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Found 15 results

  1. Ariwara

    Killa at Gamescom 2022

    First time posting. Ive tried to Cosplay Killa at the Gamescom. Here are some pics. Some of the pics, suck and thats only a smal part of them, but Ive had fun tho.
  2. Hey everyone! Two weeks ago, a huge fantasy convention was held in Poland including our little group of people who play Tarkov. We decided to do a small event together and it turned out great fun! 😁 This is mah Killa cosplay 😃
  3. Apokalipsa

    Christmas Killa

    I made today a Christmas fan art, for you guys >:)
  4. Apokalipsa

    Killa the boss.

    Someday i draw my hero guys. When I saw him for the first time I fell in love. He shot me straight in the eyes, so I believe he liked me. 🤗
  5. -hideonbush-


    I can't count how many times Killa has killed me. As long as I don't know where it s going to be generated, I always get killed at places that I've never thought about : underground parking lot of IDEA, OLI's escalator, a plank that just being the same height of a half-squat Killa, etc. Once being spotted, I have only 0.5~1 sec to turn back, aim at him, and kill him, otherwise I will get 3~7 7n39 on my chest instantly (and please don't ask me how I get the data of 3~7). This is ridiculous. The only difference between Killa and cheaters is that Killa will leave you 1 sec to take a glance at its gun fire. I know you developers are always absorbing in completing your Beta testing version, but it is not the reason you don't go to play the game by yourselves and try how disappointing it is.
  6. Just a random idea I thought of while watching (Glitzyphoenix - Twitch). That a person who gets the most kills in a month on a boss, lets say Killa. Gets to play as Killa for the entire next month. They would then be able to: 1 - Become Killa and spawn in the same location as he does normally. OR 2 - Scav in as Killa, therefore the A.I Killa not spawning in his normal location. Because their is already one running around. Their would also be restrictions and buffs like: 1 - The player cannot drop Killa's Gear or etc. (But if player Killa dies by a non party member then his gear can be looted | then if killed by a party member it cant be looted.) 3 - Giving player Killa a big backpack for loot. 2 - The player has same health pool as A.I Killa. This idea can go for any boss or anyone who kills a boss the most in a month. Their is also the issue of if a player is a boss for a month. How will others get the most kills on a boss for the next month. I know it would be harder then but the player can only play in one match at a time. Soooo post more ideas! This was just a random thought. Have Fun!
  7. metro0318

    Cosplaying Killa

    Hello, I'm the Korean Tarkov User and i cosplayed Killa, the boss of the Interchange. There is no airsoft RPK-16 in korea, so I setted similar It's my first cosplay! I hope you to enjoy it
  8. SzefTejSilowni

    Killa spawns in offline raids?

    So, for past week or so ive been looking for killa, to find out how to kill him and all. I did at least 5 offline runs per day. Twice that on weekend days. Today i decided to run offline raids until i find him, so all I did between 4 and 8, average time was 5-6 minutes per run, you do the math (i can tell you its a lot of raids i did today) Didnt see a single killa Yes, i did enable bosses in menu. Settings attached. Am I just being unlucky or something ?
  9. okolo1

    Bosses of Tarkov Art

    What will happen if the overwatch heroes are in our time? Junkrat with a golden gun TT and bitcoin capable of blowing up the world economy. Zarya with a package from a supermarket with protein and a 2080 ti video card just the power for the rpk-16 machine gun. Soldier 76 Bikini Fitness model with assault rifle ASh-12 is beautiful from any side.
  10. metro0318

    Cosplay Killa and dance Rasputin!

    Today, I'm cosplayed Killa and Dance Rasputin (Just dance ver) Full version : twitter : https://twitter.com/metro0318?s=09 It was 6th retake, so my stamina is overrun XD Just ignore little mistake and I hope you enjoy it
  11. Zolty47

    Sthurman and Killa stashes

    Hi everyone, a simple and short idea: If you kill the boss, take the key from his corpse and open his stash with it (all needed actions and needed items fone in same raid) then the stash loot value gets increased by 100 % for you. Somebody who was successful killing the boss gets 100 % more out of its stash. Rats who kill the certain bold PMC afterwards, will only get normal amount of loot out of the stash, if the PMC still hadnt searched the loot box. Bold moves get gold. Ask if my bad english was too much.
  12. Hi, so ATM I'm planning a Killa cosplay for the upcoming PAX Australia convention and as someone who's not that good at arts and crafts Ive opted to buy a third party cosplay replica of killas helmet for my overall costume, now I believe the best place to get one is that greyshop.ru website but the helmet isn't in stock and it's quite expensive, I was hoping someone knew a different website selling a replica for a lot cheaper, I have found one on cosplayclass.com for about $93USD but I haven't been Able to find any decent reviews of the site, so I don't know if they're legitimate or not. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance
  13. Wiinter011

    Killa (

    Hola gente, consulta! No les pasa que actualmente killa realmente esta demasiado OP?? te ve y mete todos los tiros, sin posibilidad a reaccionar a veces. Antes no estaba tan asi jaja alguno sabe si lo modificaron o simplemente mi team y yo estamos teniendo realmente mucha mala suerte.
  14. kettinkimonni

    Killa <3 Tachanka

    my friend drew this for one pack of ramen
  15. neverhood69

    Scav'd in as KILLA

    So.... Let me explain how this happened because yes, there is a story behind it. Scav'd into Interchange. Killed the "KILLA" w/ a shotgun. Disconnected while trying to extract (twice). Immediately started talking poo to the Tarkov gods as i assumed i lost all the gear. Come to find out I hadn't. I simply scav'd into factory and presumed to extract. I then transferred all the gear over to my stash. What the duck. Enjoy.
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