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Found 15 results

  1. So everyone in this game is pretty hostile. This includes people in my same faction. In the future will there be updates to strongly discourage killing on site? Maybe just against fellow faction members? It would be nice not to get killed so quickly by other players.
  2. When as scav player killing other AI scav, He must tag as a scav killer, and we need to have an open fire option at him. In that case, if we kill or hit him, other AI scav DOES NOT need the activate a triger to kill us. It's as simple as that.
  3. I found it super easy, that if you are doing a run scav, and you dont kill other scavs, you are getting out with huge loot !!!! But other idiots here, that are doing SCAV runs, kill/ shot other scavs, which immidately make them targets. IF YOU ARE DOING SCAVS RUN - DONT KILL SCAVS !!!
  4. Dogghy

    Kill Montage (one single raid)

    Not the best you've ever seen. I was live on Twitch and this happened, take a look (english subs on)!
  5. l0lwurst

    Damage Calculation

    Hello everyone, I just want to ask something about the damage calculation based on the distance and type / ammunation of a gun. Today I was playing and saw an enemy approx. 30-40m away from me, standing still. ONE shot with the 9x18 mm PM SP7 out of the PM 9x18PM pistol right to the head, did not kill that particular player. After a second shot was fired to the chest, the player died (He had no helmet on). Looking at the specs of the ammunation I used, it shows, that it should've made 60 Damage, which should result in a oneshot kill, right? Do headshots in general result in a oneshot kill, regardless of the weapon/ammo ? Later that game, I needed 4 shots in the chest for a player to die with the same specs as above (he had no chest armour). That doesnt seem right to me, if SP7 does 60 damage... Is the damage of that bullet reduced after that distance explained in my first paragraph OR is the damage calculation broken Thanks in advance.
  6. snyd3r

    Warning Team Killing Squad

    Hello everybody, I wanted to warn you about some guys team killing squad members right after spawn. The host of the groups name was and his partners name was beginning with the first three letters too. All this happened in european servers. This thread alone will surely bother other people, because it's a subject often discussed. But if it helps people not too loose their gear, my intention is fullfilled. Thanks and good luck! snyd3r
  7. I've only had it happen once but I would guess I'm not the only one. It is a problem that people camp the spawns but in since the game is still in development I suppose something like this is suspected. Granted I'd prefer to get ambushed than stabbed in the back at least it adds to the tacticool bit. Thoughts on certain situations like this?
  8. This group won't be a milsim/clan or anything of that nature, just a group of people who enjoy the game and the strategy and tactics that play into it. If your interested add me on steam - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198275204755/ - The teamspeak we will use - ts.teamtalk.info Hope we get to smoke some fuckers and clean house! P.S Any gender/Ethnicity is allowed
  9. Okay, I might be exaggerating when I say this happens in "most" of my games, but this is ridiculous. I wait in a 20 minute queue time, which i completely understand, not complaining about that, but I wait in the queue, finally get in the game, and before I can even turn around, there are 5 bullets in my head and I'm dead. I attached a picture as proof. I was alive for 3 seconds after waiting in a 12 minute queue. I get the game is in alpha, that's why I'm posting this. I feel like the developers need to make the spawns farther apart, or if they cant, have the game recognize that "oh, there is an enemy 3 feet away from this spawn point, lets spawn in another one". I feel like this would make the game a lot more enjoyable and a lot less frustrating. Please let me know if i am doing anything wrong or if you have any recommendations.
  10. TinyHappy

    1 bullet 2 kills!?

    SOMEONE PLEASE TEST IF BULLETS GO THROUGH PLAYERS Sorry im hyper, was playing woods and i lined up a headshot with a walking scav When i took the shot i saw another scav fall 100 meters away I was 100 meters from the 1st one anyway I think I headshotted them both I really really really wish i had a recording of this!
  11. Cardboard231

    I attacked when I didn't

    So I didn't even shoot and was shot by a scav as a scav. When reading the statistics for the run it said I got a rifle kill and pistol kill even though I only had a pistol. I know I'm pretty good at this game but? This is more of a bug but has this been found or?
  12. RealSwitchPlate

    Lucky 4 man as a scav

    So i recently got this nice and rather lucky in my opinion 4 man.
  13. I know, git gud. But please listen: So today I just FINALLY got access to the alpha and was very excited to join the multiplayer. First tried Scavs on Woods, and got shot within 10 seconds of spawning. Okay, must be bad luck. Joined as PMC on Factory, got shot by a random player running at my direction 10-15 seconds later. Huh, must be another bad mistake. Joined as PMC on Factory again, only to be grazed by another random player within 10 seconds, corning me and throwing a grenade at me. Huh. Joined as PMC on Factory again, only to met and grazed by a player, so I ran the opposite direction, only to meet another player with a shotgun to my stomach. Did I just get ganked? Joined as PMC on Factory again, only to shot by a random player that was straight at me within 10 seconds, as if he knew exactly where I was. Okay........ I don't want to start hackusations on other online players due to my inexperience in this game, but I'm oddly discourage to play this game in the future. I was crouched and kept silent the entire time, but whenever another player spots me, I get KOS asap as if they knew where the spawn locations where. I play plenty of other FPS games, such as Rainbow Six Siege, 7 Days to Die, DayZ, and ARMA 2&3, but this experience so far has been not what I anticipated. I'm dying the moment I join the game. And I'm Solid Snake quiet about it too! Maybe I am doing something wrong. So with all due respect, please help enlighten me on what I can do to not suck and keep dying. Otherwise, I would probably stop playing this game in the future, as I love the concept of the survival FPS genre. Thanks!
  14. Uneatentaco

    Kill count method or tick marks

    I think a interesting way to visually show the kills one has received with their weapon of choice would be cool. the first thing that comes to mind is the Tick Mark method that snipers have popularized, Putting a slash for every kill or every 5 kills. the only problem i foresee is running out of space which could be circumnavigated by going over the same tick mark in a different color (I.E. Scratched tick marks all the way to 25 or some manageable number on the weapon, then on the 26 going back to the first tick mark and marking it over with a black sharpie in a sense). it seems like a semi efficient method and practical method of "show-boating" your ability to survive. I also wholly back any other methods of marking kills.
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