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Found 4 results

  1. TheRealDoctor

    KIBA room

    I feel like the kiba room is not what it used to be. rare chance of weapon spawns not so much loot, no gen 4
  2. tDANKEY

    Kiba Logo (Fanmade)

    I haven't been able to find the KIBA logo anywhere, and decided why not go out and make a homemade version? This was the result, nothing too special, just like 10 minutes of work in Photoshop. Feel free to use this.
  3. kalurosu

    KIBA Key (donde encontrarla?)

    Buenos dias compañeros. Aqui os dejo una guia, un tutorial para poder conseguir la ansiada llave (me costó encontrarla como 8 o 9 runs) Un abrazoooo
  4. Forien

    Rework KIBA keys [Idea]

    Hi there. Right now we have this issue with keys, that a hatchling with keybar in his gamma can have all keys and get to the best loot before anybody else. That's what breaks loot economy, because it's hard for full geared tactical squads to get to Marked Room on Customs, KIBA on Interchange and the best rooms in Shoreline's Resort. And while entirety of keys should be somehow reworked, I came up with IMHO quite nice idea for double-keys like KIBA. For the sake of this post, let's name them: Key A — Key to KIBA stor outlet (KIBA) Key B — Key to KIBA Outlet grate door (KIBA 2) Right now, anybody can loot Key A, especially hatchlings that now location of the key. It's no-brainer. Also, anybody can get Key B, it's just a matter of tasks. Therefore, there is as many Keys A, as people want (loot), but only a fraction of Keys B, depending on how many players did the task. And number of Keys B will always be less than (or at best equal as) total number of players. In the end, any single person can have both keys, and at the same time everybody can have the set. MY IDEA, HOWEVER IS that Key A should not be lootable, and at the same time quest reward should be changed, so that half of the community gets Key A and half of the community gets Key B. This can be achieved with two slightly different approaches: USECs and BEARs gets their own variation of the task. One faction gets Key A, the other gets Key B. Instead of rewarding key, task completion should reward (a working term) sealed key. Think of it as of "Schrödinger's Key". You (and game either) don't know what key is inside, until you open (unseal) the package. Then, game (server-side) decides which key you should be rewarded with. Game should try to be random, but also should try to maintain more or less 1:1 distribution. OKAY, BUT WHAT BENEFIT WOULD THIS SYSTEM HAVE? IMHO, this would ensure, firstly that access to KIBA is really rare and exclusive. There would never be more sets of keys than 50% of playerbase. That's really exclusive. Also, it would ensure that no solo player can open the doors, unless he trades for the key (and I can see that keys would be VERY expensive, if they can't be lootable and only way to get them is through tasks. Most of people would probably trade Key A for Key B and vice-versa), which will most likely cost him a lot. It would benefit towards squad, because it requires two people to work together (either by giving out the key to one person in the squad, or by opening each door by a different player). And no, it would not eliminate "hatchling issue", but it would make it harder. It would actually give squads a chance. Your thoughts? Disclaimer: obviously, changes I propose would require a WIPE, so I'm not saying this should take effect now, but at the next major update.
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