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Found 3 results

  1. There needs to be a kill cam to deal with these hackers, the report button is not enough and never will be. There is no reason not to have a after raid kill cam sent in the mail from prapor besides being lazy and not wanting to implement it. Plenty of hardcore squad games have it. It would end hacking in this game if you had video graphic proof so only two reports are needed not 20+ people reporting this dude for esp which you cant even prove without a kill cam.
  2. Averix

    GoPro attachment

    First of all I would like to thank BSG for all their effort and amazing game! I've seen a lot of requests for a killcam or similar feature and this has received very mixed reactions. Eventually BSG confirmed that it will never see light in tarkov because it doesn't fit within the vision they have for what this game is about. I myself agree that a killcam feature has no place in EFT, however I came across an idea that might have: The GoPro attachment. Possible features: 1. If you kill a player and loot his GoPro, you can take a look at the fight from his perspective. 2. The footage can be watched after being retrieved from insurance. 3. If a player stumble's across a body, he can loot the GoPro and see what went down. Rules: 1. The footage will always and only be from camera's perspective. 2. The footage will only be viewable out of raid. 3. There might be a limited recording time (?) As I am no programmer I do not know if this would be hard to implement codewise. Other than that I personally cant find any objections and think it can provide a fun extra gameplay element. Also I think this feature would be a nice resolvement for the players that would like to see a form of killcam. I'd very much like to hear opinions from the community about this idea, if you reply please ellaborate why you agree/disagree! Notes: 1. English is not my first language, please forgive my spelling. 2. I could not find any existing posts relating to this idea, If they do exist this one can be closed. Edit: spelling
  3. Daemon031

    Killcam NACH dem Raid

    Hallo @ all! Wie wäre es, wenn man eine Killcam nach dem Raid einbauen würde? Also NACHDEM der Raid offiziell geschlossen ist (Zeit ausgelaufen) und man sich seinen Tod, sollte der eingetroffen sein, anschauen kann. Also keine 15 Minuten zuschauen, wie der gelaufen ist sondern nur so 1-2 Minuten bevor man getroffen wurde. Zusätzlich könnte man dann gleich einen Report-Button einbauen wenn etwas nicht ganz so in Ordnung aussieht. Ich denke das würde viele Leute befriedigen und einige Cheatvorwürfe vorab negieren. Ich denke da an das Demo-System wie in CounterStrike oder die Killcam von Overwatch. Aber wie gesagt, NACH DEM Raid, wenn alles vorbei ist und keiner mehr seinen Mates ansagen kann. Und jeder kennt es: "Wie hat den mich der bitte jetzt gesehen / geholt / gekillt?"
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