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Found 6 results

  1. iEscapeTarkov

    STOP.. all the killing!

    ..... Sometimes you've just gotta stop the killing and admire the sunset
  2. BigDan818

    SCAVS killing SCAVS

    I noticed when I go as your SCAV character the AI scavs are also on my side. Now its really messed up when a actual player spawns as a scav and tries killing me(a scav), but I from self defense end up killing him which then enables ALL the AI scavs to attack me. That shouldnt happen. From self defense a scav becomes a enemy scav because a actual player scav tried to kill me , but I ended up killing him and now Im portrayed as a enemy to the scavs. Doesnt make sense.....The ONE who draws FIRST blood should be the one that the AI SCAVS ATTACK, not the one that actually wants to play as a scav and looking to hunt down PMCs
  3. Hello, Escapers! I bring to you a most heartfelt story of friendship and love. The city is cold, but sometimes, we find shelter...Grab a tissue.
  4. Elite-MOA

    One Solution to spawn killing

    One solution I came up with to spawn killing is allow the player to spawn invisible to friendly players for lets say 20 seconds. This gives me time to get out of the area without any spawn killers knowing. I would however be able to kill spawn killers waiting if I found them. This would deter people from sitting and waiting because they 1 would not know you have spawned and 2 may have a chance of dying while not seeing it coming. This is my biggest problem with the game, the other issues I know will be fixed and being working on and the game can be played with those glitches. But with the spawn killing, the fun is sucked out of the game quickly and this would be an easy implementation to fix a major problem.
  5. TheCrippler

    Suggestion to stop team killing

    I have been thinking about this a lot and came to a pretty reasonable conclusion. When new players start a match with either their main character or as a scav, they get shot on sight by literally everyone. It's very rare to run into someone who won't shoot you. So their immediate reaction to that is to just shoot back at everyone too. As i understand it, USEC, BEAR and SCAV are supposed to be factions, with which players side to fight against the other and survive. There needs to be a way to make recognizing who is who easier. Be it coloured arm bands or making the uniforms even more distinct. Most of the time, you just don't know who's who until they shoot. And by that time, it's too late. But, you also have the problem of griefers who will just never go away. There will always be someone sat at the spawn, killing everyone that joins. The only way to solve team killing, be it intentional or accidental, is to remove all the loot if that player survives. Since the game is health pool based, the game could use a similar system as World Of Tanks, which keeps track of who fired first and once a set number of damage has been dealt, the penalty applies. This would bring a touch of mercy to accidental grazing shots in the moment of doubt. Making sure only those people are punished who follow through on the attack and deal a killing shot. In the post battle results, it should just not let you take anything out with you, even if you brought it in at the start. That would make people pay more attention to what they're doing, with a more serious impact to their gameplay, but without a heavy handed approach like time-out bans or kicking.
  6. heke90

    Spawn Killing

    Hello New to the beta and to this game, i just chose USEC side and decided to join on Woods map, however as soon as i spawn, i usually die within 5-10 seconds because another player is beside me and killing me, i noticed that he is also USEC same faction as i am, due to his clothing. The player isen't always the same, and i't easy to see that it is infact a player due to a unique gamertag name. So my question is, why there is these factions if they don't mean jack poo, and why is there so shitty spawn. I've been killed countless time over and over again on the spawn location in Woods map. This game is almost unplayable, so can't really test anything because of the spawn killers.
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