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  1. Дорогие друзья! Мы рады проводить конкурсы, в котором предоставим доступ в игру, для тестового периода к бета-версии Escape from Tarkov! Основные требования Создать красивый ART. Все на ваше усмотрение - это может быть как мрачное место, так и что-то живое (альтернатива нынешнему времени действия игры). Примеры работ вы можете увидеть тут. Придумайте на основе других работ что-то новое и запоминающееся. Быть подписанным на официальную группу Escape From Tarkov а так же Фан сообщество. Опубликовать вашу работу в данном альбоме Вконтакте Сообщить о выполн
  2. Recientemente hemos recibido un número creciente de solicitudes relacionadas con la compra del juego en sitios de terceros, es decir, en tiendas de keys. Queremos aclarar que la compra del juego en este tipo de sitios es muy arriesgado, dada su naturaleza inestable, y especialmente en relación con el hecho de que los vendedores pueden estar vendiendo claves de prueba. Además, es sabido que se compran muchas keys con tarjetas de crédito robadas, y que posteriormente se ofrecen en páginas de venta de keys. Como es lógico, al detectarse esta compra fraudulenta todas las keys asociadas se desactiv
  3. Hey there! Most of the maps for customs out there are, in my opinion, not that useful, beautiful or lacking some information so I did one on my own. Right now only for customs but maybe the others will follow. It's not 100% completed yet because I'm sure I've missed some spots. If you recognise anything missing or wrong information, just give me a shoutout and I'll change it. Also I'm working on callouts but they only exist in german right now. I'll keep you updated if I finish the english version with my map. What the map has to offer: Layout for all open buildings. Some are
  4. Polsevani

    Hatchlings and secure containers

    This is known topic with a lot of controversial. Take into account that for me the best solution is that all stuff you find in a raid wouldn´t be allowed to put into the secure container until you extract with it. But I have a suggestion in a bit different way. Why not to allow the PMC´s the use of one secure container type depending of the gear value that they put in risk into the raid? This is my example: up to 50.000 rubles gear´s value --> allowing no secure container or a new secure container 2x1 +50.000 to 150.000 rubles gear´s value --> allowing secure container Alph
  5. Deluvina

    RB-RH Reserve Key

    I am not sure if this is the correct place to post about this but I have found a key in which I have no idea where it goes. Its not even listed on the Flea Market as far as I saw. It has a wiki page but no info. Has anyone else found this key? It also is endlessly showing a loading icon on it as if its being examined but I can see its purple but has no icon aside from the loading circle. Just wanted to know if anyone else has come across it or if it even really has a door. Thanks!
  6. Please enjoy this Shoreline Map with Key & Card Spawns. 0.11 I made this, but I would like to credit: MAKSEN (3D map) and Pestily, ThunderKing, PhotonReady, GKF_Teufel (key/card spawn locations).
  7. Dabs4Daze

    Customs Machinery Keys?

    The 4 Machinery Keys that are part of the Propov quest, are they used for anything else after the quest is complete? Also, why are there 4 of them when you only need 1 to open the tanker door? I'm basically just wondering if I can sell them/all but one in case I want to keep opening the tanker door.
  8. IzSumTingWong


    STOP MAKING EVERY SINGLE MISSION ITEM ULTRA RARE. NO USBS NO LEDX (IF SO, THE TIMES I HAVE. CAN'T GRAB THEM DUE TO... TARKOV. FIX IT!!!) NO DEFIBS NO KEYS It's like you guys nerfed the poo out of labs. Seriously. Arma 3 gun fights are more realistic & dangerous. Pubg has way more loot. Cs:go has better teamwork. Bring all these together & make this game great! You have the means. I don't need or want to spend all day or most days looking for rare as eff loot & stupid poo that people sell on this "Flea Market" for overpriced theft.
  9. MAP868

    Quest Keys as Static Spawns

    Hi BSG, New player that started on 0.9. I've played for a bit and have been grinding quests with one hiccup, keys. I think that any key that is halting player progress should be made a static spawn. Example, I was stuck on Health Care Privacy, the one where you need Resort key 316 West I think and also the quest for Prapor where you need a Customs Key. These keys are solely needed to complete these quests. If the issue is that these areas have decent loot and you don't wish to upset the game economy then remove/lessen the loot spawns in these areas. The end r
  10. Hello i;m very new to Tarkov. I was wondering how rare certain keys are and why some people sell them for real cash? Aside from that I've only seen gameplay and certain loot from this game. Is there a way to determine a weapons and armor's rarity?
  11. jimi6505

    WTB/WTT factory key

    ive been looking for a factory key send me a price and ill see if i want to buy it
  12. Forien

    Rework KIBA keys [Idea]

    Hi there. Right now we have this issue with keys, that a hatchling with keybar in his gamma can have all keys and get to the best loot before anybody else. That's what breaks loot economy, because it's hard for full geared tactical squads to get to Marked Room on Customs, KIBA on Interchange and the best rooms in Shoreline's Resort. And while entirety of keys should be somehow reworked, I came up with IMHO quite nice idea for double-keys like KIBA. For the sake of this post, let's name them: Key A — Key to KIBA stor outlet (KIBA) Key B — Key to KIBA Outlet grate door (KI
  13. zanderfire

    Keep copies of keys?

