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Found 10 results

  1. I'm doing a small and cheap test: I hire someone on Fiverr for to create a montage of some kill shots. Here's the first video someone made... depending on likes/dislikes I will either ask him to create a sniper one-tap montage or hire someone else.
  2. BoomslangGaming

    Kills and Deaths montage Part 2!

    I was hoping you can give me some feedback on my latest vid? If you enjoy feel free to like and subscribe, if you dislike then leave me a comment so I can improve! https://youtu.be/0p1SNgDm6zg
  3. BoomslangGaming

    I created a kill and Death Montage :)

    https://youtu.be/GW3_AG3PgdE If you enjoy it or hate feel free to leave a comment like/dislike and subscribe. All the support I can get I appreciate!
  4. JetSkyy

    Peacekeeper Wet Job. Part 6

    Guys, please feel free to post your best sniping experience due to Peacekeepers Quest Wet Job Part 6 to this post. I did my longshot with a SV-98 to a player.
  5. Hey guys, I just wanted to share my EFT kill compilation with You. Maybe You like it Kind regards!
  6. So, I have been going to matches on all different maps. I get two, three four kills, gather some loot up. I get to extract, extract! YES! Kill count 0. 384 EXP. How am I supposed to level like this? How many kills do I need? I get Scav kills, PMC kills. Nothing is counting. Sometimes 1 out of 5, 2 out 4. But never as many as I really got. Is the netcode so bad that it can't keep track of my kills? What is wrong?
  7. JWiley

    Kills not couting.

    Howdy, Love the game. Looking forward to improvements. I have noticed what I think is a bug. I have killed multiple people on maps and they are not showing up as kills. I just hatchet'd two people on factory and 1 of them showed up in the kill log. Before that was 2 pmcs and 1 scav on shoreline and zero of them showed up on stats nor did it count towards my usec kill quest. I'm not sure how to show proof of these or make it repeatable. Hope this helps. -wiley *EDIT - just found the bug support thing, submitted it there... still curious if this is just me
  8. -SolidSnake-

    Punisher part 3 suggestion/issues

    Hey, So I recently bought this game and have been having a blast playing it. However, when I have been trying to do the tasks for prapor, mainly the 3rd punisher one in which you have to kill 25 scavs in customs within an hour, I find the time limit to be a bit excessive and frustrating. Not only that, but once I finally managed to get all 25 kills done in the 1 hour limit, on my way to the extraction I was greeted by a notification reading that I failed the mission shortly after having got the 25 kills because I ran out of time and didn't turn in the task before the one hour was up. If the time limit was just increased a little bit, maybe another 30 minutes or so, and made it so the timer would stop once you got the kills, I think it would be balanced better since nothing is more frustrating than sitting down and just running through customs for hours killing the few scavs I can find just to fail the mission because i didn't turn it in in time. Thanks
  9. GreenLit

    They Wouldn't stop coming!!

  10. CaptiveHat

    Need a way to view who you killed

    So it was 4am and i figured imma jump on tarkov and do a few hatchet runs. I die the first two. jump on scav mode. then decide to go for one more tomahawk run before bed. i grab my first aid. and head on in. trying to strictly exp farm scavs or other freshies. i end up killing 3 scavs and a player with my hatchet. quickly loot up a pistol and a auto shotty. i hear someone above me in 3rd story room opening the filing cabinets. i go up and walk back and forth almost like a scav. i wait for the loot sound and i breach the door to be met by a fully kitted out man with a m4 suppressed and a pilgrim backpack. and i lay an easy 4 shots into him before he hits me once. he goes down and i reaped the rewards. factory key saved me, because i could hear a team of two camping the main exit. made and easy 200k+ from one run without selling my new (and first) m4. was super pumped. So all in all, i really wish i knew the name of the player i killed so i could thank him. maybe a dogtag feature that you need to examine or search to see whos body is on the ground.
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