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Found 1 result

  1. Magor57

    Why should we not KoS

    Hi, I played alot of DayZ and there were a lot of reasons why not to kill a player (besides helping him, just for the "good hero feeling"). So you could either give him some suplies, cloting or like that, which was nice, but overall, kinda "meh". Then, you could break someones legs. Destroy his stuff by shooting once in his backpack. Handcuff him. Restrict his vision by puting a bag over head. You could work together to overcome bigger, hostile groups, but since you can start with your friends at the same place, this is not going to be one of the reasons why not to kill other people. So far the only thing I can consider to do with other player is KoS and take his stuff, or try to rob him and let go alive. I would like to know reasons why not to kill other players. Reasons that benefit me, my character in game, or give me some advantages, anything. Like - Reasons why to kill everyone you can: Loot, Gear, the feeling of superiority, the feeling of "I won, I killed him". Reasonw why not to kill everyone you can? I mean, anything about the reputation system? Getting to some places you can go only with 2 players (aka splinter cell high reach ledges). Or imagine this. A group of 5 meets a group of 5. Interestingly, noone fired a bullet. Everyone waved (can't imagine this happening) and greeted the other group. What now? Trade some items? Why? We can kill em and take ALL the items. I may have this wrong or have forgotten about something, but so far this seems to me more like really hardcore shooter (with the adition of medicine, food and so on). What is the reason for me NOT to kill everyone outside my group? In DayZ, you could make them your slave, torture them, feed them worms, cripple their legs and watch them crawl for help, stuff like that. PS: I am not a sadistic person. If DayZ offers me a reputation system that has benefits while on the "good side of Karma", I will play as the nicest player on server. It's only that there was just so little good things to do to other players (fix their legs, feed, bandage) and so many neggative things (handcuff, feed bad food, give bad blood transfusion, blindfold, cripple, steal things while letting them live, burn them in a fire, skin them, eat them, push off a building, inprison-lockpicks and soooo on....) I don't know, if I can stitch a players bullethole on the back, which he cannot reach, I will be friendly as hell just to get someone to stitch me up. If I can't inject myself or fix my fractures with broken hands, I will be friendly and beg for help. If I can break someones legs and hands so they cant walk and shoot, I will do it with devilish laughter, but I would like to know all these - possitive and neggative - things to do with others. Otherwise, after a few hours and some experiences, it's just point and shoot, I am affraid
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