead of Press "X" + "Mouse Button" to change the sight reticle Or switch between sights (Telescopic and the 45° backup sight) That last one affects me a lot, because I use the "Hold to Aim" setting, so it's a circus on my screen. Well, that's what I had to say, what do you think guys?. Thank you for reading.
  14. Factory Key

    YEEESSS! After 60+hrs a couple resets and a fresh EOD Edition upgrade(upgrade had nothing to do with finding key ), I found my factory key! It was on a decently bountiful Scav run. The Key was on the bottom shelf of the open blue lockers in the "smoke stack" building in Customs near where the dead Scav is on the couch. WOOOT!!
  15. Keys For Trade

    Just want to create a forum for key trades often don't see many key trades in the main thread
  16. Just a quick question about the blue dorms room 206 key that should be a common key, and not that rare. But i can't seem to find it in any cabinets (looted maby over 250 - 300 of them at this point) or dead scav bodies (killed a ton) and i have been running just about 300 raids and i'm level 24 at this point. Does anyone know if it has a specific spawn location now, even though i have never heard of that key having such a spawn location, or am i just extremely unlucky. If someone has a spare i would love to make a deal with you, since at this point it's kind of getting annoyed that i can't complete the Therapist quest because of this key. Also if this has been posted before i'm sorry and could i please get directed to the post allready with this topic. Thanks.
  17. Giveaway EFT Italia

    Buongiorno ragazzi, vi volevo annunciare che Sabato 11/11 ci sarà un giveaway di 5 chiavi temporanee di EFT durante la 12 ore sullo stream Il Giveaway è organizzato in collaborazione della community Italiana di EFT Italia Buon game a tutti ragazzi!
  18. Key Rings

    I am just putting this out their but i think it would be a good idea to implement a key ring device to the game, the keys in the game are very useful but take up lots of space if you have lots of them. So I was thinking of just suggesting of a key ring that you can put keys on and would only take up 1 slot for your stash saving lots of space.
  19. wtb/swap docs

    wtb/ swap docs for smth I can swap them for cash/sv98/vss/as val
  20. Keys spawning algorithm

    am i the only one thinking that the spawning algorithm for keys is a little weird? i get that some keys should be rarer than others but i get tons of some (literally, i once looted a scav that had FOUR room 214 keys in his bag and usually find multiple copies of the same key in drawsers) while others are basically impossible to find (e.g. factory keys or the damn key for the truck in Propor's quest). a more balanced distribution would be much better... M
  21. Trial key giveaway

    Attention potential escapers! I have 2 14 day trial keys to giveaway for two users who have not yet pre ordered the game. These keys are intended for someone who wants the chance to try EFT out to see if it's the game for them. Rules: these will be short and sweet Let us know how long you've been following the project Give a shorty (or detailed) explanation of why you would love to win a key. That's it! Not too complicated, but requires a level of involvement to get you thinking This will run from today, November 2nd until Friday November 10th. Winners will be chosen based off creativity as well as number of likes they receive. Good luck everyone, and those that already own the game please let anyone you know that would love to be involved in this chance!
  22. Дорогие друзья! Мы рады провести конкурс в котором предоставим доступ в игру для тестового периода к бета-версии Escape from Tarkov! Основные требования: Быть подписанным на официальную группу Escape From Tarkov а так же на Фан сообщество Сделать репост данной записи у себя на странице. (Временно отсутствует) Сообщить о выполнении в данной теме. Условия по которым вы получите доступ к игре, будут зависеть от ваших талантов. Ключи временные, доступ может быть как от 1 недели и выше, макс время ключа до окончания ОБТ. Нарисовать ART в стиле уцелевшего героя на фоне вселенной Таркова. Работа в Photoshop разрешены. Дополнительные условия увеличивающие время ключа. Придумать и написать цитату к вашей работе. Опубликовать пост у себя на странице с данной работой + Хештег #EscapeFromTarkov Хочешь подарить ключик в игру друзьям ? Условия просты. Для игроков уже имеющих доступ в игру. Вам необходимо снять видео о том как вы выживаете в этой игре с трагической концовкой. Командная игра не рассматривается. Видео должно говорить о том что вам не хватает напарника! С уважение отдел технической поддержки.
  23. Separate Stash

    How would people feel with a separate stash for keys,cash and food/water. Right now keys and cash already take a decent amount of room and I don't even hold onto food or water which will be needed later on in the games progression. Getting closer to a possible patch, I have most of the traders maxed and I have issues with a full stash, even with the EOD version, cant imagine the standard version. I think it would be a nice quality of life addition, even if it was something you had to purchase from traders in order to gain access to them.
  24. Key ring already!!!

    Like the Document pouch we need a Key Ring for key storage already!