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Found 3 results

  1. Twitch_Ral77

    PING mínimo de 153

    Buenas, soy de Argentina y conecto al servidor de Sao Paulo ya que es el que menos ping tiene para latinoamérica. El problema es que como "ping mínimo" me tira de 153 para arriba, ni hablar si quiero conectar por ejemplo a Miami, directamente en ese servidor me Kickea casi instantáneamente. Esto me preocupa debido a que al día de la fecha el único servidor donde podemos jugar la mayoría de los latinoamericanos es en Sao Paulo y la verdad que es bastante frustante tener que jugar con un ping tan alto...yo no se si es algún problema de mi cuenta o de mi proveedor de internet, pero aclaro que hago Stream sin problemas y en otros juegos logro tener un ping decente, solo en Tarkov tengo este problema. Agradecería muchísimo que me dieran una mano, por las dudas agrego que mi cuenta es región EUR, muchas gracias, saludos.
  2. Hey all, To start with I wanna say that I know my internet is poo, so therefore I got ping counter and some other stuff running in the backgroun quite frequently. It hasn't affected the game afaik. I just played a quite good raid at Customs. Started easy with decent (not good) loot, a couple of Scav kills but sadly didn't see any PMC's. I came to RUAF road block and found a scav, killed him and saw another scav to the north. I ran after him and killed him, came back to RUAF roadblock to loot the first kills where I found another SCAV. I killed that scav and went to a "safe" place to reload and check my health. When I got back to RUAF roadblock I checked around for enemies but saw none, and as soon as I started looting the bodies I lost connection. No lag, no ping spike no indication what so ever that there was internet issues. Checked my internet and couldn't see any changes on my end. When I got back in (aproximately 50 seconds) I was dead by another player. ok, from where I lost connection I was visible from bridge and western side of the river, but not much more than that and there were no people close to me afaik. And from what I have understood (please correct me if I am wrong here) - When you lose connection you become a statue without Hitbox and HP. Because I have multiple times seen people stand still (often mid-air) and when I shoot them my bullets go straight through without inflicting damage or anything else. I have lost connection many times before and NEVER been injured, wounded or definitely not killed, while losing connection. Even in situations where I know people have been around me.
  3. thegent073

    Kicked back to homescreen.

    So i've been playing allday without any problem , then an hour ago or so. The game started kicking me back to the homescreen everytime i want join a game. No message get's show just the homescreen. Any idea's?
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