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Found 5 results

  1. ScarletNini

    Confused long time gamer

    Hello, me and my husband has played this game for a long time, close to 13,000 hours. We would never say we have met a proper confusing moment until today, we were scavs, i was in white knight and a pmc randomly killed and then my husband same time at cafeteria at pawn. We arent the types to ever complain about anyone or anything but this wasnt normal. Like i can understand if somehow server did a weird thing but this happened same time at two different locations on map. I just wanted to share this in not blame But to be on watch cause it was weird Flickers in air and dead my husband explained, we arent on same internet connection. We both died by UN--beggy
  2. Sup guys, im loving this game. After 3 weeks of playing it i've managed to get at least 4 kinda good weapons (4 ak74N's) with a lot of mods as silencers, scopes etc. I also have like 500roupies and that's cuz i stupidly spent some at the begining. But i got all that just with luck, only hatchling running and searching dead bodies. As a scav i almost always die except for when i spawn at Factory with 10 minutes left and everyone's gone already. As a Hatchling i get good stuff. But until now i only killed 2 PLAYERS, TWO PLAYERS IN 4 WEEKS OF PLAYING. Those guys are heavily armored and it doesn't matter if i shoot them with an ak, a shotgun or whatever they ducking kill me. I even shot one who was looting from the back like 4 shot with a 133 shotgun and he just turned around and killed me, instantly. Sometimes i wear the PACA and the good helmets (dont remember the name) and it has no effect. Instant death anyways. The only two guys i killed was for luck cuz' i was hiding and they were almost dead already. Of course after looting them someone else killed me so it meant nothing. The question is: how the duck do i kill these guys? or how the duck can i get those armors. Is there something else besides armor that they're doing? I just spawned with an ak47u and a PACA and helmet and two guys saw me there and instantly killed me.
  3. Pretty much, a new thread to see if anyone can stack more bodies than me.
  4. Badgerfox


    Just a quick question, how often do you spawn in next to someone at the start of the match and get filled with lead, steel and all the other good stuff.
  5. Enkitir

    Few Epic Ideas

    I am missing that when we are in the lobby with friends to play the game that there names is colored/hided and all are at the top on the player list. I have to search on there names and its mostly of the times simply annoying. When i finish the game, would i be glad to know wich players i killed, also with there names. Which weapon i got killed with and how i die or if u can, an autopsy report. This will do the last finish in how players self die... These 3 things would be epic for the game
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