    New to the game! I've gotten a few copies of keys, like the 303 dorm key, and I wanted to double check before I sold the extras - there's no reason to hold onto extras of a particular key as long as I keep the key in my container, right? I can't think of any way I could lose it as long as it stays in there.
  14. Elder-Drake

    Steam Keys

    I know this has been asked before but I can not find a concrete answer from a BSG staff member so I am asking it here in the hopes of gaining one, when the title is deployed on Steam will BSG be issuing Steam keys to current backers? I have friends that are interested in purchasing the title but will not commit until they hear an answer on this from me and I can not give one. All I found was a senior forum member stating a 50/50 chance but he or she was not a mod or staff member. Myself I can not justify dropping more money after committing to the EoD already here, it is a big chunk of change
  15. Hello, Dear Escapers! In honor of Victory Day, we will be hosting a 25% discount off of Escape From Tarkov, which includes all preorders and does stack with the multiple preorder discounts. This will be the perfect time to invite your friends or get that upgrade you want! So don't miss out, and remember, all upgrades will require a profile reset! Starts: May 9th, 00:01 MSK Ends: May 10th, 23:50 MSK Time conversions
  16. Hi, I'm thinking about the key system in EFT and "hatchets mans", for example the marked room in Custom, if you want to loot this room you have no choice, go hatchet and run to the room before the other. Players farm this in loop, hatchet, run, if they die the do it again, and again and again.... If a normal player (stuff) want to loot the marked, he can't, somes hatchets have already opened it. Each game it's the same, you have few players with stuff, and the rest of the game is hatchets. It's the same problem for each good loot location in the game, hatchets will do it in a lo
  17. it‘s wasting too much time to search keys because of many keys in Tarkov, as the new maps opened.we should be focused on how we could shoot happily.the another reason is that is not good for new guy to find keys under the pressure of finding them with high level player because the limited usage times for keys
  18. tongue-puncher

    cash register key interchange

    does anyone has spare cash register keys that can sell/trade as everytime i go too the spot its never there i have things that i will trade for the key
  19. There's an awesome gift from the devs, but somehow they didn't tell us: You get 2 full equipped assault rifles, a key chain (stores 16 keys) and a container for free, just follow these steps: Have fun!
  20. Hello my friends in armor ! ! ! ! BEFORE WE START MY ENGLISH ISN'T PERFECT ! ! ! (make sure you understand) I have 2 great suggestion for hardcore and better gameplay and LOOT system ! ____ There is suggestion number 1: Containers (alpha, beta, gama ...) ,usually things for better looting for someone extra storage ... for someone pay for win ... everyone have right ! Now about my idea : (how is possible when i was killed, always my character had container in storage / profile page, how is that possible, my dead body just let container teleport with stuff into
  21. Heyndlgarndl

    Key Rings

    Hi. I think there should be key rings, that are common. The key bar is all good and well but a simple metal ring really should be commonly available, it makes sense. It could have disadvantages to the key bar, such as number of slots. Also, opening doors could take more time, the more keys are on it (because it takes time to find the right one), where the key bar might not have that penalty (because the keys are better organized on it). I really think that this addition is necessary. Cheers.
  22. emilcs191

    Need factory key

    Hey, does anyone have an extra factory key I can have? I'm willing to give something from my inventory in exchange. Guns, cash etc.
  23. hidden_citizen

    Concurso - Crea tu historia!

    Buenas amigos! Estamos orgullosos de presentarles el primer concurso de la comunidad! Para celebrar el lanzamiento de las novelas de Escape From Tarkov, un pequeño y divertido, concurso literario comenzará en el dia de hoy, con premios incluidos! Si sos creativo o tenes alguna idea dando vueltas por tu cabeza, no pierdas tiempo! En este concurso, ganará el que produzca una pequeña historia sobre Tarkov. Las más originales y divertidas serán seleccionadas para ganar algunas lindas Trial Keys, que les permitirán disfrutar y probar a pleno y sin restricciones el juego.
  24. Couple patches ago I spent like 3 weeks looking for the room 206 key until I bought it off of someone, now I go to fence and see over 20 room 206 keys. Please devs turn that down, this makes the game way too easy for that quest. I love the game and the grind. Sincerely, Normdog
  25. What's the best way in your opinion to get the Fac. Key and does it spawn on Factory on dead scavs? Thanks
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